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Ethiopia signs Djibouti railway deal with China

By Aaron Maasho ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia signed an agreement with a Chinese state-run firm to build the final section of a railway line that will link its capital Addis Ababa to the tiny Red

By Aaron Maasho

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia signed an agreement with a Chinese state-run firm to build the final section of a railway line that will link its capital Addis Ababa to the tiny Red Sea state of Djibouti, an official said.

The deal signed late on Friday with the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) covers a 339-kilometre line that will join another project to connect the capital with Djibouti.

“This agreement is a contract to construct between Mieso, which is half way from Addis Ababa, to the Djibouti border,” Getachew Betru, general manager of the Ethiopian Railways Corporation, told Reuters.

Ethiopia and Djibouti’s economies are reliant on each other with about 70 percent of all trade through Djibouti’s port coming from its land-locked neighour.

CCECC and China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) have won tenders for other sections of the 656-kilometre build. Those companies have brokered loans for Ethiopia from China’s EXIM Bank, Development Bank of China and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Getachew said.

Ethiopia, which aims to construct 5,000 kilometres of railway lines in the huge country by 2020, says companies from BRIC nations have shown an interest in other projects.

The Horn of Africa country has posted high economic growth rates over the past five years and hopes to exploit growing business ties with China, India and Turkey to boost its expanding economy.

Under a five-year development plan launched last year, Ethiopia aims to boost infrastructure with a plan to increase power production from 2,000MW to 10,000MW and ambitions for 2,600 kilometres of railway lines by 2015.

“We have called on companies from the BRIC countries to be involved in the other projects. They have shown a considerable interest to get into tenders,” Getachew said.

Getachew said Ethiopia will use some of its own funds to cover costs of the projects alongside loans secured from banks.

Ethiopia is looking for long-term loans that could either be on preferential or commercial terms, he said.

It also plans to construct an inter-city light rail system in Addis Ababa.

Review overview
  • Berhane Mesqel December 19, 2011

    Ethiopia is marching towards development fast than we can think .what about Eritrea ?all this projects should enclude Eritrea .there was a plan to build electric dam at the border of Eritrea and Ethiopia .now is gone.lets change our outlook of the world in more positive corporation and respect .i think the weyanes are gave up hope on isu they are moving fast away from Eritrea .what a sad stuation .keep hope alive

  • The Bee December 19, 2011

    The failure of GOE in diplomatic relations has caused unprecedented loss of life, and has made our people one of the poorest in the world. Asab port is a gold mine. A simple diplomatic relations with Ethiopia would have given Eritrea a financial edge and would have earned billions of dollars a year. But thanks to Issayas sadistic nature and vindictive spirit he has never given a good diplomacy a chance and he never will. Time for change.

    • sam December 20, 2011

      yea it is only because of the snack leader that we have in eritrea, our people are lossing in every aspect of life.

  • Abdi December 19, 2011

    Good for them,all what we need is to leave us along we don’t want their mutual interest with hidden ill wills. assenawoch post good things about Ethiopia and look for bad news about Eritrea,Im wondering if this does help to get supporters or to overthrow HE PIA?
    postirng only bad news about Eritrea shows less confidence in your side regarding your supporters whom you misleading and also doesn’t show any free press rules.
    very clear messege to the wise people.

    • Alex December 19, 2011

      Open your eyes and look your surroundings to see reality. Watching to much Eri-Tv
      Makes people dumb.

      • Huluf December 19, 2011


        Abdi Ibud is tipped to be the Press Secretary for DIA. Please watch him at Eri- TV in 201. He has been sieving through what Comical Ali and Moussa Ibrahim have been failing for their master.

        • Jemal December 20, 2011

          HI ; Alex i am wondering why did you always baptize Abdi to chemical Ali ;is he just because he is got a Muslim name.Because there were a lot of bad leaders in the world. So ; i am just curios why did pick chemi. Ali did you or can’t you find another name why and i am just also curios if you have that religeious issue .Because Eritrea now don’t want some who have that kind of backword mentality. if not disregard and i will appolgize to

          • ahmed saleh December 20, 2011

            I do not understand why you come on that conclusion to accuse Alex with this nonsense.
            Have confidence and free yourself from this mentality first, brother.

          • Alex December 20, 2011

            We are against people who use religion and old beliefs. Chemical ali, Abdi and you do not represent
            muslims only the characters of us should be judged It is up to you to defend someone solely because of
            his identity. I recommend to learn and follow the
            truthfullness from brothers like ahmed saleh.

