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Joint UK Group Events Organising Committee

We the Eritreans who live in UK, members and supporters of Eritrean Political and civic organisations struggling for democracy and justice in Eritrea have jointly organised a peaceful demonstration. We call on all peace loving and

We the Eritreans who live in UK, members and supporters of Eritrean Political and civic organisations struggling for democracy and justice in Eritrea have jointly organised a peaceful demonstration.

We call on all peace loving and law abiding Eritreans who wish to see justice and democracy in Eritrea to come and participate in this Demonstration.
The main purpose of the demonstration is: –
•    To protest against the massive human right abuses that is perpetrated against our people by the PFDJ.
•    Call for change of Regime in Eritrea and for the Dictator Isaias to step down

We appeal to all Eritreans in UK to Boycott PFDJ Festival and join us in the joint Resistance Rally outside the Decorium.

Date: – 22nd October 2011
Time: – From 13.00 pm to 23:00 pm
Place: – The Decorium,

Address: –     22 Western Road
Wood Green
London N22 6UH

Nearest Station – Wood Green Station (Piccadilly Line)

Please be on time.

Joint UK Group Events Organising Committee
London – UK
14th October 2011

Review overview
  • denden October 15, 2011

    Never in my wildest dream will I boycott my Eritrea and Eritrean people. You guys keep preaching hatred, secterial and lies to defame our beloved country. Mr Amanuel Iyasu can say any thing he likes in his delusional mind but eritreans as it happend in Manhattan has expressed, so is Sweden, Italy and we will celebrate and gather together to afirm our comitment and ssupport we have to our government and Eritreans. As we have shown you the masses mascle and now you will get your test in london too.


    • Maazza October 15, 2011

      Denden, Issu, Abdi

      Why are you and all those followers of Hgdef living abroad? Pack up and go and line up for one bread per person per day. It is so phoney to be patriotic while enjoying the air of freedom and abundance of the West.

      All of you will rush when there will be freedom and hope for abundance in our country.

      You all sound so hollow and are such hypocrites!

      • abdi October 15, 2011

        You and ur alike paid agame agents bring nothing other than distractions.

  • abdi October 15, 2011

    Sorry,not after i heard doctor bereket clearly stated that he wishes to see Eritrea and Ethiopia united so do the intellectuals who were with him in the meeting will follow his path too.we’ve been fooled by those representatives who met in addis with woyane’s prepared agenda and no one told us about it,until the doc did.
    be careful “Afra keytregts mesiluka emni”barya RIP

    • Yonathan Sebhatu October 15, 2011

      Our ppl is fooled by PFDJ there will never be another foolishness more!!!!
      About the Dr Bereket you should hear all the interview before you just take up a context and amplify it!!!
      “Afra dea teregitsu s HGDEF nhzbna kem barya yiregtso alo intay aynet kaleè afra aragtsa keyimetsiE ferihka??”

    • Baree October 15, 2011


      I will agree with you to the extent Dr. Berket’s speech that I do not in full context , but no one has the right to dictate unity or unity….We are a free nation, and our soverignity is untouchable , but let me alarm you if the DIA continues his stance he will divide Eritreans and it will be painful. He needs to step down and let the Eritrean people decide their leadership. PIA is not bigger than Eritrea leave alone Dr. Berket deciding on the faith of our natoin. I agree every word you utter until you lie and use the word ‘…unionist..” The union was a long time strategy of Issayas and it fell through the crack. As Meles grew stronger in gloabl politics he realized the horn of Afrca unity that would start with Ethiopia melted. Be real as fierce nationlist you are…..Be honest in your stand. The demonstration is purely for the freedom of our peole , in 1991 we got our right to refrendum in 1993 we got our sovernigity but never our freedom, slowly Eritrea became a one man rule that is the reason of all these symptoms you see to the extent you label freedom loving Eritreans as Unionists. Believe me in 2012 people right to freedom will be attained. DIA will be history like his friends Gadaffi, Mubarak etc.

