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Gay Eritrean granted asylum in Israel

The 26-year-old man applied for asylum to avoid persecution in his country of origin after being found out by other Eritreans in Israel; his lawyer explains that he would be in danger if forced to

The 26-year-old man applied for asylum to avoid persecution in his country of origin after being found out by other Eritreans in Israel; his lawyer explains that he would be in danger if forced to return to Eritrea.

The Population and Immigration Authority (PIA) recently granted asylum to a 26-year-old gay Eritrean man on the grounds that his returning to his country would endanger his life due to his sexual orientation.

The Eritrean was born in the capital of Asmara and forced into military service at the age of 17. In 2009, he tried to flee his country through the border into Ethiopia, but he was caught and incarcerated for 16 months. Afterwards, he was returned to his military service.

He hid the fact that he was gay whilst in his home country, where it is illegal and entails a prison sentence of up to three years.

In 2011, he managed to flee to Israel and stayed with a person he knew from Eritrea. After other tenants discovered his sexual orientation, however, he was thrown out of his apartment and began living in Tel Aviv’s Levinsky Park. Since then, however, he managed to rehabilitate his life, find a job and rent an apartment by himself.

His lawyer, Oded Dugma, filed his asylum application in 2014. Dugma welcomed PIA’s decision, “My client lived in the closet his entire time in Eritrea, and contrary to other cases that I’ve handled, he wasn’t tortured or imprisoned for long stretches in his country of origin because of his sexual orientation. Nonetheless, the Interior Ministry accepted our position regarding the danger to him due to his coming out of the closet in Israel.

“I would hope that the decision also stemmed from the consideration presented whereby returning a gay asylum seeker to a homophobic country means a life of fear, self-hatred and lack of freedom, or in other words: a violation of his human dignity. I can only wish the asylum seeker an easy and quick integration into Israeli society.”

The Eritrean has been granted renewable temporary residence, which grants him the right to work and access to social and health benefits.


Review overview
  • Masawa December 15, 2016

    The Israelis are far more tolerant, liberal and Democratic people than their savage Arab Jihad neighbors. In addition, the savage Arabs would have stolen his kidneys, and his other body organs or stoned him to death as they often do to other Eritreans.
    The retards in the Islamist and Arabist Jebha used to chant day in and day out while bending for their Arab masters: “We are Arabs … Our languages are not Tigre and Tigrinya”. One hears the same Arabist bark from their little chuwawas in diaspora who run away from the Arab world to the Christian West because the white-Arabs see the Eritrean Arab wanabes not as “Arabs” but as Abeeds.

    • zeray December 15, 2016

      Brother Massawa
      I love it your brilliant comment my beautiful Habesha brother. Please keep it up kibur haw.
      As we speak the savage evil deki barbaric terrorist Mohammed rootless nomad moslems who follow the stinking Meccan moon god are conducting suicide bombing, raping, kidnapping, abductions, beheading, bloodshed and causing all manners of atrocities in the name of their evil’allah waekber negis savage Mohammed. Bedowuin Arab chauvinism and barbarism also known as the savage evil vicious cancer Islam is the cause of all miseries in our region : ignorance, poverty, war, murder, kidnap, mayhem and bloodshed all in the DNA codes of Islam. These twisted savage evil old asshole moslems should be slaughtered and dumped onto their savage evil moslem Arab slave masters. We don’t need Arab dogs at all. Period.

  • k.tewolde December 16, 2016

    Whatever happen to tolerance?whatever happen to live and let live? why are we inundated by homophobia,Islamophobia,Xenophobia and phobia of all sorts except the phobia of dictatorship which made our life in this earth what is was not meant to be.

    • Haqi December 17, 2016

      Khaled tewolde,
      … people like you pop up in assenna when they hear the word “Arab” to be more Arab than the Arabs but you would never say a word on Kunama genocide or the burning of Tigre books by your Janjaweed Arabist Jebha leaders nor would you say a word on the Jihadi Arabs who are selling and beheading of christian Eritreans and stealing their body organs or about Christian-phobia and Tigrinya-phobia.

      • k.tewolde December 17, 2016

        Haqi tezareb like your name.How the proud Kunama people ended up in N.Dakota we all know it.The burning of Tigre books,you must have read it in HGDEF’s diaries.I spent a few precious years within that organization and I fought side by side with all Eritrean ethnic groups, learned to communicate with their dialect, some at the minimum level some fluently,I appreciated our diversity that is the source of our strength,I wouldn’t trade those years for nothing,During those years everybody was accounted for and nobody was gone missing mysteriously,we spoke our minds,those of us who were willing to stay continued and those who didn’t simply left ,nobody went hunting for them.That is the liberal jebha I know.I have my share of criticism and praise for the former liberation front and it was not close to perfection and that was the beauty of it.After all,who is perfect except the divine creator.Last but not least,I know who I am,please don’t try to baptize me with another name,that is HGDEF”s main arsenal of character assassination,you should know by now unless you are one of them..

        • k.tewolde December 17, 2016

          In conclusion,jebha was the first democratic experiment ever attempted in the Eritrean political theater,unfortunately the base was not ready for it..

  • Zekarias December 18, 2016

    If not for PFDJ Arab ass leaking dirty behavior, Arab language has no real root in Eritrea. EPLF has used Eritrean women body(prostitution) in the Arab countries such as Saudi, UAE, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Iraq..etc and rob all the Money and gold they possessed at the end. Now implementing the Arabic as a second language instead of Tigre is nothing but treason. It is meant to leak the Arabs for some Petro-Dollar in exchange. Since this language has no roots in Eritrea, I prefer the Tigre language to be an Eritrean second working language and discard arabic to the trush bin.
    I am disgusted about this Gay Eritrean. I suspect he might have done this creative confession to avoid being deported to the PFDJ. Nothing is worst than living under PFDJ.

    • Mokie December 18, 2016

      Zekarias aka Teclay

      You said ” EPLF has used Eritrean women body(prostitution) in the Arab countries such as Saudi, UAE, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Iraq..etc and rob all the Money and gold they possessed at the end. ”

      Do you known how many Ethiopian (Tigreyan) young ladies are working in those countries ? . I am sure you know. Three years ago, there were more than 250 thousand young Ethiopian ladies working throughout Middle Eastern countries. The overwhelming majority of these ladies work as maids.
      They earn good money, and that money helps to raise poor families from extreme poverty.
      Despite considerable progress Ethiopia has done in the last 20+ years, it’s still at the bottom of many African countries. To be more precise, in many international development benchmarks, it’s among those at the bottom, there is only Niger after Ethiopia.
      Now coming for such a country, how do you think you are better than Arabs who give your young girls jobs, so that your immediate families in Ethiopia, can make a decent living or be able to send their kids to school ?

      Arab investments in Ethiopia are at least half of all foreign investments, and for that very reason, insulting Arabs in Addis Abeba would send you immediately behind bars, if not for being racist, which seems to be in the culture people like you, but simply because Ethiopia cannot afford to lose precious foreign investments, which is badly needed to run the economy.

      Racism against Arabs and insults to Muslims cannot be tolerated anymore , in particular in Addis. Gone are the days when you people used to call Oromo Muslims -> “Galla”. The so-called Christian Island it gone forever, it lives in the minds of bigots like Teclay, Tesfazion and a few rats likes them.

      Before insulting Eritrean ladies, who are very proud of who they are , learn how your families back home are surviving on money sent by very young Ethiopian ladies, who are working as maids, under the very people you insult every day here at Assenna.
      Shame on you !!