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Goodbye my beloved Eritrea!

    Intense Anxiety Engulfing Eritrea(   Disgust is not the only word to be used in the period of avoidance by our king Issayas,aka Yohannes V. who can argue with now, it is more than disgust and anxiety or



Intense Anxiety Engulfing Eritrea(


Disgust is not the only word to be used in the period of avoidance by our king Issayas,aka

Yohannes V. who can argue with now, it is more than disgust and anxiety or evenif we call it hell.

It is a situation which annoys every body that the people of Eritrea have lost everything they own, even their dignity and moral strength.

Fear is engulfing every one of us,because everybody seem to spy every one.The East Germans had the same experience during the Communist leader Honeker, who ruled his country with iron fist like Issayas Afewerki (PIA) is ruling our country Eritrea.

His lunatic behaviour is not short of shruwdness.His volitile and ruthlessness is not matching the behaviour of either Honeker or Stalin or even Anver Hojah of Albania.Thes guys have committed crimes of  emense magnitude but they escaped justice by short illness and at the end death. Issayas at his 72 is still avoiding death, although we hear he is ill and has constant medical treatment.His desperation is parralellled with blood thirst.He has done all what is expected from fascists and dictators passed before him. The only difference is the insignificance of Eritrea and the Eritrean people.The significance though is not in the UN and UN assigned Commission of inquiry,whom we have to give credit for their tremendous effort to show the world how we are suffering and what we are experiencing in the last 25 year long suffering.



We Eritreans have had a lot of experiences in the struggle for self-determination in differnt ways and varying capacities, and many gave their precious lives for that to happen.Some lost every thing they could imagine, and some of us lost our families and friends, or even our homes.These all added up can undeniably cause pessimsm.Unfortunately the situation while degrading our hopes and aspirations, it is also killing our will to fight evil and injustices.

If we recall the colonial era in Eritrea, the Turkish,Italian fascism and the Feudal rule of Haile Sellassie or even the DERG’s Mengistu Hailemariam, the situation in Eritrea today is sadenning. People are not getting the services they deserve, even the basic services of clean running water, bread from the Bakery or the most important lifeline electicity for their daily life.There are at this moment more challenging questions, rather than answers!

How on earth can this be the today’s Eritrean people’s lives?

Why on earth do we have to have such a president, who denies us every thing we do deserve to get?

What will be the future and destiny of our children in Eritrea and our grand children’s?Is there any body who understand the meird situation that seem to have no end? Could we be able to solve this doomsday at the end of the day, and how?.



How did we manage to support the UN raport on Human Right issues in Eritrea?

Eritrean youth and women rallied to support the Commission of Inquiry’s in Geneve 2015/2016

whiel in the US Eritreans followed suit.We were on the streets of Genevé and New York with tenth of thousands to show our support.The PFDJ supporters came out to the streets but they were outnumbered by the Justice seeking fellow Eritreans. This might have shown the COI how the diaspora Eritreans came to support their report. It is significant that a diverse society can unite in the one moment for their cause seeking Justice. This off course give one some glimpse of hope and optimism. The UN decission to honour the SMEG sanction to Somalia and Eritrea recently also shows the effort of our people to bring the cruel dictator tojustice and stop medling in other countr’s internal affairs and stop support of terrorists in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East (Yemen) and other countries in the neighbourhood..


PFDJ’s slowly been defeated in the world opinion!

Again and again PFDJ leaders are called to change their medling and involvement in Somalia,Djibouti,Ethiopia and Yemen.However they continued doing the same old mafiosi activities, while denying their involvment and today they are exposed and their trusted friends are abstaining from supporting them in the UN sanction as well as the issue of Human Rights in Eritrea.

The support of opposition groups of many neighbouring countries is so visible that they them selves are accepting indirectly or directly contrary to their ever denying involvement in Ethiopia and Djibouty. As they say the picture is more than thousands of words, Yemane monkey is using the Crossed arms gusture of Ethiopian opposition to their government during protests in October.