          • Jemlal December 21, 2011

            Respond To
            Mr. Alex ; I am so sorry if you feel offended. But ; i didn’t text to personally to cause you or make you Unconfortable .What i was asking is just because of the statement you wrote to Abdi i might not get it accordingly or the way i should’ve been.So ; i just want you to make it a little clearer for me that’s all.
            But ; Mr Alex we don’t have to go a little farther saying and exchanging words ; I think we should a little bit have tolerance each other ; Or else how can we show that we are better than the Gangs regime in Asmara .
            But ; Yes Mr. Alex i myself not a supportive of An Evil and raobout Abdi .So we may mis understand each other and i appology if you fetlt it Bro.

          • Huluf December 22, 2011


            It was not Alex. It has nothing to do with religion, but remember Comical Ali was the spokesperson and that famous clip where he is declaring the american army is routed and they are a mile behind him @ the airport. But also there was a brutal man of Saddam , Chemical Ali who was so sadistic he wiped out the southern Iraqs and the kurds, Ali Ibud is as sadistic and as a liar and deny deny deny like Comical Ali. so that is the story… he use to be Moussa Ibrahim, spokesperson of Gadaffi. I have been campaigning for Ali Ibud to join Eri TV and entertain us some more live from Asmara , come 2012.

      • Bus-Zone December 20, 2011


        You Cannot Change Old Ass (Like Abdi ) the only way he understand is the Shovel way

    • Huluf December 19, 2011

      Abdi Ibud,

      first time I see you start with something that is not sadistic. “good for them”. that is a sign of confidence. Believe you me they have no choice but to leave us alone. Their fault(emperor, zulul mengistur cost them money and detruction) is chasing a futile dream Eritrea. Mind you they had an Airline in 1946( Ethiopian Airlines is as old as DIA), so this rail is not even an achievement in my books. DIA and Higdefite need to leave us alone and we will shape Eritrea belive me. The people of Eritrea have capacity to self govern. Follow the rule of the land( higi Inda Aba and other Erirean customs) you would have no issues.

      • Abdi December 19, 2011

        Believe me You don’t worth to be leaders,its like asking hyena to herd a cattle,so stop chasing the dream of ruling Eritrea as it will never become true.

        • The Bee December 20, 2011


          Do you realize according to and many international media and according to the practical situation on the ground in Eritrea, we are one of the most oppressed people in the world, second to N. Korea? Why do you want to continue this legacy? Now that Kim jung Il of N. Korea is dead, are you working on getting us to be number one in oppression and dictatorship?

          Be true to yourself first and activate some human decency if you have it. People are suffering, what is your answer to alleviate this suffering? do you have any positive answer or are you going to answer by the usual rhetoric PFDJ character assassination style?

        • Huluf December 21, 2011

          Abdi Ibud,

          In your sadistic mind nothing is achievable, not to mention you do no want it to be achieved …you are typical in the way you display your sadism, but we are from families that captured the imagination of the world in Sahel. So stay tuned.

          • Alex December 21, 2011

            That was nice of you to respond with brotherly manner. Next time make sure to what you are
            responding because you directed to wrong person.
            You can visit my writing again.

        • jemal December 23, 2011

          Abbadi (Abdi)
          Well ; believe us . we will turn it around Eritrea as one of the most and most progressive country in the regin in termes of security ; settling peace ; economical if you guys live us alone . Unlike you guys u said you will make Eritrea like Singapoor dream what happend guss what you made it single poor.And also you said ” Akayeedana Akayeeda Abagobyea ” if you listen to us we are telling you ( Keam Mantelea kenkayeed Nekeel Ena (why do we have to walk like Torttel when we can walk like a Tiger .
          And plus ; please don’t Coppy your comment from PFDJ web ciets ok

    • sol December 22, 2011

      A child easily understand how brainwashed or enslaved by rhetoric of PFDJ, the reason Assena posted this is how this will affect Eritrea economically for long years to come as Ethiopia confidently ignore the use of Eritrean ports as Djubouti is upgrading and enlarging its port services, while Ethiopia ,Somalia land, and China are signing an a agreement to rebuilt new port service and Kenya also developing a modern port for tge use of solely Ethiopia and South Sudan.
      Abdi, you should be able to think and analyze beyond PFDJ lies and deception.

  • Alex December 19, 2011

    Our government stubborn attitude toward neighbors and other countries didn’t help the
    people . Talking and talking to propagate does not bring bread to their constituents. The
    advantage of smart administration leads to development and tranquility, but with our
    GoE arrogance the lost of our potentials will have discouraging consequences not only
    just now for the future too. Ethiopians were building their country the last ten years and
    looks it start to show results. But we are still fighting to liberate ourselves and we do not
    how many more years will take to reclaim our freedom.

