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International Social Justice Day, 2018 Feb. 20: Justice Through Awareness for the Victims of the Tyrant

International Social Justice Day, 2018 Feb. 20: Justice Through Awareness for the Victims of the Tyrant   This day is a day on which many participate in advancing and promoting social justice within a country in order for

International Social Justice Day, 2018 Feb. 20: Justice Through

Awareness for the Victims of the Tyrant


This day is a day on which many participate in advancing and promoting social justice within a country in order for the people of the country to live in peace and harmony with their neighboring countries and the other world.  The torch of peace and harmony in each United Nation’s member-country symbolize respect for human rights and the fundamental freedom.

In a country where human rights and fundamental freedom are respected, the people are encouraged to shape their life by dreaming and achieving what they dream about.  The achievements inspire the people of the neighboring countries and those beyond.  Only internal peace and harmony stimulate and promote the people’s give-and-take relationship with their government.  Yes, only fair treatment of the working people stirs the hearts of the whole population to take pride in belt-tightening and offering more to achieve miracles during the country’s nation-building process.  But that is not the case in the Eritrea of Isayas.

The economic disaster caused by the tyrant’s “no peace, no war” adopted stance has failed Eritreans to promote sustainable economic growth.  As the result, the country failed to create proper working conditions and jobs that provide fair compensation.  The forced labors with no fair income and the failure to improve the social economic conditions have become root causes of families instability and poverty in the country.  It is pathetically sad to see the implementation and promotion of social justice that ensure fair and just relationship between the authorities and the people have no existence in Eritrea under the rule of the tyrant.  The Eritrean regime was singled out last year for not supporting the UN’s 2017 theme for the Day of Social Justice, which read: Let all prevent conflicts and sustain peace through creating decent work.

Leaders and people of countries learn from their mistakes for otherwise they will continue to be prisoners of their past blunders.  It is not surprising to see people feeling discouraged by their leaders’ failure to benefit from the past lessons learned.  History of wars is good reminder with supporting facts that the people’s hopes are dashed and their dreams are shattered when long ended war/conflict makes their leader more arrogant, failing to take corrective action in the right direction avoiding similar problems.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC)’s recommendations, directives and sometimes forces to fulfil its mandates are used to prevent hostilities, wars and conflicts.  The UNSC assesses its effectiveness by the outcome of its actions measured by social justice and economic conditions.  From its lessons learned, the UNSC is avoiding measures that result in disastrous outcomes.

The UNSC’s decision on Iraq and Libya resulted in unintended consequences.  The UNSC learned its lessons from the challenges and humanitarian disasters in Iraq that resulted from its imposition of comprehensive sanctions.  The UNSC decided to never repeat its mistakes of imposing comprehensive sanction on any other country.  Similarly, the members of the UNSC learned from their involvement in Libya, where their action and interference without the knowledge of the targeted country’s politics have caused devastating consequences of flooding the wealthy countries with refugees.  Thus, every time the UNSC learns from its mistakes and challenges, it reviews its decision-making processes and re-writes its rules and regulations to deliver better outcomes.

Only those who have the desire to understand humanity can avoid humiliation and embarrassments.  What makes a decision different in its effectiveness from the one ineffective is the dependence on past lessons learned to avoid repetition of similar mistakes.  Unlike the Eritrean tyrant, nations that have learned their lessons do their best to avoid giving power to UNSC over them by implementing policies that ensure social justice and human rights under which all citizens are well treated, making sure not even one person is suffering from mistreatment in breach of her/his human dignity.

How the Tyrant Impaired the Promised Social Justice in Eritrea?

From the get-go of liberating the Eritrean Lands from the foreign occupation, the Eritrean tyrant realized there were two types of comrades: those principled or loyal to the promises of the revolution and those who were ready to participate in corruption, misusing power for their personal gains by submission of their patriotism to his tyrannical rule.  Those loyal to the promises of the revolution were considered to be antagonists that pose threat to tyrannical rule and insist on surrendering power to the people.