This is the defeatist attitude and it gives optimism to us anyhow!


 UN Wants Tribunal On Human Rights Abuses In Eritrea Formed.

“The United Nations (UN) is calling for the formation of a tribunal or special court to prosecute Eritrean leaders over allegations of widespread human rights abuses since 1991.

The calls come after a UN Commission of Inquiry on human rights in the nation found that the government enslaved, imprisoned, committed forced disappearances, torture, rape, persecution, murder and other crimes against the citizens to remain in power, according to the report.

What we recommended among others … an array of recommendations one of them being the referral to the (International Criminal Court), another one being that the African Union establish an accountability mechanism and there are things which could be used such as universal jurisdiction and other accountability [measures] in order for people of Eritrea who have suffered human rights violations to get justice,” Sheila Keetharuth, who headed a UN Commission of Inquiry on human rights to the horn of Africa nation, told VOA (voice of America).

The commission said that there is no political will from the government to address the abuses, adding that the absence of a constitution has forced civilians to live in fear, in the nation where there is no press freedom.The UN said the Eritrean government’s widespread violation of human rights has forced hundreds of its citizens to seek asylum in Europe.”

The Eritrean Youth and its methodology of struggle against tyrrany:The Eritrean youth in the Diaspora are sometimes blamed for their indifference to the situation  they left behind! Well every generation has its own methode of dealing things and mode of its own way of struggle against the dictatorship. What kind of methode then?

In the first place they do not Trust the old generation and the way we are organized, secondly they would take their own observation who is telling the truth and who is trying to mislead them, then they would say what so ever they wanted to say, regard less the oppostion in the Diaspora and PFDJ supporters.This seems logical becuse tell me who you are and with whom you go and then judge jou as you are is their slogan.They are suspecting both the Diaspora opposition and PFDJ tugs equally and don’t know who is who!This seems fair enough to me, then tell them who you are and show them the way to bring change inside Eritrea! Logical methodes are forcing them to question! We ought to be careful before judging them and if possible try to help them in their daily problems to build trust in you and your work.

Trust & Trust building is the short comings in our society today, and we should work hard on that inorder to Unite our people in the Struggle against the tyrrany of Isaias and his men.

God help us overcome our diffuculty and fractured societies in the Diaspora


Review overview
  • Z. Hagos November 13, 2016

    I do agree with you that signs of optimism are much higher than any time before. Much more rallies against the tyranny in Eritrea and much more voices in the name of the voiceless. I hope those who are presently siding with the tyrant going to come to their senses soon pressuring Isayas to come back to his office and face the realities on the ground: No food, monies sucked out of people’s pockets, the country is empty and those left behind are the sick and the elderly. Even children are on the walk away, fleeing the country.
    With optimism higher, we hope people will start remaining in the country to face Isayas. With optimism going higher, those on Isayas side will start soon to say something because things are now beyond control. With optimism ever elevated, the Eritrean Diaspora will come together to send their message, once again, as they did in Geneva and NYC calling for life to be given to those who are dying in Eritrea, while crossing the border and beyond. It is high time to wrap up and end all the miseries imposed on our people.

    • PH November 13, 2016

      Z. HAGOS, you expressed well. on this critical situation requires Grint and belly if we want real and durable identity starting from the new generation backed by orderly. We want to hear them any time they are ready. hopelessness is our. enemy. Any way, if we stop serving one man our victory is gloomy

