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Fetsum: Isaias at the most confusing double crossroads of his life

Folks, something different is shaking in our region since PM Abiy’s arrival few months ago, although Isaias is wobbling in the dancing floor. Things are developing fast and the current collective effort for regional peace

Folks, something different is shaking in our region since PM Abiy’s arrival few months ago, although Isaias is wobbling in the dancing floor. Things are developing fast and the current collective effort for regional peace and cooperation in social, political, security and economic venues of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia appears promising. We know Isaias signed a peace agreement with Abiy in Saudi Arabia focused on “cementing their relations”. The Jidda Agreement is more comprehensive than the agreement signed in Asmara without a neutral party. It contains additional 2 Articles and a total of 7 Articles that the two countries signed in the presence of a collectively powerful third party (Saudi Arabia, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and probably African Union Commission chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat as well) as the witnesses of the event representing the planet at large. It was done at the highest level of diplomatic connection in view of universal significance, though possible only with GOOD FAITH between the two leaders and respective societies.

Unfortunately, he was the only actor from the Eritrean side and has not made a televised speech on yet. There was no GOOD FAITH in this political misadventure between the Eritrean people and the Emperor. As usual, we have been ignored, undermined and condemned to remain outsiders in our private political business. But we cannot help expecting the immediate implementation of the border decision that was categorized as ARTICLE 4 in both agreements because that is what the people including the regime’s blind followers have in common at this moment in history.

Excuse my redundancy but in this interesting political puzzle, we saw Ethiopian activists returning home, freely meeting their people and discussing their political future in open fields and stadiums. The politicians and the government seem conceptually converged for “genuine democratic change” with high confidence against the Weyannes as a unit if not the Tigrean people as a community. They appear working in GOOD FAITH, a critical factor for their success. Yet, corruption was rampant, the economy in shambles and ethnic violence escalating beyond the government’s control. We are witnessing a divided and violent Ethiopia under a very promising democratic ambiance and a peaceful Eritrean society under the grip of absolute dictatorship trying to peacefully coexist in the region. Ethiopia’s substantial freedom and transparency are expected to melt with Eritrea’s oppression and opacity and produce something beneficial for both societies. Fantasy or reality, the leaders are hoping to amalgamate their antagonistic political philosophies for the common cause of the region which can only be described as DEMOCRATIC-DICTATORSHIP in the absence of the dictator’s mental transformation as a politician. Yet, the Jidda Agreement’s preamble that reads “Respecting each other’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity” is very good for both of us. Article Seven’s “The two countries will establish a High-Level Joint Committee, as well as Sub-committees as required, to guide and oversee the implementation of this Agreement.” Sounds good to check and balance the practicality of the agreement. But the portion that reads “[the two countries] desiring to achieve lasting peace and cement their historical ties to achieve their lofty objectives” sounds impossible without the people’s freedom from the grip of dictatorship. Their promise to “Reiterat[e] their commitment to the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations” is not only laughable but also a bluff in view of the contemporary Eritrean experience.  

Many things are obscure because of lack of leadership but I think four fundamental issues have changed in today’s East African block as a matter of mandatory socio-political evolution: the incontrollable democratic vibe engulfing the region, the societies’ higher consciousness about the benefits of democracy, loss of place and momentum for absolute dictatorship, and peaceful coexistence for regional development minus any form of violence. There is no room for any excuse now to delay democracy in anyone of the countries in question including South Sudan. Folks! It is at this historical time where Ethiopia is contemplating genuine transition to democracy with full cooperation of the opposition forces and the people enjoying maximum freedom of speech and tolerance that the Eritrean President found himself at a confusing double crossroads by surprising circumstantial events beyond his expectation. In the first crossroads, he is positioned in the middle of his complicated relationship with the Ethiopians and the Eritreans.

