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Fetsum: Shilalogy is a disease beyond your imagination

Folks, I went for Electrical Engineering in college and specialized in Solid State Engineering or Semiconductor Devices Fabrication Methods in graduate school to earn MSEE in 1989 from the State University of NY at Binghamton.

Folks, I went for Electrical Engineering in college and specialized in Solid State Engineering or Semiconductor Devices Fabrication Methods in graduate school to earn MSEE in 1989 from the State University of NY at Binghamton. I then earned MS in Information Systems from George Washington University in 1997 at the expense of the US Patent Office where I used to work at the time as a Patent Examiner in multi-dimensional engineering fields for about 14 years. I am an Electrician and also taught Application Software and Mathematics in different schools on and off until this stage of my life where I am contemplating early retirement to complete my new book probably after crystallizing my understanding of Buddhism from within few Far Eastern societies that practice the spirituality.

The fact remains that Psychology strongly impresses me to never hesitate majoring it had I had another chance to do. I am too old for school now but the human mind and behavior fascinate me to the limit and Psychology would have done justice to my deep interest on. Yet, with my little exposure to the field, I don’t think any mind can keep on generating ideas without other inputs that somehow trigger it to explore its unique creativity through knowledge acquired from our daily encounters. Nor do I think a pretentious life can easily get away from row commonsense because God gave us intelligence to assist, and we are blessed to have Assenna for this purpose.

As you know, I respectfully asked Amanuel Eyasu to keep the extremely filthy individuals in the forum for our psychological education and he did. Thank you my brother! Although you could have had a problem catching up with their frequency of appearance that dominated the last forum as you have noticed we learned good lessons from the opportunity as predicted. There is no doubt that there is too much hatred in our Nazist Agazian community and we are aware that they have full right to hate as long as they contain it within. They can peacefully organize themselves in terms of neighborhood, district, religion or ethnicity for their rights as long as they don’t cross our society’s wellbeing. We are not here to be liberated or united with another divided country by dreaming individuals incapable of liberating themselves from their own darkness for the question is nothing more than democracy at this point in the Eritrean experience. The deal is simple and straight forward; genuine communication without hang-up and camofludge, and taking the response without personification. In so doing, the Assenna family has no grudge to store, no image to entertain and no hatred to radiate. It only has compassion to give with absolute freedom of speech. We, therefore, love Shilan et al. as long as we arrest their tenacity to destroy our society. We love them for sacrificing their dignity by being a case study of the hallucinating mind and exposing us to Shilalogy, a psychological branch on unusual human behavior made at Assenna from the collective input of its participants.

Now, what is hatred? “Hatred or hate is a deep and extreme emotional dislike. It can be directed against individuals, groups, entities, objects, behaviors, or ideas. Hatred is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust and a disposition towards hostilityPathological hatred happens regularly, and is strong, unreasonable, and impossible to control.” The nature of hatred does not stop at one shot level of radiation because once you hate something chances are you will hate something else making the self inflicted damage exponential to say the least. A hater eventually loses control and indiscriminately launches the emotion against the universe including animals, plants, mothers, fathers, women, men, materials, religions, ethnic groups and nature at large unconsciously ending up applying the emotion to himself as well.

What does hate do to Shilan?  “Hating someone feels like a strong thing to do. It is a strong sentiment, but it leaves you weak. Not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Your options are limited; your health is compromised your connection is lost.” But what else contributes to his unprecedented level of hate energy besides fear? Hate blossoms at home, in its most fertile ground. It germinates from a dysfunctional upbringing because “a childhood with physical and emotional abuse makes one fearful of being with other people, filled with self-hatred and inability to trust others.” And once you hate yourself, you have no problem hating anything in the cosmos because “Self-hatred (also called self loathing) refers to an extreme dislike or hatred of oneself, or being angry at or even prejudiced against oneself. The term is also used to designate a dislike or hatred of a group, family, social class, or stereotype to which one belongs and/or has.” Psychology, therefore, concludes that brother Shilan started his life as mentally and physically abused child to the point he cannot help being himself in public.

