Media Briefing on Deliberation on Human Rights Situation in Eritrea at the 7th Citizens Continental Conference

Media Briefing on Deliberation on Human Rights Situation in Eritrea at the 7th Citizens Continental Conference Held from 26 to 28 January, 2017 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia It is to be recalled that a delegation composed of

Media Briefing on Deliberation on Human Rights Situation in Eritrea at the 7th Citizens Continental Conference Held from 26 to 28 January, 2017 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

It is to be recalled that a delegation composed of different Eritrean civic and political organizations participated in the 6th Citizens Continental Conference last year at almost the same time the UN Human Rights Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (COIE) had issued a statement with regards to the human rights situation in Eritrea. This year, likewise, a delegation of Eritrean activists in the name of Dr Asia Abdelkadir, Dr Bereket Berhane, Ms Hellen Gebreamlak, Mr Michael Embaye and Dr Adane Ghebremeskel attended the 7 th Citizens Continental Cnference representing different civic organizations.

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  • Degoli February 11, 2017

    Why is ato Tesfazion getting more followers in his Youtube agazian channel? Is there a reason more people are listening to him:


    • k.tewolde February 12, 2017

      I will answer this question for the last time,when the flood is raging down stream sweeping everything in its way,the desperate victim grabs on at anything to save their life and this clown happen to be one of the talking branch in the tube,if you tune him out the branch is gone and the flood still rages on.I am not equating to him but Bill O’Reilly has plenty of followers and listeners,can you tell me who is having vertigo in the spin zone while he is hauling millions to the bank? Degoli, I hope that satisfies your question.

    • eri February 12, 2017

      No one listen to that garbage, so stop advertising for him

      • alem February 16, 2017

        We agree with u that tesfazien is just confused guy. He is very likely half half and is suffering from identity crises. I know a few of them who do not know which direction to go. These are few and represent no body in eritrea. But we disagree with u that u love eritrea b/s u do not. Jailing with out due process in open independent court is acrime. Yet u support that. That is not love for a country.

  • Z. Hagos February 12, 2017

    Let’s look at what we have in Eritrea under Isaias rule:
    No rights to eating food, no rights to drinking water, no rights to breathing healthy air, no rights to shelter, no rights to parent and child time together, no rights to neighbor and neighbor time together to enjoy coffee and tea hour – all kinds of life just ended upon the rule of Isaias – no rights to good education, no access to medication and treatment, no access to clinic visitation and hospitalization, no rights to transportation, no rights to walking freely, no rights to travelling, etc etc. Isaias is stealing the people life and giving them death only.
    Nelson Mandela is remembered saying that “to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” That is why by all definitions of humanity Eritreans under Isaias are deprived of humanity and pushed to live like animals. Yes, in Eritrea, under Isaias, rights are trampled through killing free speech and suppressing the truth and the only truth that Eritreans are humans. This truth is also killed by encouraging unspeakable crimes that crippled the Eritrean youth educationally and made them unfit for living on their own.

    • eri February 12, 2017

      Z hagos
      Because you are nonsense, you speech what you wish to see in eritrea, how can people live without eating, drinking or breathing what a dump comments is that, maybe you runout of lie ,try something else lying HAGOS

  • PH February 12, 2017

    A fresh news, new Eri I’D will be ready only for those who pay 2%. I don’t know what will be the response .

    • alem February 12, 2017

      98% eritreans do not pay the illegal 2% tax. That means 98% of erireans will have a different id, 98% of eritrea will accordingly have a different name. Sill not sure what that name will be. But the truth is who cares for an id from higdef. No eritrean is eritrean because of an id given by isseyas but by blood.

      • eri February 13, 2017

        98 % eritrean have no ID ,what a lier you are, it’s not because you are paria no country that everybody is same as you,well enjoy your refugees card we don’t need people like you, you are useless to eritrea I can assure you

        • Bahta February 13, 2017

          Eri, what about you, you are hiding in white mans world while you are cheering Issayas” Bravo!” people like are the reason Eritrea is in shamble!!! shame on you!!!

          • eri February 13, 2017

            Who s white man house ??kkkk
            Eritrea is in better shape care for your people who is starving

        • hagos February 13, 2017

          Adey amete has uniqe characteristics
          1. She is very ignorant, has no rewinder and thus her ability to relate facts is totally impaired.
          2. She suffers from constant denial defense mechanism. She lives in the west pretends that she is in eritrea or says eritrea is better than the usa but does not want to go and live in eritrea.
          3.she is openly oportunist and a parasite. She works for cash, lives in section 8 and on food stamps but still hates the very government that gives her all. She loves her abuser iseyas.
          I am sure she will learn to appreciate the usa once trump trims section 8, medicaid and food stamp soon.

  • Z. Hagos February 12, 2017

    Thanks to Amanuel Assenna for his investigative endeavors to find out about who Isaias is. The assumption still is there that Isaias is related to the Ethiopian royal families, as once explained by Assenna. This time Assenna’s conviction paid in that the truth should be found out as to either confirm or abandon the assumption that Isayas was implanted by the Ethiopian royal families and supported by the Arab Gulf kingdoms, particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
    Thanks also to Ato Habtemariam Abraha for his courage to stick to the truth about Isaias while others played to cover up. This time Assenna’s interview has uncovered from our respected politician Ato Habtemariam Abraha that the assumption about Isaias’s Kagnew Station connection is absolutely true. Ato Habtemariam Abraha thus ended the old assumption and opened the door to a new and deeper investigation as to how Isaias is in power and who his hidden agents are. The Arab Gulf kingdoms as close as they are with the Massawa families and that the Massawa families as the closest and strongest supporters of Isaias, it is time to stretch the findings of Assenna down to the bottom to find out about those supporters Isaias beyond the Massawa people.

    • Ginda February 12, 2017

      Isaias have every right to go anywhere to save his struggle be it USA or Arab? Why did the Jebha leaders burn Tigre language to Arabize Eritrea? Why were they visiting Sadam, the Wahabi Muslims and other Arabs?

    • Sol February 13, 2017

      Dear Z.Hagos
      Mecheil Jorjo was assassinated by the dogs of Isayas the first week Weyane entered A.A for disclosing DIA’S relationship with CIA in Kagnew Station .

  • eri February 12, 2017

    Who care those people are not eritrean if yes what the hell they are doing in the country where their brothers had been expel illegally with the only clothing they were wiring in the middle of the night .
    We call them traitors.

  • Misghina February 13, 2017

    Once Esayas jigna anbessa is gone Eritrea would also be gone ‘finita la partita’ game over.
    And weak ‘tebeletsiti’ Eritreans would be finished as a people, wedi Afom helped to make Eritrea
    as a nation and he will have a big say if it continues as a nation or as ashes ‘hamukhushiti’ state.
    I bet most of you ‘tebeletsiti’ people making much noises did not contribute anything to the Eritrean hard bitter and long struggle. We don’t recognize cyber tigers as true Eritreans. Finito.

  • PH February 13, 2017

    Misghina, forget your cavallo di Triora. la partita is ours. forget scaramanzia.