1)              He has suddenly become the axis of reconciliation between feuding Ethiopian forces conducting different meetings in Asmara to this effect as his prior diplomatic obligation. He has so far tried to rectify the difference between the Amharas within the power structure and the affiliated opposition forces stationed in Eritrea, Ginbot 7 and the regime, OLF and the Oromo group in the ruling party, DEMHIT and the central government, and the regime and the Ogaden National Liberation Front. I am impressed with his capacity to manage all the activities in motion despite the result but in so doing, he is serving as the best catalyst to Ethiopian reconciliation process from conflicting grounds in unreconciled Eritrea.

2)              His vengeance against the Weyannes so severe, he has been busy empowering the groups from the onset of their activism at very heavy Eritrean financial burden. Now that the game is over this man is somehow conditioned to assist Ethiopia’s peaceful transition from the angle of a disparaged Eritrean society under his nagging dictatorship.

3)              He has managed building their confidence to liquidate TPLF with his virtual support in the background creating favorable grounds for all politicians to freely participate in the country’s democratic process without “TPLF’s destructive interference”. The antagonistic relationship between Isaias and the Weyannes has opened unlimited venues for the Ethiopian people to democratize their country a step at a time. Both countries have secured this capacity through the Jidda Agreement’s Article Twothat reads; “The two countries will promote comprehensive cooperation in the political, security, defense, economic, trade, investment, cultural and social fields on the basis of complementarity and synergy.” Yet, the resolution of the border conflict perceived to have been the cause of stagnant dictatorship has not produced any benefit for the Eritrean people as of today.

            In the second crossroads, he finds himself at the intersection between his accidental democratic image and authentic dictatorial nature. Isaias has accidentally become democracy and dictatorship at the same time, not as a very interesting human being but as a conceptual package because of circumstantial realities beyond his control.

            We are all ready for democracy beyond the benefit of challenging experience but Isaias is today swimming the complex political pool with a fake Ethiopian democratic image in dictatorial Eritrean outfit. The man is standing at crossroads sandwiched between the region’s incontrollable democratic air and Eritrea’s darkness in absolute dictatorship at the height of the Eritrean people’s craving for freedom and democracy. His self destructive policy has now conditioned him to work hard for Ethiopian democracy from his expired absolute autocracy at home. What was controllable back in the days was grudging with the Weyannes by directly supporting the Ethiopian opposition forces at our expense from his safer heaven in Asmara. And what has become out of control now is his unexpected role in reconciling and democratizing the Ethiopians with his absolute dictatorship anchored in Eritrea.

I think the overall dynamics has made them stronger advocates of multi-party democracy in today’s Ethiopian political climate that no one can seemingly sabotage, specially with Abiy at the highest hierarchy of the country’s political system. Isaias’s dedication for Berhanu Nega et al factorial was a tactical relationship with antagonistic strategic value that could only last until the Weyanes’ disposal from post. Now that the puzzle is resolved producing a potent Ethiopian democratic movement, the consequence must scientifically backfire at his dictatorship in the absence of his reconciliation with the Eritrean people, not because of personal issues but as a matter of necessity and survival. They used him to this extent of empowering themselves and will continue to use his virtual presence in the Weyanne equation till they consolidate their feet in the country’s unstable political environment. Another game will then have to be over at that moment in postulate because of their contradictory positions in the political pendulum (democracy and dictatorship), once again as a matter of science, necessity and conflict of interest, and only in the absence of reconciliation between the Eritrean people and himself. The only way out for Isaias is allowing the people to enjoy freedom in their country like the Ethiopians earned it to enjoy. It is only in this condition that the relationship between the two countries can balance and develop to the next level of socio-political achievement; fragile and breakable otherwise, because politics is a nasty phenomenon heavily dependent on geo-political and circumstantial realities. We simply cannot be inferior in freedom and justice to the Ethiopians and become their equal economic partners at the same time! This is impossible!

