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Press Release – Update on the Planned Geneva Event

This is a follow up on the previous two press releases issued with regard to the Geneva August 31 - Sept 1, 2018 event. This is to let you know that the task force that has

This is a follow up on the previous two press releases issued with regard to the Geneva August 31 – Sept 1, 2018 event.

This is to let you know that the task force that has been working to make the Geneva Event a success has held a Paltalk meeting, yesterday, Sunday, July 29, 2018.

At the July 29, Paltalk meeting, the task force has created three sub-groups. One group will focus on mobilizing and publicizing the Geneva Demonstration with the goal of making it a high impact demonstration that will send a strong message to the world.

The second group is tasked with logistics and making all the necessary preparation and planning regarding accommodation of guests, transportation, meals, and entertainment as well as making sure that the necessary permits and security arrangements are done on timely bases.

The third group is tasked with creating the mechanism for the election of global leaders by involving all the constituent groups of justice-seekers in the Diaspora.  Considering the time constraint this group is expected to work intensively in order to accelerate the process.

We will provide you further details when each group finalizes it action plan.  But please make the necessary travel arraignments to join your brothers and sisters in Geneva.

Geneva Event Organizing Task Force.

Review overview
  • Degoli July 31, 2018

    እወ ! ፤ እምቢ ንውግእ ፤
    እምቢ ንዕንወት ፤
    እምቢ ንባርነት ፤
    እምቢ ንስደት ፤
    እምቢ ድኽነት ፤
    እምቢ ንዓረባውነት ፤
    እምቢ ንሃይማኖታዊ ጥሩፍነት ።
    እወ ንደሞክራሲ ፤
    እወ ንፍትሒ ፤
    እወ ንልምዓት ፤
    እወ ንስራሕ ፤
    እወ ንህንጸት ፤
    እወ ንቋንቋታትና ሕላገትና ፤
    እወ ንመንነትና ፤
    እወ ንናይ መዋእል ታሪኽና ።
    ፍቕርን ሰላምን ንኤርትራ ኢትዮጵያ ፤
    ሰላምን ምሕዝነትን የውርደልና ።

    • Michael Tesfamariam August 2, 2018

      I would advise everyone who is heading off to Geneva not to spend your time and money for something which you will not get anything back. It would be much better if you can use your monies and energies for sometime which you can objectively achieve in. Stop this emotional nonsense and try to use your resources in investigation and documentation of all crimes and their perpetrators in Eritrea. Let’s form a unit that can track and record each and every crime committed so far by the regime in Eritrea along potential witnesses and perpetrators. The testimonies given to the UN Human Rights Watch back in 2014 is not extensive and fully covered. There are thousands of crimes that should be documented properly before it is too late. It is possible that 90% percent of those who are believed to have been involved in the heinous crimes in Eritrea will claim asylum either in Gulf Arab countries or Ethiopia. Wherever they land they must be chased and punished one by one just like Wrath of God, a MOSAD operation that picked and gunned down each one of the Arab terroists who had been involved in the mrduer of 11 Israelis athletes in 1972 in Munich, Germany. We must be smart enough, we shouldn’t waste our time, let’s do something we can do for sure. We can set up one dedicated and committed investigative team that can collect and document every piece of evidence so we can make sure everyone criminal is successfully brought to justice and receive the right panishmenent that could go to death penalty. If there is any willingness to start this national task, I am ready to contribute in both financial and professional capacity.

      • Amanuel August 3, 2018

        Agamen hgdfn maas yimekruna. Kid endo nimekeleka.

        • Degoli August 5, 2018

          ንዓረብ በድዊን ራሻይዳን ወሃባውያን ስዑዲ ጥራይ ኢና ንሰምዕ ፤
          ኩሊትናን ኣዋልድና ውን እንህብ።

  • Foto July 31, 2018

    Selam Amanuel,

    This is a very great news for everybody….I would like to thank you for the effort and contribution you guys are providing to the success of this mission…Thank you very much again


  • ወንድአፍራሽ August 1, 2018

    አማራ አሰብን ነው የጠየቀው- የወሎ አካል የነበረች ወደባችን! ለናንተ ምጽዋ ይበቃችኋል፣ መካካሻም ጠ/ሚ ዶ/ር አብይ የፈለጋችሁትን ያህል ከሰሜኑ ኢትዮጵያ ይሰጣችኋል – አማራ ሳያማክር ወደቡን የሰጠለት ወያነ ነው! ወያነ ግን የሁለታችን ጠላት ነው! አሁን ያለው የሰጥቶ መቀበል መርህ ለሁለታችን ይጠቅማል- አማራ አሰብን መልሶ ካገኘ በመልካም ጉርብትና ተከባብረን እንኖራለን! 27-ሚልዮን የአማራ ሕዝብ ወደቡን ተነጥቆ ሠላም ማምጣት ይከብዳል! አሁን ጠ/ሚ አብይ እና ፕረዝዳንት ኢሳያስ በፌዴሬሽን ጉዳይ ሊመክሩ መሆኑን ሰምተናል- ይህም በጣም ጥሩ ጅምር ነው! አምላክ ይጨመርበት፡፡

    • Ghirmay August 1, 2018

      Idiot Amara man, but Asseb belongs to the people of Afar. The Afar people of Eritrea and Tigray don’t want to have to do anything with snakes Amara so get lost to your Djibouti or Somali ports.

      • Ghirmay August 1, 2018

        Your PM Dr Abiy, Lema Mergassa, Demeke Mekonen and Gedu Endarkachew would soon be assassinated/eliminated/killed just like how you killed engineer Simegnew Bekele.

