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Netanyahu, eyeing illegals problem, planning Africa trip

By Dan Baron · December 11, 2011 JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he will visit Africa as part of Israel's efforts to repatriate illegal migrants from Sudan and Eritrea. Netanyahu announced the trip, for

By Dan Baron · December 11, 2011

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he will visit Africa as part of Israel’s efforts to repatriate illegal migrants from Sudan and Eritrea.

Netanyahu announced the trip, for which a schedule has yet to be given, during a Cabinet discussion Sunday about the influx to Israel of African migrants who cross the porous border with the Egyptian Sinai.

“I intend to travel to Africa and to speak and advance arrangements for the return of these refugees from Africa,” he said.

Netanyahu did not cite specific venues, but Israel has been in contact with South Sudan since the African country was formed this year. Israel has no ties with Sudan, a hostile Muslim nation.

In addition to Juba, Netanyahu could have the option of visiting Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, with which Israel has relations.

The Jewish state sees a demographic and economic threat in the tens of thousands of African migrants who have reached its territory in recent years. Though some are regarded as war refugees, Israel says most come seeking work.

Netanyahu noted Israel’s plan to complete a fence along the Egyptian frontier within a year and said his government would also increase fines on employers who hire the border jumpers.

According to Netanyahu’s office, there are currently 52,487 illegal migrants who came to Israel seeking work, and their annual arrival rate has surged to 30,000.

“Without a plan to tackle the illegal work infiltrators, we will arrive at 100,000 infiltrators a year,” Netanyahu said.


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  • HGDF December 12, 2011

    What does he want to discuss by visiting Eritrea? He was told time and again that given political asylum to economic refugees without any political case would help neither Israel nor Eritrea. Is he going to ask Eritrea to give asylum to its “asylum seekers”?

  • Natu December 12, 2011

    The Jew whose parents are the rest of Hitlers victims has lost the issue. They are not Africans but proud Eritreans. He wants to demostrate only the racist nature of the Jews who probably yearn the hard Hands of the Germans.

    The Jews has enough organs; they don’t need any Eritrean organs more. As evil as the Jews are no body anticipates what they do and think – Long live Hitler !

    They need a second Hitler once again. How our people in Israel are treated is known to every body; it can not be more racistic. Only history will keep it right.

    • Hermon December 13, 2011

      The history tells us the Jews have been exiled, enslaved, exploited and collectively executed by the Egyptians, the Arabs and the Nazzi Germany. And now finally they forged a democratic jewish state which they vigilantly defend!!! Not to mension Israel is the only real democracy in the region. Sure we will vehemently Object the forceful repatriation of Eritrean refugees to the hands of the brutal dictator of Eritrea. But your comments are not only racist but it lucks humanity and sanity!

      • Natu December 13, 2011

        Yes, as you said my comments ‘lack sanity’. My comments direct to the agendas and evil strategies the Jews have most probabbly concieved behind the curtain of Sinai, where the poor and clueless Bedouins will be held for accountable. The Jews are experimenting with their ‘bad partner in Asmara’ and the price pays our youth with organs as ‘spare parts’ to the rich Jewish busines men from New York/London …etc !

        You don’t seem to be aware of the horrific situation our youngs find them selves !!!!!!!

  • ahmed saleh December 12, 2011

    One would think, where is the expression of support for a principle of human right that onyone
    should not be neglected, imprisoned, never mind killed because of their choice to search a way
    believing it will lead them for better life. These poor unfortunate youth, who could help them regain the lost moral, the broken promise and the grant of honor with respect and compassion
    Their dreams were lost in struggle of reality, I only can say GOOD LUCK and may God give you
    strength till the time come for better solution. Sometimes you sense that half of you is part of their fate.

  • Abdi December 12, 2011

    Asha de berakhi,let them work and stay, they know when/how to go home after they got what they risked their life for,
    for now thou NO RETURN unless they opted to.

    • HGDF December 12, 2011

      Abdi Hahaha!
      It has become only loss for the weyane agents! The youth remain Eritreans even if they go to mars!

    • Huluf December 12, 2011

      Abdi Ibud,

      I think you should return to this green, democratic, friendly wam, kind Eritrea that you present…..What is keeping your sadistic, hypocratic brain from deciding to go back home. Please join Eri TV if you decide to go…..I can not wait you enterain all of us.

      • Hermon December 13, 2011

        I don’t think you understood what Abdi was saying?