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Fetsum: The current situation under the surveillance of the third-eye (PART II)

Fetsum: The current situation under the surveillance of the third-eye (PART II) In my last article, I said “our people are now conscious enough to seek freedom and justice in Eritrea through their revolution without depending

Fetsum: The current situation under the surveillance of the third-eye (PART II)

In my last article, I said “our people are now conscious enough to seek freedom and justice in Eritrea through their revolution without depending on the political groups.” By that, I meant only at organizational or mobilization level of the socio-political game because they are getting organized by themselves without parasitic attachment to the civic and political groups.

The Eritrean people have finally approached the end of dictatorship in so far as Isaias Afwerki as a system was concerned. We are approaching the end of the long tunnel, just a step away from making Eritrea one of the best democracies in Africa through universally crafted CONCEPTUAL UNITY on our immediate challenge (transitional government to democracy). We are  very close to close this chapter of our resistance and fully concentrate on his removal with confidence and security. I am not saying the people don’t understand this objective reality but we cannot afford facing the transition period without solid conceptual unity on the mandatory independence of the transitional government from the political parties.

The fact remains, that we have everything in place for correct democracy to reign in the country; decent, hardworking and obedient people, harmonious ethnic and religious groups, highly educated intellectuals and professionals and people that appreciate peaceful coexistence with our neighbors. We are also blessed with many civic and political groups that can in conceptual unison build democracy on the graveyard of dictatorship. Our society is conditioned to achieve sustained democracy from here on depending on how much we learned from our experiences and how wisely we utilize our resources based on the universal conventions of democracy. We need to scientifically face the incoming challenge to enjoy democracy forever because a slip out of its genuine process can drive the society to another chaos and dictatorship.

It is simple and here is the deal: Our struggle for freedom is impossible to succeed without tight conceptual unity between the civic and the political societies. Neither the interest of the people nor that of the political parties’ can be secured without this fundamental coexistence.

Dear Eritreans; we have gone through decades of experimentation to get to this critical final round of the fight. This is a playoff time where the people and the political parties must team up and work for the incoming transitional government by the book (clearly identifying their roles in the democratic process of the nation). This is the time where both elements of the society should initiate the foundation of the government by supporting each other and respecting their specific political roles to defend the nation from another disaster. The society needs security about its political future and the opposition camp should collectively deliver it by universal law. The people need strong political parties with good national programs and the political parties need rule of law from the people to create correct democratic ambiance by which they come to political power. The two components of the society are mutually interdependent in view of democracy and have a common enemy in dictatorship.

Then we have the Army, a  variable element in the equation that constructively or destructively serves society based on the quality of the relationship between the people and the political parties. The Sudanese people would never have achieved the current promising transitional government had the soldiers been the only actors of the change. Fortunately, the elite class and political parties were tight enough to substantially control the political future of the country behind the highly mobilized mass despite all attempts of the army to install another dictatorship, of course in the name of feck DEMOCRACY as usual. The political parties were in synch with the elite class and both sects harmonically performed their interdependent designated roles: for the people to manage the process of democracy through a NEUTRAL TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT and for the political parties to organize themselves for power strictly abided by the laws of the people. This was agreed upon by the elite class in the midst of the uprising and there was no confusion when they reached the pinnacle of the fight that toppled president Bashir out of the way. The political parties are today organizing themselves for election leaving the law and the transitional government for the people to manage. Once again, I will chronologically discuss the Sudanese journey to democracy somewhere in this series.

Our difference on what type of democracy we should have (liberal democracy or secular democracy) can wait till we arrive at the transitional phase of our history upon the devil’s dissolution, but there is only one condition for the harmonic relationship between the people and the political parties in our situation: Acceptance that the transitional government’s neutrality or independence is mandatory for its successful performance including managing free election with independent electoral committee observable by UN sponsored international forces without internal interference. Acceptance that the executive branch of the incoming transitional government be composed of NEUTRAL elements from the people independent of the political parties while its legislative brunch remains open for all citizens of the land with the people’s representation acquiring the majority of its sits by law.

I don’t know about other Eritreans but I believe the underlined points can produce the badly needed CONCEPTUAL UNITY that can swiftly diffuse the dictator in favor of genuine democracy in the country. We are in deep trouble, otherwise!!

In the meantime, few important events have developed today as a matter of necessity that we have to take advantage of shuffling the cards to win the game.

