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  • Dawit & Amanuel , Birmingham, UK October 21, 2011

    Compare VOA question against Aljezira when they ask Issais, very challenging and professional. I am happy of the question from Aljezera but I donot want even to listen VOA !! I have no really time to listen that. since we know the question and the answer.

  • Temesgen Medhanie October 21, 2011


    The anecdote is pretty funny. As I was gushing out my mini-biography, I sure had in my mind where one would go and put my girl’s supposed infidelity on the stand. But I should say that, if my post was directed to you, I would have been more careful with my words where your overactive imagination is merciless in debunking the fine prints in between texts. You sure are teregam. Having said that however, my girl is decent even though I was never the first guy in her life where she seems to say with affection, I will be her last.

    • Tsahaye October 21, 2011


      Trying to describe about your character, I think I had once said that “you never fail to amaze me”. Now I know why. You are either not normal or you are a double-faced character. I cannot the Eritrean song “klte melhas ab hanti ri’si” describe you, but the “Klte gets ab hanti ri’si surely does. You said to Qozami that “if I my post was directed to you, I would have been more careful with my words”. So you think you can stoop that low with others if you think they don’t fit your ego-driven body. I careless with yours or your sweetheart’s infidelity. Keep your personal dirt in your closet.

  • HayaT October 21, 2011

    Few years a go, the same journalist asked the tyrant foolish questions in Asmera. Some of his questions were why the tyrant does not write a book, and why his immediate families live average lives.
    While the reporter may have had some genuine causes in Asmara to refrain from asking good questions, there was no fear this time in NYC. He missed the main focus journalists ought to do: asking relevant, factual, valid political, social and economic issues, and if needed making follow ups, and by failing to do that, he has failed the VOA and its audiences.
    The guy’s purpose seems to create a convenient medium in which the tyrant would blabber his usual innuendoes. True, journalists in Asmara do not have such opportunities but in the USA where the journalist earns his live, talking about “tondino”, building houses and echoing what TVEri diatribes was a mockery. Isaias did not face question but used the opportunity as a public relation – including the possibility for all Eritreans to build “three” houses in the highland, lowland and at the coastal areas.

  • Shawel October 21, 2011

    Interview with three intellectuals who support the current government in Eritrea, is so funny they say the HIV, mortality and polio is reduced.
    From my opinion when half of the country is out of the country then every thing drops by 50 percent since you last report.

  • Barentu October 23, 2011

    If the so called “three Eritrean intellectuals” in VOA, or what my friend calls them “three Hgdef stooges” who support the Hgdef regime believe in all the lies they spewed in VOA, what the hell are they doing in USA with their family and children?
    Hgdef’s Eritrea is so desperate for high school and college teachers, it is importing mostly unqualified Indians and Pakistanis to teach in Eritrea. India has one of the best educated citizens but the most qualified are not willing to come to Eritrea. The result is a complete educational disaster in Eritrea.
    Eritrea has a very qualified educated citizens but more than 75% of the young Eritrean graduates had abandoned Eritrea in the last ten years, as they do now, to neighbouring countries. Many of these are working in Uganda, South Sudan, South Africa, Dhubai, Kenya, and many other Western nations.
    If Eritrea is developing and a worthy place under Hgdef, why are young Eritreans escaping Eritrea under Hgdef’s shoot-to-kill orders in the borders?
    It is very shameful that the three Hgdef stooges came out to defend the evil regime in Eritrea.

  • Dawit November 2, 2011