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I wish the very best of the Holiday Season to all Personnel of and to the untiring Commentators.  With that sincere good will wish, I hope that our daily effort to LIBERATE ERITREA from an indigenous absolute

I wish the very best of the Holiday Season to all Personnel of and to the untiring Commentators.  With that sincere good will wish, I hope that our daily effort to LIBERATE ERITREA from an indigenous absolute Dictator would be a significant success. The Eritrean people have suffered under various yokes of rulers for about one-hundred-and-thirty years. Yes, 130 years and, sadly, still without any relief in sight. WHY and WHAT SIN have WE ERITREANS committed to deserve such a punishment?

Setting aside the supernatural phenomenon, let us come down to Earth and examine ourselves by ourselves for our own benefit. Perhaps it is time and worthwhile to switch THE SEARCH from OUTWARD to INWARD i.e. searching ourselves – in HONESTY — to decipher the obstacle to the attainment of LIBERTY, FREEDOM, JUSTICE and HAPPINESS. Failure to manage our house, we call HOME, is an invitation to international communities to take advantage of our weakness i.e. ready-made open gate to their ambition and agenda. And we have nobody to blame but ourselves – not even Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch!!!  Don’t forget, WE put him on the pedestal with our eyes wide open during broad day light!!! WE worshiped him!!! Didn’t we? Shame on us!!! Accept it!!! WE have no body to blame but OURSELVES!!!  In any case, let us proceed with awareness, garnered through cruel experience.  In this WORLD, primary consideration is to THYSLF, without which ONE can NEVER be an equal partner with the OTHER.

With the above few lines hanging, I leave YOU ALL in the preparation for the HOLIDAY SEASON in your own way, where ever you may be scattered >>> which, sadly, seems to be OUR sanctuaries in Life. After THAT, however, we still have the physical REALITY in OUR ERITREA, waiting for our action to save our DREAM NATION.  Let us be aware that HISTORY will remember us NOT for our intentions (words) but for our actual ACTION ON OUR ERITREA — unless we are mysteriously mesmerized and doomed for ever in the struggle to disintegrating ourselves with useless parochial matters.

THANK YOU for giving us the benefit of a platform to pour our hearts out – and strangely to insult each other on the Internet, a psychological reflection of our desperation and complete loss of vision. has done, and still doing, its SHARE admirably and patiently, beyond normal expectation.  Let HISTORY be their witness.   The utilization of such a gift [i.e. Freedom of Expression] rests upon us – especially upon the Highly Educated Eritreans with the top most Degree of Doctor of Philosophy from renowned Universities around the Globe. Are we utilizing the Internet wisely for our OWN BENEFIT?  Please, there must be a limit to deceiving ourselves.  Hence, let us STOP cheating ourselves and FACE the TRUTH. WE HAVE INHERENT PROBLEM THAT WE MUST FACE AND SOLVE. Denying it > skirting around it > covering it > postponing it is NOT going to help. Disintegrating a society does NOT require ingenuity.  Eritrean History shall remember the quasi-silence of Eritrean Intellectuals toward their own Country, Eritrea, in her dire need for help. YES, Eritrean HISTORY will, for ever, be the ፈራዲ as to their level of effort to lift Eritrea from ዓዘቲ።

If, and when, Eritrea gains its independence from an obsolete dictator, will our beloved Intellectuals, Fountain of Knowledge, flock to Asmara seeking and jostling each other for the Highest Post, vacated by a first-year college drop-out who ruled Eritrea for 28 + 27 = 55 years???  Whether we like it or not, Issayas  has already accomplished what he set out to do, true to his promise:  “ከርእየክን እዬ”; and our Intellectuals too have accomplished the Life style that they chose. But, as far as ERITREA is concerned, ‘zero plus zero is zero’ [0+0 =0] [1]

I wish, I could end this commentary with the usual “Happy Christmas and New Year” but it would be hollow sentiment in view of thousands and thousands of our brethren who are wandering and suffering around the Globe, looking for crumbs of PEACE, LIBERTY and REASONABLE MODE OF LIFE. I met a young Eritrean, by accident, who zig zagged his way around the world for survival. But what touched me most was this:  >>> after all his cruel experience, he was able to SMILE, with his chin up, and displayed the spirit of calmness in our short conversation. To me, it reflected the stamina, the inner strength, the determination, the characteristic of Eritreans, that I KNOW – many moons away. This is NOT ጃህራ። It is a fact as I know it and as demonstrated by historical occasions and circumstances. Eritreans have gone through all kinds of crises and amazingly survived — though definitely not to the aspired level and quality of Life that they rightly deserve.

