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  • COMEBESHTATO October 21, 2011

    shame on dawit family .how in the hall they going to blam swidesh government .ask u r own government or fight with us to get red of isayas from our chair.

  • Daniel October 22, 2011

    Dawit Issak wife is a sadist!!!!!!!
    What can I say is ….. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. 
    Martin Luther King, Jr. 

  • Mike October 24, 2011

    My message to Dawit’s family is , we Eritreans will never abandon our brother DAWIT , even we are observing his abandonment by his immediate family( not all). You are doing it only to please the repressive regime.
    Dawit is not only your family, he is our family too. He represents to our brothers,sisters, fathers and mothers, who are suffering in the Eritrean prisons by the repressive regime.

    Shame to his wife !

    On this occasion , I would like to thank first our leading journalist, brother Amanuel Eyasu for being on the top in exposing the lies behind the news. Also I would like to thank our brothers from Sweden in telling us the TRUTH.

  • nadu October 25, 2011

    mskinot tedengxu elfi halay melay meliekum sheyeti hagerom ata getamay kea dhri kezafi eti jgna Iseyas zeykone nska ika tekezafi.