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Liverpool, 16.06.2015: “Walking in Pursuit of Justice” – Eritreans protest against the guidance report published by the Home Office to deny them asylum.

Eritrean refugees assembled in Liverpool from all over the UK held a successful demonstration against the new guidance report published by the UK Home Office to deny them their asylum rights claiming that Eritrean refugees

Eritrean refugees assembled in Liverpool from all over the UK held a successful demonstration against the new guidance report published by the UK Home Office to deny them their asylum rights claiming that Eritrean refugees do not have any problem in their country and would not be persecuted if they were deported back.

Hundreds of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers took part in the demonstration which was held under the title “Walking in Pursuit of Justice”.

Liverpool_9The protest commenced at the International Slavery Museum, passed through the city center and Liverpool Town Hall, chanting slogans of freedom and justice, and calling an end to the repression and slavery that is prevailing in Eritrea.

At the end of the march, the protesters stood up in front of the Home Office where they expressed their disappointment with the Home Office authorities for providing political cover to the authoritarian regime in Eritrea depending on the discredited Danish report. An open letter was also handed over to the Assistant Director of the Home Office in Liverpool, who said, “We are dealing with fluid situations all the time. Circumstances change and that affects people around the world including the United Kingdom. We need these types of events to enable us to review our policies.”

The UK Home Office guidance report was published this year, based on the Danish report which is no longer in use in Denmark due to the flawed information obtained from the top Eritrean government officials, who are being accused of possible ‘crimes against humanity’ by the UN Commission of Inquiry.


Review overview
  • Denden June 17, 2015

    Let them send them home. Because everybody knows them that they are hypocrites. They claim to be refuges and support the regime in Eritrea after they are granted the asylum protection.

  • my people June 17, 2015

    This kind of demonstration I support.It is not true to say Eritreans do not have problem at home.Maybe they should not come crossing many waters could be somehow understood ,but to deny the red elephant in the living room is inexcusable.I am with you in my heart, people whose country treats them like slaves and where there is no credible opposition ,there is no choice but to be a refugee.

  • Emba Denden June 18, 2015

    I agree with you but i dont understand why they still support the regim in Eritrea that deny them all opportunities. I don’t expect them to be opposition while there is no credible opposition but at least they shall keep quite. We will see if they are going to participate on the Geneva demo against the the Human right report. They shall support the justice seekers or at least stay home than support PFDJ

    • my people June 18, 2015

      Emba Denden

      Excellent argument/point. I am blessed with age and I can compare with before either hope fro the best or regret the cause (in comparison to past)…this young people ,the only thing they have seen is a country that is made worse by the ruling party.however as young people and without other option, they want to party specially in their own country.Politics is the last in their mind,.They want to fill out repentance form and go back to Eritrea to party, with dollars and euros.I blame myself for not being a good role model.

  • Emba Derho June 18, 2015

    What a jock! Sadly, we seem to have some kind of fear (even outside our country Eritrea) that is stifling us from exercising our God given right to oppose the dictator at the helm but until we get over that hump, our journey will continue to be long and painful indeed.

  • Hizbi Zekbere June 18, 2015

    Good morning guys!!

    I was there and I was part of the organisers. I know we pass a lot of hurdles to organise the event but at last we manage let everyone to understand the value of the demo to them and to the people of Eritrea. It was emotional demonstration and it was complete against the totalitarian in Eritrea. I felt the struggle to save Eritrea enhanced. There was no supporters of PFDJ. They try to infiltrate and take people out of the demo, whose they know and I have seen rejected as well.abi xifiet nihigdef iyu neru. It was also a very good support to the Geneva demosntration on June 26, 2015.

  • Denden June 18, 2015

    Hizbi zikebere thank you so much for the good job. What I was trying to say on this particular thing is, most of these demonstrators did this job because of their uncertainty in UK. All European countries will make the life of Eritreans difficult because of the way they sympathize with the eri government. So let’s be out on the street to condemn the Eri regime before our host countries pass a resolution that recognizes us as economic emigrants. Thank u

  • oromay June 18, 2015

    I was very much surprised by the absurd articles of Dr. Tesfa and his rejoinder Professor Araia. We know there two opposing groups in the Eritrean politics. By now, the world community knows the appalling situation and the root cause of human rights violations, starvation, torture, extrajudicial killings etc. When it comes the two groups, they have irreconcilable political attitudes and propaganda. Both groups cannot stand for truth. One group must be on wrong track that is denying the truth or the facts on the ground. Just to mention a good example of recent UN Commission’s report is suffice. They denied the facts with a crying shame. So, how are the two scholars going to reconcile the two opposite poles? To me, seem strange, impractical and impossible suggestion that is unlikely to happen.

    • rezen June 19, 2015

      In relation to the above commentary by Oromay, I wish to have the pleasure of recalling an admirable quotation from an intellectual. Believe it or not, over the couple of years, I quoted it more than a dozen times in my various commentaries without mentioning the author‘s name but always referring to an ‘honest Eritrean scholar’. It is a quotation that says ALL about the Tragedy of Eritrean Story. Here it is, with my admiration.

      QUOTE >>> I believe the Eritrean people expect Eritrean scholars to objectively and critically assess the ills of the nation and offer bold and constructive suggestions for the good of their country and the Eritrean people. Eritrean scholars should assume this responsibility as their national duty and indeed as their obligation. I also believe Eritrean scholars should not give a deaf ear and a blind eye to the suffering of their people. They should have the moral courage and intellectual integrity to speak on behalf of the voiceless and the oppressed. <<< UNQUOTE

      Wow! It is a piece of historical gem, defining the character of modern educated Eritreans – as a glaring contrast to the old humble generation, full of wisdom, who knew themselves well. Will modern educated Eritrean Intellectuals come together in a cohesive force [not in a pathetic fragmented individual ambition] and prove to themselves that the above quotation to be wrong and save Eritrea from its spiral downfall into fragmentation? Well, as the saying goes: here is the horse; and there is the vast field. THE END

  • dan June 19, 2015

    please send back home no mercy for this ለኽባጥ people

  • Yihdego zelalem June 19, 2015

    our people are suffering every day, we in the diaspora need to organize and shout loudly.