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In the name of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea, the people of Eritrea have to be sacrificed: The repression in Eritrea is ignored

By Petros Tesfagiorgis The amazing peace campaign by the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahamed (PMAA) is one of the key moments in the history of Ethiopia. When PMAA signed peace with Eritrea, I was

By Petros Tesfagiorgis

The amazing peace campaign by the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahamed (PMAA) is one of the key moments in the history of Ethiopia. When PMAA signed peace with Eritrea, I was over the moon with happiness. I wrote an article on an Eritrean and Ethiopian websites encouraging my fellow Eritreans to be part of this remarkable initiative. For us, Eritreans, peace is priceless. However, for the people of Eritrean peace is not only with Ethiopia but more important internal peace that ends repression which is destroying the fabric of the Eritrean society.

However, President Isaias has failed to take advantage of this wind fall momentum. He has not released all prisoners of conscience, ended repression and become part of the movement bringing democracy to Eritrea. If he did adopt these win-win policies Isaias could have resigned with dignity and live the life of an elder, until his creator recalls him. For his part PMAA is ignoring the repression in Eritrea. Yes the people of Eritrea are being sacrificed in order to appease his soul mate Isaias.

But Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has missed the point, it is in Isaias DNA to thrive and rejuvenate through conflict. He is already creating a problem. Questions are being raised by Ethiopians about his interference in Ethiopian internal affairs. Indeed, he has become part of the conspiracy to isolate and weaken the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), the vanguard of the people of Tigray. This is in support of the Amhara – who felt that their right to rule Ethiopia from the Centre Addis Ababa   came to end when in 1991 the TPLF army defeated the military regime and entered   Addis Ababa in triumph, forming a government with other groups that represented the Amhara, Oromo and Southern people. Since then those Amhara who were part of Emperor Haile Selassie’s regime, or the Military Junta,   have hated the TPLF. This, despite the fact that TPLF/EPRDF transformed the country from an undeveloped, famine stricken country, into a country with the highest economic growth in Africa. They build the infrastructure of roads and services and more that 40 universities, which provide the oppressed nationalities the skilled man power to govern themselves. More than that, they introduced a federal system of government that helped the formerly oppressed nationalities to be confident in themselves and to affirm their rightful place in Ethiopia.  Because of that the Amhara hate the TPLF and they have to alley with a devil to destroy them.

It is absolutely right   to bring some corrupt TPLF/EPRDF officials to court and persecute them. But to politicise it in such a way as to undermine the heroic struggle of the people of’ Tigray is wrong.  Isaias’s outburst of:   “Game Over” has said it all   although I don’t like Johar’s extremist politics   his complaint that PM Abiy is getting orders from the Arabs and Isaias is beginning to make sense.

The people of Eritrea has nothing to do with the interference of Isaias in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. On the country, we want to see a united, strong and prosperous Ethiopia at peace with itself and its neighbours. That is why many of us “justice seekers” resent the unholy alliance between PMAA and Isaias in order to damage the TPLF. .Also there are things unforgettable: that it is the TPLF and the people of Tigray who unequivocally supported the right of Eritreans to determine their future because they were clear about the colonial history of Eritrea. While the Amhara movements such as EPRP (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party) wavered.  They sought armed struggle training in the liberated areas of Eritrea on the basis of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”.  It is dangerous game which does not serve the interest of the Ethiopian people including the ordinary Amhara, because they too were oppressed under the feudal repressive Amhara   rule.

For us Eritreans, it is the welfare of the people that has to be central to the peace. Peace is meant to bring repression to an end; to allow people to freely build their shattered lives and engage in economic and social development. In peace Ethiopia can have an access to the sea and there will be economic cooperation between the countries of the region that may develop into a Horn of Africa common market. Many Ethiopian intellectuals accuse TPLF/EPRDF of repression at home but when it comes to Eritrea they maintain silence. It is a double standard devoid of principle.  Their claim about our brothers/sisters to Eritreans is a fake.  Some Ethiopian know that Isaias is abusing   the people of Eritrea, that he has side-lined them and impoverished them by mismanaging the society and the economy.  Also, he had undermined the struggle for independence that encouraged some Ethiopians to dismiss it as a failure.

