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Fetsum: Yemane Monkey’s crocodile tears in defense of his criminal regime

QUOTE OF THE MOMENT: We Eritreans have finally caught the evil dictator’s tail successfully closing our humanitarian case against his system; we must now swiftly close the political void by hammering his head through the

QUOTE OF THE MOMENT: We Eritreans have finally caught the evil dictator’s tail successfully closing our humanitarian case against his system; we must now swiftly close the political void by hammering his head through the hard working intellectuals’ Global Initiative GRASSROOTS movement to confidently and safely transit our society to secular democracy

There is no doubt that justice is about to be served by the international court against the Eritrean dictatorial system after the UN COMMISSION found it guilty of crimes against humanity. The regime through the mouth piece of its criminal component Yemane Monkey has delivered its defense statement mainly concentrating on 6 weak points of deliberation in its attempt to defy justice and survive the verdict that is about to signify the first stage of its downfall by universal consensus.

Yemane, in his press conference that he called “preliminary response” nullified the foundation as easily defensible, biased, laughable and unsubstantiated categorizing it as a politically motivated opinion of three individuals that does not represent the view of the human rights council branch of the UN. According to him, it lacks “non-selectivity, objectivity and neutrality” to materialize in this confrontation with all inclusive humankind.  Please allow me to present my view on the matters that I felt important without exaggeration, affiliation and representing any group in the resistance.

Yemane started his defense stating that he only received the edited version of the foundation 48 hours ahead of his press release contrary to the chairman of the commission’s statement that they gave him “several days ago”. He wanted to make this a big deal unnecessarily. The expression “several days ago”, however, literally means a plurality of days or more than a day implying anything starting from two days and on. Therefore, 48 hours being two days, the commission’s testimony that it gave him the document several days ago stands correct and his argument and winning does not make sense beyond falsely accusing the chairman to earn unjustified sympathy from the blind followers of the regime.

Yemane then continued into his 6 outstanding points stating that his regime found the deliberation void and unjust.

1)                  “The foundation was based on denial of equal opportunity into the depth of the matter rejecting 42,000 Diaspora Eritreans and specially 856 individuals willing to directly testify in favor of the regime, solely depending on the testimony of some 500 people of unknown identity. It was thus, invalid and biased so to say.”

Comment: Nobody knows how the Monkey brought that many Diaspora Eritreans (42,000) into the matter for he has nothing to show to this effect. Where do they live and who were they? Is there any statistical proof to this testimony? Was he talking about the total number of Eritreans in his government’s list of tax exploitation, victims of its widely spread blackmailing scum and members of the mercenary Ginbot 7 of opportunist Birhanu Negga?  On what basis were the so categorized Eritreans in this case and so said 856 individuals going to testify if they were never affected by the violations of the regime against their rights and safety?

First, Monkey’s assertion that the “about 500 people that testified in this case were of unknown identity” is a major offense against the Eritrean people because they were all Eritreans by identity. Secondly, the issue here was about Eritrean victims of his system’s crimes against humanity on at least one of the crimes in the list not on blind supporters and riffraff Ethiopians of the old monarchy that had no direct experience of the offense/s. It does not concern many Eritrean that safely lived in Diaspora including me. Giving him the benefit of the doubt assuming that many Eritreans (42,000) were ready to help the regime in this account, the Diaspora Eritreans that count in hundreds of thousands against the regime should then have been allowed to testify on what they think about its performance. There are more Eritreans in this world against the regime that could easily neutralize said “42,000 pro government Eritreans” the Monkey brought to this matter, still giving him the benefit of the doubt although logic says they don’t even have that many people on their side any more. But those of us that did not directly experience his regime’s crimes against humanity had nothing to do with the case because it was only about the direct victims, the reason the commission exclusively concentrated on. Therefore, the Monkeys crocodile tears on this testimony is rendered irrelevant and his “invalid” conclusion out of sync with reality and the subject matter on the ground.

