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Investigation about Migrant Baby Thrown into Ocean

Investigation about Migrant Baby Thrown into Ocean   Child born on the boat of migrants "He gave no signs of life, thrown into the ocean" | July 9, 2014   The dramatic story of an Eritrean woman, seven months pregnant, who gave

Investigation about Migrant Baby Thrown into Ocean


Child born on the boat of migrants
“He gave no signs of life, thrown into the ocean” | July 9, 2014


The dramatic story of an Eritrean womanseven months pregnant, who gave birth on a boat of hope arrived in Pozzallo (Ragusa).

It ‘a dramatic story that told by an Eritrean woman landed from a boat of migrants Monday in Pozzallo (Ragusa), which is now admitted to the hospital Maggiore di Modica. Doctors said she had given birth on the boat during the sea crossing, a premature baby. The child, who showed no signs of life, it would have been thrown into the water. The officers of the squad are experiencing the story. The woman, who was in her seventh month of pregnancy, she went into labor early. After giving birth recalls having tried to feed the baby at her breast, but he did not move. Then she lost consciousness and when she recovered her son had already been thrown into the sea by other migrants. On the matter the Prosecutor opened an investigation Ragusa.


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Source: Investigation about Migrant Baby Thrown into Ocean

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  • ERITRAWIT July 10, 2014

    Ayey, etey ab alem zeyele zeyteraye abana yre alo HGDEFN KORAKUROMEN ab hagerna skab zelew zeskahkeh wrdet kesaley k-kewen eu.

  • Meron July 10, 2014

    EgziAbiher aboy shigir na riE

  • Dawit Meconen July 10, 2014

    Genuine Eritreans,

    We must never second guess that the evil scheme of the con artist impostor isaias afewerqi is virtually identical to that of haile selase and mengistu hailemariam, which is to exterminate our people in order to inherit our land and our historical legacy.

    However, they differ in the implementation and rationalization of their evil schemes; while haile selase and mengistu hailemariam attempted to accomplish their wicked scheme using the brutal force of their armed forces under the guise of unity as their rationale, isaias Afewerqi has been using our people against themselves through evasive and deceptive techniques and euphemistic languages to disguise his evil scheme and heinous crimes.


    Evasion……act of avoiding detection, disclosure of one’s intent or deed using dexterity or slyness: elude, escape…………………….

    Euphemism……..substitution of a mild or pleasant expression for offensive or unpleasant language.

    For example, he uses “Self-Reliance” to disguise his evil scheme of isolating our people so he can continue inflicting his heinous crimes without being discovered by the world community. Remember, it was for this wicked reason that he got rid of our national elites, the local private and international media, NGO etc.

    Rationalization….. a reasoning in the service of falsehood.

    For example, the illegal and unnecessary war he purposely launched in 1998 against Ethiopia in collaboration of the now dead meles, he rationalized it as ” In Self- Defense. However, we know he could not defend his rationale of “In Self-Defense” when the Eritrean-Ethiopian Claim Commission accorded him the title,” The Aggressor”. He simply accepted the verdict and agreed to pay Ethiopia $1000,000.00 for his aggression.

    His other hideout is scapegoating the United States of America for his crime. But remember his private plane that was taken by some Eritrean Air Force members to Saudi Arabia where they asked for asylum. That plane was given to him by Israel.

    And knowing full well the close relationship of the USA and Israel, no genuine Eritrean of average intelligence would believe that Israel gave to isaias Afewerqi that sophisticated plane without the tacit approval of the USA.

    Therefore, his constant laying blame on the USA for all the tragedy unfolding on people and country is simply bogus, a rationalization in the service of falsehood.

    He is blaming little woyane too but we know what the now dead meles in 1990 secretly told to Paul Hens, the former National Security Advisor to ex-President Carter, that isaias Afewerqi did not believe in independent Eritrea and that he was limping along till he got an opportune time to strike.