In his article Mamo Muchie said “Moving from failed 1991 -1993 to transition to the 2018 re-union transition. From his perspective the victory of 1991 and the referendum in which the people of Eritrea voted for independence is a failure and a disaster. Eritreans are conscious of their own history (our own) history, his remarks exposed his chauvinist mind set.

For Eritreans who fought for 30 years, it was a victory against the illegal annexation of Eritrea to Ethiopia which resulted in the destruction of our democratic institutions, including our political parties, student organisations and trade unions. It resulted in the abolition of Eritrean languages (Tigrinya and Arabic) which was replaced by Amharic, the ruling class language. All this gave rise to the beginning of arms struggle: the rest is history that led to an extraordinary achievement:  independence. It was    an amazing victory.


For Mamo Muchie it is OK to see Eritrea   an ex-Italian colony, ripe to be appropriated by repressive feudal rulers of Ethiopia, unaware of the loss to life and property through air raids bombing of villages,   and burning houses in addition to the death of thousands of fighters.


This perspective is not unique to Ethiopian intellectuals. In history we find that those who benefited from a repressive system have a different perspective of history from their victims.  Mamo may have short memory but under the Amhara feudal rule Ethiopia was labelled a “prison of nationalities”. The 1974 revolution, spearheaded by the Ethiopian University progressive students was designed to get rid of the feudal repressive system and to allow all nationalities to participate in the Government as equal partners.


Take the example of the Oromos.  The Oromos have different perspective of history to that of the Amharas. For them Menelik 1I is a brutal colonizer.  I quote from a publication titled OROMIA- a brief introduction by Gadaa Melban.


The Oromos were colonized during the last quarter of the 19th century by a black African nation –Abyssinia.  During the invasion Menelik reduced the Oromo population by about half. After colonization, Menelik continued to treat Oromos with utmost cruelty. Many were killed by colonial settlers, died of famine and epidemics of vicious diseases, or are sold as slaves. Haile Selassie consolidated Menelik’s gain and with the use of violence obstructed the free operation of the process of natural and historical development of the Oromo society. The military junta headed by Mengustu Haile Mariam (believed to be a distant relative of Menelik) continued on the path of Menelik and Haile Selassie in the oppression of Oromos.

The Amhara have a different perspective of this history. For the Amhara, the Amhara king, Menelik 11 (17 August 1844 – 12 December 1913) is a legend.  From his seat, Addis Ababa- Shoa –) he invaded the South inhabited mostly by Oromo’s and other minorities and build a strong feudal Ethiopia.  He is a king warrior and a modernized opened modern schools and built roads.  He famously is known for defeating the Italian army at the battle of Adwa in 1906. (see picture)


Mamo Muchie’s perspective is shared by many Ethiopians.  They think that there was no need for Eritreans to fight for their independence and that it is a failure. This is simply incorrect. Many leaders of liberation movements who took up arms against occupation and seize power ended up as dictators. But their right to fight for independence was not disputed.


The key question is this:  Are Ethiopians going to respect Eritrean sovereignty?  The people of Eritrea expected the marking of the boundary on the ground to take place, since Prime Minister Abiy has accepted the outcome of the boundary commission.  But Isaias says there is no need for this boundary.

The Eritrean people are being side-lined in the peace process.  Isaias refused to end repression, hence, the Eritreans have no choice but to wake up, and stand up against these injustices in order to bring democratic change in Eritrea. The Eritreans in Diaspora have already risen up to the challenge and are engaging in debates and conferences to build united resistance with their aim of “power to the people”.

An understanding of history and acknowledgement of historical wrongs are essential to any honest and accurate evaluation of the present.  To continue

The end

The 1906 battle of Adwa


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  • Eri=thiopia is our new country November 23, 2018

    I believe president Isaias’s & PM Abiy’s logic is ift Tanganiyka & Zanzibar (two sovereign countries) could unite & form a new strong country ,Tanzania , why not Eritrea & Ethiopia form a new country ,Eri=thiopia ? I second the motion.

