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Press Release First Symposium of NEW (Network of Eritrean Women)

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Review overview
  • fetsum abrahamt March 12, 2014

    Fantastic and congratulations. I am sure the role of women in nation building is nothing new to our women that liberated the country on equal footing of participation in the struggle. The Eritrean women achieved the first phase of their struggle (independence) but not the second (gender equality). Only democracy and fair justice can resolve this issue for our women and they should now push harder for their freedom by full involvement in the resistance. We are behind you and we will make it together.

    • Sarah March 13, 2014

      Thank you Fetsum. This year has proven that Eritrean women are ready to change the tide of the opposition! they mean business! they are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! not to DIA but to the capable but reluctant opposition unnecessary disputes and drugging foot! we are standing right infront of our people not beside them this time.

      • fetsum abrahamt March 13, 2014

        Dear Sara; good job and I am sure we will make the difference together in this fight. Our women have the biggest role to play here against any group that wants to dominate power because they are oppressed twice more than any other group in the society. We cannot win without our women, we will follow you and God bless you.

  • Zufana March 13, 2014

    Very well said brother Mr Fetsum Abraham. I would also like to thank NEW (Network of Eritrean Women) and sister Sara.
    “Women’s right are human rights and gender equality needs to be incorporated in all political and socio-economic decision-making process in Eritrea”. How very true indeed. In Eritrea women act as a mothers and breadwinners. It is an established fact that women displaced by armed conflicts often living alone with their children are frequently exposed to sexual violence, discrimination and intimidation. Women were fighting, and emerging from centuries of being held down. It had been a difficult battle which is still not complete. The international women’s day is launched as a reminder of the continuation of the struggle. It is also in solidarity with all those who stand-up and fight against the oppression of women globally and to remember those who are victims of abuse in this moment of time. Last but not least, “alewana, alewana, alewana, alewana” asahat jeganu sisters worldwide.

    • selamawit2 March 14, 2014

      Great work, sisters!

      And Zufana, i absolutley love U!:-)
      Thanks goodness “alechinana, alechinana, alechinana, alechinana”

    • fetsum abrahamt March 14, 2014

      Dear Zufana; I am impressed with your intellectual capacity and dedication for the cause. I believe individuals like you can improve our collective condition very well. Great to know people like u exist in the communitees my dear!.

  • Genet-orginal March 14, 2014

    Good work Ladies! It is true, We the Eritrean women have been missing with no aciton, in the struggle for justice.
    Some may incline to say, Eritrean women support the PFDJ’s system and Isayas. In reallity, the Eritrean woman has been the #one victim of PFDJ’s system and Isayas. Her life has been put back in jeopardy. Every Eritrean woman know, what has been happening to us for the past 23 years. I think this is a good start and I want to hear aboutb it more.