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  • alem January 26, 2017

    Ellection in eritrea is a sniper shot from one brave history maker eritrean soldier or national service or citizen at the coward criminal beast wedi afom.

  • alem January 26, 2017

    Wedi afoms fore head.

    • Asmara Eritrea January 27, 2017

      I think almost every Eritrean, both at home and aboard,would agree that there will never be peace in our country whilst Isaiais is alive. That is simply stating the facts. As such, I agree entirely with you Alem we need action that requires force. However, I am not terribly hopeful there will be that action. My hope is that alcohol will actually get him first. This man drinks whiskey as if it was milk and then uses the empty bottle to beat up his cliques to ensure they keep their mouth shut.

      What is happening in Eritrea today is a tragedy that would turn our martyrs in their graves. We should remember 1991 will go down in our history as the year of a liberation by the masses but the start of enslavement of the masses by one individual.

      As Eritreans we need to wake up and see what Isaiais is doing to our country – I fail to see how anyone in their right mind could support such a repressive beast. Of course, democracy would be good but what we need above all is the rule of law. We want to be treated in our own country as human beings and time has come to say enough is enough. Isiais has a second home of Tigray where he can move to and live with his beloved Wayane. But Eritrea is the only home Eritreans have.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • PH January 27, 2017

    Let’s forget election while HGDEF ( mendef ) is in power. If Isayas was serious, conscious and motivated to held election should have allowed ELF elements in 1991. He choose galloping back ward.crushing all destroying cultural and low given way to total rule of jangle. Now, however we have only one choice for action army wise.

  • Tekie January 27, 2017

    You see fellow we are so naive that we do not have the slightest clue as what is going on on Issayas’s head. Lets assume an election and looses, then steps down from power, where and how is he going live afterwards? He know how many Eritrean he have massacred! and family members will come after him and kill him a greasily death. He loves his life life and he is not going to take that chance. So expecting an election while the tyrant is in Eritrea is fooling ourselves!

    • AHMED SALEH !!! January 27, 2017

      Last time he announced a new constitution will come soon . We Eritreans must have a little patience until Issaias finished the constitution he started to draft as promised . It might take him extra four or five years . He told us nobody gave him the job means he earned it .
      How many more years do we need to identify his true personality ?
      He is power hungry maniac like other dictators ? Lets accept reality .

      • PH January 27, 2017

        AHMED SALEH!!!
        He doesn’t bother anything until he makes true ” Tigray – tigrigni. The problem is ours expecting something from dirty mind. look brother, in which level he is convincing yes men and puppy owners dance and chanting. Io non ho parole.

        • AHMED SALEH !!! January 27, 2017

          The bitter truth hard to swallow is we are our own enemies where fools
          enjoy free path while they push aside wise men . Hated Tigrai-Tigrigni was a cancer in Eritrea and now it is a cancer in Ethiopia .
          The game of pointing finger , blame and whining do not make difference
          unless the sources that failed our expectations properly revealed .
          Dirty politics that contaminated the mind set of our society has been the
          most problematic scenario to serve the interest of the few .
          To live free in peace is GOD given right where people willingly sacrifice for it . With hope we keep longing to see promising future .

  • alem January 27, 2017

    His foot soldiers i mean korakur are just from one awraja or call it zoba maakel. Even thousands of them do not like him, do not trust him do not believe he is one of them but an imposter. Add thousands of opportunists from seraye to that ever diminishing support from hamasien. That is basically what is left for him as his strong hold. The bigest factor is disunity b/n those who oppose him or justiceseekers is what is keeping him in power .

  • alem January 27, 2017

    So long we are not united he knows that he is safe.

  • PH January 27, 2017

    Alem, he thought that he is safe when Tplf promised him that he can do the unfinished job of HATSEYAT But when they knew as a loser they stub him back. thus why he behave’s BEGAMIDO on 21st century.

  • Gotera-from-addis January 27, 2017

    no election is better than fake election of the African nations. some places 100% winners of the vote some place got elected multiple times
    – Ethiopia 100% @ the rate of 5 times for the past 25 years.
    – Angola since civil war 25+ years
    – Uganda since came to power
    – Sudan 25+ years
    – Chade 25+
    – Congo 20+
    as to Eritrea, they do not profess to be democratic admin or subscribe to a free election bla bla … so get over it. leave them alone.. the people there are working the ground for your sons and daughters (only those at the age of 10 and under ) to have a better life. forget the these lost generation (18-35 years old.). i mean those in diaspora who survive the mediterranean or the sahel desert voyage. they will never come back to eritrea to do any good to the country. probably the holiday/vacation in asmara or somewhere in eritrea for 2 months of summer. that is it. so, shut your big mouth and live your life in the west. occasionally if you have money left over help your mama and papa. when you do that please do not use black exchange do it legally so your poor uncles and what have you get what ever service is aviable to the.—- do not forget you are goon you are now foreign to eritrea gone forever period.