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Foreign Affairs Committee Proceeding on Eritrea: Tuesday 28 February 2017 Meeting started at 3.07pm, ended 6.00pm

Witness(es): Professor Gaim Kibreab, London South Bank University Professor Richard Reid, School of Oriental and African Studies Martin Plaut, journalist and author  

Witness(es): Professor Gaim Kibreab, London South Bank University Professor Richard Reid, School of Oriental and African Studies Martin Plaut, journalist and author

Review overview
  • PH March 3, 2017

    ኣንታ ዞም ልሓስቲ መዓኮር ክሳብ ሕጂ ኣለዉ? ሹኽሹኻት መዓክር።ጉሓፍዎም!!!

    • Solomon March 3, 2017

      Desperate, wounded and savagely damaged Arab dogs resort to normal weak desperate measures/barking from their savagely damaged backsides.
      I don’t how you say or translate it into your Arab slave masters or into your Arab dogs language but in our beautiful tigrigna “weyo natas ni Hamata”, keep licking your masters asses.
      As a life long Arab dog and rootless mercenary, you must be a master of “maAkorat”/assees and unashamedly trying to pass your expertise/poison to innocent clean Eritreans.
      Damaged and ignorant Arab dog, stay away from our clean, peaceful and christian Eritrea.

  • PH March 3, 2017

    Solomon, for sure you are most ignorant than your boss tefa-tsion.desperately sacking the saliva Nefahito that is poisoned to lose your evil ambition. If you intend to divide eritreans, Muslims and Christians, I tell you !! To consult or open the eritrean history. If you insist however, vediamo who repent on his proper deed.

  • Tes March 5, 2017

    Hell everyone,

    I have observed a mixed reaction about those three individuals. To the Eritrean one some said who choice him to represent Eritrea and to the two foreigners who are they to speak about Eritrea. It is quite extraordinary how some of Eritrean think. They have their own little world completely out of this world. The foreigner affair committee of UK has every right who want to invite and has its own aim to achieve. By all measurement those three individuals are better placed than most Eritrean to know and articulate the true situation inside Eritrea. Hence I don’t have problem with the choice of the witnesses.

    Out of the three individuals I would like to applaud Mr Martin Plaut. He is very articulate to his answer and informed and knowledgeable. He knows the true colour of Iseyas Afwerki and his group. At one point he describe Eritrea a very strange state. It is very hard to mirror against any state in this plant. The other two lack the experience of answering to what is asked rather turned to what they want to talk. Especially Gaim lacks the skill of communicating or conveying what he really wants to say. Having said that it is all Eritreans problem. In general most Eritreans lack the skill of communication.

    Mr Reid approach is more of broader one rather than on Eritrea. He tried hard to find broader solution to a unique problem of Eritrea. It is over simplification to think the Eritrea problem is boarder dispute with Ethiopia. As outsider he may be felled by HGDEF diaspora operatives. They are very good manipulators who see no wrong in Eritrea.

    Prof Gaim I know how to describe his witness statement. He was all over and some time his could not answer a simple question whether the nerve or lack of skill he was not articulate and some time a joke. For example when he was asked how many other nationally pretend to be Eritreans to ask for asylums? His reply was MOST of them. This means more than 50%. This can destroy his creditability as a witness. I don’t mean there are none other nations claim to be Eritrean but there is no way MOST.

    Overall it was interesting session and I would like to thank Martin for his passion and his courage. It is really appreciated to side with voiceless whereas sided with the oppressor is more rewarding.