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Ethiopia PM reaches deal with soldiers demanding raises: report

Deals of agreement unclear after hundreds of soldiers marched to capital demanding pay rises and operational review. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has reached an agreement with several hundred soldiers who had marched to his office to demand

Deals of agreement unclear after hundreds of soldiers marched to capital demanding pay rises and operational review.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has reached an agreement with several hundred soldiers who had marched to his office to demand pay rises, state television (ETV) reported.

The meeting between the soldiers and Abiy ended with “an agreement”, but there were no immediate details of what the deal included, ETV said on Wednesday.

In addition to asking for pay rises, the soldiers also requested that Abiy “review the structure and operations of the military”.

ETV did not broadcast images of the soldiers marching.

The station also reported that the soldiers had been on a mission in Burayu, a town in the Oromiya region that borders the capital Addis Ababa, for the past several weeks following violence along ethnic lines there last month.

No internet

Residents reported that the internet was shut down for nearly three hours on Wednesday.

ETV said it had been shut off to prevent fake news circulating on social media.

Abiy, 42, took office in April after several years of unrest forced his predecessor to resign.

He has pledged to reform the security forces and promote multi-party democracy.

These changes are a shock to the system in Ethiopia, a country of more than 100 million people that has been led with an iron fist since the EPRDF coalition that Abiy belongs to took over power in 1991.


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  • Abrehaley Asheber October 10, 2018

    Good News for the Eritrean Soldiers. Now, is your turn Eritrean Defense Forces to be a Guardian to your country and to ask for your pay rise.

  • tafla October 10, 2018

    our soldiers are happy now that they get taf and fino from tigray. dont count on it.

    • Sam October 11, 2018

      Are you saying that Eritrean soldiers live to eat?

  • Asmara Eritrea October 10, 2018

    Demanding a pay rise by soldiers in Eritrea would be a quick way to meet their end and get sloughtered on the streets of Asmara.

    Unlike in Ethiopia, the best way for soldiers to get a pay rise in Eritrea is to use their weapons to remove Isaias from the face of the earth first.

    Eritrea forever, death has i dictatorship.

  • Abrehaley Asheber October 10, 2018

    Can you imagine for a moment:- If all the Eritrean Generals and other military officers did not save the Land of Our Martyrs, by saying simple word “NO” Enough is enough.

    • Wedi Hagher October 11, 2018

      Eritrea has no Generals, they are Iseyas’ dogs who make money by using the labor of young boys and girls they keep as slaves.

      • HdriswuE halalmariet October 12, 2018

        In 1995,in Addis Abeba, a man of Tigrai dscent, saddened with the liberation of Eritrea, told me “We know Who Is Who In Asmera”. Back then I did not seriously consider the message he was trying to get across to me .
        About ten years ago, when we were discussing the Eritrean worsening situation, the subject of Isaias Afewerk’s identity came up. You know said one of us, many a number of Asmera and its surrounding villages residents are of Tigrai origin who came with the invader, aka Rasi Alula.

        Yemane ,aka Jamaica, a veteran woyane,affirmed in his own words that he was born and raised in Asmera of a father whose grand father had come to Asmera with Rasi Alula. He added also isaias afewerk is his close relative and that his father not only used to remind him of his tigrai descent but also took him to tigrai to show him the very village his grand father was born.

        During the heyday of the liberation war, while the EPLFS were intermarrying by crisscrossing the religious and ethnic divides, probably in their attempt to harmonize the fractured Eritrean population, isaias afewrk however married his like, tigraweiti. The questions is : To what end did he do it? And since, at the time, looking for a female tegadalit of tigrai discent was comparable to finding a needle in heystock, how did he do it?

        The answer to first question is that he did it to keep his offsprings bonafide tigrawot like himself, which is a rejection of Eritrawnet, and which also explains why,under various pretexts, he has been busy destroying the foundations of Eritrawnet.

        The answer to the second question can be infered from what the tigrawai in Addis Abeba said to me in 1995……”We know Who Is Who In Eritra”, and from what Yemane,aka Jamaica, said….. my father used to remind me my tigrai descen, plus from the extensive ornek (life history) that every new EPLF tegadelay and tegadalit was required to submit,which isaias afewerk could have access to.

        From the above, it may not be far-fetched to infer that the tegaru in Asmera was a close-knit community within which they married their kids and they might as well had a registration books that documented their lineages to serve their future generation as a reference of knowing each other, of which isaias afewerk must have been well versed.

        Therefore, it is highly likely that isaias afewerk identified the tigrawnet of the tegadalit he married after he had painstakingly went over the extensive orneks of female tegadelti available back then.

        Isaias afewerk is indeed a wolf in sheep closing, a mortal enemy of Eritrea and Eritrawnet. He must be annihilated before it is too late.

        By the way, he is not anti woyane but woyane through and through. The Eritrean Opposition who waited upon woyane to deliver them the mantle of Eritrean government by getting rid of isaias afewerk was a sheer folly. In reality, they were isaias afewerk’s foursquare supporters.

  • Kibretna Yimeles October 11, 2018

    Now that they have to be body guards for Abiy & Isaias & that they have to defend Eritrea on sea ,land & air maybe that is why they demanded pay raise.
    3 Antonovs full of soldiers 450 – 600 have landed in Eritrea 5 more are expected.

  • Teclay October 11, 2018

    ፖ፣ፖ ፣ፖ እንታይ እዮም ዝመስሉ ሓወይ።ከምዚኦም እዮም ንኢሱ ክሕልዉ ኣትዮም ዘለዉ ማለት እዩ።እዚኦም ድ ኣ እሞ መን ክኽእሎም ፣ገለ እንተበልካ ንኢሱ ፣ዓዋናት ኦሮሞ ድፍእ የብሉኻ ማለት እዩ።ብኻ እዚ ብሩኽ መንግስቱን ወተሃደራቱን መሓሹና ፣ሻዕብያ በዛ ሓሳዊት ረድዮ ኣታሊላትና ፣፣ዓኽ ሕጂ እንዶ ከም ገለ ሰማያ ታት ኣይምለስን።

  • Kibretna Yimeles October 13, 2018

    Teclay ሓውና
    ፍሉያት ሓይሊ/special force እዮሞ. እንተዝደልዩ ንኣቢይ ኣብኣ ሳላጣ ምገበርዎ ኔሮም , ግን ንሱ ኣይነበረን ዕላምኦም . እወ ንሶም እዮም ክኣ ንባባ ኢሳያስ ክሕልውዎ ! “ተዓዊቱልና “