Ever since the tyrant got rid of those principled revolutionists, he is seen and heard to be promising each year hardship and he is good at keeping his words of the promised hardship.  And each year, the people are forced to live bounded by the promised hardship making life for everyone unbearable.

To Eritreans, bribes and corruption used to be alien to their culture.  However, the forced labor and the absence of fair compensation are compelling those in public offices to receive bribes.  Such unacceptable practices are corrupting the incorruptible clean ex-fighters, not due to greed but due to fear of dying of starvation.

The whole country is submerged in corruption.  With the guns of corruption, the officials of the regime are shooting at each other, where the big fish (the tyrant and his generals) are ultimately eating all the small fish’s stashed wealth through corruption.  Unfortunately, the victims of the corruption are not protected by law to complain or report on those corrupted because the country has not justice system or anti-corruption enforcement mechanisms.  The ultimate sufferer from the corruption being the common person, the bribe giving is creating untold strains on the ability of the parents sending each family to the brink of broken home.  It seems like the people chose to living on little or no food rather taking a stand against the corrupt officials and be thrown into the jails of the tyrant.

The tyrant is utilizing the word “Tegadelai” to impose passivity or neutralize the ex-fighters embitterment for not getting paid enough to enable them support their own families.  All the under paid, be it the employees or officials, have no choice but to be involved in bribery practices in order for them to solve their financial problems.  There is no easy explanation as to why those officials have to be involved in corruption.  But the truth is they are underpaid and cannot resign.

To some people, getting into the practice of corruption is found to be justified by going on the attack in order to defend their wealth and money.   That is, they believe that rather than losing up to corruption and be a victim that pays bribes in order to live a peaceful life, it is better for them to throw away their dignity and be a complacent of the tyrannical rule, collecting wrong monies from bribery and human trafficking.  However, once one starts to get involved in corruption, s/he is blackmailed into committing more atrocities in protection of the regime’s interest.

Unless the COIE’s lightning-flash makes clear for all those perpetrators involved in corruptions and warns them of the awaiting punishment for violations and the social crimes they are committing, they will not stop sucking in the poor’s money, worsening the living conditions in Eritrea.  The increasing plight of the Eritrean person inside Eritrea is associated with the vanishing social justice.  The failure of the regime to provide the people with opportunities for decent jobs and fair incomes is forcing each Eritrean family to become more vulnerable to poverty, unable to make ends meet.

How Eritreans Lost their Found Path to Social Justice?

On May 24, 1991, when the Eritrean lands were wholly liberated, all Eritreans danced and sang believing it was a day they found all the social justice that they lost to the Ethiopian colonization.  Indeed, Eritreans were the first in Africa to have political parties, freedom of information, workers’ unions, and labor bureau (Ufficio del Lavoro) that ensured decent work.

All those components of social justice were promised by the Eritrean Revolution.  The Eritrean revolutionary slogans embodied many social justice that called and promised all rights including respect for human dignity, equal rights of men and women, workers and peasants unions as backbones of the revolution, and above all the Eritrean struggle was never fulfilled until the Eritrean lands and people were fully liberated.

Deliberately broken promises are always hard to be kept.  Isayas who always thought of and treated his comrades like sheep that herded them as he wanted, was good at creating wars and chaos to break promises and defer dreams until he amassed and consolidated power.

The tyrant violated the letter of the Eritrean promise when he first trampled over the rights of his comrades and unilaterally declared no-flirtation with opposing political views in the newly independent Eritrea.  As head of the transitional government that promised multiparty system to be enshrined in the country’s constitution, he was not expected to express or show such non-accommodating attitude to other political opinions, which were framed under differ political parties in Eritrea.  Thus, he shocked his comrades and the world when he distorted the content of the supposedly EPLA-EPLF message in his first speech.

The revolutionary spirit of the pro-democracy elements within the EPLF leadership was not demolished by the Isayas’s ambush and misspeaking against the promises of the constitution to be drafted and implemented in the newly liberated Eritrea.  The pro-democracy elements started working hard to bring Isayas under control through implementing the constitution and its constitutionalism.