What else did we learn from the last few forum experiences? We learned that self hatred induces extreme pressure on the hater to avoid the self. When life suffocates a liar or a hater with too many challenges one tends to commit suicide. In the absence of the courage doing it, a person tries to walk away from the compounded self-inflicted problems by re-inventing the self in search of different existence. One has at this point approached the highest psychological state of fear, becoming pseudocidic. Pseudocide is a person’s highest form of escape from the self through extreme form of deception; by faking one’s death to start a new life. Is Shilan pseudocidic? Let’s us check that head out for food for thought!!

As you know, forensic science spots criminals through rigorous examination related to finger prints, patterns and DNA, etc. In this situation, the most dependable Assenians such as K.twolde, Ahmed Saleh, Meretse, Danilo and G.Simon squeezed the best out of his strange psychic condition in public: They have been toying him like what Pavlov did to salivate his dog by exposing him to a piece of meat, brilliantly conditioning him to bubble in the mouth and kill himself in favor of fake identities “Asmerom, Sami, etc.” based on the forensic files that testify to this conclusion beyond the benefit of the doubt. The question is how?

            All forms of Shilan, at minimum used the following terms in their communication: aregit, old, fraudster, comedian, criminal, crook, crock and handouts and I don’t think this happened by accident. It was a pattern that Shilan tried to avoid but reality refused to comply. He knew he was a loner and tried to nullifying himself out of the show impersonating others in the horrifying experience. But his sloppy consciousness could not fake the truth that left something behind for forensic examination to spot the futile effort. Shilan is, therefore, a forensically proven pseudocidic for duplicating his mind behind other names.

            Pattern oriented Forensic examination says this is not the first time Shilan committed psuedocide; he used to appear as Asmara2 and Asmara3 back in the days.

I know he used to hangout in the same local DC bars I used to visit based on his relatively rational description of my personality of the time (in my forums) when he was Asmara 2 and 3. Although I imagined him to have been a short, fat and mustached creature who cannot leave his place without a tie, three-piece suit and well shined shoes,

I did not identify him then and never will. Apparently, the toxic mind has remained constant few years into the compulsion that evolved itself to other names in this situation. What we discovered is, therefore, something called Shilalogy that has a universal academic place in human Psychology.

            Shilalogy is not an idea, a marriage material, philosophy or outlook of society. Nor is it based on objective reality or historical substance fit for any style of communication but something a diagnosed person manifests to vent out internal problems with extreme vulgarity. It is Assenna’s psychology affiliated intellectual property characterized by child-abuse generated radicalized fear and self hatred that tries to liberate the self from the self by disintegrating it through pseudocidal approach. The syndrome demonizes the victim into revenge oriented self distraction as the main purpose of existence.

We cannot stop him because he has no life outside the forum but we can take him for nothing more than a piece of object like a cartoon art on a paper! Any person that takes this poor man seriously needs immediate psychiatric attention in my opinion. Does he have any value to society? I don’t think so because he has well served his experimental role for important psychological study called Shilalogy. What then would you do with this man? To be honest, I love him. Few of my most joyous moments in Assena took place because of him. You cannot believe how intensely I laugh in my pleasant solitude rereading his mind with uncontrollable tears in the eyes. I, therefore, would buy him for few dollars as a pet to entertain me in the house fully cooperating with my dog Keila that must be trained to switch him on and off through woofing. I thank Assenna for bringing him to my life!

Chapter 2: Until this point, I was treating Shilan’s issue as entertainment instead of a challenge because of wrong cultural orientation dealing with our traumatized people by any form of trauma including the effects of war, the struggle and betrayal, displacement, broken promises, wealth and family disintegration, etc. We have so many untreated psychologically wounded individuals beyond the understanding capacity of our people. They may look normal but their traumatic experience goes differ than their superficial image. It was at this point in the article that I really came to be enlightened by a decent Psychiatrist that specializes on child abuse in a bar, where we accidentally met and started discussing different things here and there. At one point, we were talking about his profession and what I learned was something I never seriously thought on in the past. I then went on trying to learn more about the situation and the research asserts what he briefly taught me in that accidental meeting. I am now seriously concerned about my brother Shilan as I went deeper into his life in relation to the cumulative damage done upon our people in general.

