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Humanitarian Action for Children 2017 – Eritrea

Total people in need: 2 million Total children (<18) in need: 1.2 million Total people to be reached in 2017: 505,0002 Total children to be reached in 2017: 450,000 In Eritrea, where the vast majority of livelihoods depend on

Total people in need: 2 million

Total children (<18) in need: 1.2 million

Total people to be reached in 2017: 505,0002

Total children to be reached in 2017: 450,000

In Eritrea, where the vast majority of livelihoods depend on subsistence agriculture and pastoralism, 80 per cent of the population is vulnerable to recurrent drought.

Since 2015, Eritrea has experienced drought conditions caused by El Niño that further undermined household food and livelihood security, particularly for women and children, and contributed to a cholera outbreak across three of the country’s six regions. These dynamics have led to high levels of malnutrition among children under 5, pregnant women and lactating mothers, particularly in the lowland areas. According to the Nutrition Sentinel Site Surveillance System, malnutrition rates have increased over the past three years in four out of the country’s six regions, where malnutrition rates already exceeded emergency levels, with 22,700 children under 5 projected to suffer from severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in 2017.

Nutrition and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices are sub-optimal, with less than half of the rural population accessing safe drinking water and only 11.3 per cent of the overall population accessing improved sanitation. Half of all children in Eritrea are stunted, and as a result, these children are even more vulnerable to malnutrition and disease outbreaks.

Humanitarian strategy

UNICEF and partners will continue to mainstream humanitarian response within regular development programmes targeting the most vulnerable children and will apply an integrated multi-sectoral approach to lifesaving interventions in Eritrea, building on linkages between the humanitarian and development programmes. In 2017, UNICEF will support the Government to implement blanket supplementary feeding to prevent the further deterioration of the nutritional status of children under 5, pregnant women and lactating mothers. This will include procuring routine medicines for the management of SAM and moderate acute malnutrition (MAM).

UNICEF will apply a multi-sectoral approach in drought-prone rural communities facing heightened risk of diarrhoea and cholera and high levels of food insecurity and malnutrition.

Local capacities will be built in these communities through outreach and training programmes to support the provision of safe water and access to appropriate hygiene practices. UNICEF will strengthen health systems to support service delivery and will prioritize routine immunization coverage and community case management of childhood illnesses. Schools in the most-affected areas will offer programmes designed to raise children’s awareness of explosive remnants of war. UNICEF will also support the enrolment of 15,000 (currently out-of-school) nomadic children from drought-prone areas, working with the Ministry of Education, via advocacy campaigns, outreach and enrolment programmes to support children’s return to school. Communication for Development will be used to achieve programme results in all sectors.

Source: ReliefWeb

Review overview
  • andom January 10, 2017

    “This story is organised by cia to turnish the name of our country and govrnment” we are not oonly self reliant but support different ethiopian groups and their propoganda tv service ( esat) in the usa. I hope almaz, dogeli and all higdef will agree with me.

  • Sahle January 10, 2017

    What happened to the Singapore of Africa? Starving and begging becoming normal of life for Singaporeans?? Where are our fascist Italian and barbarian moslem Arab god fathers???
    Once a beggar always a beggar, similarly, once criminal crocks always same old criminal crocks.
    Life will get a lot worse for Singapore before it ever gets better.

    • PH January 10, 2017

      Un invited NEFAHITO, think humanly please. If you intend to act for action to save infants, you are most welcome.

      • Eyob T. January 10, 2017

        Just out of curiosity, what action you intend to act and save the infants?
        You may be too ignorant or too naive but “action speaks louder than empty words”!
        Show us your real action of humanity rather than empty words and empty rhetorics.
        FYI, the undisputed SUPER NEFAHITO is your moslem cousin andom aka Khaled, Abdu, Mohammed, WoBawzan, Sol, adhanom, Zafu, WediHagher – WediHalima, eyob tesfamariam, Mehari Woldegabir, tesfai.T, Robel, kalighe, hawKha abey alo, PARADISE HOTEL, in short, comedian Ali and Abdurobo Saho rat.
        Finally your evil-ghedli and particularly your barbaric Islamic ELF is the cause of it all and you should be ashamed and punished severely and mercilessly. Get lost to your moslem Arab world where you belong and are working for.

        • andom January 10, 2017

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          • Wedi Afom January 10, 2017

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          • Medhane January 10, 2017

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    • andom January 10, 2017

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      • Wedi Afom January 10, 2017

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  • eri January 10, 2017

    If is true show us some humanity instead of using the suffering people as political tool
    please guy the pictuure was one of the picture taken in somalia who have been destroy by the invasion \
    of the CRIMINAL TPLF REGIME every body know that and they still starving
    we can feed ourseleves the international community are witness of that but is that cover the starvation in ethiopia
    well that is bad ,
    ethiopia with 4 digit development they are still starving

    • andom January 10, 2017

      This article is first posted by madote and which are ur governments media outlets. Go visit them before blaming assenna.