  • abdi October 15, 2011

    Don’t get me wrong am not saying everything is ok in Eritrea,but the oppositions exaggerates about all achievements done by the gov’t just because they hate PIA,and their hunger for leadership,
    I oppose every action motivated,prepared,financed or organized by woyane,and what we saw in the last few months was totally woyanes agenda, even the so called intellectuals were just drama guests most of them knew nothing before the opening of the meeting,
    it couldn’t be clearer than what the doctor made it,everybody participated their have the intention in a way or another,as an Eritrea i STRONGLY disagree with their ill intentions and i do believe they can sale us cheap for their own benefits.
    If a change has to become it has only to be from
    eritreans with out any external interferences.
    you can’t convince me that they are not unionists as
    long as their HQ is in addis and get directives from
    there.wo dehanka.

  • Haqi tezareb October 15, 2011

    A new report today released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has found that “Danish people are the happiest among those in the 40 countries that were studied. Depending on the happiness scale used, Americans rank somewhere between No. 12 and No. 19 in the results.”

    “In the “How’s Life?” initiative, the results of which were published online Oct. 12, the OECD used data from 2010 Gallup world polls to calculate the happiness and well-being of people in 40 different countries, and investigated which factors have the strongest influence on people’s happiness.

    “On a scale of 0 to 10, citizens of Denmark rated their life satisfaction at 7.8, on average. Citizens of Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Israel and Finland were next most satisfied, followed by people in Ireland, Austria, and the United States, where people rated their life satisfaction at 7.2. Chinese and Hungarian people reported the lowest overall life satisfaction, both at 4.7.”
    Using the same scale, Eritrea will definitely rank the last, given the fact that Eritrea has the largest number of prisoners per capita and Eritrea produces the largest number of refugees per capita, where its young population is dying to leave to the poorest nations of Ethiopia and Sudan.

  • abdi October 15, 2011

    And if you same scale was used to study the previous poor generations of these rich nations, definitely they would have ranked sadder than eritreans.
    so we need to work hard to make our next generation ranked the happiest. Makes much sense than hagerka mkfa’e. Agree?

    • Ahmed Saleh October 15, 2011

      First ask yourself if you have your own right of freedom of speech, free to exercise your dream of acomplishment
      and mostly to engage on the process of participating in development of your country. By unlawful punishment
      on these young generation, you say it’s to make happy our next generation. Let make ask a question?
      Have you ever been in ZEZERAT INSTUTITION. I guess you were, because you always act like them.

      • abdi October 16, 2011

        Thanks, for da tsetserat thing, btw(TS” instead of “ZE”in tgrigna” X” when u texting in amharic ).
        let me ask you do you have freedom of speech,are you a participant in all activities where you live? No, and most Africans don’t bother to participate,So why it is a must have in Eritrea.
        90% of eritreans want food and peace more than any freedom of speech.

        the problem is the oppositions politicized every thing,if some wrote climate,the would comment” ah,we have a nice free of pollution weather in Eritrea, HGDEF turned it into tear gases”such comments make ppl to act like tsetserat graduates.

        • Baree October 16, 2011


          food and peace?……what happended to Singapore dream? ….constitution was set to go! in 1997, ooops the only way to stop is start a war? Not what you are thinking, I did not stay….started the war? did I?….Please go and listen to the video when we launched NAKGA currency and Issaya’s interview….for some reason he was the last guy excited about it….Our leaders in prison(G15 and many) have outflanked him so much get the constitution doen, currency, visision for Singapore model, multi-party charter and rule, media charter and rules….just when they were to launch this rule of law – the BOOK being powerful than a single individual however long you fought and your rank…he got nervous…and meanwhile Meles was gaining fame globally…..but start with that interview and follow the chain of events.

          • ahmed Saleh October 16, 2011

            You look you have a problem with Eritrean people.My internal feeling
            tells me, you are happy to see our people to suffer. It is okay for now
            you can intertain yourself on our cause. But don’t deceive us by acting
            like an Eritrean because you are not and don’t argue period. That is the truth.

          • abdi October 16, 2011

            Gloating about unfished or failed eritrean plans is woyane’s behaviour,unionists have not the right to talk about eritrean issues,amet mlmanka gber.
            you’ll shoked and hide urself in shame very soon.

