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Ms. Bronwayn Bruton-Isaias’ New Lipstick- Just another Useful Idiot

Ms. Bronwayn Bruton-Isaias’ New Lipstick- Just another Useful Idiot By Seyoum Tesfaye Atlanta Georgia May 5, 2015  “A good communist finds use for everything, and nothing is more useful than a useful idiot” Quotation attributed to Lenin “The more repressive and

Ms. Bronwayn Bruton-Isaias’ New Lipstick- Just another Useful Idiot

By Seyoum Tesfaye

Atlanta Georgia

May 5, 2015

 “A good communist finds use for everything, and nothing is more useful than a useful idiot”

Quotation attributed to Lenin

“The more repressive and vicious the regime, the more some in the West will strain to find benign intentions in their leaders.”

Mona Charen

In my previous writings I have expressed my profound respect for Eastern European intelligentsia who managed to survive, with integrity and a refined sense of purpose, under the brutal totalitarian system imposed on their respective countries by Stalin’s Soviet Union and his local agents- a series sadistic regimes.  I am speaking of Adam Michnik, Vaclav Havel, Jacek Kuron, George Konrad etc.

In spite of the massive repression these educated activists managed to find their sense of purpose and outlasted one of the most virulent totalitarian system mankind has ever seen. They affirmed the fundamental fact that determined intelligentsia anchored on the cause of its people, defending human liberty and standing up for freedom will ultimately triumph over all sociopathic tyrants and authoritarians.

On the contrary, the West has produced some of the most subservient Useful Idiots history has registered and still keeps manufacturing more of them. Stalin, Mao, Castro etc. had their share of well-educated Western apologists- Useful idiots who abandon their conscience to carry a favor for vicious tyrants.  Africa’s post-colonial authoritarians have also managed to enlist their share of Western Useful Idiots in order to airbrush their brutality and addiction to power at the cost of the people’s desire to live in liberty and under rule of law.

The list of Western Useful Idiots that became celebrated apologists for sociopaths like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong is too long to enumerate here. The most shameful of all of them was the New York Times journalist Walter Duranty who slavishly served Stalin’s genocidal agenda and the writer Edger Snow who glorified Mao’s destructive policies and actions. These Useful Idiots misused their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression to glamorize totalitarianism that destroyed the lives of about 100 million peasants (Russia and China combined).

Since they knew that they always had the freedom to return to their well-established elite middle class life in the West their flirtation with tyrants is, in most cases, another narcissistic diversion for them. For some, their adulation of totalitarianism was a temporary intellectual vacation from the drudgery of democratic societies’ periodic challenges and crisis.  Their misguided escapism from the democratic system that gave them their identity, education and carriers lead them into becoming graduates of Stalin’s and Mao’s disinformation schools. They minimized huge famines, mass deportations, wholesale imprisonment and summary executions of dissenters in their writings and discourses. They established a detestable tradition and now there is a new generation of digitally armed Useful Idiots collaborating and defending inhumane regimes just like their predecessors.

The bigger issue of why some Western Intellectuals tend to be duped so easily by totalitarians, tyrants, authoritarians and dictators is beyond the scope of this article.  But the core message of this rebuttal is: when the intellectual descendants of the early Useful Idiots surface now to pock their dirty nose into the struggle of oppressed people, by upgrading the infamous legacy bequeathed to them by Duranty and Snow, we have the sworn duty to expose their role robustly and unapologetically.

Those who sugarcoat tyranny are to some extent more poisons than the brutal tyrant. In their opportunist interference and subsequent public relation spin the suffering of the people is the last thing they worry about. Sharing meal and microphone with a tyrant is more important to them than hearing the ground level cry of the people. These kind of learned opportunists and defenders of tyranny have to be shamed and checkmated. No mincing of words. No hiding behind diplomatic nuances. We have to spit on their faces (figuratively speaking) and demand that they slurp up what they have regurgitated. The massive suffering of the people demands we raise the ante. We have to rebuke them in the harshest terms possible.