        • Debish August 1, 2018

          Brother Ghirmay,
          I absolutely agree with you, spot on. HODAM NEFTEGNA Amara would never ever dictate future deals or terms of Assab, Eritrea or the Somali-Ogaden region Gas reserves. Greedy Amaras should only be looking after their prostitute sisters and mothers in Addis and other Ethiopia cities.

          • Sol August 1, 2018

            Tekhlay, since you failed to pollute assenna through insulting everything Eritrean now you turned on Ethiopian issues to insult the Amhra social group but be sure your new malignancy will also fail.

          • Asmerom August 2, 2018

            Sol aka Amanuel {Abdurahiman/Abdukerim}, moslem NEFAHITO 1oo%, compalsive moslem liar, comedian Iraqi Ali, jerk moslem impostor.
            Wedi Halima nomad foreign mercenary, let me give you a fantastic news, the REAL and the ONLY brilliant Teclay is back, back. So all your nightmares should be over soon {you did MISS him so much, didn’t you??} Learn NOT to call us all Teclays, learn our other beautiful Christian names, after all you pose as one of us, don’t you, you jihadi/taliban loser.

    • Lol2 August 1, 2018

      My amara br, u r well come to use not only asseb also you can have massawa – with the spirit of love and sharing we are blessed.l and ተደምረናል።

  • Gezae August 1, 2018

    I believe everybody has the right to express himself/herself. But I don’t think it’s good to be a distractive. I don’t think it’s good to use the groups as a platform. I totally disagree with that. Not your next protest or demonstration. But I just think there’s a right way to do things. I don’t think two wrongs make a right. Never have, never will. I think it just creates more divisiveness, more division.

    However, for your knowledge since you admitted Eritrean Constitution is not in use and PIA is not a legitimate president of State of Eritrea.
    First- President Isayas would not/should never and ever invite or call for the JUNK so called OPPOSITION groups where most of the sell outs that do not represent any comman people.
    Second even though all things are in the plat-forum/program it is too early to release all the prisoners or to call for the release of all the prisoners now
    Third inviting for all Eritrean scholars is already time framed/scheduled. So it is a matter of time arrangement that left over.

    For the purpose of analyzing, how the government might keep its promise to implement all of these recommendations beforehand needs respecting each other. I understand the ongoing changes in Horn of Africa has disappointed to many in the JUNK so called OPPOSITION groups who have expected to interrupt the new era of social justice and democratic transformation across the region.

    Nevertheless, if they want the new social order struggle born to grow up in the country, they need to stand up for peace and reconciliation. Because always ready to use violence and vandalizing people properties often turned the precarious political stability into shambles. Even without constant pressure we have had a hard time building a relationship of trust. The chasm was/is too deep and we seemed at this time living in two different worlds separated by deep divides over democratic culture, the meaning of history, and visions of the future.

    Thus, as Eritreans our divide I think is not political, legal, or constitutional. It is observational or hypothetical. Instead of real dialogue, there seems a revival of stereotyping and mutual demonetization. On Facebook, and sometimes even in the more traditional media of the junks so called political groups and sympathizer are/were transformed into rats, dogs, and snakes. Political tunnel vision on the one side, and cultural condescension of democracy on the other, set the two camps even further apart
    Emphatically, simmering hate and distrust transformed political competition into a survivalist chess game. A checkmate over some issue did not mean the start of a new game for all players, but an irreversible game over and a trip to the Eritrea equivalent of purgatory for the loser. The result will be an ever-worsening environment deeply hostile that tempted to hoard power and exclude the JUNK so called opposition for over
    Democratic transitions could hardly proceed amid rampant suspicion if each camp held to its own form of legitimacy. Street politics became the preferred form of political jousting. The chronic standoff as a form of political polarization becomes only an euphemism. Politically inspired regime change of politics become real dangers. Finding a solution based on the old blueprints for democratic transition by calling changing the regime become unrealistic. It risks hindering any peaceful and democratically transfer of all people’s power. Even no one knows if elected democratically, the new regime is unlikely to quietly retire if they fear being subjected to recriminations after leaving office. The one man, one vote, one time scenario, could then become a recurring nightmare hampering smooth transitions.

    Hence, complicating the tasks of democratic transition reform and governance will be the problem of the rat, cat and dog JUNK groups. If really have human minds Eritrea is not the only country that is/was ill prepared for the release of convicted from jail and the return of others from abroad. It was/is not the only one country suffered from the trans-border flow, trickling, and smugglers. But their grudges, intellectual laziness and political expediency have helped create the misinformed notion, political and ideological divisions, tribal, regional, and ethnic cleavages also put national unity itself in jeopardy
    National reconciliation is no panacea for countries in transition. But without reconciliation, the prospects for peaceful transition are nil. “Had the miracle of negotiated settlement not occurred, we would have been overwhelmed by the bloodbath that everyone predicted as inevitable,” Archbishop Desmond Tutu has said about South Africa. Through its truth and reconciliation process, his country managed to break free of its ugly past and contemplate a prosperous future.

    • Asmerom August 2, 2018

      Brother Gezae, you say so much to mean so little! Who do you expect to read your toilet roll???

      • Abrehet August 3, 2018

        That is iseyas syndrome. He has to imitate his boss.

  • Degoli August 5, 2018

    እንታይ ማለት እዩ፧ ንዓረብ በድዊን ራሻይዳን ወሃባውያን ስዑዲ ጥራይ ኢና ንሰምዕ ፤
    ኩሊትናን ኣዋልድና ውን እንህብ።

  • Medium Hagos August 8, 2018

    Don’t participate in Geneva DOMANSTRATION.

  • Brhane August 12, 2018

    Stay quite the group called opposition. You don’t know what is going on. Gave it a time where is going. Let the pfdj protest. We have to stay quite if we are smart enough.