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Mining companies Nevsun, Sun ridge, South borders etc exacerbating our misery

Are mining companies in Eritrea like Nevsun resources, Sun ridge gold corps, South boulder mines and others, exacerbating the misery of the Eritrean people by financing the brutal dictator? In the world we have seen many

Are mining companies in Eritrea like Nevsun resources, Sun ridge gold corps, South boulder mines and others, exacerbating the misery of the Eritrean people by financing the brutal dictator?

In the world we have seen many dictators prolong their power through the finance they got by engaging in many illegal activities like smuggling weapons to militant fighters, untaxed businesses and others. In case of Eritrea the 2 % of poor diaspora supporters is also another source of income in addition to the other activities.

There is another main source of income to most dictators, as OIL to Gadaffi, GOLD to Isayas, here, there is a controversial issue the western power tightens the sanction on the dictator from many activities but what about sanctioning on those mining companies who are equally responsible in financing the dictator to continue his brutal works.

Do you see some sort of basic change internationally in dealing with dictators in regards to those careless MINING COMPANIES who want to explore under their leadership. Is we take Eritrea, the mining companies are exploring the valuable resources and many villages will be soon to be left with unsightly large open barren excavated holes. There is nothing benefit to the people except their sufferings will be prolonged.

Hence, what is the role of the Eritrean people especially in diaspora to halt all the mining companies from exploiting our resources ?

What about the role of the international community in devising more strict mechanism on the dictator and the mining companies ?

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  • zafu February 15, 2013

    Definitely! Mining companies are the source of desperate income(hard currency) to despots and dictators. They are after the country’s precious resources and dictators like Isayas/Higdef they don’t care to provide them as long as they are the beneficiaries. We could go back to recent history of South Africa’s apartheid regime where a bunch of multinational mining companies were there working with the regime though it was obvious and the whole world was against it. So weather the 2% tax payers or the foreign collaborators like the mining companies, they are equally responsible for prolonging the suffering of the Eritrean people.

    • Saba February 16, 2013

      I believe this whole circle is so much man-made. SO calculable. Isayas aka PFDJ in general are not very wise nor intelligent people. As one can see the outcome after almost 22years!
      I strongly believe that any so called DESPOT/DICTATOR is elected by the west. This nonsense of Sanctions is just symbolic or kind of threaten if the man-made mad guy does not continue to play the dirty game that they can easily get rid of him.
      They all just follow their interest.
      The interest has always been to reduce humans, especially to dry africans by all ways out.

      We could argue now, if the fault is to blame on us or on “them” , but this would be an endless debate. I know 100% if the whole continent Africa (ok probably except North Africa) would tighten their relationship and rather deal with CHINA or RUSSIA to some extend we would be in another “boat”.
      Major problem majority african leader are as well “selected” by the west = SELLOUTS!

      I have an extreme problem with the USA. Those who hold power are not visible and are ZIONISTS. This is no news! ZIONISTS control all western countries incl. their politicians,media,banks etc… .

      To be honest i dont know where we are leading to, but i hope that we will also have one day the privilige of PEACE,FREEDOM and LIBERTY by all means.

  • berhe February 15, 2013

    If I were there I would blow the equipments and offices using RPG. Then we will ask them to leave or face the consequences. BTW, what are the opposition doing right now? Still talking behind the curtain? I cant wait to see the third hero to come out of the land of heroes- MetaHit wedi gash barka! youth of Asmara is searching for a way to escape the issayas regime and youth of MetaHit is searching for a light of freedom….. B`QilXimom!

    KiwegiH eyu tibil abishay Hadas!

    • Abdallah Abdu February 15, 2013

      You sound as though you are saying that muslims are terrorists.

      • Saba February 16, 2013

        Abdellah why do i have the feeling that you either paid by PFDJ to act as a Muslim and bring up topics which dont fit at all to a discussion?? Where the heck did any of the above writers/commentors talk about Islam or CHristianity???
        As far as i understood the writer “Berhe” just mentioned that guys from Metahit=Lowland are more brave then Kebesa in general.

        • Abdallah Abdu February 16, 2013


          Berhe is not as innocent as you are apparently led to believe. I once caught him calling for acts of violence by the Eritrean Islamic Jihad movement. Hence my conclusion that the guy associates peaceful muslims with violence.

          • Hagu February 17, 2013

            You as abdela caught berhe? You must be isayas and his puppets. Nowadays, according to isayas and niHna-nsu, anyone who criticizes the PFDJ is a terrorist if heshe is a moslim.

  • Warsay February 16, 2013

    If the international community is for example engaged in organ harvesting in Sinai & Co together with the puppet regime in Asmara, what can we expect from the UN, the organizer of terrorists?

    We have to help ourselves, but how?

  • Saba February 16, 2013

    Warsay my dearest brother.. You totally got me on your side! The question where and how to begin…

  • wedi Fekede February 16, 2013

    why we r begging to z westerns to help us? As we have heard for centuries “we r Eritreans never ask a thing but we fight for everything stand in front”? So what’s going on now one man just one to 4,000,000 million ppl and the worst asking the world to help us remove the very one person? we have to ashamed ourselves now no one else……As we seen in z past struggle against Derg was 1 to 10 fighters ….So lets hold hand in hand together fight against this odd dictator….

  • February 16, 2013

    Folks the best way to address is to focus and cry lowed to educate the company,the share holders, the public at large and lobby our new countries government representative. With the right permission, we can demonstarte at the parliament so the representatives can hear us, hand pamphlets to the public. Believe me, it will work

  • belay February 16, 2013

    Hi Saba very interresting, focused, real and logik explanation. you said it all and hited the Nail Lady !!! The west are behind all this messeries that Eritreans face today and Iseyas Aforki is their messenger from the beginnig to the end, what i find ammazing is that the UN Sanktions Eritrea for weapons imbargo to tell the world or seem that they are against the regime in Asmara, thats only a game, cheats the world, they are the one who invest in all out investment and ocupay all the whole resorses in Eritrea and make show and Dramas that they are unti or gainst DIA in their mainstream mediyas. Guys dont trus theme. If DIA not represent their interest he cant stay for a secend, he is and was their messenger thats way they proteckt him with all means to this day, we must come to the conclusion how the bro Berhe said blow the equipments and offices to air and distoy it that no one have pleasant time there, thene we will see the west with their mainstream news how they react, other wise they will intertain us with demintrations seminars gubayes. Guys Action on the ground and we will reach to our Goul, no more talking heads, no more bala bala, or demonstrations no help thats only intertaining and ecciting !!!

  • La Verita February 17, 2013

    I would encourage for those who are already there or any other company to come and invest in Eritrea for a simple reason.
    The Italians came and invested heavily -then the British came and saw Eritrea was too advanced for their colonial mentality so they deindustralized Eritrea- then Haileselasie came and said why don’t I take/transfer/deindustralise Eritrea so he did-then Menghistu came and done the same thing nationalising companies asking foreigners to leave… all over Ethiopia & Eritrea the exception was he kept all the private schools in Addis Abeba open while nationalising all the schools in Eritrea with the exception of Italian school.
    The more you discourage an economic activity the less the country becomes free democratic a country.

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