Eritreans in the diaspora have now an opportunity to see an example of a digitally plugged glossy Useful Idiot breaking her back to rehabilitate one of Africa’s most brutal tyrants.  The new lipstick that is trying to beautify Isaias’ draconian regime is Ms. Bronwayn Bruton: – neophyte Useful Idiot who was presented on the VOA program called Press Conference USA on April 24, 2015.

Compared to the seasoned Useful Idiots who preceded her she comes across like a novice PFDJ cadre who has just swallowed the talking point of the regime hook, line and sinker. If she was fluent in Tigrinya Isaiais would have found a replacement to the stress riddled Yemane ( Monkey) who has been downgraded,  in the most practical sense, from  an advisor to a mere mailman every time his sociopathic leader opens his mouth discombobulating his public relation campaign laced with lies and deception.  She should seriously consider learning Tigrinya and applying for a full time job. Maybe, in time, the brutal reality will slap her on the face and wake her up from her hallucination or Isaias will, as usual, bark at her and send her back home packing as a spook from Langley.

Just like a little girl, who had just returned from Disneyland, after having met Mickey, Ms. Bruton was drooling as if she was talking to kindergarten students.  She forgot about the million exiles and refugees of the Diaspora Eritrean community who are VOA’s critical audiences. Except the regime’s full time agents  and an apologist website that postures as a member of the opposition camp,  most Eritreans did not buy into her effort to glamorize the Asmara regime as victim of a misguided US policy fulfilling in her role as unpaid de-facto  (as far as we know) lobbyist for the regime.

Nothing, not even a full sentence, about the massive suffering imposed on the Eritrean people by her newly minted comrade Isaias Afewroki. She skirted question having to do with the tyrant’s ingrained proclivity towards authoritarianism.  She did not ask him when his former comrades languishing in EraEro will be brought to court.  If she had raised this kind of principled questions she would have been ejected out of Eritrea with humiliation.  She was coopted and deployed as another Useful Idiot.

I am not sure who paid for her flight to Eritrea, hotel, meal and Cappuccino expense. If the Eritrean government picked up the tab it did not buy a share in the famous Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class A. It invested in a penny stock. Ms. Bruton sold her soul very cheap. She went to Africa’s North Korea and came back impressed by how the streets look clean: so to speak. If this kind of regurgitation was to come out of the mouth of the Useless Idiot Dennis Rodman it might be forgiven. But the Deputy Director of the African Center at the Atlantic Council spitting out the regimes’ talking point verbatim is a different level of vulgar opportunism.  A new low for the new generation Useful Idiots:  Lenin, Stalin and Mao must be giggling with joy in their well-furnished graves.

Why should she care if, 24 years after independence, the people of Eritrea are living without a constitution; that there are over 300 newly built prisons and up to 10,000 political prisoners; that the present regime has gone to war with all its neighbors; it has not said a word about Eritreans perishing in the Mediterranean Sea in its media; it has been spouting anti-American rhetoric ad infinitum for the last 15 years; he has sponsored and supported over 25 armed oppositions and terrorists from the region; he still has not returned Djibouti’s prisoners of war  etc.

If she wanted to see both sides of the issue why did not she go to Italy to see the caskets of the victims of Lampedusa and find out why they could not be buried in their homeland? Why did not she go to Israel to find out why the youth are pouring out of the nation? These are serious question that cannot be presented to a tyrant, who was trained by the Chinese Communist Party security apparatchik in the art of How to Build Authoritarian Organizations and political system in his youthful days. The Useful Idiot who was surprised by the tyrant’s allergic reaction to the word “reform” did not dare touch profound questions like democracy and the rule of law just like her intellectual precursors: Walter Duranty and Edger Snow did in their slavish role to appease the tyrants they were serving

Her cardinal sin and unforgivable treachery is that he wanted to confuse the cause and effect of the destruction of the Eritrean people. A thoroughly failed one man “leadership” is the central reason why the State of Eritrea and the Eritrean people are going through so much convolution and trauma. To Chardonnay consuming talking head cause and effect are interchangeable political monopoly cards. Adjusting the thermostat in her office is more important that digging deep to understand the true cause of the suffering of the Eritrean people.  That has been the templet of western Useful Idiots. Nothing is new here.