          • abdi October 16, 2011

            Mr Ahmed,
            did i say Im happy about eritrean’s suffer? No, your feelings lied to u,and don’t put words i didn’t say in my mouth,
            I rather feel sorry for seeing you fooled and trust the unionists under the name of Eritrean intellectuals headed by doc bereket and his hidden agenda which was prepared by woyane to unify Eritrea with Ethiopia by any means even if it was a sanction against the nation
            does any wise person call for a sanction against his own ppl who claims to fight and care for?No
            as we saw lately the doc came out of his eritrean skin and wished to see them one united,
            do you believe these ppl will bring what they promised you in Eritrea,i doubt it and never imagin it either.
            All what they care about is the leadership after they throw PIA and the majority of Eritrea ppl who oppose their agenda.
            They might have many supporters if they met in any other nation than Ethiopia but to corporate with Ethiopia and make their HQ in Ethiopia plus the doctor’s interview cost them a lot and no wise eritrean will follow them regardless their promises.
            the irony Mr Ahmed most commentaries in assena or any other oppositions websites don’t put a single good news about Eritrea even a rain fall,exploration of the resources which impress all Eritrea despite their political opinions cos Eritrea comes first.
            And its very obvious its a NO for what ever goes in addis if cost us our beloved Eritrea.

  • Wasey October 15, 2011

    abdi actually your reall name is abbadi &abebbea you are from tigray who wants to pretend to be an Eritrean ; But this is not going to make you an eritrean you just have an identety crisese for 100percent .why don’t you go to ethiopia they need you there more than us . And please leave this cite for Eritreans . You kick Dergi you think you brought better idiot . We better have Dergi than those Shiftas in Asmara ; and you think you did a favour to Eritrean by kicking Dergi no ; not really you brought missery to the capital idiot.

    • abdi October 16, 2011

      Im a confused here calling me agame and yet you prefer Eritrea under colonization than it independent? no wonder its every unionist’s dream to take Eritrea back to ethiopia,let me tell you something you are agame or you must be wedi geba,or melisha srnay.Derg srnay ktbelE,huh? sum alqatil ya aray beles.

  • ayhlelo October 16, 2011

    selmawi selfi ketgeber entokenka eka kedmi megemaryu nabey anfet ekeyed alekyu elka mefetash agedasi eyu ?eritrea gin demeniana ethiopia mekana enfeletyu ab ethiopia koynom ansear eritrea zebeyotom hagerom yekhdewa alewyu nabey anfetena nefeleto eritrea ember kalei hager zehbena yelan.

  • ayhlelo October 16, 2011

    naseneta zerekebet eritrea bekendey geganyu zetekefla.bezaytekmyu sebat ketbataten ayndegefon ena ezom ansear zelokyum tegedfekemo yehsekyum.water chebetkyum keterfyu ekyum

  • weygud! October 17, 2011

    Abdi is not a moslim but used the name of the hero muslim people.
    Abdi is a paid Agent of HGDF who is infront of the PC all day and night,
    Abdi has no job, but whilist he lives by the western income his job is also an Agnet of hgdef.
    Abdi is Eritrea but not muslim
    Abdi has some acadamic but did not get job through his little skill.
    Abdi suffer with confusion and even hgdef take his sister or brother, abdi has depression and can not remember but just can talk whatever they told him to talk.
    Abdi need, help and unti-depressant to come to his sense.

    • abdi October 17, 2011

      Don’t understand the not Muslim thing, do you mean Muslims don’t support ISAYAS? As expected, that’s what destroyed jebha and the other oppositions, dividing people by religion and regions so do you the unionist and i can see you following jebha’s destiny,Im a Muslim who understand the that ISAYAS is the best for the country and our unity.
      True Im infont of the pc nearly 24/7 cos i work from home if you heard about it,
      work for HGDEF,big NO but work for Eritrea yes.
      And the rest sound wrong diagnoses,
      anti depression zedlios keytehatete zmls nzey felTom sebat kea diagnoses,judge zgebr,ezi khoynu eti gn,yrdaeka z hawey.
      Were gana beu tehaliflka wn dehan’u,flag flag zebl kemzelo wn fleT.

  • alex October 17, 2011

    30 years war and 21 years of PFDJ gang thives?