I, therefore argue that Isaias did not become a potent Ethiopian democratic and reconciliation force by intention; although the Weyanne’s ultimate downfall was apparent to many keen observers of the region. Fear of changing his political outlook according to the unfriendly current regional realities is forcing him to overwork himself with external forces with nothing so far to show for our people. He is confused, travelling everywhere with his handsome son for comfort and with no explanation. He is even afraid of releasing harmless victims of his prison enterprise! So difficult to rationalize his state of mind, he seems paralyzed from doing anything positive to elevate the people’s hope taking advantage of the golden regional dynamics. It appears like the change came at the right time for Ethiopians who chose to democratize the country and Isaias could not help being part of the motion; but at the wrong time for him before getting ready to pack and move on. He is not done yet with his zeal to abuse, oppress, jail and kill without due trial. Simply, he has a lot of catching up to do with Abiy’s level of consciousness to survive the unforgiving regional impulse because he could not stimulate the Eritrean people with all the power and momentum at hand.

What is interesting is that all the opposition groups that he supported in the past have become part of Ethiopia’s democratic engine; Berhanu Nega’s outstanding pro-democracy speech in Addis being a case in point. This means adios! the dictator can not influence his old friends to adapt the exhausted and outdated political philosophy, needless saying Africa’s tendency for elected governments specially in our region and the current Ethiopian democratic effort for multi-party political system cannot accommodate his absolute dictatorship as a healthy partner of the political game. Bashir’s recent dissolution of his entire cabinet is a reflection of this unforgiving truth. Whether he will form a new cabinet or not, the dictator is today twisting and coloring his mustache to figure out his place in the regional democratic environment beyond his control. Neither can Isaias negatively polarize the highly couscous, smart politician PM Abiy towards his outlook at the time he is preaching his people about the death of dictatorship in East Africa. Abiy is actually strongly telling Isaias about the essence of democracy, freedom and justice through the media, although not in direct communication because of his childish nature. The subject is unavoidable and obvious but he does not want to agitate him to mismanage his anger, at least for now. But this phony relationship cannot continue and Abiy will have to directly face him sooner or later for his own democratic vision’s sake. I, therefore, argue that Isaias’s current mindset is unusable by our neighbors beyond a temporary bridge to genuine relationship between the Eritrean and Ethiopian people because their democratic vision will remain a dream without democratic Eritrea.  

The fact remains that the Eritrean people are today keenly observing Isaias’ actions with higher consciousness and magnified presence believing that there is no more excuse for his dictatorship at this political stage of regional actuality. I am saying this with full acknowledgment of his importance and criticality during our struggle for independence and nationhood at large. I cannot deny what he did for the cause without disrespecting myself, and I admire his endurance and capacity to survive against all odds as an individual and a leader. His obstinate and confrontational mindset has greatly diminished our potential but may have contributed to our sovereignty to certain extent, needless saying that I consider the Jidda Agreement as one of his greatest achievements without a doubt. Although he is procrastinating it through monotonous delay tactics by pretending busy, I see the unavoidable implementation of the border decision in the two agreements as positive enhancement to the Algiers agreement for us to properly manage ahead after his downfall. Keep in mind that the agreement is impossible without GOOD FAITH that cannot be stablished without legitimate people’s representation in the deal; meaning that we can legally trash it after his departure if we don’t like it because there is nothing there to legalize it. I, however, believe that hecan turn everything upside down with the golden opportunity sticking with his people at the utmost point of the relationship. But the game for exclusion is over. The situation is humiliating, dull and uncertain; a golden opportunity with tragic outcome: we could not even enjoy the amnesty of our prisoners, something the least we deserve as a society in this unfortunate situation. It has been about waiting and guessing, a regrettable waste of resources to this level of toxic relationship.

In so saying, Berhane Abrehe’s straight message is in my opinion the best advice the dictator could use to save himself, his family and the nation from the havoc he created for. The brother shared his mind about his endless deception and dictatorship. The Ethiopians are saying TPLF’s dictatorship was expired to no more materialize in their country and we are saying the absolute dictatorship has exhausted its life cycle with maximum stretch of our patience to leave us alone now to adapt democracy. He told him to respect the people, stop making obscure deals without their consent and to wise up taking advantage of amnesty by giving power to the people despite what he did to the society through the years. He warned him about the danger behind conditioning the people to change the intolerable situation by any means necessary. What he said and wrote are considered normal and productive in other societies like Ethiopia. It was indeed a realistic selfless advice from a concerned citizen that Isaias should have used as a precious opportunity to breath the region’s democratic air before it gets out of control.

