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Medrek’s current cart before the horse “politics”: Advice to reverse it without delay

Part IV Medrek’s current cart before the horse “politics”: Advice to reverse it without delay I did criticise Medrek on few issues in my previous articles. The criticisms were partly meant to assist Medrek to seriously reconsider its

Part IV

Medrek’s current cart before the horse “politics”:

Advice to reverse it without delay

I did criticise Medrek on few issues in my previous articles. The criticisms were partly meant to assist Medrek to seriously reconsider its idea, and plan of actions in the interest of the opposition. To put it differently, it was meant to advise Medrek to put the horse before the cart- instead of the other round, which Medrek has been pursuing consciously or otherwise for many months. ( For the sake of reminding the readers, one of my criticisms was related to Medrek’s meeting with the wudbetaat; I objected to Medrek’ s resuscitation of the politically dangerous wudbetaat- at a time when the majority of the opposition have been pleading for an effective grass root opposition movement with one or two aims in mind. I had pointed out in my article that the contact with the wudbetaat was based on wrong, faulty premises.)

Medrek’s current “cart before the horse”- or its misguided acts- continues unabated; it is again attributed to the combination of its wrong premises, and perhaps due to an unwarranted hope for a quick fix. Others have attributed the continuation of the misguided acts to Medrek’s conscious move to achieve its project at all cost, and with or without the consent of others. The latest disquieting Medrek’s act is the rush of Medrek to meet the Ethiopian prime minister and other top officials in Ethiopia’s capital city. This rush is understandably much worser than the ones before, and that has worried people like me; many Eritreans have rightly expressed their dismay and unhappiness in the different opposition Paltalks.

I was damn angry after I heard the news of the meeting. I started wondering soon after Medrek’s radio broadcast on the issue, which it had wrongly described as successful. I wondered why Medrek in general and Dr. Asefaw in particular have not learned much from past mistakes and failures of other groups, that were virtually running to meet top officials prior putting the opposition house in order. I wondered whether Medrek had ever thought of the possibility of a strong objection from non-EPDP and the many non-wudbetaat opposition; whether Medrek had ever considered that its right is restricted; whether Medrek had ever thought that its action will tarnish the image of the opposition- that has been viewed by many, including Ethiopian officials, as desperately divided ones, with each pretentiously pretending to represent the opposition. (The Ethiopian side is left virtually untouched. I didn’t question as to why the Ethiopian intermediaries wasted the time of PM Hailemariam, the speaker of the parliament- who is much worried about Oromo’s current little revolution-, and others; I did only remember the very many meetings between Meles and the opposition, and the Eritrean intellectuals and Meles, which led nowhere- largely due to the weakness and unruliness of the Eritrean side.)

I was unable to comprehend Medrek’s move, and I was, and am still not impressed with the formation of the Medrek and Ethiopian government committee- which Medrek considers to be a significant achievement. Silence ensued after the wondering, etc; there was nothing else to do than staring at the wall, which didn’t help much. The air of incomprehension surfaced during Medrek’s  (its two chiefs) interview with VOA, but it was limited to a minute or two. In any case I concluded later that  the latest Medrek’s overstepping is also due to Medrek’s failure to  acknowledge the limitation of its rights, and this lead me to share the view of others. ( For the sake of saying, Medrek has only few rights, like to exist as a forum and group, and to secretly recruit its members; it has also a right to talk and explain to any institution, partner, etc. on the politics of Eritrea, and its aim. But it has no right to contact Ethiopian officials formally with regard to issues concerning Eritrea and the Eritrean opposition; but Medrek did overstep its right, and that must be condemned, to put it bluntly. It did wrong, and any statement by Medrek to justify its visit and contact is null and void.)

People like me won’t still classify Medrek as no-good, and as beyond irreparable entity, despite its overstepping of its right, etc. I do still think that Medrek can contribute much to the creation of a grass root movement (GRM), which I consider to be indisputably second to none; Medrek’s contribution can be immense, indeed, considering the easy access of some members of Medrek to foreign institutions, and the fund at its disposal- a lot it is, according to unconfirmed rumours. ( Only few will dispute the extent of Medrek’s high potential to make a difference in the formation of GRM; the fund of Medrek can serve as a significant catalyst in its formation. Many do recognize that the formation of GRM in different major cities in USA, Europe, etc is moving at a snail pace, and that is due to Eritreans’ loud verbal support to a start of GRM, but extremely reluctant to contribute to a fund; that is what i also witness in the different opposition Paltalks rooms, which I regularly join.)