    • Asmara Eritrea November 23, 2018

      Let’s not deceive ourselves by calling the courtship between Dr Abiy and Isaias a “peace agreement”. You cannot make peace with a devil. Even God can’t. That’s why God has condemned the Devil to hell.

      I give this courtship between Isaias and Dr Abiy six months before all begins to unravel. Isaias is a control freak and a moment will come when Dr Abiy will disobey his orders. As always, Isaias will then threaten to beat up Dr Abiy and start his usual sulk. That’s how the monster in Asmara operates and if we think Isaias will bring peace to Eritrea let alone to the region we are deluded. I would forget all this nonsense and resort to the only means Isaias understands i.e. force.

      What I respectfully ask of you brother Petros is to get into campaign to raise awareness of the sleepy Eritrean Defence Force to make use the good tools they have at their disposal. What is the point in having a Defence Force if that Force is incapable of defending the country from enemy within? If the Eritrean Defence Force cannot do that (i.e. defend their country from the enemy within (Isaias)), we might as well forget that they will defend the country from external enemy. I can see the Ethiopian army marching to Asmara without firing a shot if they want to!

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

    • Aman November 23, 2018

      Wake up wake up its too late. Dont put eye on Eritrea now. We dont need any reunite with ethiopia and make one country. Why would give me a good example that we could make one country after losnig 65k young productive people.
      I am 100% sure that U want to creat one country with 1200 km costal area and to port.
      Then u will call it great ethiopia. Wwwwww

      • Mulat November 25, 2018

        No no no. Dont even think we ethiopians need to reunite with get what? Zat is why we r are already start complaining by Abiy regarding the two countries border..It shouldnt be opend freely.we believe it has to be like other neibouring countries.we it at all people coming from asmara to mekelle or adigerat to buy fuel.and doing such type to business..stop trying to be smart.why i said all these bcoz we dont want another economic war with eritrea and loosing again 100 bros.

  • WediHagher November 23, 2018

    “why not Eritrea & Ethiopia form a new country ,Eri=thiopia ? I second the motion.”

    You must be an Ethiopian who is interested in sea outlet.
    Stay away from Eritrea.

  • HdriswuE halalmariet November 23, 2018

    Petros Tesfagergs,

    Isaias Afewerk has had an overarching,all embracing, sweeping strategy to denationalize Eritrea.. The means he has been employing to realize his evil end is the modern dialectics: Problem –Crisis–Rsolution.
    The sneak war he launched in 1998 under the false pretext of woyane invasion which later the Eritrean Ethiopian Claim Commission refuted, was the Problem he purposely created in order to ignite the chain reaction: Problem—Crisis—Resolution
    The Crisis: the two year war that claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Eritrean youngsters; the millions of war displaced Eritreans: the looting of of GashBarka , Barentu, Teseney etc. by woyane soldiers, the Reign of Terror, the incarceration of Senior EPLF officials, the melting down of Erireans economy, the disintegration of Eritrean social fabric, the hyperinflation, the proliferation of black market, the rampant corruption, the rampant human trafficking, the massive Eritrean flight from their country, the shutting down of all private clinics, the sanction etc. All of these and many others are purposely and deliberately planned and executed to force Eritreans into accepting whatever he offers them.
    RESOLUTION: isaias afewerk now believes that Eritreans have now hit the bottom and denationilized enough to accept any offer that has the prospect of ending their agonizing plight. His frequent photo ops with Ethiopian and Somalian leaders and when he glamorized the prsopect of economic and security power of the horn Africa during his last TV show he was tellling Eritreans to abdicate their independence and Sovereignty for food.
    However,we must not think Isaias afewerk started his conspiracy against the people of Eritrea with 1998 war, nor should think he is alone in this game. No. After all it t was he who led Ethiopian secret service to arrest Seyum Ogbankiel (Harstai) and Weldedawit in Asmera in the 1960s. He has always been enemy within. He has also been working hand in gloves with Western powers against Eritrea.
    For example, when woyane refused to comply with the Final and Binding decision of the EEBC, they did not take any measure against Ethiopia. As a matter of fact, they flooded the country with economic investment, But Eritrea, who accepted the decision, was slapped with sanction on unverified allegation. And their star informant? None other than Woyane.! Adding insult to injury, they lifted the sanction after Ethiopia was forced by necessity to accept and implament the decision. What a mockery of justice they represent!!
    The way out for us is: To acknowedge that woyane and isaias afewerk are our enemies and to reconcile among ourselves and forge Unity over the ashes of ELF/EPLF, Christians/Muslims and other divides. It is about time to act like grown ups and not like immature adolescents. Long Live Eritrea and Eritreans!!