 I started from Shilan’s most frequent terminologies: “whore mouth, Wedi Amate Komarit, Wedi Hirkam, deki Komerti, TEGOMBAHI, diKhala, savage, vicious, big and small, deQalu babies. As you were too inadequate (in size and in action/penetration), Islam shit. Eritreans were being raped, evil MONSTER PEADOPHILLE fucking ROT. You could also check your goats and camels teeth by opening their mouths so that you don’t make love to under age lavitatat. Use double condoms when you are making love to your “lavitatat” goats, camels and Italiano gigos!!! PIMP, Khaliffa whore mouth, Saho whore snake, fesewe, stinky, dog father, your Komarit mother Hirkams savage wishimatat, condoms, toilet roll kind long, fagnatura ass/backside. kelbi, holes, SOB”.

As a preliminary matter a PEADOPHILLE is a person who rapes an UNDERAGE child and EVIL MONSTER/action penertation an expression of a victim’s experience based on the brutality of the unfortunate event. While KELBI and TEGOMBAHI may imply the physical position of the humiliating happenstance and the CONDOM could be the tool used in the practice. I leave the WHORE, MOUTH, DOG FATHER, RAPED, big and small, inadequate (in size and in action/penetration), fucking for you to figure out in connection to the subject matter, but I have exceptional problem with “making love to your “lavitatat” goats, camels and Italiano gigos” for whatever my mind thinks about, still from the situation on the table. What I learned in this experience, thanks to the Psychiatrist was that “Zoophilia is a persistent sexual interest in animals). People of Zoophlia are known as zoophiles [or] zoosexuals. Sodomy is a term closely related to the subject matter.” You simply cannot generate these ideas without fascination at minimum and, at least imagining them in the mind as my new friend modestly agrees. As for the” fagnatura ass/backside, holes”, the only thing I can do here is taking the expression as it arrived; the BUTT which is a hole in the human body for whatever reason it might have been radiated including the target of the offense.

All the expressions academically reflect “COMPULSIVE PERVERSION” to say the least but the highlighted terms tell another story about the brother. They are filthy and traumatic expressions associated with different forms and scenarios of sex, abnormal sexual fantasies and crimes associated with one’s very sexual identity. The expressions cannot create themselves without the help of the thinker in different states of mind including experiences, traumatic effects, criminal tendencies, imaginations, total negation of women’s and family values in society, ladies and gentlemen! To this effect, an expert says that“Boys and men can be sexually used or abused, and it has nothing to do with how masculine they are.”

“The myth associated with sexual abuse as a child:

Myth 1 – “The myth that boys can’t be sexually used or abused, and if one is, he can never be a “real man. They often attempt to maintain secrecy, and to keep the abuse going”” The victim tries to overcome the associated gender oriented complex by acting macho through specific expressions that indirectly reflect the syndrome.

Myth 2 –“U.S. Centers for Disease Control, found that the sexual abuse of boys was more likely to involve penetration of some kind, which is associated with greater psychological harm and shame that lead many to believe they have to “tough it out” on their own. And that, of course, makes it harder to seek needed help in the midst of the abuse, or even years later when help is still needed.”  Unfortunately, our culture has a hard time dealing with this extraordinary experience for a victim to suffer the consequence in extreme privacy.

Myth 3 – “The myth that boys who are sexually abused will go on to abuse others.

This myth is especially dangerous because it can create terrible fear in boys and men. They may not only fear becoming abusers themselves, but that others will find out they were abused and believe they’re a danger to children. Sadly, boys and men who tell of being sexually abused often are viewed more as potential perpetrators than as guys who need support.” Society has to profile and watch the brother unfortunately, but I believe he needs sympathy from us all in this case.

“Syndromes of sexual abuse as a child:

Difficulties with Sexual Functioning:  an obsession with sex.

