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‘Haba’e Kuslu, Haba’e Fewsu’ – Part III: Tearing the Very Eritrean Social Fabric

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Review overview
  • Berhe Tenesea October 24, 2015

    Eritrean people were ruled by a rule of law for centuries, by advanced constitution called hghi indaba and sharia law. Now the only country in Africa that is ruled without a constitution.
    The country is under full blown dictatorship for a long time.
    The worst enemy of the people is dismantling any thing good that was inherited by our ancestors.

    • Nayizghi October 25, 2015

      Berhe, when were we ruled by sharia law in Eritrea? Could you please enlighten us with your exceptional knowledge of history as to when, by whom and how long for that we were ruled by sharia law.

      • Berhe Tenesea October 25, 2015

        Eritrea was not ruled by sharia law. When I say sharia I mean that the Eritrean Moslems were using sharia as a means of efficient law on their daily live up to now.
        The writing of of this basic information needs no exceptional knowledge, as most Eritreans with the exception of few people like you know this basic fact.

  • AHMED SALEH October 24, 2015

    Issayas came in power behind the banner of Eritrea belong to his
    organization doctrine with his strong followers blessing . The
    time they went after influential elders among Eritrean societies ,
    the end of traditional value of highi inda Abba and Sheria law .
    Dictatorial rule can not accommodate laws that contradicts their
    agenda . We had witnessed the sign helplessly at it’s early stage
    of 1990’s when they throw elders in prison because they spoke their
    minds . Unfortunately nobody showed courage to defend their right .

    • SULEIMAN SALIM October 25, 2015


      “Issayas came in power behind the banner of Eritrea belong to his
      organization doctrine with his strong followers blessing.”

      Did you expect the EPLF to hand over power to other people to shape the future of the country the way they want ?

      • AHMED SALEH October 25, 2015

        What do you mean “the other people” ?
        Where is the promise of ” AWET NHAFASH ” ?
        I think you fall into their lies and deceit that blurred your
        sight from identifying internal enemy that destroy your house.
        No government in this world succeed without willingness of
        it’s people participation in developing their country . We
        have nothing to give except to eat each other like fish do
        for survival.

  • aus 17 October 30, 2015

    enough is enough, you can not cheat Death forever, is time in, absolut!!