To Eritrean stakeholders, both at home and in the Diaspora, her kind of Useful Idiots intervening on behalf of a defunct tyrant is a part of the international dimension of our struggle- an added challenge we have to address in a unified way. We have to assume the responsibility with a sense of honor and resoluteness. Never flinching from our responsibilities.

An inordinate amount of resource and energy is being invested by the regime to hoodwink the world through the deployment of Useful Idiots like Bruton about some sort of change (since the word reform is not allowed in the tyrants vocabulary) being in the pipeline. This new disinformation strategy has to be exposed. The national and international useful idiots who function as merchants of this disinformation have to be called on the carpet and rebuffed in the most unapologetic way.

This cannot happen until the elites within the opposition surrender their inflated egos, underhanded machinations, well ingrained tendency to outmaneuver other opposition organizations for temporary advantage over the overriding fundamental joint strategic agendas. Until we manage this endemic curse our activity will be everything the result very marginal. Subjective frailties and shortsightedness are denying us the opportunity to utilizing the very fertile objective condition that our sustained struggle has created. Now we have the added burden of dealing with external Useful Idiots. Ready or not the challenge is present and real.

We are stuck on a political plateau. Without evolving into thoughtful statesmen/stateswomen we will miss the historical opportunity to dislodge the mercenary tyrant and set the political and social conditions that will usher a democratic era in Eritrean history. Here is the reality: The Isaias regime is strategically defeated but tactically working hard to reverse the immense political space it has lost.

The opposition has not been able to ascend, strategically, to a national leadership level with solid unity and a clear transition agenda. Exploiting this temporary weakness Isaias is trying to regroup and create a breathing space by deploying local, regional and international Useful Idiots.  We should take all the oxygen out of his effort to resurface as a know-it-all agent of peace in the region and beyond. No compromise, no retreat, no accommodation with the tyrant and his agents. This is time to stand firm and face the evil that is destroying our people.

Disclaimer:  Opinion expressed in this article is mine and only mine. I take full responsibility for the content and form of the presentation.


Review overview
  • Gezae November 14, 2018

    Our world is populated by all kinds of people with hugely varying levels of intelligence and smartness. And I would say almost anyone would consider themselves to be intelligent or smart, of course no one want to be stupid or mutton head. But, our thoughts always tend to sound smart in our own head, don’t they? Here is my stand point
    I understand when people face an uncertain situation, they most don’t carefully evaluate the situations. Instead, their decisions depend on a long list of mental shortcuts, which often lead them to make foolish decisions. So we/they need to be intelligent and smart.
    Intelligence/Smartness is very important. Especially in a professional context, a smart and agile mind can be your/our best asset. But people who are less smart often have habits that out them as stupid and can also be quite catastrophic in many circumstances. It’s very noticeable, unprofessional, and a smart person would never do. If you consistently try to foist your mistakes off on others, you demonstrate to everyone that you can’t be the sharpest tool in the shed.

    Stupid people don’t like taking responsibility for their mistakes. They prefer to wallow in self-pity or just go straight to playing the blame game. It’s never a good idea also to cast blame. Need to be accountable. If you had any role no matter how small — in whatever went wrong, you need own it. The moment you start pointing fingers is the moment people start seeing you as someone who lacks accountability for your actions. Smart people also know that every mistake is a chance to learn to do better next time

    • Gezae November 15, 2018

      Assenna why do not erase my comments. You know Mr.Seyoum Tesfaye is not the only STUPID. He is prejudice and idiot like you are.

      • Berhane Haile November 15, 2018

        Do not be stupid Gezae. Seyoum Tesfay is a sincere person who says a spade is a spade. He has disclosed the idiot lady bravely. Why do you try to be a stooge of the tyrant and a bootlicker of the useful idiot Burton. She will not even consider you as a person let alone to commend you.

      • Abu Fatna November 15, 2018

        @Gezae , you got serous problem why do you have to resort into name calling. I don”tknown Mr. Seyoum personally but I have read many of his write up. and commentary.— He is for the most part accurate in his characterization in exposing he bloody tyrant and his useful idiots. Gezae, why are u so offended by the term his used to describe that poor person whom he called her rightly as useful idiot!!

    • Asmara Eritrea November 16, 2018

      An enlightening article brother Seyoum – Eritrea needs people like you. That time is approaching quickly when Isaias will be no more.

