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Qatar’s withdrawal from Horn of Africa was retaliatory

Qatar’s alleged support of terrorist organizations, which has already frayed its relation with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf states, is also destabilizing East Africa. Qatar’s withdrawal of its peacekeepers on June 14 from the

Qatar’s alleged support of terrorist organizations, which has already frayed its relation with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf states, is also destabilizing East Africa.

Qatar’s withdrawal of its peacekeepers on June 14 from the Djibouti-Eritrea border was a form of punishment to the disputing countries which supported the quartet of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt according to a senior researcher at a US Department of Defense think tank.

“Punishing Djibouti and Eritrea for breaking relations with Qatar was one reason for the withdraw of Qatari peacekeepers,” said Joseph Siegle, director of research for DOD funded African Center for Strategic Studies.

Qatar responded almost immediately after the two embattled countries announced support and removed nearly 500 troops it had kept since 2010 in a border.

Eritrea, which is larger and better armed than Djibouti, quickly moved into the disputed territories of Dumeira mountain and Dumeira Island.

Although no shots were fired, tensions have increased dramatically in the area. In June 2008 the two countries fought a brief war that claimed roughly 200 dead and wounded. Qatari peacekeepers arrived in 2010 as part of a Doha led mediation process.

In a renewed round of open conflict, the odds would heavily favor Eritrea. Eritrea has a veteran military as well as larger numbers of armored fighting vehicles and combat aircraft.

“The military and the state apparatus are full of veterans of previous conflicts,” Siegle said. “In fact, the state as an institution is more focused on conflict than Djibouti.”

He said the tense situation is yet another unhappy consequence of Qatari policies that have provoked a range of harsh responses from its neighbors. The persistent efforts by its Gulf neighbors to punish and isolate it since June have strained its resources so that the removal of peacekeepers is as much an act of redeployment as retribution.

“I think it’s a combination of the reason that is most strategic and Qatar has a limited number of forces and it is dealing with the more threatening situation given the current embargo,” Siegel said.

“It has bigger strategic interests than the border dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea. I think punishing Djibouti for breaking relations with Qatar was a factor but, it was secondary in the context of the current crisis. Qatar has other ways of punishing Djibouti in the regional context.”

The dispute lies along a small section of the 110-kilometer-long Djiboutian-Eritrean frontier. An agreement signed in 1900 between France and Italy left the precise location of the border along the Dumeira Mountain and Dumeira Islands ill defined.

Djibouti is a founding member of the Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism founded by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Defense and the small Red Sea nation has also formally joined the US-led and anti-ISIS coalition.

Qatar’s sudden withdraw may not have only cost Djibouti a strip of its territory. Djibouti also worries about the fate of its Djiboutian prisoners of war held by Eritrea – an issue that Qatar had attempted to negotiate.

At the end of the 2008 conflict, Eritrean held 19 Djiboutian prisoners of war. Four were later were released, and two escaped according to the Djiboutian government.

“[Eritrea] continues to spread blatant lies about the prisoner’s condition and has refused to account for them despite repeated calls by the Security Council,” according to Mohammed Dualeh, Djibouti’s ambassador to the United Nations.

Djibouti hosts several foreign military bases, Camp Lemonier, a former French Foreign Legion outpost, has been America’s only permanent military base in Africa since 2001.

The country has also welcomed military bases from China and Japan in recent years.


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  • Almaz September 22, 2017

    I addition to what you said, currently Eritrea is on its way to be Arabaised and Islamized on the hands of the illegal son of Yemeni father Assyas who is leasing land and sea of Eritrea to the Arabs and conspiring with Egyptians against our brothers in Ethiopia to stop the construction of GERD.

  • andom September 22, 2017

    Learn how to live with amhara, oromo and somali before trying to solve your neighbours alleged problem. Worry about how to live with your christian brothers (amhara, gurage etc.) And your muslim brothers (somalis, oromos etc.). Do not worry about us (eritreans). We know your dirty mind and nature.

  • Amba September 23, 2017

    All Arabs and their servants are the same, be it Qatar or Saudi Arabia or. It is sad our ignoramus Jebha and Qiada al Ama were following these idiots and used us their condoms. What is shameful is that the Arab Abeeds followed everything to the letter their masters mapped for them and even burned and hated our own God given languages such as Tigre-Tgrinya to act and walk like their Arab masters, such are the worthless Arab Abeeds.
    Has anything changed for good, nothing at all. We are still dying in the Arab passage abused by every worthless Arab. Is this the reason we hated our own Tigre Tigrinya books and burned it?

    • andom September 23, 2017

      Insult is not argument, or a discussion or a point of view but a show of how trashy the person is. Amharas are proud of their country. Gurages, welaitas, oromos are proud of their country. Tegarus are neither proud of their country nor of their abay tigray! The 50/50 are even worse.

    • B. A. September 23, 2017

      Yes Amba, Now this diqala son of Yemen Assyas Afwerqi is leasing and selling land of Eritrea to Arabs and conspiring with Egypt against Ethiopia to stop the construction of GERD.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! September 23, 2017

      JEBHA is the mother of Eritrean armed
      struggle against foreign occupiers .
      Awate with his few patriots were our fathers that broke the wall of fear .
      If you can not swallow the truth , you
      better hang yourself .

  • Amba September 23, 2017

    Here is another sad and cruel mistreatment of the Eritrean christian refugees in Sudan, again, by the Arab Islamic Republic of Sudan under the Islamist Field Martial Omar Al Bashir. The Arabs continue to mistreat and deport the Eritrean Christian refugees, sadly, with cruelty, in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia ….:

    “Sudan deports another 36 Eritrean migrants
    September 20 – 2017 KASSALA ”

  • Danilo September 23, 2017

    I see assenna host worms that destroy its intestine ovals. The snickers , intruders, some with in identity crisis etc. They teach us how to insult as masters of hate. Nothing else! by repeated wards and so on like robots. Aren’t anoyed or they have screwed mind retarded on the state of confusion. Poorly educated street boys know nothing trainee of Facebook.

  • Ram September 23, 2017

    Fuck arabs!! Why give these camel shytes any credibility?? This is not news worth.

  • alem September 23, 2017

    Kwieyeka bmanka,
    Kisihleka biedka does not work always. Both djibuti and eritrea changed their bedmates (from qautari to saudi and emirati). Thus the new husband should take care of them. Qatari did just the right thing. Hgdf is nowdays on campaign to turnish aljezira and bbc for opening offices in addis ababa and starting to broadcast in tigrigna. It hgdf warns its members not to listen to the two channels. It further advices them to get every information from eritv only. Good luck hgdf with that. Soon hgdf will be a team comprising of few individuals suffering from identity crisis lead by iseyas dotard and kisha of adi grat.

  • Fanko September 24, 2017

    መንነትካ ታሪኽካ ብሓዊ ኣንዲድካን፤ መንነትካ ታሪኽካ ውርሻ ኣብሓጎታትካ ፈንፊንካ ዝህነጽ ሃገር የልቦን። ብናይ ሓሶት ናይ ክራይ ናይ ግብጺ ስዑድያ መንነት ወደኽደኽ ምባል ፋያድኡ እዚ እንርእዮ ዉርደት ስደት ሕፍረት ስቓይ ጥራይ እዩ። ንሕና ኤርትራውያን ንነብስና ከም ኣል-ኣኽዳም ወይ ኣል-ዓቢድ ናይ ካለኦት እንተዘይረኣናያ ይሓሽ ፤ እሞ ለብሙ፤ ነብስኹም ኣይተሕፍሩ።

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