Difficulties with Intimacy. If you once trusted someone who abused you when he/she should have been protecting you, you may now have difficulty trusting anyone.

Self-Harm and Harm of Others. If you feel worthless as a result of the abuse, you could turn these painful feelings against yourself and others. You may find yourself in situations or remain in relationships that are harmful to you, emotionally, physically, sexually or otherwise.

Flashbacks, Anxiety and Nightmares. If you have unexplained anxiety or panic attacks, you could be re-experiencing the trauma of being sexually abused.

Anger. You might feel angry on anything.

Shame and Guilt. If you were sexually abused as a child, the underlying emotion may produce a sense of shame. Shame is a deep sense of feeling ‘bad’ as a person.

Physical Symptoms. Pains in the genitals, buttocks or back.”

Brothers and sisters; from the whole picture grasped to this point, based on material proof, experts on the field, the professional who accidentally motivated me to research, behavioral patter and Shilalogical Psychology, Shilan is what happened to him, probably a victim of sexually abused childhood within the immediate family. It is no longer about his Agazian nonsense anymore but his concrete physio-psychological condition we should worry about as a member of our family, immaterial whether Tigrian or Eritrean by birth. Don’t please personalize his resentment of life any longer.

There is a way out of the trauma and we must help the brother if he tells his childhood experience to people of his choice. There are different forms of help available in the presence of cultural issues that may hinder his willingness to admit. He does not have to be ashamed of it, it happens to many children around the world. He can call the Center For Child Protection Center (202) 544-3144 for help if he still lives in DC metropolitan area. I am also available and I guarantee him full confidentiality in this regard and really hope he will take advantage of the offer. But the least the Assenna family can do now is to let him say whatever he wants without responding. If you cannot do this, you have no compassion to a suffering individual in the community and please allow him to be himself, he cannot help it and be careful.

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Review overview
  • Degoli March 27, 2018

    Thanks to Assenna, this website is great gift to the freedom of speech to educate and inspire Eritreans. Other websites may try to hide facts, white wash history or deny current events in Sinai or Libya and hide the suffering under their carpets.
    People like Fitsum are given full rights to express their views, be it informed, uninformed or biased.
    assenna should continue to be a reflection of all views in Eritrea,
    even the Hgdefites, Arabists, Deniers, Tigre language and book burners,
    Agazians, Shaebias, Teref Meref Jebhas, Islamist Jihadists,
    Pentecostals, men and women with only one kidney left, regionalists,
    Wahabists, Omerites – “Omer was a great man” creative writers of fiction,
    Shifta Janjawids cattle rustlers, Issaiasists, Camp or Gujle – “we are Arabs”,
    Dreamers -“there was a spark and al Sawra” second hand creative writers,
    Camp deniers – “there is no language called Tigre”,
    Ras Teferians … Tesfazionaits …. all should be free to express their views,
    even the ISIS Jihadi and Arab Bedouin dogs and kidney snatchers.

    This is what makes Assenna the best and greatest website – no bars held to freedom of expression on Eritrea

    • Michael Tesfamariam March 27, 2018

      You are just making up staffs here, you can cite no Eritrean run website that has prevented people from expressing their views. has deleted my comments several times before, because i wrote something that did not reflect their own views. You are entitled to extoll assenna as much as you like but you ar not entitled to your own facts brother. Yes, Assenna extensively covered the Sina and other similar tragic incidences more than any other Eritrean “opposition” media outlets including or but it doesn’t mean that it has a policy of tolerance or accommodating people with legitimate criticisms on some of its publications and the way it covers things.
      Example,, the author of the above article, is a permanent contributor at But look how extremely sensitive and thinn-skinned he is, he has been bashing people persistently for quite some time now on assenna only on one topic. He seems to believe he is immune from any sort of criticism, he doesn’t even respond as writer when people come to differ from his own analysis. I don’t mean that the views expressed by Agazianawian are all right or sometimes the way they behave or conduct themselves, but they are Eritreans who are deeply frustrated with the way their country is run or led, they are attempting to explore alternative solutions to the never ending political, economic and social situations in Eritrea. They should be challenged and confronted in a civilised and professional manner rather than trying to constantly attacking them by singing out some individuals members of the group. No matter how educated or old he is, it doesn’t help him to justify his hostile attitude toward the group. This one of the key differences between and other media outlets such as, where individuals are to make their comments without any degree of restrictions. If wants to expand its listeners or viewers, it should be able to develop some level of tolerance and engagement without any kind of discriminations or favour.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! March 28, 2018