  • መሃረነ፡ወቀደሰነ November 14, 2016

    In his Century III, Quatrain 81, Nostradamus, before about 500 years, writes: “The big, shameless and brazen screamer. He’ll be elected as the Governor of the greatest army”, and further in Quatrain 50, the great scholar and man of wisdom implies: ” The Republic of the great city shall be involved in expensive military operations. This shall happen under the command of TRUMPET”.
    With Donald Trump as President of the US,, Nostradamus might be predicting here a global war,that would plunge the humankind into an Apocalypse. “The Battle of Armageddon” might soon be incited by Donald Trump and Co. and take place in the tormented Republic of Syria..
    In his prophetic predictions, Nostradamus forgot to add to his Quatrain 50: ” At that time, there shall be existing a downtrodden nation named Erythrus that shall be flayed to the deep bottom by its false liberators, and, traumatised, demoralised and desparate as they shall become, her folks shall desert her and be disbursed to all directions of the planet. Tired, demoralised and divided as her people are, her redemption shall only be possible through the intervention of an overseas army”.

  • M MEHARI November 14, 2016

    Demo cracy, Plutocracy,can rule in resilient, sophisticated and confident society. Autocracy can be accepted by no means but shear power. Dictator, Tyrant and Rebellion require coward, poor and cursed society to flourish. The Cracy case for Eritrea is negated before the creation of the nation as Italy’s colony. To be dictated by other community is natural but to be sold and packed as a gadget by yourself is inhuman.If we are accepting and implementing commands with out questioning them will make us irrational. It’s better to ask individual Eritrean mind set before we are eaten by our commanders.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! November 15, 2016

    Eritreans inside the country can not rise-up for their right unless they conquer to defeat social ills brought
    from betrayal , fear , lies deceit and selfishness . It has to with ignorance when people prefer fakery in their
    life than confronting wrong deeds accordingly for common good .
    We are bewildered to find an answer on what does it take to wake up humans from living in unrealistic dream .
    Our past is learning experience which have no power to undo it but our present contributions define our future.
    Time to uproot the bad seeds and replace with good once for satisfactory outcome .

    • Langano November 15, 2016

      Does the Ostrich who hides by sticking his head in the sand realize his rear is exposed? And in your case, it would be does the rootless nomad saHab gimel realize his stinking moslem ass is exposed to his evil savage moslem Arab slave masters in his Arabia desert?
      Let’s now have your usual suspicious conspiracy theory or more like moslem’s hallucinations.
      Evil-Ghedli is a potent mixture of various negative elements in Eritrea. It has the dishonesty and delusion of the urbanized elite, the callousness of the lampent proletariat in the towns, the regionalism of the highland peasantry and the ethno – religious mentality of the rootless illegal immigrant nomads of the lowland.

      • Langano November 15, 2016

        It should be “the usual detective Yemeni suspicious conspiracy theory”.

      • Simon G. November 16, 2016

        Allow me to go to your level. Get lost, you parasite. This is Eritrean forum.

        • Anti-DeKhalu slaves November 16, 2016

          You suffer so much from stinking backward Akeley inferiority complex.
          Are you waiting to be compensated for your criminal brothers and sister that you lost on a shifta/banditry crimes? Why don’t you quietly get lost to your stinky poverty-stricken Akele before you join your criminal shefatu sibling. Are you also in the same pimp business with that aregit kelbi areb moslem snake WHORE by the savage evil moslem Arab dog of ahmidial salihidi? Two biggest beggars assholes in the USA.
          Wedi mushmush Akele parasites, you and the stinking cancerous poisonous snake moslems would be wiped out of Eritrea soon as a clean up job that is well over due. You all deki savage evils moslem and Akele snakes belong and relate to each other.

          • Anti-DeKhalu slaves November 16, 2016

            Your criminal shefatu/bandits were probably murdered by other savage evil criminal ELF shefatu/bandits while on robbing and destructive evil barbaric Islamic and akele missions.

        • Observant November 16, 2016

          What level you talking about, is it your normal the racist
          akeleguzay regionalist level? Just a curious and concerned observant.
          You akeleguzay people are the worst racist in Eritrea and this is a fact and
          I would not like to be in your regionalist low levels.

          • Simon G. November 16, 2016

            Just to be exact, your kind of low level. There is nothing lower than that.

