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Fetsum: A violent man dies a violent death

Fetsum:  A violent man dies a violent death Of all types of political structures, absolute monocracy offers the biggest threat to society. Dictators are basically children that cannot function without someone constantly reminding them of their

Fetsum:  A violent man dies a violent death

Of all types of political structures, absolute monocracy offers the biggest threat to society. Dictators are basically children that cannot function without someone constantly reminding them of their greatness. They quickly get angry and they honestly wonder why people do not blindly follow them when they navigate their nations to the cliff. Their stubborn nature does not allow them to see all possibilities to a given scenario; only their principle, a principle-not that can hardly define issues precisely.

Dictators generally resolve issues through different means of violence, but the extremists see no other alternative to killing. Although their ranks may differ from one another, human experiences under PelPot of Cambodia, Idi Amin of Uganda, Stalin of Russia, Hitler of Germany, Afwerki of Eritrea and Mengistu of Ethiopia are good examples of this conclusion.

The generic psychology behind the mind of dictators is simple and direct. They think they know everything: they are the best doctors, engineers, economists, anthropologists, historians, philosophers, etc. They are megalomaniac fundamentalists of their little individualist worlds: expensive economic, spiritual and technological burdens of society. Their ego does not allow public participation but only the power of the fist to control and silence the society under their mercy. They are the worst losers of opportunities. They ask questions like ‘Who do you think they are to defy authority?’ without questioning who they really think they were to expect people unconditionally accepting their authority. They do not understand that people do not resist authority unless defiance becomes the only solution for freedom from absolute dictatorship.

 Dictators never admit their mistakes and they think they are always right. They don’t like to hear different opinions and they habitually lie but in “free rider style”, meaning they cannot stand others questioning their lies. The farther away from prolific existence by choosing to oppress and humiliate, the more they isolate themselves from the drained masses, and the stronger they deny themselves the freedom of movement and peace of mind. As they continue to slave for their power, the time eventually arrives when they cannot even keep their closest supporters around: their images become their only means of comfort. That may also betray them when they wake up one day to see someone across the mirror reflecting another person. The image is no longer the good looking, the everlasting and the ultimate human potential they used to see, but a lonely and scared ordinary person: an impermanent omnipotent in regressive legacy. Life had slipped away on body counts, dirty money and polishing the gun as it seems about the current situation of the brutal Eritrean dictator.

People may misunderstand nature for something controllable by human beings. It  is, however, clear and perfect. It does not discriminate people, it treats them equally: if you breach human rights you lose your right and if you kill you get killed. The stronger the attachment to the self, the more terrified one becomes of dying. No one can be more afraid of death than self-obsessed dictators, the reason they cling to their power in the first place. The selflessness and patriotism they pretend to the public clash with history that persistently locates them in unexpected hideouts. They have no spiritually governed mind to be selfless but egoistic images that betray them when everything falls apart at the end of the day. They cannot even deliver a bullet of justice to themselves as they appear to be capable of doing all along before their downfall, but rather get caught in the most humiliating circumstances. Little do they know about mortality nor do they clearly understand the consequence of their evil activities. To the contrary, they act as if life was permanent and in control of their lives. They are brittle because “power over others is weakness disguised as strength” and that the best way to express loss of self control is through intense urge to control others. This logic applies to all controlling people in general.

The nature of dictatorship is such that it stays potent for a long time for many reasons. People have the tendency to accept it at first thinking it would solve their problems associated with their past experience. It probably takes about 10 years for society to start feeling the nature of a new government as such where some oppose it and some keep on supporting it. As dictators take the people for granted and continue messing up everything in society, the supporters slowly drift away becoming neutral observers of the situation until the suffering hits home. Then, the opposition grows becoming the majority. About 20 years after dictatorship, everything about the oppressors should have been manifested in different ways; from arrogance to insults, from corruption to mismanagement, from random arrests to random killings, etc. Yet the illusive confidence of the dictators increases proportionally.

Nothing stays permanent, however, and everything falls apart at the end of the day. This is what is happening in Eritrea at this moment in time. They abused every social norm and everybody in the society, they rendered kids parentless, they raped our young daughters, terminated lives illegally and unjustly, jailed in thousands and created incalculable suffering through wars and exodus. Alas, they went as far as denying Eritrea veterans of the struggle a place of rest in their country, confronted God by jailing Christian believers and went on messing with Allah as in the latest episode against our culture and our believers of Islam. The dictatorship has reached a saturation point where it can neither reverse the situation through reforms and redemption nor can it continue through force and regret after abusing every family one way or another. The time for their karma to radiate its unfortunate consequence has arrived. It is now up to the Eritrean people to fuel the internal resistance through massive demonstrations around the world in the midst of refusing to unite for change. This is the time to tighten the rope in the neck of the violent dictator who will soon die a violent death. This is indeed the time to carry our responsibility of securing a peaceful and prosperous future, of attaining justice so never for our society to repeat the unprovoked brutality it suffered for close to three decades. At this juncture where the dictator is about to face his imminent downfall through the challenge of our exhausted people, the least we can do is electing local baytos everywhere in the planet this November so that we can secure democracy in the country through mass based global leadership. Get prepared for unknown future otherwise and good luck.

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Review overview
  • Danilo November 4, 2017

    Bravo Simon, keep it up. It has also a wise way exposing the real character of dictator.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! November 4, 2017

    Simon G .
    Nicely written entertaining comment as.we call as
    It looks funny but you brought exactly his personality true reflections .

