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Let’s Help…Eritrean Refugees in North Africa

Let’s Help

Let’s Help…Eritrean Refugees in North Africa

Event details:
Held at: 79 St Charles Square, London W10 6EB (just off Ladbroke Grove)
Date: Sunday 30th March 2013
Time: 2pm – midnight
This event is an outcry for help to raise awareness for the falling victims of inhumanity in the refugee crises in Eritrea and the repressive countries in the world. The ongoing widespread of destruction is like a virus which effects men, women, pregnant mothers, orphans, sick children, the abused , disabled, the list goes on.
It could have been you! Let’s follow our hearts, our instincts and not turn a blind eye and give them a sense of hope.
Traditional Eritrean food will be available at a cost.

Guest speakers:
Dr Alganesh
Mr Hashir
Zodia (Germany)
Mike Thompson (BBC)
Mitty Tohoma (WFWP UK, President)
Margaret V Aberdeen (WFWP UK, Member – Speaker on Women Issues)
African Dancing
Drama: Who can Help Me?
DJ and Live Music

Review overview
  • hanber March 25, 2013

    this is good event with notable Westerners and Eritreans and a great way of educating the the world about the sinai crisis and the root cause, the repressive PFDJ regime. Deleyti fithi need the support of notable westerners, politicians and media people if they are going to have little chance of beating PFDJ.

  • La Verita March 25, 2013

    Nobel idea, it needs details of the organizers, contact details ….

  • Simon March 25, 2013

    Is it Sunday or Saturday?????

    According to my calendar ,…. 30th March is Saturday, whereas 31st is on Sunday,…..!! please, amend correct date .. cheers!!!!

  • tolerate March 25, 2013

    I am 100% behind this nobel idea based on real issue .I hope we have a heart to help ,as we had a heart for useless war.

  • Paradiso March 25, 2013

    Many black Africans, especially Eritreans have been making distress calls of SOS to the world in the last five years. The anguish and misery of asylum seeking Eritreans inside Libya, Tunisia and Egypt is the most humiliating and degrading event in the region since the state sponsored genocide in Darfur.
    This is a noble cause that every thinking and reasonable person need to participate.

  • Grass March 26, 2013

    Great idea and I shall be there. However, the date or day needs clarity. Power to the people.

  • Simon March 26, 2013

    Assenna, can you please correct the date or ask the organizers to amend it,… its just confuses people.

  • merhawit March 28, 2013

    great idea and shall be there.