        If assenna want to preserve its hard earned reputation , they must disinfect
        and clean the house from bugs . Amanuel Iyassu must learn a good lesson
        from . Saleh Johar of awate com. seems to have assistances
        from dedicated nationalists that expel unwanted intruders .
        TUKHAN KUNCHI MELIOMO . wedehankum

        • Simon G. March 29, 2018

          Agree, brother Ahmed!
          This guy,Michael Tesfamariam, is full of hatred and hidden HGDF, and pretending to be opposing it.
          AS you may have seen his last comment on another article, he thinks the opposition is anti-hamassien. What do you say to people like this. Their main goal in this forum is to destroy it.
          And also yes, Awate does a very good job on deleting unwanted intruders. ንመደናገርቲ ፍሊት ነፊሓ ጸጥ ተብሎም!

          • Zgeremo March 30, 2018

            Dear Simon G
            I agree about Michael Tesfamariam. But when it comes to I and other people I know have a different experience. Awate hosts the reckless and divisive persons such as Ali Salim. But they refuse to publish entries and articles which we believed were moderate in their view and tone. Their double standard is palpable, although sometimes they can be subtle. How many times have we read articles and comments at which had been refused by! Some of the names that I remember are: Tesfamichael Kidane, Tesfaldet Bahlebi, Selamawi. ክቡር ሓው፡ እቲ ናይ ዓዋተ ፍሊት፡ ንገሊኣቶም መደናገርቲ ዘደንዝዝኳ እንተኾነ፡ ነቶም ዝሰማምዑዎም መደናገርቲ ግን ኣይትንክፍን ኢዩ። ብተወሳኺ ድማ መንቅብ ዘይብሎም ጸሓፍት ኣብኡ ክማጎቱ ኣይተፈቕደሎምን፡ ብፍሊት ኣባሪራቶም። ኣቶ ተስፋልደት ባህልቢ፥ ናይ ቀደም ገረህላሰ ወለንኪኤል ናብ መስከረም ተማዕቊቦም።
            ኣሰና.ኮም ግን ነዞም ብጽልኢ ተመሊኦም ክጸርፉ እምበር ክማጎቱ ዘይመጽኡ ሰባት፡ ዓገብ ክትለልና ንልምና። Brother Futum is saying that these individuals are sufferers: we wish them good health. However, it seems that they are on a mission do make this forum useless and repulsive.
            Assenna should hold participants accountable when they do not abide by its guidelines. It should not disseminate hateful insults directed at selected populations. ዓሻ ዝተኸሎ፡ ለባም ነይነቕሎ ከምዝተባህለ ንፈልጥ እንዲና!
            ብሩክ በዓል ትንሣኣኤ

  • amanuel March 27, 2018

    Unfortunately, brother fusuim, we have so many brothers who are psychologically affected to the point of harming themselves and their loved ones. It was shocking to hear such things at the begining. Nowadays it has become kind of common occurence to hear horiffic events where by an eritrean stubed to death his wife and kids or his girlfriend or friend etc.
    However. I was more inclined to thinking that shilan was doing all that deliberately to disrupt the forum . i always thought he was one of the ignorant emotional supporters of hgdf.
    I hope he seeks help if he is suffering from some kind of mental problem. Usually such people need help from close friend or family member who convince them to get professional help though. Your initiative to help him thogh is highly appreciated.