  • Meretse November 4, 2017

    Hi everyone
    SG thank you again for your funny and enjoyable comment. Putting the fun part aside, the world now has wittnesed the true character of the regime- mainly how it treats its own children. I have no doubt many of these children’s fathers or grandfathers are now in the front lines serving the regime. The irony is how is it that someone believes he/she is ptotecting the nation from outside enemies while the real enemy of the nation is living in he nation?
    I hope this is a wake up call for the nation as whole. As usual, the regime and its diehard followers are bitting the drums and crying outloud “The Russians are Coming”. What a scarecrow? B
    In the past its best albi was: it is that region, it is that religion, it is that faith, it is that enemy, now a big NO to everything but it is –“those children”. The dictator has runout of reasons. His followers have already begun chewing dicades old gum. A gum that is tasteless and dry as a rock. Yes the protest might not be the last but it is beginning of the end and the understands that clearly. No matter how hard the regime plays we are the people who know how to seperate the corn from the cob. Our unity tested in bad and goodtimes, we had an A+ and it will continue to be so.
    Brothet Festum, as always please keep enlighen us and thank you.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! November 4, 2017

      ” OUR UNITY TESTED IN BAD AND GOOD TIMES ” . That is the truth nobody can deny .
      Well said brother Meretse .
      Regardless present circumstances obviously Eritreans heroism will reborn again
      once young generation inside the country arise to stand for their right against
      military oriented oppressive government . We had done it before and it is only
      a matter of time before repeats again . Time might allow wrongs to take place for limited
      time but not for ever . That is the rule of nature we noticed at our surroundings .

    • Meretse November 4, 2017

      Pls read as beating drums ….

  • Amba November 4, 2017

    The problem with Eritrean opposition politics, is, not-understanding the exact political problem in Eritrea. This is not new, to say the least, the Jebha-Shaebia conflict and the conflict among several Eritrean opposition camps from the extremist religious fanatics to the nationalists on the opposite side of the prism are few examples. The only person or the first one to identify it correctly and who has so far predicted the direction of the Eritrean politics is Yosief Ghebrehiwet – YG. There are many who say, he is truly prophetic. Read his article:

    “ … Among the opposition’s doing, the most harmful thing to Eritrea has been having its current predicament identified as a political rather than existential crisis. Once misdiagnosed as a political crisis, all try to find a political solution that invariably bypasses urgent issues of survival that has little to do with politics. The reason why most Eritreans in the opposition put undue focus on the “democracy project” – creating political parties, pushing for “unity” among parties, flirting with government-in-exile, discussing on what type of democratic government is suitable to Eritrea, rallying around the constitution or amending it or condemning it, strengthening democratic institutions in Diaspora, instilling democratic culture among youth organizations, advocating for free media and other democratic rights, conducting conferences and symposiums promoting democracy, writing endless papers on the virtue of democracy, etc – for providing a solution to the current crisis of existence primarily comes from this flawed understanding. … ”

  • Meretse November 4, 2017

    ሳይሞን ከብርይካ
    ካብ ተዘክሮታት 1980
    ኣንታ እዛ መሬትስ ከመይ ኢላ’ያ ለስሊሳ
    ኣንታ እዛ መሬትስ ከመይ ኢላ’ያ ፈዂሳ
    ሰልፊ ናጽነት ክልተ መልሓሳ
    ኣብ ቖላ ቑርኣን ዳዊት ኣብ ከበሳ
    ሰናይ ዘይብላ ብዘይካ ኣበሳ
    ውላድ ከይገደፈት ሓድጊ ናይ እበሳ
    ብዓንቶቦኡ እንትርዘይ ተቀንጢሳ
    ጽባሕ ክትመርር ኢያ ምጥዓማ ምቅማሳ
    ኩላስ ከመይ ኢለ,,,,

    • Danilo November 4, 2017

      ምስተማሃርኩ ግን ኣበይ’ሞ።

      ሕውስውስ ኢሉኒ ዒንኪላሎ
      ኣንክዝክር ዒራዒሮ ዓዲ ሃሎ
      ቆሪረ እምበሪ ሳኣን ሓንቲ ውዕሎ።

      ኣስላምና ክስታና ደቂ ሓውቦ፡
      ሰብ ሞንጉዳ ዓቅሊ ጽበት ጎዶቦ፡
      ንሕና!!! ማሕፉዛ ስኒት…ቅናት፡
      ኣል ማዕሉማት ምነልዑላማ!!!።

  • Meretse November 4, 2017

    ኣሞይ እንተበልኩ ኣሞይ ኒዕማ
    ሓዊኣቦይ እንተበልካ ኣቦይ ሹማ
    ኣቦይ እንተበልካስ ከቢረ ተሰማ
    ብሓደ ዝመክሩ ኣብ ፓርላማ
    እንተወፊሮም ንሓደ ንዕላማ
    ኣባትርቶም ብሓደ ይቅርስማ
    “ኣልማዕሉማት ሚንኣልማዕሉማ”
    ቀሪባ ኣላ መቃልሕ ሱማ
    ዘመን ክትምለስ ከም ቀደማ
    …. i got to go see u soon

  • Simon G November 7, 2017

    Thank you all! Sometimes we all need some humor 🙂

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