  1. a)        The dictator has exhausted his intelligence and potentials as a function of time and circumstances. Space and time are fast shrinking for him at Adi Hallo where he spends his uncertain time coloring and twisting his mustache. Change will come one way or another!
  2. b)        People at home are struggling in their capacities. The people’s movement (Yiakil, etc.) has created a favorite scenario for us to encourage its progress towards global unification under common leadership in Diaspora. The global leadership anticipated to be achieved through the movement will have to serve as the back bone of the revolution that instructs the people to simultaneously act (demonstrations, cultural events, discussions, etc.) through one global chain of command, depending on the situations. We hope to see an all inclusive organization of our intellectuals and professional to navigate the political (conceptual) dimension of the movement like the Sudanese people did in the ongoing revolution (to be discussed in detail in the near future).
  3. c)         Direct communication link between the Diaspora and the people in the country has been highly upgraded thanks to Assenna and other channels in the category. The social media has produced quiet a few activists from within the young generation that are currently teaching the people from all angles of the planet.
  4. d)        The final topic of interest is fast shrinking towards the most critical subject matter of the society; how to transit the society to democracy!
  5. e)        BAYTO has opened the stage for everybody to exchange ideas without anyone dominating the show. It has also disclosed its CHARTER to the public for discussion.
  6. f)         It has been a while since DENVER SINIT disclosed its MANIFESTO to the public for discussion. The group had recently announced its CHARTER and we shall together enjoy it with positive energy no matter what happened in the past.
  7. g)        GI is discussing the matter and will hopefully disclose its position on the subject as soon as possible. I hope others will do theirs to this end obvious saying we can very, very, very much utilize the many professors in EGS in this prospect.
  8. h)        There is a group of high caliber intellectuals and diplomats calledEritrea Focusworking on how to transit the society to democracy and we hope they will bring something to the table soon; needless saying their prompt contribution would play an extremely important role in this aspect.
  9. i)          An extraordinary coincidence (Sudanese democratic journey) is taking place today under the very organized Sudanese intellectuals, law abiding political parties and the tightly unified mass at large. We can use their scientific revolution as our prototype or model for transition to democracy because of the similarities of our situations and also because they are executing the process by the rule! Once again, I will discuss this in detail!

Folks! Bayto’s and DENVER SINIT’s exposure of their respective CHARTERs is indeed a great opportunity that opens the door for other inputs to engage into a collective output that conceptually unites the people in Diaspora. We can now work on something materially concrete to positively enhance the vibrant environment transparently. As for clarity,  a CHARTER is a ‘written proposal as to how our country’s legislative or sovereign power, and its rights and privileges should be processed in the transitional period to democracy and far beyond. It is a document that describes the powers, duties and structures of a government and the rights of citizens.’ This is a golden opportunity to create a common understanding of the subject matter before we formally enter the transition stage at the expense of the dictatorship.

In conclusion, objective knowledge illuminates subjective logic and a universal impression centralizes scattered opinions of a concept in question. This is why, it becomes necessary for us to learn about other experiences of transitions to accept the constants (applicable elements such as universally accepted values of the subject matter), blend them with the variables (unique issues of our society) and arrive at legitimate transitional authority acceptable to the international community (UN, AU, etc.). I will present the Bayto’s and SINIT’s Charters in the next series and we will together at minimum compare and contrast with the Liberian and Sudanese transitional experiences. We can also include Somalia’s transition to democracy and even more, upon demand as few cases in the long list of points concerning the generic human experience of transiting a society to democracy through independent transitional governments. This is the voice of the people and please participate and enjoy the show!

Review overview
  • michae tzerai September 29, 2019

    typo .’…..and now in 2019 with ….’ last line.

  • fetsum September 29, 2019

    please ignore the last two lines

  • rezen September 30, 2019

    Subject: “Fetsum: The current situation under the surveillance of the third-eye (PART II, September 17, 2019”

    Quote: “The fact remains, that we have everything in place for correct democracy to reign in the country;
    – decent
    – hardworking
    – obedient
    – harmonious ethnic and religious groups
    – highly educated intellectuals and professionals
    – blessed with many civic and political groups” Unquote Collected from Fetsum’s Article

    I sincerely hope that the following commentary will find its way to the platform, along with others, for the ONLY intent/hope of being useful in the discussion for the LIBERATION of Eritrea in the TRUE meaning of the word.

    Commentary, 30 Sept 2019
    In my reading of the subject matter, eighty-three percent (83%) of the listing above is correct. I also think those characteristic qualities (in the 83% bracket) are the HALLMARKS of Eritreans that foreigners around the Globe, who came across Eritreans, arrive at that judgement. It is my honest feeling, not professional assessment. And it is not meant to be bragging. It is Eritrea’s admirable sociological characteristic.