Medrek has a choice; either to be helpful in the formation GRM, or to continue overstepping its right, and damage the opposition further- leaving Isayas smiling, and the opposition facing the worst of all worlds at this moment and in post-dictator Eritrea; Medrek has no third option- unless Medrek has unknown 3rd in its sleeve- which won’t in any case be helpful. I do strongly advise Medrk to opt for the first choice- i.e. to assist with the formation of GRM, and to shelve its plans for good. I should insist that the first choice is the right one, and it is not difficult to choose that either. Medrek has nothing to lose by choosing the first choice; in fact the reverse is true; Medrek will be proud of its contribution and the wish of Dr Asefaw to see a political stable post-dictator Eritrea will be met as well. (Dr Asefaw- who has struggled for almost two decades, while others were dictator’s useful idiots, and one was hiding somewhere until very recently- had briefly touched on his fear and worry about the first days and months in Eritrea without the brutal dictator. A well funded and well functioning of GRM will certainly contribute to Eritrea’s stability in post-dictator Eritrea.)

I should also insist that Medrek has no time to waste; the decision should be made swifly- before the irreversibility dawns. The third important element is what I prefer to call the fulfilment of the basic prerequisites in order to reinforce Medrek’s forthcoming commitment, or to prevent back sliding for one reason or another. One of the prerequisites is to declare publicly that Medrek refrains to call meetings to form GRM, and that it supports local initiatives to perform that duty. The second prerequisite is the unreserved decision of Medrek’s top and others- many of whom are persuaded secretly to be members- to be members of GRM in their respective areas of residence. ( Medrek current top and other members will be simple members, like any other member of GRM. It is also what Kaled- an intelligent Eritrean, who is invited a lot by one of Paltalk room- rightly insisted on some days ago. People like me, Kaled, and others expect the current Medrek- whoeverhe/she is- to be appointed to functions within GRM by GRM, and only by GRM.)

I hope Medrek will consider this option without delay, and act on it willingly in the interest of the opposition, and post-dictator Eritrea. The option and the fulfilment of the prerequisites will strengthen the existing  GRM, and speed the start of others; all current troubling, messy  accusations, and dysfunctions will be thrown out of the windows for good- to be replaced by so far missing honest, directed, effective politics of the opposition. And all of us will start working happily together for the two prime aims- that is to weaken the dictator, and to boast the internal opposition-, and to learn the democratic culture during this difficult struggle. ( A horse before a cart does the job.)

Solomon in Belgium


Review overview
  • Musa Ali February 7, 2016

    I believe that every eritrean has the right to fight tyrant in any way they choose. Unity of course is the best, but the very slow advancement of the opposition is frustrating and medreck may show fast growth, prove to be more effective and bring faster results. After all the regime is just a one man show and just killing him can bring a lot of change. So we have to give them the credit that they deserve- they have sucrificed their life before and are doing it again.

  • aus 17 February 7, 2016

    For your information, the current Medrekh, its main figures then had a mission to slow the oppositions until they, Medrekh, comes to the same level like them. Yes, the first strategy succeeded. Now is the second how to Control the oppositions and lead them, though secertly devised to master that strategy.
    Their finacial boss, Paulos Ba’atay used his Connections and net works to pay the needed aid to his inner circles and now strong enough even to pay all the COSTs, though termed as financed by “Eritreans vs Sena’a form”, which actually is very similar with different interests.
    The above named person was acting as broker between Meles then and its Group on cultural and now political level highlighting the Mutual interests of both sister people of the area. Now reached its climax thereby can even reach Prime Minister face to face, and smoothly proceed the second strategy and lead Eritrea post- Isayas era.
    Paulos have a very big institutions, figures and interests, behind all the trials, and now reaps its harvest. Worse for the so-called oppostions: Higdef is still, will be on Power and the bully nature will not stop unless you Wake up Before it’s late.

  • Hagherawi February 7, 2016

    “one of my criticisms was related to Medrek’s meeting with the wudbetaat; I objected to Medrek’ s resuscitation of the politically dangerous wudbetaat- ”


    The way Mr. Solomon uses his newly coined word of “wudbetaat”, brings to memory how a word coined by Naizghi Kuflu has costed Eritrea a lot of precious life. The new key word in Solomon’s political dictionary, “wudbetaat” seems to take us in the same direction of “Menkaa”, when for the first time in their living memory, Eritreans seem to be unanimous in their call for national unity, an inclusive political process that will bring finally the much needed peace to the country.
    Mr. Solomon, exclusion, leads to conflict and war. Whether you like it or not all those groups, many of whom, ex-ELF splinter groups, will be there for some time. I understand the urgency for grass root based movement, but there is no way you can achieve that excluding “others”. If your problem with Medrek is only because they approached these groups, it seems you don’t mind if they reform Hidgef after removing Iseyas and a few on top (Eritreans of Tigreyan descent such as Kisha) as if they are the only problem, and that is the strategy of Medrek.
    Last week, an armed Afar group supported by Ethiopia, which does not hide it’s intention to incorporate into Ethiopia the whole Dancalia, had destroyed an Eritrean army camp near Badda, killing and maiming many. While people like you demonize those who stand for Eritrean unity, the country is in real danger of cut to pieces.

