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Short reminder: I think brother Vacarro needs RETRPSPECTIVE MEDITATION (revision in relaxed environment) to deeply analyze his movement. Many of us are behind you brother and thank you very much for getting us here. But make

Short reminder: I think brother Vacarro needs RETRPSPECTIVE MEDITATION (revision in relaxed environment) to deeply analyze his movement. Many of us are behind you brother and thank you very much for getting us here. But make sure you don’t overwork yourself into stress, because we need your health for our survival. May God help this brother accomplish his mission successfully?
A miscalculation is easy to make but correcting it is extremely hard to do. A movement founded on good foundation can succeed at the end of the day; it staggers otherwise. Vacarro did what he thought he had to do for his people excellently. His potential and initiative were a step ahead and probably the best alternative in the struggle for freedom and democracy in our country. He, however, should revise his tactic now and see if there is something to modify or rearrange, which I believe there is. The quicker he does, the better position we will be in. It may be too late to change the fabric of the committees in favor of independent minded individuals but it is not late to design a working strategy that would make them work efficiently for his cause.
Here is the catch: None of the organized opposition parties appear to have so far sent him solidarity message (sorry if I am wrong and willing to be corrected) according to my observation, there may be fishy air in between. He did not tell us yet if the case was otherwise. Likewise, we have not seen or read anything about what Vacarro thinks of them and the EDA in particular. It looks to me like he may have avoided them so far in his speeches (sorry if I am wrong and please correct me). I can only speculate here in the absence of material from his movement!
As we speculate it today, the two forces in the resistance (Vacarro and the dominant opposition leaders) do not seem to have close contact or any form of relationship that would excite our hope for victory. The fact remains, however, that some opposition groups are directly in the committees through their people and the leaders can easily manipulate it for bad or for good now depending on how brother Vacarro plays his diplomatic card . Please don’t interpret this analysis as if I were against the groups because you know I have been consistently trying to encourage them doing more for unity. I have been a consistent advocate of their survival throughout my involvement at Assenna. If I have to say it again, I don’t expect success without their involvement in the unification campaign and they are collectively a very important element in the equation for UNITY. I am only saying things here in relation to INDEPENDENT MIND verses GROUP AFFILATED MIND. I believe in organized independent minded individuals to neutrally unify our opposition forces and my brother clearly approached it differently.
The question is what he is going to do about this situation. If he does not see something to reconfigure here, it is okay but don’t blame me for reminding him of the situation because I want him to be aware of this for his journey to succeed.
I have an idea that can turn the situation into a winner. I would like to share it with him in private as to how to take maximum advantage of the situation and benefit the movement in an unexpected manner. The situation offers BLESSING IN DISGUISE only if he recognizes there is something to be done here and understands how to go about it. I hope he has figured it out by now otherwise, I humbly appeal to my brother to give me a chance of sharing a NEUTRALIZING STRATEGY if not an EXIT STRATEGY that can kill two birds with one stone without affecting or changing the committees.
I am reluctant to expose it in public because I don’t want the enemy camp to take advantage of it for the worse. But I declare that Vacarro is a lucky person for having his committees organized in such a way accidentally or intentionally because he can do something interesting out of it that would benefit all of us to swiftly close our case with the heinous regime in Asmara. There is a chance to come out a champion out of this intentional or accidental arrangement and I want him to hear what I have to say in this opportunity directly before I go public about it sooner or later as a matter of another alternative.
He must protect his movement right away before going forward or else face the consequence sooner or later. I saw this coming ahead of time and warned my brother in his DC visit about the danger waiting out there related to his committees. I did not create anything new to obstract my brother from his journey and I would not have written anything here related to this subject matter had I had a chance to tell him in person. I do not want to keep quiet because I am strongly attached to his movement at least psychologically. I am doing my responsibility to help him consider this in case he did not see it when he came up with the idea of unity.
From the forum
dehab: “Brother Fitsum why do you think Brother Wedi Vacaro attracted more Eritrean on his tour of unity?
Answer: Because we have been desperately waiting for a solution and we saw him practically trying to do it through unconditional unity to solve our predicament. The opposition groups slept over this issue for so long and lost credibility. Eritreans want to solve the problem with unified resistance not by following individual politicians who refused to unite for their personal issues. Vacarro attracted us because he hit the spot at least partially and he is doing fine with all the limitations associated with the flow. He may not be the person who originated the idea of unconditional unity but he is the only one advancing it from practical point of view by virtue of material capacity to do it.