      • eri January 10, 2017

        So why reusing old pictures.

        • Wedi Afom January 10, 2017

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          • eri January 10, 2017

            Why you insulting religion? ?
            This is evil ,stop insulting people’s faith for God sake, of you insult him personally I ll support you .

        • andom January 10, 2017

          U seem genuine unlike those useless distructors who repeat arab, arab without explaining their problem with arabs and how the arabs who live in their own country are related to their problem in eritrea if they are eritreans. The picture is not necesarirly of eritrean child. It is the choice of the website moderator or the article poster. The article however is genuine and is the working plan of unicef in eritrea. It unintentionally or unusually exposed what is going on in eritrea. Go and read the same article in it is still posted there at the top. It is not secret to us eritreans but it exposes the governments propoganda to the world

      • Wedi Afom January 10, 2017

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  • PH January 10, 2017

    Exactly as expected. Bad words could kill human not necessarily use arms now days. In this 20th century bad guys are around doing nothing except evil business. so, my sympathy is enough. do you guys do? I doubt.

    • Wedi Afom January 10, 2017

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  • Z, Hagos January 10, 2017

    To all tyrant diehards,
    Instead of name calling and denying or asking for evidences, why don’t you provide supporting evidences that the news is a fake report. In other world, where the supporters of govts are not blinds rush to ask their govts for clarifications.
    The diehards of the tyrant are requested to forward their questions to the regime for clarification. That will help you get a reliable news from a source that you trust. Otherwise, your fight against the whole world if not unacceptable, it is crazy.

  • Thomas January 10, 2017

    When is Eritrea’s misery and depresing news going to end? God must hate Eritrea and Eritreans really bad.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! January 11, 2017

    Sahle , Eyob T. , Wedi Afom and Medhane
    Assenna became a victim to know existence of true evil that corrupted and try to alter its good
    reputation . Fools assist corrupt government officials with their evil tendencies to preach the
    public negative ideas while balanced state of mind defends positive communication .
    At the end of the day only the righteous who cares about his unfortunate country people will
    feel free from self guilt feelings .
    Our life had not been easy , we went through hardships and uncertain future . But life offered the
    lucky ones a second chance . So it was nice if we praise God and focus on what matters best to
    those we left behind and let go of arrogance .
    From your comfortable zone to encourage hatred and resentments that might incite violence shows
    ambitions of cowards betrayal to their own including their close families out there back home .

    You can call me names , who cares ! But nobody will hold me down from speaking the truth to defend

  • andom January 12, 2017

    Ahmed saleh
    All the names u listed are one person. One frustrated higdef who wants to distruct our civildiscourse b/s higdefites are always afraid of people who exchange their ideas and can posibly unite to stund up for theit freedom and rights. They have nothing against arabs who live across the ocean and have no interaction with us. If this frustrated person is weyane sympatiser or tigraway, then i can understund his frustration. But even then he needs to realize that weyane brought its misery onto itself and its people by Its expansionist policy and grabing land from its neighbours. Either way we are not going to be distructed from pursiung freedom and dignity in our country. We are physically interacting, educating our brothers and sisters and at the same time learning from them. So long we are armed with truth, no one will stund on our way. We are more than ever determined and organized to break the conspiracies of our oppressors.

    • eri January 12, 2017

      Higdef don’t preach attack against islam ,it preach unity and diversity.
      Those who preach the demonization of Islam are from the TPLF follower TESFASION school, they intend to divide eritrean society to create a civil war , ,they are fools ,they still don’t understand the strong unity amongst eritrean

      • AHMED SALEH !!! January 12, 2017

        I completely agree with your judgment . Eritreans regardless political
        point of view we don’t wish destructive incidents to occur inside the country .
        HGDF blind supporters use different language like AGAME-WEYANE to
        insult opponents but they don’t cross the line to attack in such provocative
        languages to promote hatred and division among Eritrean societies .
        We shouldn’t give opportunity to outsiders meddle in national politics at the expense of our opposition against HGDF . We better distinguish our focus
        between primary and secondary enemies when it comes on state affairs .

        • AHMED SALEH !!! January 12, 2017

          Let them fool themselves . We all know how they sold lands to ARABS
          in OROMIA and other southern region to make fast money . Leave the
          issue to Ethiopians . And as usual they will try to convince others with
          lies and deceits but reality on the ground proved all .
          As the saying goes ‘ you can fool me once , twice but the third time
          no way unless I am the real idiot “.