Isayas, however, appeared to believe that the transitional leadership of the transitional government was not an obligation that committed him to establishing a constitutional democracy in Eritrea.  He also knew that the promise to implement the adopted constitution was not enforceable until it was delivered.  Accordingly, the tyrant started to focus on surrounding his side with power-hungry generals and innocent ex-fighters who to-date are obsessed with the tittle “Tegadelai” and ready to be exploited in his plan of not surrendering power to non-Tegadelai people.

To those innocents that are obsessed with the title “Tegadelai”, the liberated Eritrean-land is everything in that they put it ahead of the Eritrean people, including their families and children.  So, in preparation of the show-down with the pro-democracy group, the tyrant started to use those innocent ex-fighters like land-cruiser sending them to inaccessible Eritrean villages and overseas as his diplomates to ensure support for his planned consolidation of power.  As Isayas’s diplomates, those obsessed with the title “Tegadelai” representing the tyrant as ambassadors or consulates, they are still obsessed with the title “tegadelai” depriving themselves of all social justice.  When they travel, they don’t check in hotels.  They still enjoy Tegadelai life, even ready to spend their nights under the bridge in cities where there is no any supporter of the tyrant to accommodate them with a place to stay.  Even when the tyrant puts all their children and spouses in jail, they still remain loyal to him in honor of retaining the title of “Tegadelai.”

The tyrant, who always takes his enemy’s tactical movements seriously, prepares well and strengthens his position to deny his enemy planting seeds and gaining any advantage.  As a crook tyrant, he is also good at sowing discord and putting wedges among people to deny his enemies getting the needed support from the people and accomplishing the desired goals.

As the tyrant secured the entire needed arsenal to knock down any force that could stand in the path of his amassing and consolidating powers, the pro-democracy group was working hard to bring the tyrant under control through the decisions of the Eritrean National Assembly.  When the Eritrean National Assembly adopted the constitution and was working on its implementation, the tyrant surprised the people by going into war with Ethiopia over the ownership of Baduma/Badme.

As facts played out after the war ended, people came to understand that the war not discussed and approved neither by the Eritrean National Assembly nor by the cabinet of the ministers, and as such the war came to be referred to as the war of Isayas.  Even worse, Isayas’s failure to do what ought to be done procedurally and legally in order to get Badme back ascertained that the objective of the war was not to regain Badme.  By inference drawn from the above facts, people were led to believe that the chief objective of the war was to deny implementation of the constitution, which was already adopted by the assembly before the war.

The tyrant used his power to shame the country and its revolution when he falsely accused the pro-democracy elements of treason, and even worse when he was seen prolonging their unproven guilt by denying them to defend their innocence in a court of his law.  Regardless of the reasons behind his going into war unilaterally, the continuation of the claim that the country is in a state of war is sprouting abusive individuals making the country a land of perpetrators and their victims.

The tormenting fear or the injustice that is occurring to the Eritreans inside Eritrea stems from their silence or passivity and failure to speak out against the crimes committed by the cruel and oppressive rule of the tyrant.  Although some ex-fighters could be blackmailed into passivity, the silence of some politically conscious Eritreans can be considered to be a sign of fear while the support for the tyrant by some Eritrean Diasporas is considered to be an admission of political ignorance to recognize the abuses of power in Eritrea.

Thanks to the social media nowadays for raising the political awareness of Eritreans.  Easily one can follow up on how the absence of social and economic justice as well the violations of human rights is depriving the Eritrean people of dignified and peaceful life.  It is also easy to follow up how the tyrant’s monetary policies are worsening the living condition for every family, including the rich and the poor.

On this Social Justice Day, Eritreans should discuss and condemn all forms of abuses including forced labor and the endless conscription.  Only by discussing and promoting social justice one can enhance his/her knowledge of social protection and human dignity and be able to contribute towards alleviating the sufferings of the people under the tyrannical rule by writing and posting materials on social media and on the opposition’s websites that evidence the true face of the tyranny in Eritrea and giving instructions that can help speaking up against injustice.