    Alas! Eritreans are only Humans. The remaining seventeen percent (17%) [i.e. one line in the above listing] is unfortunate characteristic of Eritreans that became the legendary Achilles heel. We are stuck — unless, miraculously, we get together and truly scrub out our weaknesses from our psyche. A far cry — sad to say. But TRYING is the best alternative >>> if we are: a) able to get together (not in fractured groups); b) respecting differences of opinion; and above all; c) avoiding insulting each other in our dialogue.

    And along the way, It is not farfetched to say [though it deeply hurts] that Issayas used those weaknesses [among others] EFFECTIVELY to arrive at HIS OWN goal as he openly said it to a comrade in a moment of relaxation and a ‘free tongue’ >>> “ከርእየኩም እዬ” ። He did, with an extraordinary patience of 30-year duration >> sealed secrete >> eliminating Eritreans who are suspected of being obstacle to long-range agenda >>and maneuvering/polishing the ground for his long-hatched hateful revenge against Eritreans. To Issayas, Sept 1991 was NOT the date of liberation of Eritrea but only the commemoration date for his own long historical private struggle as a revenge against the entire population of Eritrea. Eritrea is now under his feet. Amazing!!! Whether we like it or not, unbelievable as it may be, a single mortal human being, Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch, a first-year college drop-out, defeated the entire people of Eritrea – which, needless and sad to say, it includes thousands and thousands of highly educated Eritrean scholars of the highest educational calibre from world-renowned Universities around the Globe. I rush to add: the fact that similar examples occurred in human history is NOT, should NOT be, a consolation to the Eritrean People. Anyway, Issayas is now set on an adventure, encompassing the entire Horn of Africa!!!! Stay tuned

    At the risk of pocking the Eritrean wound, the mushrooming of 80 to 90 Eritrean opposition groups — presumably ALL working for the SAME aim to unseat Issayas — are still presumably struggling, from safe distance, away from Eritrea. Let us not kid ourselves. The 30-year war for the liberation of Eritrea would never have been successful with multiple groups [example = 80 to 90] working in different direction/style etc. It was the FOCUSING of ONE Liberation Force on its ONE, and only ONE, aim that made it world renowned fighting force for the liberation of Eritrea. The example should also be the guiding light for Eritreans in 2019 to form a guiding force with all Eritreans around the Globe focusing in supporting that guiding force to arrive at the common goal i.e. this time to liberate Eritrea from an indigenous dictator. There is no any other way of liberating Eritrea from foes and indigenous betrayal.

    Failing to observe the effective way of liberating Eritrea will only enhance the outpouring of Eritreans from their beloved Eritrea which, in turn, transform itself to the repetition of the biblical classical exodus with a distinct horror of possibility of rendering an empty Eritrea with its wealth and strategic location to ‘vultures’ THE END

  • Tsehaye October 1, 2019

    Dear Rezene,

    I am sorry to say this but I see some emotionally-driven statements in your comment. Eritrea is not blessed with countless civic societies and opposition orgs. It is in fact cursed because it has so many divisive political organizations and ineffective civic societies. In addition, a country which finds itself at the bottom of the human development index or least developed cannot be blessed with so many educated or intellectuals. It does not make sense. Another false narration that some Eritreans often repeat is that the 30 year war for independence was fought and won because Eritreans were solidly united. This statement is totally false. There has never been any unity among Eritreans since the 1940s. There were several factions during the revolution. There was the ELF, the EPLF, እንዳ ሳበ, እንዳ ዓጂብ, እንዳ ሳግም, እንዳ ዓብደላ, etc. The EPLF did not have the support of even 25% of Moslem Eritreans. The only reason why the EPLF won the war was because it owned the Eritrean field, and whoever owns the Eritrean field owns the poor peasants of Eritrea who were the sole source for the war machine. The Eritrean independence was achieved by the sacrifices of the the defenseless peasants of highland Eritrea. መርገም ናቶም እውን ይኸውን እዚ ኩሉ መከራን ጥፍኣትን ንሪኦ ዘለና። Let us not deceive ourselves. We are where we are today because our politics is not mature yet. Empty bragging will not help us to achieve our goals.

  • Woldegabriel October 1, 2019

    Anafra kokah zeyfelt’si ayhadanayn!

    • k.tewolde October 1, 2019

      Perfect MISLA Woldegabriel ,it is like reading the fine print in a disclaimer,by now if we cannot discern who’s talking and why, we’re suffering from macular degeneration. Wolde keep training your gun and shoot the birds down in flight,the Fall is upon us and it feels good with company like you.