    The woyane border instigations that started 1995 was purposely undertaken by meles as a green-light for isaias Afewerqi to launch the illegal and unnecessary war as a means of seizing full control and thereupon embark the country into the present course of destruction. Of this, I am 100% sure.

    There is a light at the end of the tannel however, because nobody hurts Eritreans and gets away with it. Ask haile selase and mengistu.

  • MohammedKeren July 11, 2014

    to all of you who replied to me above. come on ! it is a tragedy you found yourself ( and her) in this despikable situation. my point is, why you and her ever had to step your foot via sinai or so ??? I say this again. once you find yourself in deep shit, you turn back and try to find someone to blame. and that someone is our government and its president. Please stop your stupid games. we know what you want. you want to use her bad situation to give wait to your claims and win your asylum. wherever you kedemti weyane go, you want to blame our government as much as you can so that you get sympathy for your western masters. this is tottaly un eritrean, I dont know where you got this kind of beggar kind of mentality – may be from weyanes?? there is no any where else you could get that styles.
    I repeat my presidents speech..if you were fleeing eritrea because of operassion, they why you did not stay in sudan, or ethiopia ?? why you keeping taking dangerous journeys, inclduing this tragedy?? hell yes, because you wanted MORE in life. more food, more $$, more more had enough back home, but the western media propoganda made it through into your minds. so you take every journey out there in search of that dream, which does not exist in reality. tekalat!! n’kebdikum elkum, hizbina tentikum hadimkum. when you are in deep shit, then you blame our Gov. what a bizzar mentality.
    go on, keep on barking … your big mouths wont bring nothing. Hoping to get residence perimts, dont throw the pride and diginity of your country into the black hole.

    Long Live PIA
    Awotna kidigem eyu
    death to weyane kedemti, korakur TPLF

    • Dawit Meconen July 11, 2014


      The problem with you is stupidity; your IQ must be less than 70, the reason the con artist impostor isaias Afewerqi has chosen you to be his apologist, exonerating him and blaming his victims for the agonizing saga they are, in their thousands, enduring or succumbing on the desert, sea and in the hands of the human traffickers.

      How did I figure out your low IQ? Because, among others, you foolishly attributed the circumstance that led to the untimely death of the Eritrean mother and termination of her product of conception to arbitrary accident she had brought upon herself.

      Secondly, you called patriotic Eritreans, ” woyane”, knowing little that your evil master, isaias afewerqi, you are serving like a dog is woyane through through. He was born in Tselot Asmera, from tegaru parents. And ecause his father, Afewerqi Abraha, had returned to tigrai for good, isaias was raised by his grandma who led her life by selling local bear.

      But who was Abraha, Isaias’ grand father?

      All Eritreans must be fully cognizant of the historical truth that isaias grand father, Abraha, was a senior military official with the invading army of Alula. And the duplicity and treachery isaias Afewerqi has been undertaking to decimate our people and country is exactly a carbon copy of what Alula did to gain his footing in our country.

      Despite his superiority in armaments supplied by British Imperialism for his collaboration in General Napier expedition against king Tedros, and despite his incessant launching of military campaign under successive military generals to invade our land, yohannes was repeatedly crushed to utter humiliation in the hands of Aba Gomida, Rasi Weldenkiel.

      If you, genuine Eritreans, notice carefully , the victories achieved by Aba Gomida without any modern armaments to speak of over yohannes’ waves of British armed and trained invading forces is virtually the same with that of the Mighty EPLF victory over haile selase and mengistu haile Mariam.

      Yes, when it comes to gallantry in the war front, no one stands against Eritreans. Unfortunately however, the way yohannes slyly scored victory over Aba Gomida, and isaias over Qiada Al Ama, EPLF, in the past, and over our people today, is also practically the same……. we win in war but we lose in peace. Why?

      After repeated humiliation at the war front in the hands of Aba Gomida, yohannes, probably, counseled by his masters, the British, sent to Aba Gomida his foxy emissary, alula, with a white flag of brotherly truce and a letter of invitation to meqele.