    • kaled November 25, 2018

      “After all it t was he [Iseyas] who led Ethiopian secret service to arrest Seyum Ogbankiel (Harstai) and Weldedawit in Asmera in the 1960s. He has always been enemy within.”

      HdriswuE halalmariet

      Who told the Ethiopian security services that Weldedawit and Sium were coming to Asmara ?
      The ELF knew that somebody in Asmara licked this info to Ethiopians. Some people suspected Iseyas, but it was difficult to tell exactly who did it.
      On the other hand, Sium thought Iseyas informed ELF secret cell member that he and Weldedawit were taken by police and did a good job. This story of a mole within the ELF in Asmara was an issue of discomfort and speculation for some years.
      Was Iseyas already working for Ethipian secret services before even moving to Addis Abeba ?
      Although Sium Okbamikael did not think so, Iseyas remains the prime suspect, but we will never know the whole truth.
      There are people who believe, when the EPLF entered Asmara, on orders from Iseyas, many secret archives belonging to Ethiopian secret services were moved to a secret location and purged of all sensitive data. This could have included information related to Iseyas’ visits to Asmara from Ala and activities of agents within “selfi natzinet” group who killed Abrahm Tewelde.

  • HdriswuE halalmariet November 23, 2018

    I need to add another crucial evidence that show the overarching strategy against Eritrea was spearheaded by isaias afewefk, woyane and the Western countries.

    The Algiers Peace Treaty had designated three commissions to resolve the Eritrean Ethiopian war of 1998. While the two were set up and discharged their duty, the third that was supposed to investigate the cause of the war has not yet seen the light of the day. Why? Because doing so will unravel all of the conspirators involved in the sneak war.

  • November 23, 2018

    Are You kidding U selv or what?
    First of all ethiopia people could not unite with each other then, we dont need any blood in the Coming generation. Dont get an eye on Eritrea now.

    • Mulat November 25, 2018

      Dont be pessimistic.

  • ተወልደ November 24, 2018

    Eritreans praying for divine intervention to end tyrannical rule

    By Berhane Kahsay
    Tigrai Online, Nov. 23, 2018

    Eritreans appear to be having difficulties in coming-up with a unified retort to frequent bilateral closed door meetings between Isaias Afwerki and PM Abiy


    Since the resumption of peace with Ethiopia, Eritreans appear to be having difficulties in coming-up with a unified retort to their leader’s frequent bilateral closed door meetings with PM Abiy. No-one knows what the deliberations were all about, but many Eritreans feel that an independence that was realised after three decades of gruelling struggle costing thousands of lives is being endangered by a President with no electoral authority form the Eritrean people.

    It must be painful for the Eritrean people to end up with a ruthless dictator after paying dearly for liberation, justice and democracy. Adding the number of fatalities incurred during the armed struggle to the Ethio-Eritrea border conflict of 1998, over 100,000 Eritreans have lost their lives. Equally harrowing is the number of Eritreans that have been compelled to abandon their country in search of peace, security, freedom and opportunities elsewhere. In Tigrai alone, there are nearly 200,000 living in various refugee camps.

    After Syria, Eritreans are the second biggest migrants to Europe, and according to the United Nations assessment, one in 10 of all prospective migrants to Europe are Eritreans. UNHCR reported that in 2015, 40,000 arrived on the shores of Italy which is roughly the same as the previous year. In 2015, the European Asylum Support Office indicated that there were 47,020 asylum applications of Eritreans to European countries, and this figure increased significantly in 2016. To introduce reforms in Eritrea, the European Union authorised an urgent grant of 200 million euros in January 2015, but this was instead exploited to beef-up the institutions set up by the tyrant to maintain his tyrannical reign.