          • koubrom November 25, 2016

            Akeluguzay are the most who flee and betray their country, they live in sheap dream in fortunately, they are also the most who gave martyrdom for this country to be born.

        • Langano November 16, 2016

          Tell enlighten us your kind of “high level” then? Do you really live in a high level in the USA or in the ghetto Akeleguzay level? And what have you actually achieved in the USA, is it your ghetto Akeleguzay garbage level? And were your criminal shefatu/bandits siblings deservedly murdered by their own savage evil barbaric moslem criminal shefatu/bandits?
          Try to get some compensation from the savage evil barbarian moslem Arabs that you garbage people fought for and served as mercenaries. Get lost loser. Your dead ones are probably much better than you half-dead.

  • PH November 16, 2016

    If you are anti dikhala, there are many. One of them is Tesfatsion the president of “Agaziyan state.” .for sure he will offer you chief of excellence to divide eritreans

    • Observant November 16, 2016

      Eritreans have only been united by artificial glue.If you believe Tesfatsion is the president of Agaziyan state” then what is your problem? And who would be the president of “Islamic state”?
      When you say there are many dikhalas, are you actually admitting that you are one of them then because if you are one of the dikhalas then you would not be part of the Agazi state! So as it does not concern you or as it is none of your business just stay away.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! November 16, 2016

        Tigrai-Tigrigni dreamers
        Why are you so blinded from recognizing recent threats for your survival to
        live in peace ?
        Does it make a sense to invite confrontations against southern and northern
        neighboring people ?
        For how long you will stay insulated with ultra Christian extremism ?
        Are you representing ISIS ideology in the name of CHRISTIANITY ?
        My prayer goes to Ethiopian people safety from such EVILS .

        • Langano November 16, 2016

          A lot better than savage evil barbaric moslem Arab-Arabic dreamers in a Christian country with a Christian culture, language and traditions!!!!
          The old savage criminal ELF JASUS SHIFTA is after all crawling out of the savage evil moslem Arabs woodwork. Get rid of this ignorant and absurd from the clone of evil savage barbaric moslem jebha ghedli.
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          • AHMED SALEH !!! November 16, 2016

            Anta andaf wahed
            For years your comments had been to see divided Eritrean societies . At the end your wicked wishes turned to hunt
            you back . Be a man to face Oromo and Amhara people
            than wasting your energy for nothing , bokbak hassawi
            Bad boys ignorance know nothing except to dig a hole for their own grave . You got what you ask for .
            The so called MOSLEM ARABS are watching action of stupid people with poor mentality .

    • Langano November 16, 2016

      PH, I always ignore you out of pity as a brain dead talking and barking Arab dog peadophille.
      Just like your other ignorant aregit kelbi areb snake WHORE, shenika dekis but kem nay kelbi aboKhum negis criminal evil savage Mohammed. Get lost idiot moslem asshole.

      • Simon G. November 16, 2016

        ምስ ቤተሰብ ዘይምዕባይ ክኸፍእ። ነያኻ ኢሳያስ ውን ኳ ንሱ ዩ ሃሲዎ።
        በጃኻ ጸበል ዘለዎ ሰብ ሕተት። ኣይጠዓኻን።

        • Langano November 17, 2016

          Still waiting for compensation for your shefatu/bandits sibling? They did die in a dog eats dog criminal savage shefatus/bandits adventure.
          They probably were murdered savagely or eaten alive by the savage evil barbaric moslem Arab dogs like Ahmed Salih and as they are mercenaries of the savage evil barbarian Arabs, you should really be compensated by their Arab slave masters but they might rape or behead you instead!

          • PH November 17, 2016

            Langano ( latrino )ብዓፍራ ፋኛቱራ መሉኡ che fango !

          • AHMED SALEH !!! November 17, 2016

            langano testa di gallo , hahaha …………………….ANTA ASHA
            At the end you downgraded to become comical Ali of ASSENNA that your stupidity makes us laugh . DONKORO