      Remember, we always lose in peace time because we are inherently good, uncritically see others like ourselves and above all, literally trust God won’t let us down, of which our adversaries, albeit temporary , take advantage. And so Aba Gomida, after forcing him ( foxy alula) to take oath holding the bible accepts the Truce and goes to meqele per the invitation.

      Did the tegaru honor the oath they had taken before God? Absolutely, not. Why? Because they are unmitigated treacherous and faithless . But did God respond as Aba Gomida had believed? Yes. He sent the Dervishes from the Sudan to decapitate him, and a curse on his army to submerge in their own blood in the frenzy of killing each other, in which the foxy alula paid with his life for lying to God..

      The coward isaias Afewerqi grandfather, Abraha, saved his life by shamelessly fleeing to our country where he had committed untold human slaughters, and undertaken material lootings, even from Monasteries. However, despite his known past crime against them, our people welcomed him like any ordinary distressed person, afforded him piece of land to erect his shelter and lead his peaceful life among themselves, literally, a hyena amongst sheep.

      You may not believe it but what the foxy allula did once he deceptively set his foot in our country,and what isias Afewerqi has been doing since he joined ELF are remarkably the same. Of course, I cannot exhaust all of the human brutalities and lootings alula had undertaken in our country.

      Just like isaias has been doing, he forcefully rounded all of our youngsters and thrown them to the wars he was needlessly waging………………………….

      He disowned our people of their land and sold it back to them at exorbitant price. Those, who could not afford his exorbitant price tag, he left desolate. Like wise, if you do not pay the 2% tax, you cannot own in anything in Eritrea under the con artist isaias. Of course, the property you own is also a continuous source of blackmail for isaias to enforce upon you strict loyalty to him.

      to be continued……………………

  • Delaii fithi July 11, 2014

    Ata denkoro 23 amet abi Eritrea entai miebale traeyu bejeka sebi mienawin heger mienawin. Nimiquanu essieyas Agame muquanu tifelit dika

  • Delaii fithi July 11, 2014

    Weyane aitibel wedimedihin berad keyasireka

  • mohammedkerem July 11, 2014

    What do you mean by “weyane aytbel wedi medhin berad keyasreka?” You and I very well know isias gave his precious youth time fighting the ethiopians to win our independence. Eritrea for eritreans is secured thanks to the extraordinary leadership capacity of dear PIA. sadly we have people like you who are genetically formed to be kedaa and complainer.

    In fact I suspect (from your writing), you are agamino pretending to be eritrean delai fithi.
    Who are you trying to fool? According to many of you in the opposition, if PIA is less an eritrean (wedi medhin berad gelemele enabelkum), then who the hell is out there to claim to be eritrean? You claim to be eritrean, because he made Eritrea a reality.
    Keep on barking, until ankerka explodes and you suffocate from it.

  • Fethi July 11, 2014

    MohammedKeren, just to let you know that you are useless, cowardly individual, nothing more than opportunistic street thug dreaming of power. All HEGDEFawyan will one day wish they hadn’t been on power. No regime stays in power forever that is a fact of our world. At some moment ppl will get fed up & take HEGDF down. ERITREA WILL BE FREE OF JUNGLE BACKWARD PIGS.

  • Zecu July 11, 2014

    Recently, I have heard a similar story from a friend I women was traveling from Libya to Italy by boat with her baby. And the baby was crying a lot while traveling on the boat and one of the Libyan smuggler gave her a warning to make the child quite . But the child kept crying and the women couldn’t do anything as it was hard to make him quite, then the smuggler threw the baby to the ocean alive . And nobody says anything to that guy. Please say something about the story those people who were there or the people who knows about that story. I was shocked when I was told about that. We are becoming more selfish, greedy and cares nothing about others. I cant say anything about us except shocking

  • ERITREAN UNCLE July 13, 2014

    Zecu ,
    We have top wait until PFDJ does Party in ITaly ,then we can bring the baby’ws case. The idea is to shame PFDJ followers ,not to cry about a baby !!!