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Russia ‘intervened to promote Trump’ – US intelligence

US intelligence agencies believe Russia acted covertly to boost Donald Trump in the election race, US officials have told leading newspapers. A report in the New York Times says the agencies had "high confidence" about Russian

US intelligence agencies believe Russia acted covertly to boost Donald Trump in the election race, US officials have told leading newspapers.

A report in the New York Times says the agencies had “high confidence” about Russian involvement in hacking.

A CIA assessment reported by the Washington Post made similar findings.

But Mr Trump’s team dismissed the CIA line, saying: “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.”

Russian officials have repeatedly denied the hacking accusations.

On Friday, US President Barack Obama ordered an investigation into a series of cyber-attacks, blamed on Russia, during the US election season.

The hacks targeted emails at the Democratic Party and a key aide to presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In October, US government officials pointed the finger at Russia, accusing it of meddling in the campaign.

Now, senior administration officials quoted by the New York Times say they are confident that Russian hackers also infiltrated the Republican National Committee’s computer systems as well as those of the Democratic Party, but did not release information gleaned from the Republican networks.

Intelligence agencies say the Russians passed on the Democrats’ documents to WikiLeaks, the Times reported.

Democrats reacted furiously when email accounts of the Democratic National Committee and Mrs Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, were hacked.

The Podesta emails were revealed by WikiLeaks and posted online.

Quoting an unnamed “senior US official”, the Washington Post said “intelligence agencies” had “identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and others, including Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman”.

At one point in the campaign, Mr Trump publicly encouraged Russia to “find” Mrs Clinton’s emails, although he later said he was being sarcastic.

Democrats claimed the hacks were a deliberate attempt to undermine Mrs Clinton’s campaign.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz said President Obama wanted the investigation carried out on his watch “because he takes it very seriously”.

“We are committed to ensuring the integrity of our elections,” he added.

It is not clear if the contents of the review will be made public.

BBC: Russia ‘intervened to promote Trump’ – US intelligence

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  • Z, Hagos December 10, 2016

    Pre-election campaigns include lying to disqualify the opponent. But post-election distortion of facts cannot be taken easily. The parties involved, unless they provide supporting evidences, are accountable for their actions. To avoid being involved in an undesired litigation, it is better for one to take the available framework to present her/his case in order to reach a fair resolution.

  • Michael Tesfmariam December 10, 2016

    This is simply the reflection of the post-election depression and frustration that the democrats have been suffering from since Trump’s surprising presidency victory back in November. The democrats are still in denial, they are still refusing to swallow the bitter pill that was prescribed to them by the American people.
    Let alone Americans, a civilised society, even a back-warded medieval society wouldn’t buy such crap and cheap staffs coming out of the CIA or FBI. America is not Eritrea, where the regime out there blames everyone else other than itself on daily bases. Even aggressive floods and draught. occur in the country, Issais blames the US, and the disgraceful public accepts him.
    America owns the most sophisticated cyber security and intelligence the world has ever owned, Obama, the radical leftist, and pro communist dictators and Arab tyrants, is blaming Russia, for the defeat of his party..
    This CIA and FBI story is nothing but an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s victory as the US president. As Eritrean, whose country is being ruined by street thugs for decades, I don’t want believe such blame game at all. Eritrean is desperately looking a leader like Trump, who loves his country and people unconditionally. The politics of conventional wisdom. political and media elite who have been abusing our tragedy for making money will no longer be perceived as pro peace and democracy.

    I hope and pray for Trump presidency to succeed, and I am confident that Trump will hunt dictators and tyrants in Eritrea, and the Gulf. The liberal communism affiliated radical left are always pro dictators and oppressive regimes throughout the world. Some benighted folks from Eritrea may think the liberal left are better than the right just because the left sympathise with refugees. Well, offering sanctuary for asylum seekers does not necessarily qualify a country to become pro peace and justice. Italy and Germany have received Eritrean asylum seekers more than any other country, yet they are some of the few Western countries which are doing everything they can to normalise relationship with the brutal regime at home on behalf of the EU.

    • adhanom December 11, 2016

      Simply nailed it in ur refference to germany and italy. But i do not trust the populist or far right groups or poloticians either. B/s their desire to block refugees from flocking to their countries seems to vicibly push them to cook lies that refugees have no problems back home. This indirectly abdolves the thugs and criminals who rule their countries by fear instead of law from their crimes.