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  • Alem June 23, 2017

    Rebuttal to Dr. Amahatsion’s new article titled “Newsweek False News”.
    Dr. Amhatsion,
    You are biased too. Why didn’t you mention the issue of G15? The lack of constitution? The issue of detained Journalists? Where in the world do you think, a government rounds up about 100 high ranking government officials and Journalists, puts them in a dungeon and then forgets them for fifteen years? The Newsweek Journalist may have been selective in his reporting; however, you are not better either. Let me tell you the truth. The only real threat to Eritrean unity and national security is not a foreign reporter writing about Eritrea. It is the issue of the G15 and Journalists. If we are smart, we need to push the government to resolve this issue before it becomes an extensional threat to the future survival of our country. If we do not do that there is one possible Scenario. The G15 will die in prison. The world community will be fed up with the government and indict the top officials with crimes against humanity. In the end, Eritrea not only becomes a hunting ground for government officials, other countries will get the opportunity to invade Eritrea and no one will say a word about it. Worse than that it could lead to revenge killing. If you think about your country talk not about an aloof journalist writing about Eritrea but about the danger the issue of the G15 possess to the future Eritrea we all want to see. Do not be complacent. Be visionary. Although many of them may have already died, solving the problem now is more important than letting it continue for years to come. Wake up before the realty hits.
    For disclosure, I do not have any political or blood ties with the G15. However, as an Eritrean I am worried about the consequence of the issue on the future of my country. I strongly believe that this is the most dangerous issue we Eritreans are facing now and ultimately it will determine our future as a country.