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New Year Resolution: Don’t agonize organize

By Petros Tesgagherghis There is persistent talk that the Eritrean political parties should hand over leadership to the youth.  But it is not possible to hand over leadership in a silver plate. Leaders emerge or evolve

By Petros Tesgagherghis

There is persistent talk that the Eritrean political parties should hand over leadership to the youth.  But it is not possible to hand over leadership in a silver plate. Leaders emerge or evolve in the process of organised   activities.

So my New Year resolution is “Don’t agonize, organize”.  This was a slogan of a ground breaking conference of South African Students in Diaspora during Apartheid South Africa.  The concern of the South African youth – is to search an effective tool to carry out their struggle.  That is to identify an effective organisation.

Youth movements are not to grap power. They are not political parties – They are agents of change.  Their ideology, their vision are geared to raise the level of consciousness of the youth. They preach the values of justice, freedom of expression, freedom of worship and association. They empower the people with these values. Once they are empowered they can join or support political parties that stood up for these values.

While South Africa’s Nelson Mandela was into direct politics,   Steve Biko belongs to the youth (student) movement.  He tried to empower the oppressed black people by preaching “Black Consciousness”. To fight the prevailing white supremacy by first believing in self. Once they realize that they are not inferior to the white man, then they can use their discovered power to transform the South African Society into a democratic society that belongs to all people.  In this mind-set to divide the people on the basis of race has no place.

When it comes to the Eritrean reality the challenge for the youth is to find an effective organisation that the youth can easily relate to and be members or staunch supporters. There is no need to expect some old generation fighters to hand them political power.

But first few committed individuals can draft the constitution or manifesto. Then it can be circulated to all chapters or towns for discussion in the course of which they put down working notes to clarify the character and activity of their organisation and the necessity of its relationship to the Diaspora political parties.  It means they must maintain their independence to any political parties or any organs of a government even if PFDJ is ousted.

The youth manifesto or constitution can bring into focus – what the youth movement is all about: understanding the depth of the gross violations of human rights that is destroying the fabric of the Eritreans society, so they can stand up and fight for justice.  Also understanding the political, economic and social changes reshaping our world – in particular – the interference of PFDJ in the civil war in Yemen that ushered in geo-political change in the Horn.  And also the implication of the EU and others to prop up the PFDJ regime and the activities to paint PFDJ a humane face.

They need to come up with transparent structure that enables the organisation capable of acting in a politically centralized manner, with speed and effectiveness, as they are confronted with the unpredictable challenges created daily as the interest of the West is growing because of huge mineral, gas and oil deposits in Eritrea.

The resolution of the New Year is to live up to the challenges: Get organise and not agonize.

























Review overview
  • Berhe Tenesea January 1, 2016

    Yes that is right we must organize than to agonize. Let us organize and the evil that is causing us unimaginable suffering.
    We must organize and confront and get rid of the monster and his organized mafia establishment.
    Death to the Anchuwa of Nakfa.

  • Wedi Meriet January 2, 2016

    Wedi Beatay
    Why are you writting in English? Why don’t you write in a language that you know well.
    Your audience are Tigrigna and it would have been better if you write your article in Tigrigna unless you were instructed to do so by AW.
    God bless our people.

    • petros tesfagherghis January 3, 2016

      Hi Wedi Meriet

      It is that because my Tigrinya is weak. I am bombarded by people asking me to write in Tigrinya I think I have to get help from some friends and translated my articles and keep them short. In fact one has presents a powerful reason that it is more of “lack of finding a minimum agenda” and he wanted me to include -some information of the existing youth organisation – the Bologna Forom- and others. But such information must come from them. I expect feed back to be able to debate more on that. Next time I will not let you down I will try to write in Tigrinya as well.

  • aus 17 January 4, 2016

    “agonize not but organize”, a very sound deduction from the long teaching. our youth has mistrust to its leadeship, mistrust to its surroundingss because of the years of hopelessness, vision less, roadmap less, future less journey they were left with.A nation with astma and gasping breath needs a Quick medicine to inhale and facilitate breathing, the same is for Eritrea, to wait the long process of organizing civil societies might be forfeiting the purpose.
    The wolfs of Medrek are Barking, and manoevering down the vallies and up the hills. civil societies hurry up and snatch the stage Before is late. And the driving seat belongs to you the youths. the sooner the better.

  • Solomon January 20, 2016

    Where is the age cut off? American presidents thus far range from age 42-69. I see this as another form of division. However your the encouragement of the youth to organize, work, earn their place in leadership positions is priceless. They still have to work with all Eritreans of all ages. Otherwise it is another extreme division, which Eritreans have plenty of already, from religion to region to other nonsense all of which serve to prolong the life of the dictator. – Can we just all get together and cut the life of PFDJ short.