I thank the Minister for accentuating the real condition of our people under the dictatorship. I admire his selflessness to tell the truth from within the flames of absolute dictatorship. I feel sorry for how the confused dictator ended the saga with his evil mind full of body counts. What he proved is his misfit mental condition to the democratic vision of the region; the action was a derivative of fear and poor self confidence, a continuation of the lawless insanity that must be stopped as soon possible.

In conclusion, his passionate service to the Ethiopian democratic dream may fool him of having a well dressed front appearance in their view but what the world has seen so far reflects his naked butt in view of our people. It is a fake relationship bound to backfire as a matter of survival because they know their political journey cannot blend with his savage dictatorship beyond temporary excitement. He should understand that his old friends will democratize their country leaving him soul searching alone at the end of the day simply because his dictatorship was a shield of the past that remains being a serious problem to the political future of the region. They won’t need him anymore except for protection from the Weyannes until they succeed achieving their dream, which can only be DEMOCRACY from now on. Isaias may also be usable for cutting unfair deals that can only cause suffering to both countries ahead. I believe this reality will will be apparent sooner or later after the HONEYMOON, but only in the absence of his reconciliation with our society. Relax and continue the struggle believing that our situation is far better than any other situation in the region. We are a step away from enjoying our peaceful society to the best of our resources, thanks to our decent people who have no problem with each other like the Ethiopians, Somalians and Southern Sudanese. The Ethiopians may be ahead of us in democratic vibe thanks to their government but in a long rugged ride to peaceful democracy. In contrast, we are only this dictatorship away from being a civilized and prosperous society under mass based constitutional order; and I predict that will be our next major surprise depending on how fast we form the badly needed global leadership with undivided attention!!

Review overview
  • Tesfai Yitbarek September 21, 2018

    Respected brother Fetsum;
    Optimism based on an outside influence rather than from inward and not from within your own capacity is a somewhat unrealistic. Small groups of the Tigrinya speaking regionalism and ethnicity based doctored by Woyane type of of Federalism that totally failed Ethiopia, thanks God that it failed is still conspicuous within the Eritrean diaspora.. Next to be seen critically is the hope in the Fascist PIA, to expect him do the impossible in his nature of changing due to environmental change of the Horn of Africa.
    We shall do to oppose his Dictatorship until death part us. God save the Eritrean people in this complex situation of their life.

    • Fetsum September 22, 2018

      Dear Tesfay;
      we don’t have to expect him to change his ways and we cannot. This depends on him but this man has a golden opportunity to change if he choses to do so like any human being with a wise decision. whatever he does with the situation, our role is to elevate the struggle to the next level and fight till the end and even beyond! thank u

      • Dawit September 22, 2018

        Fetsum – Mr Big empty talk/rhetoric,
        “Our role is to elevate the struggle to the next level and fight til the end” – real big gurra!
        Please could you kindly explain to us the gullible readers as to “when & where” your magic struggle would be elevated to the next level and fight til the end and even beyond?
        We have an old saying in tigrigna “Tezeyimetikin TiEna alekin”, indeed.
        Alternatively, “nirie belet Ewirti”, indeed, we shall see your big gurrrrras! MiQinay TiraH!

