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Illegal immigrants from Eritrea second largest group in Germany

March 03, 2015 (Berlin) – The number of people caught illegally entering Germany has increased with 57,000 cases in 2014 resulting in a 75-per-cent increase compared to 2013, according to newly released police data. The vast majority of illegal immigrants came from

The vast majority of illegal immigrants came from war and crisis-torn countries like Syria with 14,029 cases, followed by Eritrea with 7945 and Afghanistan with 3756 cases.

The findings released were a response to a query made by the German Left Party in the German Bundestag.

According to the figures released, there were 2.3 million checks for undocumented immigrants at the country‘s borders in 2014, which uncovered 30,000 attempted illegal entries into Germany, up from 17,000 in 2013.


Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH !!! March 3, 2015

    Issayas was spoiled from Eritreans in diaspora financial assistance still to depend on the same
    method of foreign currency benefits . To continue
    roll the income he found a new energetic breed replace the tired old money machine by exporting
    thousands of them ready at hand prepared the so called ” WEREKET XAEDA ” .
    He missed the importance of long run young age capability to secure the country’s needs . Now
    how many years will take to replace that potential nobody can predict .
    Close to 8000 most of then young and healthy in
    Germany only is devastating lost to Eritrea .

  • crystal clear March 3, 2015

    The correct term is undocumented Germans ,not illegal immigrants,ask Obama..or the right term should be “future Eritrean government repentance form fillers”…remmember,I am not blaming them ,this are young people that want to have a opeaceful life ,go out on a date,go to party & enjoy our Eritrea without hastle.That is what I wanted when I was young except Ethiopian colonizers did not let me.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! March 4, 2015

      Well you can speak for yourself but for my generation the colonizers push me for same episode .

      • AHMED SALEH !!! March 4, 2015

        Pardon me for emotional frustration to misunderstood what you try to meant .

  • suku March 4, 2015

    this our problem we leave our country to tegaru like asiyas and manki and demhit to play uor country and our money

  • No hope March 4, 2015

    How does a tiny nation produce such catastrophe? I don’t see and light at the end of the tunnel. Things seem to get worst and worst.

    Issias is driving the Eritrean population in droves and he is succeeding at it. Let’s be real change can only come from within Eritrea. If the Eritrea people are not willing to fight and just run, oh well they paying the price for it.

    My conclusion those of us who live in the west, be grateful to what you have and live your life to the fullest.

  • crystal clear March 4, 2015

    dear No hope ,
    What you say maybe termed as defeatist attitude by some ,however you are being realistic.I mean ,let’s face it how is it anything going to turn Eritrea will go to it’s true owners.It will never happen ,if pdfdj falls ,there is demhit inviting weyane and that is not why our heros fell.we say no to colony ,but it will continue and things will only get un-eritrean every time.

  • awet March 4, 2015

    Only then,when the last chilo has left, when the studen has left, when the last soldier has gone, only then will the pfdj fanatics will realise there will be no place to call home

  • ogbai March 5, 2015

    Isayas’s dreams and his mail goal is to hit its target in either way.
    His original message from the higher authority on those days was to eliminate ELF and to defend the Abyssinains land and power and not to be stolen by the Arabs. Now, he is expecting to be crowned as the King of Ethiopia. Or he will face a fate like Gomida Rasi Weldemichael ab Abay Tigray Oh Maharenna Kirstos. Agaferti Isayas Taqait Trah AythmeQu.