Good knowledge of social justice is believed to help the Eritrean Diasporas to acknowledge and take responsibility for all conflicts that have become reasons and causes for splitting the community.  Upon bringing the Eritrean Diasporas closer for better cooperation and action, the community will be effective in condemning and stopping the rising crimes, injustice and violations of human rights in Eritrea.  Those enlightened by the awareness of the social justice will be able to inspire and empower others by sharing with them about how to fight for justice and how to speak up on behalf of the voiceless fearlessly.

Years of follow up revealed that those who are close to the tyrant, such as the embassy staff and the Eritrean Diaspora-investors in Eritrea are more potential to victimization by the tyrant.  The more one is close to the tyrant, the more his/her blackmailability and hostageabiliity by the tyrant increases.  This can be explained by the principle of the carpenter’s vertical saw, which advises safety is ensured by keeping the fingers away from the front of the blade (the tyrant).  Only through awareness those vulnerable to the traps of the perpetrators (the tyrant and his generals) can be helped to open their eyes, empowering them to speak up against injustice and to mimic the social justice spoken up by the pro-democracy elements and the justice seekers.

Let’s all join hands to raise awareness and make it hard for all Eritreans not to look away when injustice committed.  Only then social justice can be imposed to prevent violations of human rights and human dignity.




Review overview
  • Z. Hagos February 18, 2018

    Thanks Mamino for providing us with the principle of the carpenter’s vertical saw. The principle should be a shocking discovery for the pro-Isaias Eritrean Diasporas. They must now be aware that Isaias can come for them any time when the trashing of them like a trash comes. They must have a ready plan for immediate defensive action against Isaias lightening decisions on them. After years of helping Isaias in shattering the lives of innocent Eritreans, it is not fair to see Isaias shredding the lives of those who were on his side punishing them with denial to all their rights including their properties that they built and established in Eritrea, as favored people, and arresting their family members for no reason.
    On the occasion of the social justice day, we know now that it is better to side with the victims of Isaias and stay safe rather than be on the side of Isaias and let him come for you to crash your life like you did to his enemies (the innocent Eritrean people).

    • Tesfazghi February 18, 2018

      You and your likes zombies if given any chance would sneak Egypt/Sudan brotherhood or the Libyan/Syrian Jihadists into Eritrea. God help Eritrea from polarization and Arab expansionists like yourself and other so-called opportunist oppositions. We know if it were ELF who took control instead of EPLF then al-shabab would have been in full control in Asmara – Eritrea.

      • Z. Hagos February 18, 2018

        Tesfazghi – which desk you are at, the embassy is closed. Oh, sorry, you must be somewhere in the middleeast, where the embassy is open.
        Any way, focus, please focus on the Day, the day of saving victims from the mouth of your tyrannical rule. You don’t need to do that badmouthing inorder to distract the focus of the day. You don’t need to go that finger pointing about al-shabab. If you would know al-shaba and other terrorists were created by Isaias and his arab-friends of qatar and saudis. Still, you don’t need to blame others for serving arab interests, when your master is the one giving it.
        A call for justice seekers: please, please crowd out the blind supporters of Isaias by inputting your thoughts about the day, social justice day. More thoughts about awareness on saving the victims of Isaias will give international recognition to the suffering of Eritreans at the hands of Isaias and those his criminal supporters in the west. Without the support of those Eritreans outside Eritrea, the tyranny in Eritrea will vanish into air in no time when the money that flows into the hands of Isaias drys up.

        • Dawit February 18, 2018

          You & HIGDEF bit off more than you can chew and made fools of yourselves
          Eritrea needs Eritreans who can see beyond the horizon, and not those who say they love Eritrea without even knowing which Eritrea they are talking about, the land, the people or the sea, no more fooling our people.
          Do not be too sure, nobody can ever represent more than himself/herself, let alone 100% of the Eritrean people. You created a tyranny in Eritrea so blame yourself as well, Esayas did not suddenly come down from Jupiter.