      • Tsaadaqalai September 25, 2018


        Isaias afewerk’s behavior and speeches in Asmara and Addis Abeba has made it clear what many Eritreans had told us of his evil ambition to destroy Eritrea and it’s people from within, that his secretly handing over Badme to woyane in 1985 and the unnecessary and illegal war of 1998 he ignited under the false pretext of woyane invasion was premeditated as further illuminated by his paradoxical action in the aftermath of the Algiers agreement. Instead of restoring the country’s war torn economy and heal the war torn social fabrics, he accentuated the problem by plunging the country into his reign of terror which he tried to justify by the mantra of “woyane occupation of Eritrean territory”. But this was empty rhetoric to deceive and mislead the gullible Eritrean . His reign of trrror did nothing to force woyane to withdraw from Eritrean land.. on the contrary, it weakened our defense capability by forrcing the young Eritreans to leave their country in droves; brought our people to their knees by debilitating the economy, disintegrating our social fabrics etc. The fact that isaias afewerk did not try rehabilitate our people’ s shattered state of living situation with the harvested Bisha Gold amply attests that all that never ending devastations our people have been going through was his willful and deliberate measure to exterminate our people. In short it was a Genocide that no Eritrean should ever doubt. The entire horror will unravel soon after his demise as that of the Nazi was discovered after their defeat. We must annihilate him!!

        • Okbay September 26, 2018

          Isaias Afewerki just wants to be a king, period.
          He has been a king (undisputed) of Eritrea for many years.
          Ethiopia will be his next kingdom where he wants to be king of kings.
          Isaias Afewerki DIDN’T join the Eritrean mad adventure to benefit Eritreans.

    • Asmara Eritrea September 23, 2018

      I wonder when we Eritreans will learn that Isaias is simply MAD and unhinged? It is important we realise we get rid of a mad man from our country by ACTION, not words.

      Isaias is of course delighted to sell Eritrea to his country of Ethiopia. He belongs there, not in Eritrea. It is high time Eritrea is ruled by an Eritrean who understands the pain of its people.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • Simon G. September 22, 2018

    There is nothing good from DIA and there will never be any.
    When he said Game Over few months ago, people assumed that is for Woyane. In fact, he was telling us. Proof? Look at what he is doing. He is working of NO MORE ERITREA.
    Those HGDF supporters will never get it, until too late. Eritrea’s clock reads 23:59:59

    • Fetsum September 22, 2018

      Dear simon G;
      Whatever he is working for, he cannot change our nationhood. He knows this and also that he has to go. the time for giving the benefit of the doubt is over. what they signed is a friendship agreement not an a binding treaty anyway. I just hope people understand the benefit of GLOBAL LEADERSHIP and build it as soon as possible.

  • k.tewolde September 22, 2018

    Fitsum,even with the advanced age of 70+ years the tyrant is still sharp as a tac,despite the OBS that comes with it, no confusion at all.He came to the Eritrean political scene with a plan and executed that plan by hacking people all the way to the top with the cooperation of the people he victimized,he lived a full robust life at helm with the perks that comes with it at the expense of the people and planning to pass it on to his son if the situation permits,no confusion at all here.As law of nature everything eventually expires, that includes dictatorships,food,even people like him,however he is not going to the sunset quietly,the fish even fights while being hauled in with the bait latched to its palate,it is the survival instinct and that is exactly what he doing,not confused. We are the ones who has been confused and still confused and drifting through life like a boat without a sail,thank you Lord that nature is intervening.

    • Fetsum September 22, 2018

      Dear K.twelde;
      I am not sure of what you are saying but I have heard it few times in the past. I tend to see him as a package with his positive and negative impacts. I can only share my independent opinion on our issues as they arrive and move on.. Yes he is very smart for his selfish ends he is not stupid at all. But i believe he is an idiot who has a problem ceasing the moment. He has a very shallow understanding of society, politics and life itself, the reason he appears confused about deal;ing with the situation properly. he thinks he can get away with everything like dictators of his type (gaddafi and Sadam). .
      I dont think we are confused but immature, egoistic and disorganized so to say. we don’t cooperate on obvious things and have the tendency to dictate common issues. we don’t act on time and expect a lot from the activists that work hard to get hearing ears and supporting hands. No leadership from the elite groups in unison my brother and here we are without global leadership separately resisting without collective result. I think we will need a little more suffering to understand the advantage of GLOBAL LEADERSHIP but at the expense of more disaster in our country. thank u

      • k.tewolde September 22, 2018

        With the utmost Eritrean brotherly love Fitsum.’positive impact’ in the Eritrean political and social life where and when? I am not trying to be argumentative,just trying to see what I missed. You said, ‘I think we will need a little more suffering to understand the advantage..’>>>> did’t we have enough of it and who is actually enduring the suffering? and do you think the Eritrean people likely will accept the GL approach by prolonging their suffering? did you ever explore why the slow or no response to the GL by the people who actually would benefit from it? If I am a rock star throwing a concert with all the pyrotechnics and people don’t show up,I would do some personal inventory.