gidus: “dear fitsum, as usuall I’m writting from Eritrea. to the extent you inspired me in the past, you disappointed me that much. why? because, even you with all you philosophical thinking get to the toxic Eritrean political weakness. leave alone wedi veccaro to do his part under the limit of his ability. remember, every body is different and you should continue your job. we are suffering in Eritrea, and you guys got time for TIRKI-MIRKI at our expense. I hope, next time we will see all of you the diaspora Eritreas avoid character assassination and work together to help us bring Democratic change. good luck”
Comment:Ajoka gidus and we will make it. Please don’t consider this destructive because it is constructive. The difference between vacarro and me is minute and we are together in this fight more than you think. We are all behind him, I guarantee you and there will be no TIRKI-MIRKI at your expense as we are trying to purify his movement so that we can see you in Asmara sooner than later. You will hear something good very soon and keep reading and I love you.
MightyEmbasoyra: “Unfortunately, that’s very discouraging (to say the least. I hate to be pessimistic but I really don’t see that much encouraging with wedi Vaccarro’s plan (or should I say lack of plan). I see some similarities with isayas in at least these two items: 1) lack of transparency 2) lack of inclusiveness (it may seem the opposite but so far this is what I see) of highly intellect and independent minded individuals. By the time he gets the top job (in case he succeeded – which we all wish him), it might be too late. I really hope I am wrong on this assumption. I really do.
Comment: I admire the brother and I wish I could help more in my capacity to make him successful. It looks very good but I see problems in organizing it professionally and carefully when you penetrate and look at it from neutral and practical points of view. I have no idea how he will keep going forward without breaking down in the journey, nor do I think he can convince the world as he stands today without using the best means of communication and minds in the community. I have reservation on the two similarities you brought here between him and the president because it may be too early to conclude.
In this regard, the public is also at fault and should take responsibility for the mishap: the least people could do was reminding him to include dedicated people into the movement because the event organizers would never do this. No one is doing his/her homework leaving everything to be decided by the organizers and this is the legitimate price we should pay for it!! Please do not repeat the same mistake that failed us for so long here and involve by voicing your concerns and questions through E-mails and other means of communication. Send e-mails to Vacarro if you think you know people he should work closely with and teach him about why you think so to compensate for the organizers’ weakness in handling this situation. Fill the gap that the organizers create to isolate us and help making us connected bypassing them through direct involvement. Don’t blindly follow anything without challenging the politicians for what you think they should do if you really want to be represented and help them succeed. You are telling me all to jump in and I am telling you to do the same to get what you want. Start doing it right now after you finish reading this instead of leaving it all on isolated individuals to face the obstacles alone. I am telling you again from my experience that there is no possibility to jump into their circles without your support. You do your job and everything will be okay.
Ambabi:“Dear Fitsum, keep writing constructive articles and do not lose hope. It is too early now give some time you and the likes will soon be recognized. It is in the minds of the Eritrean people you need to be in the first place not in the mind of Wedi-Vacaro because he will soon read you after that. Good luck to all of you and hope we see a smooth change.”
Comment: It is indeed too early to conclude anything but not too early to remind him about things that worry us about his movement. The earlier we remind him of possible problems the faster he reconfigures his movement and the greater his chance to succeed: that is all I am doing here!! Brother, my interest is not to be recognized but only to see a solution in Eritrea and I hope he reads us and entertain our feelings without personalizing it. I only see the radiance of a positive energy here my dear readers because I wouldn’t say anything unless I care for him and his movement a lot.
ogbai: “Mr fetsUM, My qestion is why are you afraid to be organized and contrubit with others like those a head of you in the camp? Don’t seam to me very cooprative in that matter. We are expecting you to do more practical work in organized matters. My arguement is we have many people smart or talented like you,but refused to play their roll joining the organized ones or to creat one. I have read many of your article regarding the importace of Unity is as unique which I agree.but I can see the proplems with it. My qestion to you and others who refuse to organize themself or creat one nothing than selling their books or ideas. If your a farmer you have to get wet out in the feild. If you are a soccer player you have to you have to move your feet and and the head to get to good result in both cases with well organized manner. Don’t you think so dear? You Wwdi Vacaro and others yet to come should join to the already organized ones,and then we willbe strong enough to bring the nedeed change for our people. With out well organized and well discipline manner that we will remain barking wolfes from the mountain as usuall.I urge you to take caourage in our struggle for change.