  • Yemane February 8, 2016

    ዝኮነ ተበግሶ ዝገበረ ኣንጻር ስርዓት ህግደፍ ክታባብዕ ኣለዎ ክቕጥቀጥ የብሉን፡ንረብሓ መንዩ፡ ህዝብና ኣብ ምደር በዳ ባሕሪ ይኹን ኣብ ቢት ምስእሰርቲ ህግደፍ ዝጠፍኡ ብዳዕሽ ዝተሓረዱ ንመን ክንገድፎ፡ሽግርናዶ ኣይኮነን፡፡ ቅድሚ ሕጂ ባይቶ፡ መንእሰያት ኪዳን፡ ምሕዝነት፡ ክንደይ ፍትጽቢት ተገይሩሉ፡ መንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያ ከቢድ ወጻኢ ዝተገበረሉ በጀካ ናይ ስልጣን ቁርቁስ ተስፍስ ኣይተረኾቦን፡፡ ነዞም ዉድባት ዝወጽእ ባጀት ዕዳ ህዝቢ ኤርትራዩ፡ መድረክ ገበን ተሊዎም ብሕጊ ኣብ ሕጋዊ ቤት ፍርዲ ይሕተቱ፡፡ ዝኾነ ዉድባት ተቓዎምቲ ጊጅለታት ድኽመታቶም ክሽፉኑ ኣብ ምጽላም ኣብ ደቀቕቲ ጉድለታት ኣንታታት ፈጢሮም ሽግርና ከይዉዳእ ኣብ ዕንኪሊል የብሉና ኣለዉ፡፡ ወይ ከምቲ መድረክ ዝገብርዎ ዘለኡዉ ይግበሩ ይስሩሑ፡ ይወዳደሩ ብቕዓቶ የርእዩና ኪንስዕቦም፡፡ያኣክል ሸንኮለል፡ ንጠፍእ ንበርስ ኣለና፡፡

  • merhawit February 8, 2016

    The Goat and the Grain Grinding Corner:
    The husband: I want to buy a goat.
    The wife: But there’s no place for its accomodation in the house, where do you want to keep it?
    The husband: There’s one around the grinding corner. I’ll keep it there.
    The wife: That’s my work place. U ain’t going to keep it there!
    The husband: There’s! And I’m going to keep it there any way!
    The wife: Never! Only on my dead body!
    This way, the fronts between the couple became so hardened it eventually led to their separation.
    No goat acquised, and the marriage divorced.
    Why so much noise before the baby has even begun to stand firmly on its two feeble legs?!
    To tell u the truth: i’ve no illusion about this so-called GRM. It’s too theoretical, too academic to the level of a naive freshman revolutionary. The people u term grassroots is but a peasant multitude that only aspires to see results, concrete outcomes. It is the Third World. The end justifies the means!

  • k.tewolde February 8, 2016

    Eritrean politics at it’s best.Empty rhetoric that doesn’t lead anywhere.The tyrant figured us out a long time ago.That is why he looks at us with that smirk in his face.

    • solomon seyoum February 9, 2016

      I do agree with your statement …..we of the opposition have not helped ourselves; we could have done a lot with 10 euro or dollars per opposition member and per month.


      • AHMED SALEH !!! February 9, 2016

        Merhaba Solomon
        Your arguments in this article is in it’s place . We DELEYTI FITHI in
        general are deeply upset by the growing political disparity that can
        not manage to operate by the people and for the people .
        And we can’t expect miracle to happen from Medrek initiatives unless
        all the actors of opposition parties identify the heroism of the
        some , defeat the opportunists and the cowardice of many to clear
        barriers that held them back from progressing in past
        The train is ready waiting for a captain in driver seat .