  • Degoli March 27, 2018

    Thanks to the readers of this great website. We learned this historical fact from its dedicated readers, Though some imbecile servants and their useful idiots tried to deny this, such as:

    The burning of Tigre books – Saleh Ghadi’s account

    If there is one human being that would never be suspected of ignorance in matters big and small regarding Jebha, it would be Ghadi. So the idea that somehow he was not in the know regarding the burning of Tigre books in mieda would be a joke. Only he didn’t claim ignorance, but came up with an utterly benign version of it.

    Here is the strategy the Awate duo employ in their anesthetizing mission: if any damaging evidence surfaces, deny it; but if the chances of counter-evidence seems to be real, trivialize it.

    Here is how Ghadi handled the claim that I made in this article – that Jebha burned all Tigre books:

    “Saay, this is sounding as if a library was burned. The ‘books’ are actually handwritten, a few pages typed, copies for use as a teaching aid–sort of a curriculum of a few pages. Some of those who wrote it didn’t even speak Tigayet and all those who were pushing Tigrayet in place of Arabic were Tigrinya speakers, including Zemehret. I am not sure but I doubt if few pages reached the duplicator stage. But exaggeration has been the hallmark on such issues.”

    His first reaction was: how do I attribute the burning of the Tigre books to Kebessa elite? This is a brilliant move, because if he could do that, the Tigre elites would be absolved of that horrendous sin of burning their language – for that is what the burning of the books symbolized. First, he claimed that it was written by Tigrignas who don’t speak Tigre (or Tigayet, as he calls it)! The idea is to make it seem a preposterous idea from the very beginning. And in doing that, Ghadi found a perfect scapegoat: Zemhret Yohannes! This is a smart move since it would make many of the Kebessa zombies happy, that being part of the ongoing anesthesiology.

    Ghadi’s second strategy is to trivialize the incident to an inconsequential point: that it is a matter of few handwritten pages. Think of Jebha that has been printing countless pamphlets suddenly preferring to do it the medieval way, with hand-writing scribes toiling in the candle light, when it comes to books!

    Enter Amnuel Hidrat, who spoils this damage control by spilling the beans, telling the Awate duo that the burning concerns 1,500 printed books written by none other than Kerenites (which means that Gadi had heard it before over and over one thousand and one times, as a bed-time story).

    Since the spilling of the beans, we have yet to hear from Salih Johar Gadi on this matter.
    Courtesy of asmarino website:

  • Degoli March 27, 2018

    Emotions, servitude and biases aside, I learn from readers when the comments are true based on facts. I also learned this here from this website:

    “Truth is so hard to swallow for the hypocrites, the Awyate website and its two resident Salihs did everything to cover it up as they often do to many matters, including crimes committed by the Jebha ELF leadership or anything that involves their “masters”.
    The open source in the net confirmed that the Jebha ELF leaders who decided to burn Tigre textbooks that was prepared and printed by its own Department of Education are the following:

    1. Abdela Idris
    2. Hamid Adem Sulieman
    3. Ibrahim Mohamed Ali
    4. Azien Yasin, and few minions

    People like Ahmad Naser and Melake Tekle were not involved.

    Here you have the historical truth and the shameless idiots of Jebha who committed “linguistic suicide”.
    Thank you to the documentation center at – Eritrean Human Rights Electronic Archive – EHREA . ehrea org “

    • k.tewolde March 27, 2018

      Degoli,stop copying and pasting the same massage over and over again even if it doesn’t relate to the topic at hand.Do you feel you are not getting through? if so,trust your gut,it is time to quit. That said, Jebha aka ELF was a reflection of the Eritrean society awkward,fallible,unkempt yet a beautiful rainbow which graced the homeland skies from Karoara to ras dumera, She was a laboratory from where the current players emerged speaking her distinct accent.She was a mother who brought forth a child who became rebellious and want to do things his way.ELF was the mother of EPLF and those individuals you mentioned above don’t define her,just part of her like the current tyrant who evolved from her. It is an Eritrean history,leave it to us.