Comment: I am not afraid to be organized and contribute more but it is impossible to do with the existing opposition groups for at least these reasons: They don’t want me there because they cannot play around and get away without a challenge if they involve me, my philosophy does not accommodate their political philosophy fully and I cannot be their member without compromising my philosophy and independence and confirming to their undemocratic agendas.
I believe in transparency, intellectual debates and democratic culture to flourish in the opposition but they don’t. Further, they have a problem to unconditionally unite as we have seen it for many years and that is where I become a threat. To me, the Vacarroian movement is the best we have so far from practical and sentimental point of view and I want to work with him very much so. In fact this is the first time I ever thought of working as a member because his is the closest to my philosophy and I want to see him make it from my heart. Your job is to introduce us; to make him aware of our existence and why you think we can help and he can take it from there and I can assure you that I am ready to directly involve in his movement with my philosophy of unification intact. I believe there is a big opportunity to integrate the two philosophies and finish the assignment once and for all.
The question is why I do not ask him to join his movement? The answer is I am right here humbly asking him to do that. You need to understand that this is not about applying for a job but rather about serving his movement freely: He takes the responsibility of identifying and recruiting individuals into his movement, should he feel they were important to the cause. I do not have any control here my dear people. You don’t push harder than showing interest in order to serve freely unless you have a problem and you expect people who want you to serve them freely to approach you for that. I don’t have to work with him if he does not want anyway and I am comfortable with his choices but I will continue to write what I feel to make him stronger from distance as I have been consistently doing to help the dormant opposition forces still napping without any tangible contribution until I find a more practical way of doing it solo.
Genet: Have you tried to get involved? Have you thought the possibility of some people may get intimidated by you? You said that you couldn’t meet Wedi Vacrao, Have you contacted him via email, when he first came out with his initiative? Have you made your case, how this unity initiative can be effective by anticipating problems and finding solutions? It is unseemly for you to act passive and to consider to stand on the side, until someone call you to get involved. You don’t need a license to get involved and to save your people and country. With your brilliant analytical mind, you could be a force to be reckoned with. I think, you should get off of the sidelines and get involved actively.
Comment: I am not taking a passive stand here my dear Genet and it is because I want to actively participate in his movement that put me in this situation. I have tried to get involved a lot in the DC area by attending most of the activities organized by Eritreans if that the type of participation without invitation you are talking about. That is the type of participation the organizers want us to believe in order to dominate the platform completely like the regime does it as a habit: you go there, you listen, contribute and go home: Exact similarity with the regime’s style of participation. I have been doing that for a very long time till I get tired of it. I know some people here are intimidated by me from their actions. My exposure here through many articles should, however, serve as an application to work with people like Vacarro in normal situations, don’t you think? What else do I have to do for them to include me?
It is unseemly for you to act passive and to consider to stand on the side, until someone call you to get involved. You don’t need a license to get involved and to save your people and country.”
I don’t need anyone’s license to organize my own movement although this is not necessary at all in the existence of the new movement. But I need a license to work with Vacarro and that license is interest in his side (a phone call or just a sentence)!!!
I think we are doing very well here and we will come up with something together eventually if we continue discussing. As it stands, I did not try to contact brother Vacarro through E-mail because I didn’t know it then. I know it now and currentlydrafting something to send him directly and see what happens. I want my brother to read my last articles including your input in the forums before I initiate a call to talk to him by phone. I will include some of your opinions in the draft for a better result. We can synchronize it by doing our homework individually. I expect your direct involvement here to make a difference: send him your opinions and pressurize to get what you want my dear people. In the mean time I expect a phone call from all of you for advice and let us do it on 202-702-3977 until I have a dependable E-mail and I apologize for the inconvenience. I appreciate if you text me who you were first and I hope you will do it. You can also directly send your opinions to brother Vacarro through his e-mail that I will give you when you call me.
As of making my own movement, I need some ideas and commitment to make it. I have the intellectual and spiritual capacity but not the material capacity to do what you want me to do at this point but we can make it together.
Let us start contacting each other and working on it together. I expect a call from Gennet, Meretse and all other participants to exchange ideas and introduce to each other for this. In the mean time I want to tell you that I have finished organizing my own music for unconditional unity and I have a plan to make a tour internationally for the cause as soon as I can. With your help, I can start my tour any time soon. How does this sound to you? Thank you very much for everything and we are making a difference together.