  • tess December 19, 2011

    Assena is more to Weyane web than to Eritrean they Ejoy when any good news about Ethiapia infact they exaturated it. To assena and Amanuel Eyassu Eritrean good news headeach to them

    • Huluf December 19, 2011


      You are dead wrong. Please watch how robotic and buffunish the people of Korea look and portray to the world. You almost sound like them … least they are completely locked out and programmed through parrot talk and bomardement.
      To us in Assena platform debates Ammanuel is an Eritrean hero and he is as Eritrean one get’s and this Assena is Assena wo Assena, Assenna wo Assenna.

      • Alex December 19, 2011

        Ethiopian development news make us more jealous than enjoying.
        Eritrean development of humans abuse is news of your development
        you are free to enjoy with the dictator.

      • sam December 20, 2011

        Amanuel Iyassu is the master of free press. A voice to the voiceless of Eritrean people. we need more people like amanuel Iyassu.

    • Abdi December 19, 2011

      That’s the only way to gather dumb supporters around them,lie to win but thanks to the media we can read and watch the news even before assena post it,the thing is those who lied to believe everything posted as long as it defame the gov’t,what you didn’t notice is that assena is not free to post good news about Eritrea which means it is a tool against Eritrea or Eritrea’s news doesn’t mean any thing to you?wake up hululey asha

      • Alex December 19, 2011

        Do you know you act like Hgdf journalists , I hope they pay you for
        the service you done to them so far and share Kozami .

      • sam December 20, 2011

        Abd are you a supporter of the PFDJ or part of us the true people of Eritrea who oppose the dictatorial regiem in eritrea. if you are a supporter this is not a place for you. go and be a voluntree slave in Eritrea for the dictator.

    • Huluf December 22, 2011

      No Eritrean including you, leave alone a brave human being like Ammanuel Iyasu would wish Eritrea harm…to the contrary we all love Eritrea…..difference is some of us are “Zemachs and Komaros” others are as free as an eritrean should be.
      And if you have confidence in yourself or oneself you do not wish others harm. If Ethiopia is building Djibouti-Addis rail or even north to south , I am happy for them….but I will tell you if DIA could just go aside Eritrea will lead ….What ever happened to Singapore dream? Aha….? now we are so elated if one road is built…now that is the difference….Ammanuel knows the capacity of this great nation and our beloved people now building other’s countries….deservedly…great and wonderful democratic nations of the west where you and I are availed this freedom to chat our brains off….get real …stop being hypocrite….Let me sharewith you this clip….It might help you good clouded heart clear up. When you watch a clip..There are two beautiful eritreans (putting the concept of beauty the way you want it). Who would you leave your children with? By the way one of the Eritreas who is dressed up (not decorated) has it she lives in Washington DC with her husband working in a big corporate living it up….she left Asmara to escape here children before they are of age…That is hypocricy …save yourself from this.

  • sador December 20, 2011

    it is good to hear if the weyane started to build thier country instead of disturbing our land eritrea lets God help them it will be good for ritrea in directly beause the weyane will stop to dream about assab and massawa thanks God. this means the weyane will be free of the so called illness massawa and assab

  • Palm December 20, 2011

    Abdi and other supporters of the regime in Eri. they really don’t know what development (mebale) is. The most important aspect of development is freedom respect for human rights, and popular participation in the process of development and equity in sharing the fruits of development. HGDEF is a big failer in rejecting Eritrean people of their freedom. If you labor day and night to put infrustructures in place but ignore the basic freedom of your people, it is good for nothing. No freedom = no business, no education, no services in terms of hospitals, tourism, transportation etc. No one will use the infrustructures built. As one guy puts it Assab port is more to Eritrea than mining gold. Assab is now dead city and I am really sorry for the resident of Assab and the region they lost their business and their livlihood.


    • Alex December 20, 2011

      The point you represent Assab is more important than the short cut journey for richness from the gold mines is a good point. Long term plan for devolopment of a country give base for coming generation. When we navigate Eritrean progress, narrow minded people look to Asmera and the government only. Denkalia people resource and hope depends on Assab port, imagine how frustrated can be with independence on hand with no finnancial means and hope. I feel sorry and share their pain as my people. Denying the bad situation in Eritrea shows your disconnect with your people.

  • kulu December 22, 2011

    Undeniably compared to Eritrea, ethiopians have progressed much faster than us. But it is creating huge gap between the poor and rich section of the society. Wealth is concentrated in hands of few. The rich are getting richer and richer and the poor are getting poorer and poorer. This is a world phenomena, the government could not be accused of this, since there does not exist this time a system which replaces the existing one. In Eritrea on the other hand there is no gap at all between rich and poor thanks to the farsighted policy of the government who have destroyed the rich so that they would be equal to the poor. This is a good example to that deserve to be studied and copied by the United States and other countries which are under trouble economically this time. This is an effective short-cut to ensuring social justice.