  • k.tewolde March 27, 2018

    Mental health is the most misunderstood,under researched,underfunded field of medicine.Can you imagine what the psychological ramifications are for the children who are growing up under this brutally repressive Asmara regime where nobody is held accountable for the crimes they commit especially those in power..Fitsum I am proud of you for shedding light on this matter without prejudice.

    • Gezae March 27, 2018

      The problem with the internet is that while information is easily conveyed, intention is not. If we’re reading something written by an anonymous person, whether we agree with them or not, we automatically make assumptions about their intentions. If we like what they say, we make the assumption that they already align with many of our values and our view. If we don’t like what they say, then we make assumptions about their values and view and lump them in with stereotypes of groups with which we disagree.

      Thus while the internet grants us all the right to communicate whatever we want and as much as we want, we must armor ourselves with the ideals of humanity. We must teach ourselves to be a little more resilient, a little more patient, a little less judgmental. And understand that the nitwit bad person on the other side of the screen is sometimes the same person you’d be happy to have a beer with in person

      • AHMED SALEH !!! March 28, 2018

        Gezae , wey-gooood
        You are right we should give them space to spew their bad mouth and to corrupt
        this forum with anti-Eritrean sentiments that offend Justice seekers .
        Have you heard the Tigrigna saying ” AFOM MEAR LIBOM LAMA ” . Fool yourself .

        • Gezae March 28, 2018

          Humans are wired to be sensitive not only to how we’re being perceived by others, but also to our reputations within certain social groups. When we have a disagreement in private, this does not threaten our social standing with anyone except the person we disagree with. But when we’re online, there’s an inherent publicity about it. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people can hop on and see someone trashing your ideas at any given moment. As a result, you.we’re far more likely to defend our turf and more likely to be aggressive about it.

          Comments, forums, and chatrooms all usually require that you register or take the time to type out your thoughts. As a result, the only people who tend to bother doing such a thing are people who feel particularly positive or negative about something. All of the people who feel neutral or only slightly lean one way or another get lost because sharing their opinion is not worth the investment of time and effort for them. In this way, unfortunately, only being presented with the extreme viewpoints in any situation causes our views to diverge even further. The debate becomes defined by the extremes gets sucked into one extreme viewpoint or the other.

          • AHMED SALEH !!! March 28, 2018

            If a person stand is neutral politically concerning Eritrean issues while injustices rule the lives of his people .
            obviously he is opportunist person with double standard ?
            At this moment I have zero respect for such individuals .

  • Danilo March 27, 2018

    Let’s assume that shilalogy is a disease badly effect an abused shillan. This abused street boy, must caught up for cure. I my self enjoy hearing him because he is funny but I hate him because my religion and region has nothing to do with him. If he /we is /are allowed in ASSENNA forum for experiment dearly! ድራሮም ወዲኣሎም ከይከውን።

  • Keshi Mars March 28, 2018

    Hello Assenna,

    If you cooperate to come up with this article as Haw Fitsum asserted, you are no more serving the public with freedom of speech rather rallying for consensus, which is not the way to bring diversified ideas of the peoples of the country whose background are diverse.

    Who cares if you have anti- anything. What is needed is to have a place or rather a space to communicate your opinion and give others also to add their side of argument. That’s the only way to move forward. And Haw Fitsum, I don’t appreciate when you try to interject the superstition, such as karma into your articles. Personally, they seem to shutter my apatite to finish reading. But you are doing great compared to persons like myself who don’t seem to have enough time even to read let alone to write their worthless opinion. Thanks.

    • Nahon April 2, 2018

      It seems has no intention to stop abusers of its forum and visitors for reasons they know better. Calls to on them to do something about the continuous insults are falling on deaf ears.
      If they lack technical know-how there are many people who can help as long as they are ready to expose the IP of the notorious guy who posts most of the hate messages here.
      People who are here on mission to insult and harass are doing their job, and that is to disrupt any serious discussion that can lead to consensus among Eritreans on issues of national importance. Hence, stopping these people is part of bringing Eritreans together.
      Please Assenna admin and owner to something ….

  • May 12, 2018

    Thanks for this interesting post, I have shared it on Twitter.