  • Amazon February 18, 2018

    He looks “meelake MOTT”

    • Dawit February 19, 2018

      Let’s hope we get a very sexy angel leader from your Amazon planet next time for poor Eritrea!

  • T.Yitbarek February 18, 2018

    It is True Mamino, the Tyrant in Eritrea neither joins the countries who keep their promises nor does he try to change the status quo.
    It is saddening to see people flee the country due to social justices and good governance. The GOI Eritrea has already witnessed in its last report, he and his men are committing Crimes of immense numbers totaling up to crimes compared to “Crimes Against Humanity”.
    I would like to join you and others and proceed with;
    “Let’s all join hands to raise awareness and make it hard for all Eritreans not to look away when injustice committed. Only then social justice can be imposed to prevent violations of human rights and human dignity.”

  • rezen February 18, 2018

    If I am off base please excuse me. I have no intention of antagonizing anybody, at any time.
    Dictators trust no one but themselves. Dictators will not flinch, for a second, to kill their mothers for their interest. Dictators are liars, cheaters, cruel, devoid of feelings Dictators can sleep with the Devil if its suits their interest Dictators can promise anything and everything at anytime, knowing they will never respect their words. Issayas is a full-fledged Dictator.
    Once upon a time, Issayas promised Eritreans to have Constitution, knowing full well that it will NEVER come to fruition, since it is against the frame of Dictators. The EXPERTS believed him, as it was also to their own private interests. It is in human nature to have a tit for tat in our daily activities. Anyway, be that as it may, Dictators are also extraordinarily sensitive DETECTORS (i.e. mind/personality readers) of human weakness. Issyas is born sensitive, analytical, quality DETECTOR.
    In any case, the much-tooted Draft Constitution of Eritrea was finished. Cinema Capitol in Asmara and other gathering halls in Eritrea [as well as in the rest of the World where Eritreans reside] became official places for seminars on the new Constitution for Eritrea. Many people were assigned to do the tooting everywhere and to everyone they meet. People were excited; meeting halls were full; lectures were given; no questions were asked; but cheers, with emotion, were loud and long. After all, we were dealing with the most sensitive and emotional people on Earth – ERITREANS, may god bless their Souls. issyas knows Eritreans back and forth; and inside out.
    Issyas, the true Dictator, NEVER intended to be a prisoner of a Constitution, as it was against the concept of dictatorship. Any person with modest modern university education would know (from history/humanity classes) that dictators are NEVER subservient to any form of laws, rules and regulations that they cannot control. Constitution, to them, is just ‘for the birds’, as the saying goes. It shows too that Issaya was psychoanalytical expert when it comes to the most trusting people on Earth >>>i.e. ERITREANS. And here is the horror of all horrors: The Eritrean Intellectuals of the Highest Order of Education, with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees(PhD) from Ivy League Universities of the Western World never understood the mentality of the first-year college drop-out. On the contrary, they adored him, they elevated him to the highest pedestal and were pushing each other to be noticed by HIM — the famous Issayas Afewerki Abraha, Hero of Eritrea, Saviour of Eritrea!!! Be honest to your selves! Didn’t we glorify him beyond proportion?
    But, alas, the show came to an end. The Eritrean Draft Constitution was dead. The Eritrean atmosphere was now clear; and the experts took-off in various directions to their safe nests. Unbelievable as it is, the Eritrean People, in totality, learned a hard practical lesson, never seen before, about the meaning of Dictators – even though they have been under a string of colonial rules for seemingly time immemorial. And so, Issayas, the Absolute Dictator, goes on … and on …. and on… with his business, fully satisfied that he has already fulfilled his goal of fifty-two (52) years ago. i.e. >>> to bring Eritrea flat on its face under his boots <<>>”ከርእየክን እዬ” . THE END
    ———————————————— Post Script By the way, Dear Reader, do you know the TRUE story of ‘FORTO’? Just a question ha, ha, ha …. With Isayas, the Black American slung seems to be fitting here >>> “you ain’t seen not’ing yet” Hmmm…….. Issayas may surprise us and reach the age of Mugabe and retire to enjoy Life in his secrete palace(s) somewhere around the Globe. Even if he, daringly, decides to retire in Eritrea nothing will happen to him and would still be an influential elderly wise person of the Dead Country>>> ተዳሂልና ስለዝኾና። By that time all players of the present time will also be in the same age category and nature takes it course one by one – and Eritrea will have been gone back to its legendary comfortable posture of colonialism in various shapes and forms. ERITREA IS A CLASSICAL CASE OF TRAGEDY.