    Eritreans are so desperate to leave their country; they take risks by passing through Libya to reach Italy knowing full-well that they would be kidnaped for ransom, and would only be released if they paid the amount demanded by their captors. Other perils faced by Eritreans include rape and this is what an Eritrean who passed through Libya said: ‘’the smugglers choose a girl they like and make her stay for about a year and they let her go whenever they want and choose another girl for the next year. You cannot imagine the feeling we had when we saw this, especially their husbands and brothers. You cannot even stop them they immediately kill you if you try to stop them.’’


    Similar hazards confronting Eritreans is their voyage across the Mediterranean to reach Italy via Egypt. Failure to pay for their journeys they run the risk of their organs being harvested by the ruthless Egyptians for 15,000 euros. Eritreans have suffered immensely at the hands of their autocratic power hungry leader who led the 30 years long armed struggle promising to make Eritrea democratic and prosperous but ended-up with a failed state where its citizens have been forsaking it in droves since the late 90’s.

    No change in Eritrea even after the recent rapprochement with Ethiopia. Sawa is still there occupied by the entire youth of Eritrea, and the reaming G-15 members are still languishing in secluded dungeons. Esayass used the border stand-off as a pretext not to open up the political space but now it is becoming apparent to all Eritreans that this was simply a ploy to extend his tenure by muzzling his opponents. Saudi Arabia and UAE have been pumping millions of petro-dollars to ensure the durability of the regime that is serving their interest. And it is looking increasingly likely that the chances of dawning a new era in Eritrea whilst Esayass is at the helm has become a distant dream.

    Saudi Arabia is settling well in Eritrea, and from its military base in Assab, it is indiscriminately bombing Yemen resulting in hundreds and thousands of fatalities of innocent people including children. Having destroyed Syria, it is now the turn of a fellow Arab nation, Yemen, to face the same fate. President Esayass is not only killing his own people but he is also a willing participant in the genocide being perpetrated in Yemen. Since the start of the civil war in Yemen, 85,000 children under five have died, and 12million are on the brink of famine (source: Metro UK, November 22, 2018).

    Esayass would not bother to initiate changes in Eritrea despite the cessation of enmities because he is well aware of the fact that any liberalisation would contribute to his downfall. Eritreans naively took the dictators words that once the border stand-off was out of the way, the political situation in Eritrea would turn for the better. This has not happened; it is now time for all Eritreans including the army to come together and bring 27 years of tyrannical rule to an end.


    The current Eritrean political parties spend a great deal of their time squabbling over minor issues and to expect them to dislodge President Esayass would be like waiting for pigs to fly. The longer he is left in power, the harder it gets to get rid of him because the Arab states would do everything in their power to make sure their ‘man’ remains at the helm to discharge their commands.

    While Saudi Arabia remains in control of Eritrea, it will be engaged in spreading Sunni Wahhabism, the precursor of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, to sustain her presence in the Red Sea state in order to continue policing the vital Bab-el-Mandeb Strait route. Staying in Eritrea’s port of Assab would also help Saudi Arabia to prevent Iran from spreading its influence in the sub-region from its position in Yemen. Also important for Saudi Arabia is having an alternative sea outlet in case Iran interrupts the shipment of oil through the Straits of Hormuz to its eastern part.

    Esayass now feels he is in a better situation than previously because of the recommencement of peace with Ethiopia. This may be the best moment to get him when his guard is down as he senses no threat to his authority in Eritrea and his erstwhile enemy; the TPLF is ‘defeated’ and believes that this organisation is no longer a danger to his rule. His confidence is oozing and spends a great deal of his time in Ethiopia fraternizing with the those that used to poison water wells and drop napalm bombs during the liberation struggle.