Review overview
  • Abe January 10, 2014

    Dear Fetsum
    You need to stop your DESTRUCTIVE critics. I think you are one of those messengers that the devil Isaias is sending to discourse effective and practical action that true Eritrean NATIONALS are taking to dump him and his followers. I was a fun of your writings but now I start to question your integrity. Stop your malicious writings and join Wedi Vacaro. Opposition groups need to help him too if they are to be viable to have a chance to be part in a free and democratic Eritrea. Watch out guys. Time is running out. The peace loving People are watching out.
    May God bless Eritrea and its peace loving people.
    Isaias and his clic will go down in to the people’S JUSTICE SOON.
    thank you

  • Truly Truly i say to you January 10, 2014

    Fitsum sorry do not be offended, if i say; “my dear you interpreting the politic, from your own tiny world political vision from that you have limited political understanding and knowledge capacity you know” i would say. Actually the point that i am writing you now; i liked to tell you in your past article, but by time to some of the political games that you couldn´t understand before, by time after you understand, i thought you might will change your view , regarding about wodi vacaro to that you talking, i preferred to keep silent. But now again and again because you repeating the same failure analysis, i have something to tell you as correction to that i believe is right.

  • tateke January 10, 2014

    Go on vacaro everyone is behaind u god please u

  • Truly Truly i say to you January 10, 2014

    part 2
    First of all Fitsum you are terribly mistaken and your analysis would be meaningless since you couldn´t understand where it lays the key point, if you like the key role, ours and alike third world nations political destiny by whom as it will decide . According your analysis Eritrean destiny, i mean regime to change or not to change will be decided by Eritreans if people united you mean. Well, unity by itself as it is strength and as have positive impact anything to change no one denies about, but even there is unity amongs, let alone yours with Wodi Vacaro that you as special wishing to have; even whole oppositions unite, still i do not believe that we could change anything by ourselves, since there is no a good will of, or support of this world mighty nations such as from US, UK or EU unless we gain. From missing this key point begins yours and all socalled oppositions miserable political failure. But Wodi- Vacaro despite doesn´t claim he is a professional politician, he is the one exactly understands how the regime change could be possible with or without the useless oppositions unity or support. This is why he won fever by US Senates, and he started the necessary negotiation with them and with other powers wherever he travailing. However your effort that you like giving advice i do not mean it is worthless. Indeed it is necessary. I even my self many times recommended Wodi Vacaro instead self by traveling wasting time and tiering himself, i advised in short all oppositions leaders to invite them and put them in one negotiation table for unity. But after i realized some facts, i do not think Ato Tewolde doesn´t know about the necessity of discussing with them. indeed he knows and believes about, but it is not must in a way others going; Ato Vacaro similarly by sporing with them to waste his time. He exactly knows them deliberately for different interest hardly as are dividing all time and knows how hard it is these for different interst mission they fighting groups to bring together.

  • Truly Truly i say to you January 10, 2014

    part 3
    Dr. Tewolde doesn´t need to form his own organization to impress all oppositions, like other worthless opposition after some popularity seen when thet doing. No! No! No! Wodi Vacaro exactly knows where the master key lays. For him and for me alike for instance one European parliament Member or any word from US or UK high officials as like Mr. Olle Schmidt said “Isayas must go” we trust such voice at most,more than the whole Eritrean unitedly from that they giving voice. Do not consider me as i am a fool, or i am a white man worshiper. But i tell you your hypocrisy and good enthusiasm without knowledge wouldn´t never take you to anywhere. I hope you are understanding me my points why i differ with all of you. In this spirit if you are agree with me and Wodi- Vacaro, even though i do not meet or know this gentleman before, there is no a need of reclamation Ato Fitsum. Simply join and support Wodi, Vacaro´s unity mission like we ordinary people doing from far we sympathizing.
    I guess you as talented English writer not as talented politician in this aspect i believe your contribution will have a great impact if support wodi vacaro´s mission.
    The Reason We trust Wodi Vacro, because he not regionalist, with

  • Truly Truly i say to you January 10, 2014

    part 4 last
    religious affiliation or own party mission because not sick like others is, because we know he not fighting to have power, because not fighting to have money is. Fro his past experience because we recognized all what he deed good for our nation economy development, and because we trust his current positive, contractive spirit it is. Believe me when i see wodi Vacaro´s eye i see automatically blessing coming to Eritrea, When i see Isayas´s eye and hear his name i see cursing continues in Eritrea. But finally Fitsum i appreciate your initiative that you have will by whatever you can to support the unity movement. Do not forget everybody this. Millions of worthless party groups that undo things or change nothing; one smart wise person be it poor or rich or a courageous person like Wodi Ali alike could change anything.