  • Hag February 8, 2016

    ትማሊ ትማሊ ኢዚ ህዝቢ ንለውጢ ዝመርሖ ሲኢኑ ከምዘይ ተባህለ ሎሚ ካብ ታሕቲ ንላዕሊ መራሕትና ንምረጽ ወይካኣ ካብ ላዕሊ ንታሕቲ ወዘተ.ዝብሉ ክትዓት ጣቋ ዘለዎም ኣይኮኑን።
    ጉጂለ 15 ኢንታይነቶም ብዘየገድስ ንለውጢ ክመርሑ ፈቲኖም።ወዲ ዓሊ ዘለይዎም ጀጋኑ ኢውን ንለውጢ ተወፊዮም።ኢዚኹሉ ንህዝቢ ዝመርሕ ኢዩ ነይሩ።ህዝቢ ግን ስጉምቲ ከይወሰደ ኣጽቂጡ።ወሸለ መድረኽ መሪሑ፡ኣዕጢቁ የቃልስ።grassroot is nothing with out mile-stone.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! February 8, 2016

    Eritreans started to feel the bitter truth of political struggle that is
    very complicated in comparison of armed struggle . The opposition train
    had been idling for too long waiting to somebody at driver seat . Our
    problem for no apparent reason we become paranoid anytime someone tries
    to grab the wheel .
    Issayas told us straight in our face ; ” hatela ghilet wudubat ” and we
    repeat his rhetoric unknowingly to undermine their presence. Medrek were
    members of “wudub Hizbawi Ghnbar ” on opposition side and among them the good and the ugly like any organization . If we can take advantage to be familiar with all actors in our politics , it won’t be difficult to reach
    in conclusion to identify our favorite representatives.
    We may have different outlook toward MEDREK but bluntly to discredit their efforts will not help our anticipated political process . Myself
    I admire and respect those who expose themselves to take the walk .

    • TSELOT February 9, 2016


    • solomon seyoum February 9, 2016

      I am not excluding Medrek. In fact I have advised them to contribute to formation of and to be members of a grass root movement in their respective area of residence.
      We have to work together under one movement.

      I had expected the wudbetaat to lead the way until back 4 or 6 years. But the political wudbetaat failed…that is all about wudbetaat, and it is their own making.

      Thanks for your feed back

      • solomon seyoum February 9, 2016

        Until 4 or 6 years ago.

      • Musa Ali February 9, 2016

        Were is your grassroot movement mr solomon? It is good only in theory. We need to rally behind medreck who are willing to lead. We know that they have strong conviction in implementing our constitution. They have sacrificed their lives for Eritrea and made history that is now at risk due to iseyas agame.

    • Musa Ali February 9, 2016

      Well said. We need people of action. It will take for ever to awake the grassroots to action. If medreck register any small action, people will follow them, no doubt. Above all they are precious Eritreans and no doubt much better than agame iseyas and kisha. I can not believe some one trying to liken them to iseyas who is openly the enemy of eritren people.

  • umer salih February 9, 2016

    Medrek does not owe any wudub or dead on arrival civic society crap.When there are no recruits with strong back ,those with crooked (bad back) become soldiers ,so wudabat like kidan or other similar failures have no right to put any condition on medrek..If we are going to criticize medrekh we need to do it on merit/principles ,but we do not have that luxury either ,as medrek are the only ones with some hope ,not my first choice ,by the way !

  • selamwit2 February 9, 2016

    I share the opinion of “Tselot”: Very well said, Brother Ahmed.

    Today I would even go further.
    The only solution we have is, to open our arms to ALL Eritreans.
    Similar to what Nelson Mandela did to the white oppressor after apartheid.
    We will not find a way that does not include most of the “sinners”, “lost sons (and daughters)” or what ever.
    What I see today is,
    1) We (the huge majority of Eritreans) made mistakes. The only difference is, which one of us did see it earlier and which one later, not or not yet?

    2) The whole Eritrean society wants DIA to go (also the so called pfdj and ypfdj members). I know this because I know a lot of them, I talk to them privatly. They don’t trust each other but they want Eritrea to be a good place for our people. You can say in every Eritrean community there is only one real DIA supporter. The rest is hoping for a miracle that makes DIA vanish but are not bold enough to speak out.
    At the same time they don’t trust assenna or asmarino because they really think we support Weyane (Having a look at the forum of asmarino I do not wonder BTW.).

    3) The huge majority of ypfdj is not informed about the situation with DIA. There are a lot of naive and “innocent” kids among them. (I am not talking about snakes like M. Bahlibi!) We need to pick them up, we need to speak to them. We need to show them the truth.
    WE NEED TO UNITE – the small sinners and the big sinners and the one at risk to become sinners. And we need people like Amnuel Eyasu to bring us together.
    And these people should maybe consult with the great Bishop Tutu of South Africa.

    P.S. If You wonder if it’s really me: Yes it is.