2)                  “The commission’s standard of evaluation and extraction of information from so said victims was biased against his regime. The criteria by which said evidence of charges was collected were simply inadequate, invalid, false and easily disprovable. For example, the statement that Eritreans live in state of fear and unable to voice their opinions was video-graphically contradicted by international journalists. Therefore, the commission ‘s performance in this regard failed to meet the minimum standard.”

Comment: What could have been the minimum standard the Monkey talked about? Seriously, I cannot understand. For what the world knows, Eritrea stands the worst in the world for freedom of speech ever since it jailed the journalists after the Badme war. The regime has only been excellent in security matters with drastic failure in everything, otherwise. It is an open secret that Eritrean refugees were not only scared of expressing their opinions inside the country but also systematically traumatized and conditioned to be scared of the brutal regime even after they managed to escape out of the country through intimidation and blackmail against their families and belongings at home. Who were said international journalists that said freedom of speech exists in the country and the people were not in state of fear as poor Monkey shamelessly said in his press release? Why did Eritrea disallow the commissioner team to investigate the situation inside the country had it had confidence on what the Monkey said with habitual denial the world is tired of? Why did the journalists without boarders repeatedly accuse the country of what he denied in the international podium? Buying one or two opportunist journalists to help out in this regard does not and will not work; only would allowing any journalist to enter the country and freely perform investigation. Unfortunately, the regime cannot do this for it well understands the consequence. In so saying, disallowing direct examination from within the country is by itself admission of wrong doing to the people and therefore Eritrea did not adequately defend itself against the commission’s foundation in this scenario because we all certainly know that our people are in dire state of fear and trauma in their country.

3)                  “The Commission lacked balance failing to acknowledge Eritrea’s overall achievement in the areas of social and cultural rights in Eritrea. It ignored the political and civic rights of children and the disabled, and the strengthening efforts of the regime’s judiciary system through new laws, the institutional impacts so to say. It disregarded the opportunity created to empower the youth and ratifying the constitution, needless to mention its genuine effort to implement the 92 recommendations proposed by the international community towards consolidating genuine human rights in the country.”

Comment: Do you think the authentic Eritrean culture denies burial of a citizen in the country as demonically enforced by the morally decadent regime for the first time in our history on Naizghi Kiflues’s episode? Do you think orphaning children was our culture as performed by the heinous regime against the children of Mahmood Sherifo, Petros Solomon and Dawit Isaac et al? do you think persistently condemning the dying children in the seas and deserts of the world was the cultural and social value of our decent society? How about politicizing religion all over our Diaspora community and indefinitely jailing religious leaders without due trial?

For what we know, total destruction of the society’s social and cultural values was the regime’s best achievements in the last 25 years of reckless and intentional socio-political vulgarism. The regime’s signature profile in terms of social destruction starts by restricting people’s choice of religious beliefs and extending into disintegrating the youth from their families signified by the highest refugee crisis per capita, traumatizing them through endless slavery and rape, organ harvesting and death, and denial of basic necessities such as electricity and water.

Eritrea desperately needs cultural revolution to reset the destruction of its remarkable culture because of the regime’s meticulous national policy. Where are the political and civic rights of the desperate children on the run and their death in international deserts and seas? How about the savage killings of the disables veterans for just requesting basic improvement in their lives? How about those incarcerated without due trial in more than 300 prison enterprises and victims of random killing of the brutal regime as recent as few months ago in Asmara and elsewhere, needless to mention the intentional destruction of education that made the country the only one without accredited university on the planet? How about the arbitrary injustice of the state machine and unaccountability, the hundreds of millions of stolen money stashed in private accounts of the Swiss Bank?

