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EU accused of funding evil empire of Eritrea where hundreds and thousands forced to flee

THE European Union has been accused of funding an evil Eritrean empire which has forced 120,000 people to flee. The embattled bloc faces intense criticism for propping up a despot leader who has catapulted his country

THE European Union has been accused of funding an evil Eritrean empire which has forced 120,000 people to flee.

The embattled bloc faces intense criticism for propping up a despot leader who has catapulted his country into the depths of abhorrent slave labour, by handing them £176million in aid, despite protests from human rights groups.

The cash has reportedly been ploughed into President Isaias Afewerki’s regime, which is actually encouraging its people to escape a poor nation beset with mass enslavement, the Daily Telegraph reported.

In 2015, more Eritreans reached the shores of Europe than any other nationality in the world and account for the largest amount of asylum applications in the UK.

One in 10 Eritreans has fled abroad, while 120,000 have sought refuge to Europe since 2010 to escape the brutal and harsh conditions of their homeland.

Atrocities, including an indefinite military national service programme that amounted to mass enslavement, had been committed since the country’s independence in 1991 and were ongoing, according to the UN.

There are said to have been 300,000 to 400,000 people who have been enslaved in the secretive state, which has never had an election.

Mike Smith, who chaired a UN inquiry, said last year: “Eritrea is an authoritarian state. There is no independent judiciary, no national assembly and there are no other democratic institutions.

“This has created a governance and rule of law vacuum, resulting in a climate of impunity for crimes against humanity to be perpetrated over a quarter of a century. These crimes are still occurring today.”

But the east African nation has routinely dismissed reports by UN bodies and campaign groups of rights violations in the past.

Meanwhile, Eritreans living in the West are estimated to send £500million a year back to their families in Eritrea.

President Afewerki blocks the payments until the person sends a 2 per cent annual tax to the nation’s treasury.

One Eritrean national, now living in London, said: “It is basically a ransom, but if we don’t pay it our families will starve.” has contacted the European Commission for comment.


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  • amanuel December 1, 2017

    Europe desperately wants to block the flood of refugees heading to it. Desperation is forcing it to take desperate measures and actions that does not solve the problem. Consulting with african leaders who are creating the problem can not solve the problem but make it more complicated.

  • Kalighe December 1, 2017

    It’s unfortunate that some European leaders think Africans do not need democracy. Western companies bribe corrupt African leaders to illegally exploit the continent’s huge mineral resources. The EU and US help the governments that are causing people flee their countries, and in some cases they even help them to remain in power against the will of their people.
    To stop refugees coming to their shores, EU has to stop helping illegal governments such as the one in Eritrea.

  • Danilo December 1, 2017

    The EU governments / policy maker politicians are clever enough for their interest only. as the matter of fact, they want to silence right wing parties and confused nationals too, at least for some years to come. They have double stand. One is as I said it in the above. The other is the awareness not having servants in Africa when they decide to invade it again.

    • Danilo December 1, 2017

      I think if they think Africans are invading Europe they can invade Africa by sending experts who are desperate in search of how to accommodate the socially ill citizens they have. Those experts should not think to dump and collect but fund correctly.

  • petros December 2, 2017

    በረሀ ትንሳኤ;
    ሂዚ ጽቡቅ! ናብታ ልክዕካ ወሪድካ! – ትግርኛ ትዛረብ ናይ ሰብ ምስሊ ዝሀዝካ “በጊዕ !” እቲ ብዙህ ሥልጣነ ዛህለፈ ቋንቋይ ካብ ኣፍካ ኪወጽዕ ያህዝነኒ- ነብሱ ዛጥፍዕ፣ ዝመንጭት ዘይማሃር ደንቆሮ! ብኣካን ክንዳካን ሃሱሳት- ኤርትራ ተደይሳ፣ ተጋሩ ከበሳ ህጂ “endangered species” ናብ ዝባሃሉሉ ብርኪ ወሪዶም– ብሀደ ገጽ ብስደት ብካሊዕ ገጽ ቤተሰብ ኣልቦ 20-ዓመት ኣብ ዕስክርና ጉድጓድ ተቀርቂሮም ብህሱም ፀገም ሰንሰን’ሉ– እዚ ኩሉ ብኣካን ከማካን’ዩ- ኣምሳያ ኢሳያስሲ ንኢሳያስ ክታንውር! እቲ ዝላዐለ ድክነት ወዲ ሰብ ክኣ ካብ ሂወት ዘይምምሃር’ዩ- እዚ ክኣ ንስካን ከማካን ህግደፋትን ታኣዲልክምዎ! በዚ ሀብታማት’ኩም – ንህዝቢ አጥፊዕኩም ትጠፍኡ መርገማት! ህጂ ከም ሰብ ዘይኮነ ቋንቋይ ከምትዛረብ በጊዕ’የ ተቀቢለካ! ብታህጓስ ከይኮነ ምስ ዐብይ ሀዘን!