        • Fetsum September 22, 2018

          Dera k. Twelde… Gi is one method of global leadership but not z only one. We can discuss other forms of achieving it but do u agree we need one to succeed? If not what is z alternative?

          • k.tewolde September 24, 2018

            No doubt we need one and it is essential prerequisite to achieve a common goal to get rid of this chronic malignant disease which rendered us politically bed ridden,but in order to rise and fight effectively,we need to get rid of the one who put us in that bed from our system completely.Some of us might have associated with him in the past,that doesn’t mean we are obligated to defend his legacy partially or have a soft spot for him,it is like a coworker in a company,if he/she is rotten,thief and broke all the rules,he/she should be fired period.There is nothing left to defend,because he haven’t left anything for or of us. Thank you for taking your time to respond to some of us.

  • Kidane September 22, 2018

    Dear Fitsum,
    At times I sense that you contradict yourself. I don’t think you have heard anything good out of mouth or deed, I mean all his life. How can you try to convince us about his importance during our struggle for independence or after with all the glaring facts. He was sabotaging our struggle from day one, diving us by religion and region, by intentionally eliminating the best and brightest brothers and sisters, by cultivating animosity between ELF and EPLF to the point of killing each other, the early plan of uprooting of proud culture and family, by the unprecedented propaganda machine that blinded us all in worshiping him etc etc ect. Brother fitsum, can’t you see our people including the diaspora dancing at the death of our own children at high seas and deserts? Can’t you see the total damage and what it takes, I don’t even know if it is possible, to rehabilitate the Eritrean people. He has infiltrated not only the core of each of our family but also our sacred places. God, in your case Buddha, save us from the devil planet earth has never seen before.

    • k.tewolde September 22, 2018

      ‘He has infiltrated not only the core of each of our family but also our sacred places.’.Kidane mules, I attest brother my family and clan is a perfect example,he is metastatic like cancer,he is the Lucifer who assumes the image of God and resides in the house of the Lord and demands to be revered and worshiped.He is the worst social and political aberration our homeland ever faced.The armed and political struggle started before him by the Eritrean people and it was sealed and culminated by the Eritrean people.No single person owns the victory,it belongs to the sons and daughters of the Eritrean people who gave the ultimate price. Lets stop aggrandizing narcissistic,authoritarian and vindictive characters who are menace to society,that is what got us into this cataclysmic sociopolitical mayhem to begin with.

  • ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ September 22, 2018

    Dear Fisum
    እቲ ሓቅነት ኢሳያስ ጠንከረ እምበር ኣየዕነነወን,እቲ ጽቡቕ ዜና ግን ንኣሽቱ ኣሕዋትና ወጻኢ ከነምጽኦም ንኽእል ኢና ምኽንያቱ በቲ ስምምዕ መሰረት ሓይሊ ምድርን ባሕርን ኣየርን ኢትዮጵያ ክሕልወና እዩ ንሕና ብስለያ 72 ንትሓጋገዝ. ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ ኢሳያስ ኣተሓባቢርዎ እዩ ሕጂ ንዓጋመ ብሰሜነነ ደቡብን ምስ ኣምሓራ ተሳማሚዕካ ብኤኮኖሚ ምቕታሎም እዩ . ቻው ኮንደሚንዮም ከመዓልኪ ሎቖታ ክብሉ እዮም

