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Petition: The Confiscation of Health Centers run by the Catholic Church-Eritrea

The Eritrean government has recently confiscated more the 30 Health Centers in which up to 200,000 patients are being treated each year.  This inhumane action was conducted without  any prior notice by sending security forces

The Eritrean government has recently confiscated more the 30 Health Centers in which up to 200,000 patients are being treated each year.  This inhumane action was conducted without  any prior notice by sending security forces and throw the patients out of their bed by leaving them on the open street. Some the patients have already lost their life. Many of the care-taking Priests and Nuns who resisted the confiscation are now lingering in prison cells and dungeons.

Petition: The Confiscation of Health Centers run by the Catholic Church-Eritrea

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  • Tsaadaqalai July 7, 2019

    The heath centers are not confiscated but closed down. Words have meaning . If we do not use them carefuly to reflect reality on the ground, it will be worse than shooting aimlessly to the air and expect to hit the target. It is a vain act of wasting your energy and resources, a deteriminant to your cause and beneficiary to the impostor isaias afewerk..

    Confiscation implies that the impostor will keep the health centers open to continue serving the public but this is false which the impostor deliberately put out to conceal his evil purpose. Eritreans by now ought to have been well versed on the con artisry of the impostor. They ought to have learned and wised up from his false rational he presented when he handed over Badme to woyane in 1985, and in 1998 torched war with woyane under false guise of woyane invasion.. The real purpose back then and now is one and the same, to decimate Eritreans by any means necessary and build abai tigrai on our ashes.. Those who still have not woken up to the treachery of impostor isaias and his cabals are doomed to regret and grief.

    • Tsehaye July 8, 2019

      TsaadaHasot, you seem to have woken up to the treachery of DIA but where/what is your REAL actions against him as Eritreans are sick and tired of your empty rhetoric and fake analysis?

    • Asmara Eritrea July 8, 2019


      I think you are missing the point! The bottom line is that regardless of what we call it, the Eritrean people have been denied a health service. That’s the big picture rather than show off your English language literacy skills. Remember; in Eritrea and for most Eritreans English is their second language.

      What I would, however, respectively wish to ask the author of the article is the purpose of the petition. Who is the intended target and indeed who are we trying to petition?

      It is. an excellent idea but a little clarity would help.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • dgg July 7, 2019

    Fine for your comments . Please put your signature

  • Kidane Tecle July 7, 2019

    ብባዕዳውያን ገዛእቲ ዘይተፈጸመ ተግባር፡ ተጋዲልና ናጽነት ኣምጺኣና ኢና ብዝብሉ ኤርትራውያን ክትግበር ክትርኢ እንከሎኻ ዘስደምም እዩ።

  • Eritrea July 9, 2019

    There is no word for this action to close or confiscate (whatever you call it) the health centers of Eritrea. The current regime of Eritrea is the enemy of the people. There is no sound of explanations for this – to deny health to your people. I am not sure what is the main objective for this action unless to kill the people. Eritreans will not tolerate for this and will take their Destiney on their hands. Eritrea will be for Eritreans not for Ethiopians. Glory to our martyrs!

  • tewelde gebremariam July 10, 2019

    The impostor isaias afewerk has been treading upon the exact road the treacherous road haile selase had trodden upon against Eritrea and Eritreans per advice of his American Lawyer, John Spencer. Of course to his peril and his pseudo dynasty. The first thing John Spencer advised him was to prepare the so called Eritrean-Federal Constitution in such away as to make it easy prey for the little king to gulp Eritrea down his throat soon after the UN finished its activities in Eritrea and about Eritrea.

    Although the federal arrangement was sham in its totality, the mockery of all were the subjection of the Eritrean Assembly to the complete control of the king’s representative residing in Asmera, and the king’s complete control of our golden=eggs laying chickens of Ports of Mtswaa and Aseb, Chaos ensued in Eritrea: The Assembly could not pass any legislation because the king’s representative purposely would not approve it, and employees could not be paid because the king purposely blocked funds under flimsy excuses.

    The Modus Operandi impostor isaias afewerki’ has been pursuing to decimate Eritrea and Eritreans is an exact carbon-copy of the way little king haile selase had betrayed Eritrea and Eritreans as exemplified by his complete usurpation of the executive and legislative branches, the result of which is what is unraveling in the country…..the utter melt down of its economy and utter disintegration of its people.

    Just as the little king was falsely professing kinship with our people as he was meting out his heinous crimes on them,, so also the impostor isaias afewerk has been uttering false Eritrean patriotism with his lips while inflicting his crimes on our people.

    As the little king hired Deqerbaa , such as Qeshi Libetros, to spread spiritual terror on our religious peasant population as a means of forcing them to comply with his evil plot, so also the impostor isaias afewerk brought queshi libetros’ son from Israel to wreak havoc on the Eritrean Orthodox Church and its followers.

    The goal, and and the false charge the impostor isaias afewerk labeled on G15 and the Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church are same. His goal is a continuation of what he has been doing since he joined ELF in 1966, that is to wipe out Eritrean elites so he can blindfold and fool the less educated of our population to the graves he dag for them.

    He brought Tehadso charge on the Patriarch,which means heretic in the religious vernacular but means Traitor in political jargon. And we know it was the Traitor Charge he labeled on G15. Of course, his goal, as i said, was to smooth the way to achieve his hidden evil agenda. of course in vain. We will beat him as we did to the little king and his dynasty.