So, sadly, on the opposite side of the characteristic nature, Eritreans’ weakness and tragedy is displayed, vividly.  WE ALL KNOW IT, no matter how many times we tried to camouflage it by sheer refusal of the fact – and artificial narration of history.   Our inherent divisive problem will NEVER go away unless we are truthful to ourselves – and step on the plate to admit it; to face it; and to rectify our problem. The alternative solution will be the classical TRAGEDY.

One more point. Please let us use the space that we are given by for the purpose of arriving at our ultimate SINGLE goal for the benefit of ALL ERITREA, with diversified outlook of Life >>> after all, we are not zombies. Insulting each other and dwelling on unnecessary frivolous matters on the Internet is not going to help us. NEVER!  And so, may we start the NEW YEAR-2019 with self-promise to ourselves to do our best towards OUR OWN COMMON GOAL>>>> the betterment of Eritrea, as one Eritrea, for the common good for ALL ERITREANS.  I STOP here. THANK YOU.



[1] There was a popular Ethiopian song with the title in Amharic. “ ኣንቺም ዜሮ፣ እኔም ዜሮ፣ ሁላችንም ዜሮ    To those super hyper-nationalist who may be offended for using the “enemy” language I can only respond by saying a language is only a language of communication — in alphabetical order: Arabic, Danish,  English,  Finish, French, Italian, Norwegian,  Russians, Spanish, Swedish etc. etc. etc. that Eritreans garnered from colonizers and during their dispersal around the Globe. Imagine, dream – on the bright side – Eritrea being a true democratic country, governed by its own people through democratic distribution and allocations of responsibilities, dealing with all the countries listed above and having business transaction with the advantage of knowing their languages.  THAT WOULD BE THE ECSTATIC DAY FOR ERITREA. IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE – though perhaps, sad to say, may not be probable.  Ahhh ….. LIFE!!!

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  • k.tewolde December 13, 2018

    I don’t know what to call you rezen,idealist,sentimental or existentialist….but one thing is for sure,you keep on reminding us of us everyday that we forgot who we are.Let me put a positive spin to this,the tyrant seems to have a second wind nowadays, however, consider it as the last bob above the water before going under and I have a reason for saying that.Season’s Greetings folks,good days are ahead of us,and rezen I want to spend one of them with you sifting through the archives of our lives sipping on..

  • Wedi Hagher December 13, 2018

    ሓዉና ዝብሎ ዘሎ ሕቂ እዩ።

    እስክ ቁሩብ ንብሎን ንገብሮን ዝነበርና ንዘክር።
    ንእሰያስ ብዘይካኻ መራሒ የልቦን እልናዮ።
    ብሽሙ ሓድሒድ ቀቲልና፥ ብሽሙ ሽማግለ ኣቦታት ኣሲርና፥
    ብሽሙ ድቅና ቅቲልና። ባህሪሮም ዓዲ ጓና ሰፊሮም አንዳ ራአና፥ ግርም ኣለና ኢልና።
    ጎረብትና ክአሰር፥ ገለ ገሩ ክኸዉን ኣሎዎ ኢልና፥ ደቁ ክበኽዩ ፥ ክደኽዩ ፥ ክልምኑ ፥ ኢድና ኣጣሚርና ርእና።
    ብሰንኪ ኣብ ሕቆና ዝደየበ ኣራዊት፥ አርትራ ተረሚሳ፥ ኣብ ኣፍደገ ንንዕቆም ዝነብርና ታኣኪብና ኢንጀራ ለሚና።
    ናይዚ ኹሉ ጸገም ጠንቂ ባዕልና። ትጋጊና ንበል፥ ብልቢ ነጺህና፥ ኢዝጊ – ርቢ ይቀበሎ ናይ ጣዕሳ ብኽያትና።
    ብድድ ንበል ብሓንሳብ ተደጋጊፍና፥ ዝሃንጸናዮ ጣኦት ኣፍርስና ፥ ሓድሽ ምዕራፍ ናይ ታሪኽ ክንጽሕፍ ታዓጢቅና፥
    ንዘልእልም ክንነብር ከም ህዝቢ ኮሪዕና።
    ዘልእለማዊ ክብሪ ንሱዉኣትና።
    ንዘልእለም ነጻ ትንበር ኤሪትራና።

  • Wedi Hagher December 13, 2018

    ሩሑስ ባዓላት ይግበረልና።