  • Kidane September 22, 2018

    Sorry Fetsum, let me elaborate the short and inarticulated previous comment when I used a cell phone. You and I agree that the dictator perfectly matches the description of the devil we all know,:cunning, sadist, cruel, liar, greedy, mischievous, pretentious, pranoid, cynical, arrogant etc. Any layman can prove this using the devil’s own words throughout his adult life. A person with such trait can not say or do anything good and the evil man is case in point. Ergo, from day one he was sent to inflict the maximm damage on aynthing Eritrean and will not stop till he accomplishes his mission dead or alive, He did all he could to sabotage our independence and was not happy when our gallant brothers and sisters overrun enemy trenches to enter Asmara against his orders. Realizing the fact that he could not stop it, he pretended to accept it nd continued with his mission. It is with such glaring reality that I objected your opinion. By accepting the reality, I would work on a plan on how to stop him starting with our proven strenght; unity. Fetsum: what would you say if I tell you that I am convinced that the first year college dropout did NOT come up with this sophisticated plan of annihilating Eritreans? Some of my arguments are a)I see a parralel phenomenon elsewhere b)they continued to train him when he constantly and secretly slipped out of sahel during the struggle for months at times. 3)the identity of the people he surrounds himself.

    • Fetsum September 22, 2018

      Dear Kidane;
      I agree with u and I did not suggest anywhere in the article that he will change. Did I? I don’t think so, correct me otherwise brother. I said this man has a choice to remain evil or transform his head like any widened up human being on earth. I am fighting his political filth with you my brother and we are in the same page. we must struggle harder to change the situation and I don’t know when we will succeed with the way we are going. I am, however, aware that the consciousness level of the people has dramatically elevated and hope this will turn events around soon. GLOBAL LEADERSHIP is the solution my man despite how we manage to form, it. Thank u

    • HdriswuE halalmariet September 23, 2018


      It seems to me you have a good grasp of who isaias afewerk is, his evil motive against our people and country; his diversionary and divisive tactics to weaken our people’s unity; his all out war on our elites to blindfold the rest of our population into the grave he has already dug for them; his all out war on our economy, our defense forces etc. ; his international networks, of which TPLF is an integral part, that continually train, support and rescue him to bring his evil motive to success.

      The 1998 war was a contrived war and so was the overrun of GashBarka at the third woyane military offensive ; the TPLF’s refusal to abide by Final and Binding decision of the EEBC, the never ending No War No Peace, the sanction, the depopulating of our country through Push and Pull flight of our child bearing group, of which the Youth Concentration Camps (aka National Service) were designed to physically and psychologically humiliate them into leaving their country.

      Dr. Solomon Enquai, admittedly Asmara born Tigraway who now lives in Mekele, has recently put to rest the identity of isaias afewerk maternal side whom his jackals had been misinforming us to be an Eritrean. He said that isaias afework’s mother is his aunt, a bonafide Tigraweiti. Obviously, his paternal side has been known for ages to be Tigraway since it had been discovered that Degiat Solomon Abraha, a former Auraja Wollo governor, was Tigrawai and his uncle.

      As if these revelations of long hidden secrets of isaias afewerk are not enough, a new secret has been discovered that his wife, Saba Haile, is Asmara born bonefide Tigraweiti. Would any Eritrean say that he could have married her by pure coincident? Why not, as Napoleon said, there is nothing impossible except in the dictionary. But given the preponderance of Eritrean EPLF female tegadelti as opposed to scanty number of female tegadelti born of Tigrai descent,to believe that isaias afewerk marrIed tigraweiti by pure coincident is sheer nonsense. He must have done it purposely ,as his father had done, to maintain the purity of his Tigrai descent. And this is a testment of his rejection of Eritrawnet. His twenty seven years of his cruel and wonton destruction of Eritrean people, their, heritage , tradition, culture, economy, social cohesion etc bear testimony. We must annihilate him.

      • rezen September 23, 2018

        As a reader, I am impressed by the analytical dissertation (background and all). However, I would have preferred a humble ending as an alternative to the closing sentence >>> “We must annihilate him.”. I would prefer NOT to follow the savagery and cruelty of Issayas Afewerki Abraha, but bring him to a civilized ERITREAN open COURT of LAW and ORDER >>> in ERITREA >>> by ERITREAN Prosecutors >>> with his choice of legal ERITREAN attorneys >>> and in the presence of the ENTIRE population of ERITREA via dedicated ERITREAN media at large. THAT WOULD BE THE MOST APPROPRIATE MANNER HOOD OF ERITREA THAT WE SHOULD ASPIRE TO — REGARDLESS OF THE SITUATION.