    • Dawit February 19, 2018

      Haw Rezen, you always put things so elegantly and so accurately and thank you brother.

      • rezen February 20, 2018

        Thank you, Dawit. You are too generous but (I confess) I am happy as a simple human being. It is encouraging.
        If we only pour our hearts out for the benefit of ”ERITREA” in ITS ENTIRETY with its checker society – as opposed to insidious drive for the benefit of specific society and region – Eritrea would have been truly a LIBERATED country. If we are not sensitive to the concept of the BENEFIT of the WHOLE of Eritrea then we will continue to be the ‘pony’ of international chess game as well as indigenous charlatan’s maneuvering.
        It is not a secrete that Issayas used that weakness of Eritrea to the fullest extent and became the LORD of Eritrea. IT WAS OUR WEAKNESS; NOT Issayas’ ingenuity.
        I better STOP. You see, Dawit, what you did to me!!!

        • Dawit February 20, 2018

          Haw Rezen, you are so modest and so down to earth but still top brilliant commentator/writer, I just wish you could entertain/treat/educate us with an article in a near future.
          Furthermore brother, you are not only brilliant but also you have great sense of humour and please keep it up and continue your positive inputs.

  • Z. Hagos February 19, 2018

    Part of the lyric of the song “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten that sounds to apply to an Eritrean inside Eritrea, living in fear, yet who gets into vulnerable predicament every day in her/his life when facing horrible challenges to deal with the cruel tyranny there:
    And all those things I didn’t say
    Wrecking balls inside my brain
    I will scream them loud tonight
    Can you hear my voice this time?
    This is my fight song
    Take back my life song
    Prove I’m alright song
    My power’s turned on
    Starting right now I’ll be strong
    I’ll play my fight song
    And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
    ‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me
    Losing friends and I’m chasing sleep
    Everybody’s worried about me
    In too deep
    Say I’m in too deep (in too deep)
    And it’s been two years I miss my home
    But there’s a fire burning in my bones
    Still believe
    Yeah, I still believe

    • k.tewolde February 20, 2018

      Z. It is a moving lyric.It depicts the current oppressed Eritrean sentiment profoundly.

  • Signorita Asmara February 21, 2018

    I absolutely agree with you especially with the last sentence. We should stop looking away when faced with injustice. When do we start pursuing the man himself so he is brought to justice for his crimes against humanity? When will we live peacefully on our land? Where’s all the money we paid since he’s come to power? Why can’t we invest, build…so yes! Let’s not look away.

