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Football : RSF publishes “game sheets” for African football tournament showing the level of freedom of information in the participating nations

INTERNATIONAL Football : RSF publishes “game sheets” for African football tournament As the African Cup of Nations football tournament (AFCON) is about to start,  Reporters Without Borders (RSF) publishes “game sheets” showing the level of freedom of information


Football : RSF publishes “game sheets” for African football tournament

As the African Cup of Nations football tournament (AFCON) is about to start,  Reporters Without Borders (RSF) publishes “game sheets” showing the level of freedom of information in the participating nations and highlighting the biggest fouls against this freedom.

 Some of the countries taking part in the tournament, to be held from 14 January to 5 February, are ruled by leading press freedom predators and have distinguished themselves by the skill with which they abuse journalists and media outlets.

 They include the host nation, Gabon, which imposed a complete blackout on the media, communications and social networks during the crisis that followed last August’s presidential election.

 Uganda has been working on its technique all year, roughing up journalists during demonstrations by opponents of President Yoweri Museveni’s election.

 The Democratic Republic of Congo has the deadliest record, with 12 journalists murdered with impunity in the past ten years, while Egypt is one of the world’s biggest prisons for journalists, with 28 currently detained, and is in the process of tightening the net of its media legislation even more.

 “The public’s enthusiasm for such events must not make us forget another reality, the much grimmer one of abuses against journalists and media outlets by many of the participating countries,” RSF secretary-general Christophe Deloire said. “So we are using the AFCON to issue red cards to certain African countries and leaders who are press freedom predators.”

 The tournament kicks off on 14 January with a game between Gabon, which is ranked 100th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2016 World Press Freedom Index, and Guinea-Bissau, ranked 79th.

Follow RSF’s campaign on this page, which will be updated during the tournament.

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Review overview
  • Z, Hagos January 14, 2017

    Eritreans are worried about the game sheet devised and prepared by Isaias that involves picking up the most caring military generasl. The game is played by turning the generals against each other. Since each general has and commands his territory, is ordered to tighten the control of his territory by cleaning all anti-Isaias activities in his controlled area. But unfortunately there appears to be a hidden game played by the generals. That game focuses on making sure no other general interferes in non of his concerns, yet the fear of not becoming a victim of the other generals plots is the trouble of the day for each of the generals. Therefore, in facing the trouble of the day, the generals started to clean those believed to be agents of the other generals who are doing business in their territories. Like the inter-mafia killings, the generals are everyday killing those believed to be a threat to their powers. Just follow what’s going on and pray for the safety of our innocent people.
    The generals have also made their way into turning the Massawa group to support them. We all know that the highest hands in Eritrea are those of Isaias and the the Massawa group. The Massawa group works underground to make Isaias look like he is everything on the top. Even though the Massawa group is equally accountable for all what’s going on in Eritrea, Isaias is taking the blame. No one appears to blame the Massawa group. The Massawa group played a leading role in eliminating Wedi Ali and all those from Sahle. The generals know this fact, so it is time to get the Massawa group involved in open crimes..

    • Daniel January 14, 2017

      Who are the Massawa group then and how come you know so much about them?? And why are you telling us about this irrelevant Massawa group now when the article is actually about African football tournament in which our Singapore has not qualified yet again may be due to our other half (deki Alis & deki Halimas) could only take part or compete in camel races only!!!
      Could you also be a member of this weird Massawa group or could this group be consisting of terefmerfat Jebha meshamish criminals and deKhalu goHafat of Kiros refaE Tahirat type??
      Wedi Ali is a coward bojbaj moslem chicken who tried to follow the instructions of his Arab masters and who eliminated himself in his fox hiding hole. Our heroes are people like Zeray Deres who eliminated white colonialist enemies on their ground before losing his precious life.
      The forto movement of Wedi Alis was an Islamic Jihadi evil moslem mission of Abdella Jaber as a Saudi spy wanted to weaken Eritrea before the evil Islamic take over. With useful idiots like yourself worshiping losers and evil Islamic movements are gaining momentum.

  • Girma January 14, 2017

    The only question one needs to ask is that how many Eritrean footballers will defect, again?

    The retards of the Ghedli Romantics tell us that Hailessie was “backward and feudal” as the Ghedli Romantics have themselves created the worst an Abeed slave social order that hates itself and its own languages, such as Tigre – Tigrinya..
    You only need to read the advanced football history of Eritrea under the so called “feudal” emperor Haileselassie that the Abeeds never fail to belittle to cover up their own slavish Abeed history and manners

  • alem January 15, 2017

    Eritrea is not participating. If it decides to participate it will be composed of isseyas, yemane, yemane , hagos kisha, abraha kasa and filipos. These are the only loyal super clean 100% eritreans who can. Not defect. Oops hagoskish and issu are not 100% eritreans. Who knows where wedi kasa is from? May be from gojam or tigray.