  • Gezae September 22, 2018

    Dear, Compatriots,

    Writing has been a catharsis for me since 1995. However, my writing was a release to lower the pressure in my mind about the state of our people. It’s much the same for me today, after nearly 23 years of writing. The larger context of my writing has evolved into a desire to inform and to move our people to progressive contemporary politics of true freedom—socio- economic freedom—in this nation. So I don’t write to impress, I do not intentionally use illusive words; rather, I make every effort to assure that my readers understand and will be moved to act on the information I share.

    What bothers me most in our view of politics and imp articular are those who constantly want force-feed us their political rhetoric. Instead of espousing socio-political solutions, they keep telling us [especially for the young people] the politics of resist for nothing. Resisting is fine but not just for grandstanding. Based on absolute truth, the so called opposition groups media outlets concur with power-brokers, routinely running stories and headlines that deride ant-democratic reforms is ridiculous and politically makes no sense. Ironically, their positions are frequently stereotyped as uniquely Woyane. Hence, whether intentionally or not-choice I would like to summed it up fittingly
    So, what do we/they get from it except spending our propitious times without purpose? The so called Justice Seekers are, so emotionally congregated in dirty politics-strategies. Our people will never get any thing from these failed groups. When I see the continuous daily display of Facebook videos and pieces in different media illusive politics is overwhelming rubbing the wrong way, the difference lies in whether we will continue to accept symbolism or storytelling over substance when it comes to politics, and whether we are willing to use our genuine socio-political leverage to solve our problems.


  • Gezae September 22, 2018

    They/We are indeed a conflicted people right now. To some extend it seems we are willing to walk up to the line but not cross over into the arena where the real battle must take place. We need to come back to the nation’s capital wisely. But the so called Justice Seekers what so ever will never have the political redress for which we are going to march. These nebulous and tepid gestures in an effort to demonstrate the seriousness of their situation are insulting and patronizing.

    Aspects of unity should be encouraged. Aspects of disunity should be discouraged. Whenever differences arise, it is wise to ignore them or accept as natural phenomenon. When we come close to one another with a genuine feeling of unity, when we share the common joys and sorrows of life, those external differences gradually vanish as a matter of course, they are removed through natural fusion. It is not possible to eradicate them by force or by negation.

    Thus the one solution that remains is to unite the people of goodwill, which is our last hope for social transformation on a national scale. Because as soon as people come together in a nationwide wave of peaceful empowerment, the principle of sharing will manifest naturally and automatically. Without this vital missing factor in contemporary national affairs, there is no other way out of the critical impasse that faces us as a people in the years ahead.

    • k.tewolde September 22, 2018

      With all do respect write what you mean and mean what you write.

      • Gezae September 22, 2018

        Pardon, I do not catch you exactly. Could you please elaborate me.

  • Amanuel September 22, 2018

    It is a well written Article!!!!

  • mm September 23, 2018

    Dear Fitsum
    Upon hearing the terms of the Jidda agreement, I could not believe the unbearable pain this individual has caused to a nation of three million people. He is on the road in accomplishing his mission. Creating a nation that denies its native citizens the right to live and exist while giving total control to the Ethiopia government. A system that is identical to Apartheid. . We need to get ready to fight.. It is unthinkable the magnitude and the depth of the struggle that is awaiting for us. The struggle for self determination and a democratic Eritrea is going to be fought on the streets of Asmara, Mendefera, Keren, Barentu, Massawa, Assebe and many other cities of Eritrea. South Africans defeated Apartheid against all odds.. So can we. This man looted our wealth and divided us pretending to be our Masaya. What he or His son will never gain is our trust and the unconditional love we gave him for fifty years.
    My dear brother upon reading your article it gave me hope on this dark hour. Thank you.
    God bless.