    This man is so treacherous and vindictive; he is now siding with the enemies of the TPLF that supported the EPLF during the Derg’s Operation Red Star campaign in the 1980’s. TPLF provided three brigades and the talked about offensive was concluded in victory and this triumph was described by many as the turning point in the decades long armed conflict. The Derg never recovered from this defeat and lost further grounds in Af Abet, Shire and Massawa.


    EPLF and TPLF busted the Derg’s motivation to continue fighting in Tigrai and Eritrea resulting in victory in 1991. Moreover, the TPLF came in the nick of time to save the EPLF from extinction when the Derg almost conquered the command center of the Shabiya in Sahel at the time of ‘selaheta warar/ creeping invasion.’ After all these, Esayass is siding with the likes of Gedu in his preparations to invade Tigrai which is the birth place of his parents. In any case, Tigrians are capable of defending themselves but the Eritreans must act swiftly before their country ends up being a playground for the uncivilized Arabs.

    No change in Eritrea even after the recent rapprochement with Ethiopia. Saudi Arabia and UAE have been pumping millions of petro-dollars to ensure the durability of the regime that is serving their interest.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! November 24, 2018

    We can speak about Ethiopians political development and Issaias
    tries to meddle in their issues as
    active partner while our people
    have forbidden to say a word .
    We should concentrate on our
    problems to bring change before
    we worry about them .
    Incase of TPLF and EPLF leaders
    relationships , it has never been
    genuine . The reason behind 1997
    Badme war was the result of their
    fake marriage .
    Eritreans need to wake up and not
    to trust any outsider except to form
    alliance for common interest unless
    we ignore the lesson of our past experience .

    • Simon G. November 26, 2018

      Welcome back brother Ahmed!
      ደቂ ኣሉላ ‘ኳ ረቢሾምና

  • ወዲ ሃይካ November 24, 2018

    እዚ ብወገንን ጉጅለን ተኣኻኺቡ ካብ ውድብ ናብ መንግሰቲ ዝተሰጋገረ ሰልፊ ናጽነት እቶም ኤርትራና ክትድሕን ንደሊ ካገዛውትና ወጺእና ክንምክት ይግብኣና

  • Tsehaye November 25, 2018

    Dear Petros,

    The problem is not PIA or making peace with Ethiopia because the peace has already started to give great dividends to both Eritreans and Ethiopians. The problem is the notorious diaspora and literate Eritreans. These people have not had a good night sleep since the signing of the peace treaty because they are nothing in an environment where peace flourishes between Eritreans and Ethiopians. A perpetual enmity between Eritreans and Ethiopians is what gives their lives a meaning. The Eritrean people at home have no problem with the peace process. In fact they have shown an incredible show of happiness in Zalambesa and Rama as we all watched them on the news and on YouTube. Why don’t you guys just mind your own business? Eritrea, whether it would be sold or not, belongs to those who chose to stay and live in it despite all the odds. Those who have seen so much hell and still decoded to live in Eritrea are the real owners of the land and their destiny. Please stop the nonsense of ኤርትራ ትሽየጥ ኣላ፡ ኤርትራ ትጠፍእ ኣላ ሃጠው-ቀጠው። Eritrea has been there since the formation of the green planet. Time to start an honest discussion. Now let us see if the website owner will show some tolerance to the views expressed in this comment by letting it posted and allow you the opportunity to read the opinions of the other side of Eritreans.

    • Hazo November 25, 2018

      Tsehaye, you nailed it right in its head. The discussion in this website has been deteriorating because opposing views are not tolerated. With Issaias and the immature “opposition”, Eritrea and its outdated politics does not have any hope.

      • Tsehaye November 25, 2018

        Dear Hazo,

        Do youvknow that websites which are owned and run by people who were directly or indirectly involved in gedli are the most intolerant to views outside their own circle? Here is a good example: asmarino versus assenna and Think of living in future Eritrea with these people after the PFDJ is gone. VERY SCARY.

        • aditekelezan November 25, 2018

          Dearest Tsehaye
          እቲ ባእሶም ምስ ኢሳያስ እታ ኹርማጅ ንሕና ዘየሓዝናያ ድዩ ኾይኑ ?