For the Monkey to have the gut talking about empowerment of the youth in a country that only gives grade 12 education in SAWA slavery camps and produces unprecedented exodus was simply ridiculous and high level self-deception to say the least. For this guy to talk about the effort it did to implement the constitution in a country where justice was murdered for the last 25 years is just a mockery on the average commonsense let alone that of the highly educated members of the international community. The fact that the international community suggested 92 items for improvement in the areas of social, judicial, economical, educational and human rights in general by itself manifests the extreme condition of human survival in the Eritrean society. Yet no visible improvement has been made by the most adamant, ridiculous and destructive absolute dictatorship in history. Therefore, the attempt Monkey made to convince the word otherwise in this regard was comparable to an insane mind’s hallucination at the highest peak of self-deception.

4)                  “The foundation ignored the fundamental realities on the ground including the state of war with Ethiopia, its illegal occupation of Eritrea’s territory and violation of its rights, repeated aggression against the country and the unjust sanction imposed on.”

Comment: True is that Ethiopia has continued occupying our land (Badme) defying the Algiers agreement with Eritrea. There is no state of war, however, except isolated skirmishes like in any other situation with similar problems around the world, excluding this week’s scenario in Tserona for public consumption in this regard.  The situation cannot by any logical evaluation justify the massive all rounded abuse of human rights and economic paralysis in the country based on this rationality. Had this been the case, Ethiopia could also be in similar situation instead of registering ever increasing social and economic development as has been witnessed in recent years. Eritrea’s serious diplomatic failure and its monotonous refusal of any international effort to resolve the situation including Ethiopia’s request for dialogue have certainly been the main causes of the stalemate, needless mentioning that Eritrea does not want to cooperate for the return of Badme because of its dire consequences in the areas of constitution, political prisoners, democratic reforms including election and SAWA slavery to list the least.

Eritrea’s unlawful accommodation of Ethiopian terrorists such as the Ginbiot 7, Arbegnoch Ginbar and DEMHIT to obstruct its on-going development at the excuse of Badme differential that it refused to regain through diplomacy and dialog clearly indicates that the regime has been using the conflict to indefinitely keep the people hostage by accentuating its brutality, injustice, slavery and dictatorship. Eritrea’s hazardous policy has been one of the main reasons for the so said Ethiopia’s repeated aggression against its territory, the recent Ethiopian opposition attack in Begemider being an example to this effect, needless to say the recent violent episode in Tserona which many keen politicians contemplated of being initiated by the Eritrean regime to justify this excuse of failure and to divert public attention from the on-going international effort bringing the dictator and his criminal clique to the ICC.

Eritrea worked hard for sanction that it brought as excuse of failure in this podium by being the only supporter of Alshebab and the only country that failed to recognize the Somalian government for the heck of devil’s advocacy against and extreme confrontation with the rational minds of the international community. Why should so said state of war and sanction have to do with the massive human rights violation in Eritrea any way? Why should Eritrea become the worst case study for abuse of humanity for these irrelevant reasons to the issue on the ground? Monkey’s excuse of the border conflict with Ethiopia and the well deserved sanction for Eritrea’s abuse against humanity and over all failure in everything is irrational, unjustified and out of place. Therefore, Eritrea drastically failed to reasonably defend itself in this regard.

5)                   “The UN commission overstepped its mandate lobbying countries that would not even engage on matters of human rights, falsely claiming of constituting Eritrea’s threat to international peace and security, clearly revealing its extremely biased political opinion against the country.”