    Finally let me say you goodbye by the following God´s word.
    “There is something else I saw, a good example of how wisdom is regarded in this world. There was a little town without many people in it. A powerful king attacked it. He surrounded it and prepared to break through the walls. A man lived there who was poor, but so clever that he could have saved the town. But no one thought about him. I have always said that wisdom is better than strength, but no one thinks of a poor man as wise or pays any attention to what he says. (Ecclesiastes 9; 13- 16)

  • Hagos January 10, 2014


    You envy Wedi Vaccaro for the support and respect he is getting. No matter how much you bark with all these nonsense you are writing, you’ll never shine like Wedi Vaccaro who has come forward and is doing something.

    Keep hiding behind your computer and talk about small time stories that you had in Kessela and dream how you can come to the spot light, in vain.

    Leave wedi Vaccaro alone!!

  • Rob January 10, 2014

    Dear Fitsum,

    I am a great follower, and am you write very elquntiley, and enjoy your articles, However on this, i have an issue and am not very comfortable with the way you have stated, “I have an idea that can turn the situation into a winner. I would like to share it with him in private as to how to take maximum advantage of the situation and benefit the movement in an unexpected manner. The situation offers BLESSING IN DISGUISE only if he recognizes there is something to be done here and understands how to go about it. I hope he has figured it out by now otherwise, I humbly appeal to my brother to give me a chance of sharing a NEUTRALIZING STRATEGY if not an EXIT STRATEGY that can kill two birds with one stone without affecting or changing the committees.

    I am reluctant to expose it in public because I don’t want the enemy camp to take advantage of it for the worse.”

    Well, first and for most is if you have an idea that you don’t want to disclose it on the web site, then not make a freight but to try to contact wedi vacro by other means..

    I belive at this stage.. what is required is total honesty,total transparency,and treat the reader with a great respect; the rest will follow.

    I agree with you wedivacro is a man it looks highly respected form the oppositon side; to be honest with you i only got to know about him since lampdusa incident;

    it is an old tradation of eritrean to respect our elders,and we all are looking for father, mother figure highly respected who can unite and lead us.

    i respect your view and please carry on ..
    Thank you

  • L.T January 10, 2014

    Unfortunatly you are unemployed or you have plodding job and this question are you going to respond?you participated in demonstrations and actions and the like as ofton as you could and you are not successful.

  • Genet January 10, 2014

    Dear Fetsum
    I apologize if I came down on you hard. I respect your independent mind. For the most part, people with independent mind are more tolerance of others ideas. When I said you need to get invloved actively, I didn’t mean you should attend meetings without clear goals. I am sugesting for you to be a mover and a shaker in our struggle to surivive. Our people and country need independent mind to work together. As we all know, “Group affilated mind” have not been working for us. It is way overdue for independet mind Eritreans to take the lead for a change. Independent mind Eritreans can challenge and motivate us, to rise to our best abilities to bring change for our people. It is not going to be easy to plow through all the opportunistics, but at the end, it will worth the fight. You said, “They don’t want me there because they can’t play around and get away without a challlenge. If they in involve me my philosophy doensn’t accommodate their plitical philosophy fully and I can’t be their member without compromissing my philosophy” I am sure, all independent mind Eritreans agree with your statement. Time has come for those Eritreans with “Group affilated mind” to take the back seat. I am not a big fan of having multiple movements or groups in the name of change for our people. The already created movements or groups out there seem to drain our energy and spirit. However, as a last resort, I am open to the idea of creating a movement. I am a big fan of Wedi Vacaro, because I see the potential of uniting all Eritreans. He was an insider. He is not afraid to tell the PFDJ’s leaders that they committed crime against all Eritreans and it is time for them to go. I see him as a wise man who most Eritrean can related too. He reminds us, PFDJ’s leaders or system do not define the Eritrean people. We were and are people with social norms and values. I believe what is lacking from the many oppostions groups is that the inability to relate to the average Eritrean man and woman. Wedi Vacaro needs all Eritreans’ help, especially independent minds and hard working once, who are not afraid to get a black eye and/or bruised ego here and there to get a job done.
    Thank You so much for considering to contact Wedi Vacaro.
    I hope you forgive me for being hard on you. Have a good weekend!