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Lorry found in Ilminster carrying ‘people from Eritrea and Kashmir’

An investigation is under way after a lorry containing 15 people, including a 15-year-old boy, was discovered at a service station in Ilminster, near Taunton, police have said. A man from Germany has been arrested on

An investigation is under way after a lorry containing 15 people, including a 15-year-old boy, was discovered at a service station in Ilminster, near Taunton, police have said.

A man from Germany has been arrested on suspicion of facilitating the unlawful entry of people into the UK and officers from Avon and Somerset are working with immigration officials following the find off the A303 at Southfields Roundabout at about 1pm.

Police said they received several calls earlier in the afternoon regarding noises coming from the back of a lorry.

The group of men and women discovered on board are believed to be from Eritrea and Kashmir.

They were checked over by paramedics at the scene but officers said there are no on-going concerns over their health or wellbeing.

The lorry, which had originated in mainland Europe, has been seized by police as part of their investigation.

The news comes on the same day that Police in Northern Ireland arrested a man in connection with the death of an immigrant found along with 34 survivors in a container at Tilbury Docks.

Meet Singh Kapoor, 40, from Afghanistan, was found dead inside the container in Essex on Saturday morning.


The 34-year-old man, from Limavady, was arrested just after midday at Banbridge on the A1, Essex Police said. He is being questioned on suspicion of manslaughter and facilitating illegal entry into the UK.

The discovery at Tilbury Docks launched an international investigation. The group of Afghani Sikhs , including 13 children, were found after they were heard “banging and screaming” from within the container.

The survivors, who were treated for severe dehydration and hypothermia, are now in the care of the Home Office after being interviewed by police and are in the process of applying for asylum in the UK.

Source: The Independent

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  • Peter August 21, 2014

    People this is not Dictator’s problem, this is economical problem. Thanks him for the excuse he can provide. It is worth it if you pay him 2%.

    • Fithawi 2 August 21, 2014

      Intay aynet bidee’ zeseney melsi ika thb zeleka.Kunetat hagherka zitefaaka aymo izom sebat nay politika tseghem aykonen intay dea nay kuteba iyu tbl intekonka haye ineho feres ineho mieda nEritraka temeless. Shiu mnalbat iti tsegem mtredeaka! Ab salon addi hagher koynka tebegso sebat aytfred. Azera alewo!!

    • FAILED STATE August 21, 2014

      Be fair. Is it not better to save yourself in Geat Britain than in Ethiopia or Kenya. I would rather save myself with Dollar & Pounds ,than with Birr & Shllings.
      It is not economic situation ,it is sexier to save your life in England & Sweden.

  • Harnet August 21, 2014

    To Peter,

    How is my 2% going to help? It will not stop DIA from taking 15-16 yrs old kids to Sawa? It will not stop him from keeping them in the so called National Serivice indefinitly. It will not eliminate the hopelessness my people feel inside Eritrea.


  • oromay August 21, 2014

    Goon from an other planet, can you tell us the underlying cause of enocomic problem? I guess you have desensitized morality.

  • ahmed saleh August 21, 2014

    Do not blame Peter . He is one of those
    shameless people who are blinded unable to see facts under their nose . We encounter many Peter alike people once in a while so we used to it . The
    best way is to ignore them .

  • simon August 22, 2014

    when every person he give reaction in every things he must now the situwation of his countery
    but the same like mr. PETER he far from his countrey i think he do now anay thing .instead you said those refuge thyhave ECONOMY problem beter if you go in eritrea and and let see.

  • me2u August 22, 2014

    I just over seen ur comments, what we have to ask is why does any Eritrean would leave our loved home and Country for any other county? We all leave the home we grown with our partners to start our own. Normally and traditional in our country. This time we many Eritrean don’t feel we can start our own family, like our fathers did. That’s why, we many Eritrean we don’t feel we can live at home or our country any more. We lost hope on our leaders,lost hope on our country to give us the opportunity to have our our home, just like our fathers did. Believe me it doesn’t take a lot to give people hope b/c It is the thought that count first.

  • Berhane Yaqob August 24, 2014

    Hey u guys why r u waisting u’r time just attacking each other, Its better if we sat together & discuss our problem like civilized people, you know what we had had a better experience in solving different cultural, economical as well as political issues if we’ve refered our democratic and fair enough cultural parliaments and justice assemblies (H’gi en Dabas…) so please let’s avoid ignorance & hetretism and be so tollerant enough in order to solve our problem once for all.