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FORUM:Radio Program – ድምጺ መድረኽ – Saturday, 30th November 2013

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  • EYENSN December 1, 2013

    I don’t understand why is everybody in the opposition group thinks that eritrean people doesn’t know his own history. Who are you trying to tell us our history now, i don’t mean we all know all the history but who is EPLF is the basic history and I expect every little kids to know it. EPLF is everybody who fought and liberated the country in 1991 ,no matter where he or she is right now. Some of them are still in power , some of them are in prison and some of them are either retired or left the country but they all including the president are true EPLF. Nobody can change this fact . So now is there a difference between. EPLF and Hgdef ? To me it’s all the same people different name. I don’t have a problem with those people or with their political party’s name but I think we need constitutional government now not tomorrow so we need to work on that one instead of trying to tell people that who is EPLF or not . Isaias we like it or not he was one of the many heroes we had on our struggle for our independence ,this is true story of ours and now it’s time for him to step down and make a smooth transition but I think we wasting out time playing political game. We need to stop this game and start on our main issue . If there is a criminal in power right now we can bring them to justice later when we have constitutional government ,we need to keep the evidences right now but if we just want to insult them when they are still in power that isn’t helping us in anyway but it could damage us so please let’s make sense and do the right thing after more than 10 years of talking , insulting and doing nothing good