Comment: Monkey of course did not mention any country to justify this allegation but Eritrea has been consistent rejecting any attempt to improve its ugly and destructive resume on human rights and peace. It has been persistently rejecting the IGAD, AU, EU, the US and the UN in this regard, becoming the only country in the continent to suffer sanction by unanimous vote of all African countries in continental history. It is the only country in Africa and in the world that does nor recognize the Somalian government in favor of the terrorist Alshabab, the first to officially reject universal opinion against Kaddafi and the verdict against Bashir on crimes against humanity with the dictator being the first leader to visit Sudan to this effect. It is the only country in East Africa that defused its membership in IGAD and initiated war with its neighbors (Ethiopia, Yemen and Djibouti). Eritrea is the only country in the world that refused to improve relationship with three consecutive American presidents (Clinton, Bush and Obama) obvious recalling the first country to officially reject Obama in the world. It is a country that allowed the Arabs (Saudi Arabia et al) to dispatch massive bombardment against the Yemeni rebels from its territory and a loner in the world that supports the terrorist Ethiopian opposition forces (Ginbot 7, Arbegnoch Ginbar and DEMHIT). How about the shoot to kill policy that decimates innocent kids on the run for basic freedom and survival, the massive exodus of the youth that has been organ harvested, raped and dying everywhere more than any other society in the world? What else can a regime do to be a threat to international peace and security more than what it did way more than its terrorist share? Eritrea is simply a menace to the human race in general to say the least!!

Therefore, the Monkey was again out of reality in this regard failing to make sense in defense of his criminal regime in the podium.

6)                  “Most importantly, the commission’s collective accusation is legally indefensible for being without end. It fails to prove the systematic nature of the crimes alleged to have been committed in Eritrea. It was thus nothing more than one motivated by political reasons instead of crimes against humanity.”

Comment: All allegations were legitimate and in fact minimal in my opinion because the international community did not get the chance of performing its duties inside Eritrea. It did not get the chance of confronting our citizen in metal containers in the hottest portions of the planet, the labor camp slavery in the mining sites and mechanisms of torturing innocent citizens thrown to the gutter without due trial. There are lots of untold stories in this country that has been reduced to a massive prison of the entire society. There is no political motivation to cry about here but time to suffer the consequence of Satanism in our society and the world at large.

In conclusion, Yemane Monkey’s illusive tenacity to defend the regime cannot vindicate the unique crimes committed by the absolute dictatorship against humanity. The time for the Eritrean people to trash the devil out of the society has arrived and we should accelerate the struggle for freedom and peace without being deterred by its desperate attempt of overcoming justice through unparalleled means of survival. The regime has been overused by the Satan in destroying our society and it is our turn respecting God’s call for cumulative effort to finalize the debacle and misery we suffered since the time of independence. God has allowed the Eritrean people controlling the tail of the devil and we should dissent its head from the body by firmly supporting the grassroots movement at hand. Let the hidden wounds of our people explode in the streets of the world through massive demonstrations and unified resistance under the guidelines of the Global Initiative. Let the voices of our voiceless people amplify everywhere in this final confrontation with the messengers of Satan with God’s assistance in the background. God has blessed us with this golden opportunity to utilize for the freedom of our depressed society so shall we not disappoint him taking advantage of through the GLOBAL GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT. PLEASE GIVE YOUR NAMES IN SUPPORT OF THE GLOBAL INITIATIVE TO CLOSE THE POLITICAL VOID IN THIS CRITICAL MOMENT OF OUR HISTORY WITHOIUT HESITATION. Long live the Eritrean people’s fight for freedom and democracy!!

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  • Jonas yosief June 18, 2016

    Simply excellent article

  • Berhe Tensea June 18, 2016

    The monkey was a total failure,, it was hard for the monkey to defend the indefensible,. He was lying and incoherent , what a shame.
    Excellent article thank you..

  • k.tewolde June 18, 2016

    Continue your stellar contribution Fitsum .Indeed,God helps who those help themselves.

  • zoo June 19, 2016

    Well done

  • Ghirme Tesfazion June 19, 2016

    God, in due time, will bring everything to light there will be nothing that will remain hidden as long as God is in his Throne.. I read the article with excitement. Good job Fitsume. Thank you.

  • ሓጎስ ተኽለ June 20, 2016

    ሓው ፍጹም

    ብጣዕሚ ጽቡቕ መብርሂ ከም ኩሉ ካልእ:-
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    ከተ ባብዓካ ጥራሕ እየ ዝኽእል አምላኽ ይሓግዝካ።