        • memhir November 26, 2018


          1. To live in free Eritrea happily is not measured against whether future Eritrea accommodates Tesfanews, Asmarino, Awate, Assenna, or any other news outlet. To do so is unhealthy thought. Just let us get Eritrea back to the people and I will be happy even if Tsehaye my brother is there.

          2. As an Eritrean, are you saying that your family did not contribute to the 30-year kalsi? That cannot be true! Have a good day.

          • Tsehaye November 26, 2018

            Dear Memhir,

            Does my comment give you even the slightest hint to ask me that type of question? What I believe is that there should not be any precondition to PEACE between Eritrea and Ethiopia whether the peace deal is signed between an angel or a devil. Peace has no equivalence. The people who need peace the most are in fact the Eritrean people back home, and they are embracing it with their open arms. The only people complaining about the new peace are those who abandoned Eritrea in its most difficult times. Let Eritreans in the country decide the fate of their nation and their lives. For your information, peace is also a prerequisite to any other endeavour that humans strive to achieve: development, good governance, free speech, and you name it.

        • memhir November 27, 2018


          I appreciate your detailed response to my mild criticism. My point, however, was about the statement , “…directly or indirectly involved with gedli..”. I am saying that gedli is gedli. Gedli is us for good or for bad. The unintended consequences aside, free Eritea is big enough for all its children. Since you are for peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia, which I wholly agree, I think you can also be for peace among Eritreans.

          Please keep sharing your opinion.

      • aditekelezan November 25, 2018

        Dearest Hazo
        Some benign insults have been tolerated to give the impression of different views , however gennuine differing view has been treated like contagious killer disease. Assenna has always been our home , but some of us are treated like bastards.እታ ኤርትራ ናይ ኩላትና እያ , ናታ መጻኢ ድማ ንኹላትና ይምልከት. ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ሶማልያን ሓደ ፕነሲደንት ጥራይ ክህልወን ይእምሙ ኣለዉ ኣነ ኣይውሓጠለይን , ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ እንተተዋሒጡሉ ግን ኣብ ዝኣትዎ የብለይን. ኣሰና ምግዳፍ ዝብርትዓና ኣለና ዲሞክራስያዊት ከላ ስለ ንፈልጣ

    • kaled November 25, 2018

      “The problem is the notorious diaspora and literate Eritreans. These people have not had a good night sleep since the signing of the peace treaty because they are nothing in an environment where peace flourishes between Eritreans and Ethiopians. A perpetual enmity between Eritreans and Ethiopians is what gives their lives a meaning. ”


      Eritrean issues concern primarily indigenous Eritreans, whether they are in Eritrea or in diaspora their heart is with their country.
      People like you who are either with the Ethiopian side or dictatorship should be the ones to be told mind your business.

    • aditekelezan November 25, 2018

      Dearest Tsehaye
      Meanwhile Ethiopia is curbing hate speech ASSENNA is curbing the slightest opposition. I am surprised your post has not been deleted yet .IT IS A SAD SEASON FOR DEMOCRACY IN ASSENNA.

  • Hangol telaqihu... November 25, 2018

    Dear Eri = thiopia 👈🏾=👎🏾

    Yours are the most concerning type, with this genuine idea of ever succeeding of reuniting the two countries or governing the two territories under one government perhaps. I have to say given the circumstances and having seen your visions on this thread, this article is very balanced, very well articulated and manages to include the versatile political landscape across Eritreans’ mind sets ( I think) in general. I’m in agreement, though reluctantly, that Ethiopians affairs should be less of a concern to PIA. Also, in agreement that the opportunity to take advantage to take charge of our own affairs has failed so far.
    I think it is fair to say that the time to finally take notice of the concerns of the people has come, there are no longer any barriers. I for one as an Eritrean am happy for peace to have come, and hope to see economic prosperity between the two countries. Sceptical with the paste of the process and the agenda of the Ethiopian Government, as well as PIA… but that remains to be seen.
    Personally, I have a tendency of distrusting of Ethiopian Governments, given the history. I’m not going to start now just because there is this sudden display of a “bromance”.
    Historic repition is not be joked with, since it has not been on our side…ever.