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  • selam delye April 12, 2012

    …last part from the above posting reads as follows:


    Than you for reading.


  • girmay April 12, 2012

    ypfdj:ህዉከት በለ ዝብኢ አድጊ ምስ ደፍኦ………lol

  • Truly,Truly i say to you April 12, 2012

    ብድይ ኩርምትኻ ሑጻ ቆርጥመሉ እዩ ነገሩ።

  • weldu April 12, 2012

    Wedi Eri zerati eyu koynu zelo! suk elkum gizekumn genzebkumn aytiweduo! timali hadimu wexiuo lomi abal shaebiya eye elu zimuwagot kemzelo eba aynishat…Now I know why the EPLF defeated Mengistu…coz mengustu was betrayed by his soldiers nay ERITREAN HAMOT.

  • delayifth April 12, 2012

    you know what i admire the so called ypfdj they living life and tomorrow they will tell to those who are slaving in Eritrea we are your leaders because they know that they have no mind, if they had they would do some thing for their life.this ypfdj their more aware of things ,more educated, more traveled in other hand the so called warsay ekalo they are just like dead body,all their life in agelglot even they forgot what they have learn in school. believe me i have a brother who finished 12th grade in 1990 now he is just like grade 3 and the way he think is just stupid he cant Analise things ,he hasn’t go no vision. its no type of person you like to be around any more,but this ypfdj they know what their doing their not stupid and please don’t call them kids what one person makes a kid is the way he think if today they call them kids tomorrow this kids they will treat them like a donkey even less they will kill them and more.

    • April 13, 2012

      Did you mean intoxicated by the venoum of Isayas Afecheka. Hitler had similar youth league called the Brown shirts, youth being youth and physically strong , they are more passionate and reactive, they are used to intimidate and disrupt meetings. Mugabe too has thugs like that. PFDJ is an extremist party that plays the nationalist card, he is playing by the book. .Isayas is the poor version of Hitler, but he is in Africa and doesnt have the means to cause havoc.

    • Ahmed saleh April 13, 2012

      Imagine living in harsh condition under forced labor in the name of AGELGLOT for
      over ten years. The psychological side effects is not easy to detect but will effect
      Eritrean societies for years. For Delayfthi I feel you concerning your brother. And
      I feel sorry for all of you who are helpless about your siblings out there under this
      cruel system.
      HGDf supporters solely interest in promoting a culture where they can take the rule
      of law in to their own inclination not to the benefit of their people back home. From
      afar from Eritrea inside comfortable zone they know they will not face nothing for it’s
      consequences . We call it : ” TEREKABI YE’ ADYO “.
      The bottom line nobody can deny that Eritrea at present find itself in a most awkward
      predicament as a nation. We missed dearly since independence not to produce educated and skilled young generation who can play big role to the hope of future
      development for prosperous country. Changing the tune to convince us by their
      propaganda thinking the young in diaspora will lead the task on rebuilding the
      country is a dream of fictional character far from reality.

      • GOOD MAN April 13, 2012

        Brother Ahmed, I love you. You are a good man. Brother, writing is good, but now time is for the action and the only language Afewerkee would understand is fisticuffs.

        • ahmed saleh April 13, 2012

          Brother GOOD MAN
          We know each other for a while in this forum with love and respect to each other, likewise I love you too buddy.
          Practical speaking each generation has to rise to its occasion because it is their life and future the same we experienced personally in the struggle for independence. At this moment our yourth particularly inside the country and the refuggees in it’s surrounding should vow to live up to the dream and promise of liberty to all. By taking Arab youth up-rising as a model some actions is needed obviously. But the problem is we in general look reluctant to pledge heartfully in support of opposing force. I myself am ready to assist any progressive group who stand to fight this satanic regime. Once we see our people live in peace we live in peace too where ever we reside because we are connected spiritualy.

  • Baraee April 13, 2012

    Poor “YPFDJ” hoodwinked …in their youth….I can see how mad they will get once they mature…..Yemane monkey has bought their brains and mentality….
    This is the danger of group behaviour….it tramples common sense.
    Let me predict this will have complete countereffect and will come to Higdef’s face.

    • GOOD MAN April 13, 2012

      MY brother Bararee, you are right, but writing is not enough. We need to stop this evil system before it is to late. We can not afford to lose our youth.

  • Abdi April 13, 2012

    Mesakin kan towediekum nab mftan atikhum?ahhhh I pity you guys what you forgot is,Eritreans don’t give a shit about this old fashioned style of ignition hatred b/w them.

  • mh April 13, 2012

    Dear Brothers, don’t expected the diaspora to come and change, for them eritrea is as a 2nd home, they just visit for a picnic, yes, they can help for a change only when the youth inside our country start moving for a chenge, not running a way to neighbouring countries, this is not a solution, i wonder why they don’t use their wepons, i know most of them was well trained, why they don’t kill some of these creminal generals such like woujou, flipos….etc. then thoes people will start running out of our beloved country.

  • Amanuel April 13, 2012

    There is to many conflicts between the oppositions & Isias is taking advantage of it. For example Eritrean Youth reported they have successfully called over 10K inside Eritrea using Rob call. In my opinion this is a big accomplishment. Many of the opposition websites including assenna didn’t report about the news. I found the news in Ethiopia Forum (in the forum the Ethiopians were admiring the method used). The same Youth are scheduling to have conference in DC, again you don’t see any advertisement in opposition websites. Imagine if the conference was for PFDJ youth, the supporters websites would have flush advertisement everywhere. The opposition should help each other if they have to get rid of Isias other wise..the dictator will not go anywhere anytime soon if they continue the same path.