      Frankly, I would not give much credence to Bruton who of course is always keen to have her “three hours session” with Isaias – her words, not mine, I assume in his office rather than his bedroom. She is just a little girl who gets her knickers badly twisted trying to prove her intellect when none exists..

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

      • Gezae November 16, 2018

        She looks a little girl because she does not have BIG DAMN HEAD like yours and your likes you have already mentioned.

  • Kidane November 14, 2018

    As usual, an insightful article brother Seyoum. Granted we may have a third enemy”useful idiots” we don*t havr to worry initially. The second enemy, the splintered but destructive yesteryears’ heros, who must be told the same way as the third enemy, get your acts now or be forgotten altogether. Once we control the destructive roles of the second rnemy, we can fully engage our numero uno enemy head on and throw him in to the dust bin. This requires a united, dedicated, and committed force built soley on the backs of our people where they have full ownership. To that end we can start to communicate.on this forum. A single idea can be the silver bullet.

  • HdriswuE halalmariet November 14, 2018

    I cannot understand the need for reposting at this time Seyoum Tesfaye’ article written in May 15,2o15. Nor can I understand why Seyuom Tesfaye had to write back then such an awful article against Ms Bronwyn Bruton for criticising the Western countries for their hypocrisy for not only abdicating their responsibility to force woyane to abide by the Final and Binding decision of the EEBC but also for penalizing Eritrea,who had readily and wholy accepted to implement the decision.

    Thanks God, woyane is not only out but also its military and economic base is disintegrating fast, clearing the way for the new Ethiopian government,which had already accepted the Final and Binding decision of the EEBC decision without ifs and butts, to demarcate the border on the ground peacefully and immediatelly.

    In the mean time, our role must not be to reacting to whatever isaias afewerk or the Amhara elites utter but to push the issue foreward while at the sametime rebuild all the bridges we have wittingly or unwittingly destroyed,

    We must tone down our adverserial rhetoric, even against isaias afewerk or any one alse. Let us build consensus peacefully, respecting one another and our neighboring countries.
    In the wake of the demise of woysne demise, I have become optimistic with our future. I hope you do too !

    • Asmara Eritrea November 16, 2018

      If you think Wayne are out brother you will live to regret it.

      Wayne will never be out and they will definitely be back with vengeance. The undoing of Dr Abeyi by Wayne will be the directly result of his unending courtship with Isaias that started with the exchange of rings back in July.

      One thing is certain, Wayne hate Isaias more than we Eritreans do and they will be out to get him first. Wayne never forget nor forgive their enemy as history will tell you.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • aditekelezan November 15, 2018

    hidriswuE halaleiet ,
    The problem with our intellectuals is they think exactly like illiterate goat herder , the only difference is they think it in ENGLISH ,not in TIGRINYA ,so it sounds sophisticated & solving all. WHY CAN’T THEY UNDERSTAND OUR WORLD’s ISSUES ARE NOT ALWAYS BLACK & WHITE !!! actually to the most part they are GREY !!! Why don’t they point out to the masses that , medias are owned by corportions (in democratic countries )& by governments (in developing countries). Is it not wise to go with the flow at the same time be an agent of change (whenever possible) ? Our elites make it sound that there is no way out , even where there is a mainiute chance of change. Have you ever heard of american media talking about the repressive nature of Saudi Arabia’s regime.Except occassional “we are concernef” bullcrap here & there. No Eritrean intelletual have I heard pointing out solution for our issues except we shoulds ,we oughts…bla.blas…Nobody tackles the regionalism & religious mistrust & how to deal with it.That is why people are confused

    • Berhane Haile November 15, 2018

      Poor Aditekelezan town, A nameless coward is playing with your dignified name. He is so timid that he will not disclose his name. Poor guy. When will you act as a man?

      • ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ November 15, 2018

        ስማዕ እንዶ ግን ንስኻ እንታይ እዩ ጸገምካ ሰብ ሕድሪስዉኣት ሓላል መሬት ሶል ሃገራዊ ወዲ ኣስመራ ኢሉ ይኣቱ ኣነ ንባዕለይ ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ ኢለ ኣትየ ኣለኹ እቲ ዓተከሌዛን ዝብል ሽም መሪሩካ እንተኾይኑ ሰገነይቲ ወይ ዓዲቐይሕ ኢልካ ኣንብቦ ካብኡተረፈ ኣነውን ምስ ኩሉ ርእይቶታቱ ኣይሳማማዕን እየ ግን እንተደልዩ ቶክዮ ጃፓን ኢሉ ክኣቱ ይኽእልዩ ድንቁርናኻ ኣይተርኢ ፈሊኹም ዘይወዲ ኣውራጃኹም ምህራም ዘይትገድፍዎ

        • Abu Fatna November 15, 2018

          @ Berhane::ane paltalk zemelales Seb aykonun:
          Abze zelekhuwo adi “ nay konkshin” zegem alo:
          Wedi Adi-kezan intekonka b-adika kurae Adina yu::
          Segeneti/Adi keyih wun adina adi kuluma yu: Meryt Jignau: Akele-Saho !!!

        • Berhane Haile November 16, 2018

          ገና ክሳዕ ሕጂ ኣይተረድኣካን። እቲ ሕቶ “ኣብ ፍትሕን ሰላምን ደሞክራስን ዘሎዎ ሃገር እናነበርካ ስለምንታይ ስምካ ትሓብእ?” ዝብል’ዩ። እቲ ምኽንያት ድማ ርዱእ እዩ። እከለ ከምዚ ኢሉ ተባሂልካ በቲ ሰንኮፍ ኣተሓሳስባኻ ከይትንቀፍ። ዓዲተከለዛን እንተ ኢልካ ግን ሰብ ኣይኮንካን “ኖ ማን” ትኸውን ኣለኻ። ስለዚ፡ ኣይትጃጁ ኣጆኻ። ብቀንዲ ስምካ ክትጽሕፍ መሰል ኣሎካ፡ ዘፈራርሓካ ወይ ዝሃርመካ የክሎን። ብድሕሪ መጋረጃ ተሓቢእካ ምጽሓፍ ርእሰምትእምማን ምጥፋእ እዩ። ንዓይ ከኣ ኩላተን ከተማታት ኤርትራ ይኹና ዓድታት ማዕረ እየን ዝብጽሓኒ ከማኻ ኣይኮንኩን።

          • aditekelezan November 16, 2018

            “berhane haile”
            ስለዘየፋራራሕካንን ዘይሃረምካንን የቐንየለይ. 98% ህዝቢ ሽሙ ኣይጥቀምን እዩ ንዓይ ዕላማ ምግባርካ ከምቲ ገለ ዝበልዎ ብወገንኑት ዝተላዕለ ይኹን ብዝደለዮ ፋዕራ የብለይን ቀጽሎ. ጸርፊ ዝገደፍናሎም የብልናን እተን ከብቲ ግን ወሲዶመን ዝብሃል ክኣ ኣሎ !

  • Geladios November 15, 2018

    Our race should be against the main enemy the Dictatorial system led by Isaias Aferwrki. And his idiot’s followers regardless from whatever direction they came from as well. Let us call the spade is a spade. Please, respect and honor should be given to those who deserve it. Mr.Tesfay Sium I thank you for your meaningful article keep it up!

    • Abu Fatna November 15, 2018

      @ Geladios: I completely concur with you. We should all be against the enemy’— Unfortunately. Some desperate and
      Useful idiots will try to deflect our main focus by discouraging people. Mr. Tesfay is highly competent individual. I have read him over the years. He is a great patriot (I don’t want to use “Nationalist “ for might carry some sort of negative connotation — unlike this woyane backed useful idiot like Dawit Gebrezgabhair; Gebresadik Desta: Muluwork —Akahidan. they Isayas as their savior!

  • k.tewolde November 15, 2018

    “We are stuck on a political plateau. Without evolving into thoughtful statesmen/stateswomen we will miss the historical opportunity to dislodge the mercenary tyrant and set the political and social conditions that will usher a democratic era in Eritrean history”>>>> Seyoum, I can’t put the entire article in quotation,however I concur 100% with you statesman view.this is the reason why the tyrant is on a constant vigil and don’t let the owners of the country in.