  • rezen February 21, 2018

    The Unfortunate Country With a Borrowed Name:“Eritrea”
    Commentary, 21 Feb 2018 So many worthy Eritreans have written, and continue to do so, insightful commentaries about Eritrea. Where will it lead us? At long last, at one particular moment of time, Eritreans would have to take a STEP forward for Action. The usual step, to arrive at a conclusion, for decisive action are: a) define the problem; b) find a solution for the defined problem; and c) execute action to eliminate the problem. It is THAT simple! But, alas, theoretical ingenuity and course of action for the elimination of the problem are VASTLY different — ሰማይን ምድርን ። A perfect example for this theorem is the Eritrean Liberation Historical Act: a) the problem was defined with no ambiguity; b) the solution was well known without hesitation; and c) the action was intense to arrive at the desired conclusion. Leaving aside the TREACHERY and DECEPTION perpetrated by indigenous betrayals, the end result was nevertheless achieved.
    Thus, setting a BASE for the main discourse of this paper, it is now clear that the ‘PROBLEM’ of Eritrea is well known and has been ‘flogged’ over and over for almost twenty two years since the so-called ‘Liberation’ >>> 26 – 4 =22 years of ‘shocking realization’ {or WAKING-UP} period. Twenty-two years of continuous ‘talking’ should have been more than enough to nudge us to the next stage i.e. development of the SOLUTION to our problem. (or call it course of action). But we failed. After eighty to one hundred (80 -100) opposition groups, dedicated to the implementation of Stage b)above as well as years of endless Internet exchanges, we have NOTHING tangible to show for what we set out to do – unless, God forbid, we were only doing it, in comfortable foreign countries, to occupy ourselves like the rest of the ‘hooked’ world to the magnetic internet. In any case, Issayas Afewerki, the shrewd, knew it: hence, the reason for his notorious disregard and demeaning attitude ንዕቀት towards the Eritrean people.

    To make things even more tragic and bizarre is the fact that Eritrean Intellectuals of the Highest Order, with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (PhD) from Ivy League Universities of the Western World couldn’t do an iota of leadership to extricate their BELOVED ERITREA from its agony. I realize, I use this text countless times – but will still continue repeating it, ad nauseam. IT IS THE MOST GLARING AND SHAMEFUL HISTORY OF ERITREAN INTELLECTUALS.
    There is also another side of SADNESS to Eritrea. Unsurprisingly, Eritrea is not sociologically homogeneous society. There is nothing that can be done about it. Hence, we have to learn to live with it. One of the important factor is to face the diversity and weakness of Eritrea in RELIGION, REGION, RACISM, TRIBALISM SKIN-PIGMENTATION (Oh! Lord!) and any kind of social diversity/malaise. At the present time, the monumental problem facing Eritrea is RELIGION >>> Christian /Muslim antagonism. [of course, we deny it, as a thief with a straight face denies his act of stealing]. Needless to say, we have a very sensitive issue but a taboo talking about it!!! WE can huff and puff, but it will never go away by itself (!).
    It has been with us since the Cairo, Egypt and Ala, Eritrea meetings, buried under the ashes, ዝተደጎለ ረመጽ to the detriment of a ‘united’ Eritrea. To ignore the foundation of those two steps, at those two historical locations (Muslim and Christian locations), is simply an arrogant denial and/or naivety of the reality of Eritrea. In any case, what follows may also sound an exaggeration. It is a fact that Eritrea is also inherently divided by REGION — the old name of ‘provincialism’ ኣውራጃታት። This too is not something to sneer about. It is deep. It is infectious with danger. We can always deny these facts and keep going until we become dizzy and fall over the cliff to our complete destruction. No wonder Eritrea [with its inherent problem] has always been relatively comfortable and loyal ‘servant’ under different Rulers for over one hundred years of its existence!!! Even the name “Eritrea” is a neutral name cunningly given by colonial master, thus, avoiding native squabbling.
    By the way, I am contemplating (daringly, arrogantly, innocently) of writing an Article in Tigrigna, entitled ”መርገም“ unless my favorite admirable Tigrigna-Language Writers (they know who they are) beat me to it (meaning, I wish they do it) as it will be a valuable teaching material for all of us Inside and Outside the country, baptized as “Eritreans”. THE END

    (1) By the way, to Issayas Afewerki, the sociological division of Eritrea was a blessing to use it effectively to divide and rule Eritrea, without fear of any concerted opposition. He played one against the other, effectively. In that destructive sense he is genius!!! He fulfilled his diabolical promise to keep Eritrea under his ‘boots’. He did it in ‘broad day light’.

    • k.tewolde February 22, 2018

      You concluded, ‘in broad day light’,indeed rezen, he robbed the people not in disguise of the darkness of the night but in BROAD DAYLIGHT! brilliant! ever since they couldn’t figure out what happened to them,even the ones who oppose him today. His allure is spellbinding,he left them reciting his slogan for life.