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Ethiopia-Eritrea: Threats over deadly Afar attacks

Ethiopia on Thursday threatened to take action against Eritrea if the international community remained silent on Asmara's terrorist acts. The warning comes days after several European tourists and Ethiopians were attacked in that country's Afar region,

Ethiopia on Thursday threatened to take action against Eritrea if the international community remained silent on Asmara’s terrorist acts.

The warning comes days after several European tourists and Ethiopians were attacked in that country’s Afar region, close to the Eritrean border.

Addis Ababa has accused Asmara of Monday’s killing of five European tourists on Ethiopian soil.

“The Government cannot and should not sit idly by while the regime in Asmara continues to sponsor acts of terror within Ethiopia’s territory with impunity.

“It will be obliged to take whatever action is necessary to stop the activities of the Eritrean regime once and for all unless the international community assumes its responsibilities and takes the necessary steps to bring this abominable behaviour to an end,” the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement released on Thursday.

Our correspondent in Addis Ababa says that this was the first time in many years that such strong words had been used by Ethiopia since relations between the two countries touched rock bottom following a border dispute, about a decade ago.

The statement said that “Ethiopia has the right to defend itself and will do so if necessary”  whilst warning that “the international community has never been the last line of defense against Eritrea’s destabilizing activities.”

The Horn of Africa country also said that it will do everything possible to have those taken prisoner released as soon as possible.

“The Ethiopian Government believes that it is still not too late for international action,” the statement added.

Monday’s attack, which occurred as 27 international tourists were visiting the lava lakes of the volcanic Afar region, also saw the abduction of two Germans tourists and two Ethiopians (a driver and a policeman).

Ethiopia’s official stance highlights a “direct involvement of the Eritrean Government” in the attacks, arguing that tourists who had been kidnapped by the Eritrean government on previous occasions had been used as a bargaining chip in Asmara’s diplomatic activities.

“There is concern that the people who have been kidnapped might have been taken across the border into Eritrea.”

Five years ago five British and thirteen Ethiopians were abducted from the same region.

Eritrea is under the United Nations sanctions for supporting Al Shabab.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia has warned that the attacks are intended to coincide with the forthcoming African Union Summit in Addis Ababa at the end of the month.

Intermittent border conflicts between the two countries since 1998 have led to a “No peace, No war” situation.

Source:The Africa Report

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  • sara January 21, 2012

    hal ento eritreen, i am perplexed by what i read from all of you pretending to be Eritreans….
    i have not seen…an Ethiopian…. Sudanese… inviting foreign forces to invade or occupy his country… except you guys… and i doubt you are Eritreans… because Eritreans are not different to Sudanese or Ethiopians.

    • SINGAPO-ERITREAN January 21, 2012

      That is because they are governed by a citzen , not a foreigner. Does it matter who takes away our garbage . Why did Shaibiya go upto Addis Ababa….oh I forgot …they just went there to show weyane how to shoot. Or was it upto Shire …endasellassie weyane did not know how to shoot…. BULL C*$#P !!!

      • HGDF January 24, 2012

        Whether they went upto Addis or shire or whether they went there to teach them shooting or eating by spoon, it has its own historical relevance and explanation. I don’t understand why you dont see its importance at that time when even the Cubans where in Ogaden helping Mengistu why should you undermine cooperation between two small fronts fighting for the rights of their people.

    • Abdi January 21, 2012

      They are Agames in eritreans skin,they care about tigray more than they do about Eritrea,or they are mostly criminals who committed crimes against the eritrean people,and are not allowed to come to Eritrea to ask for forgiveness ,so its kinda”3alaya wa 3ala a3daei”,”bdhrey sa’Eri aytbqola”.

      • sol January 22, 2012

        Agam Eshouk tewgaka. What is the difference between you and Agame, Nothing u have similar genetically, culturally, common language but one thing your mind set up you are proud of being colonized, think that as if civilization because of the work of Italians be enslaving the people in the other side of the Mereb, in short u mixed up so that cause u identity crisis.It is not a big deal because of tight connection both people are part of the leadership irrespective of their origin to mention a few. Abuna Weldab weldemariam,Issias Afeworki,Yemen G ab, Yemane G/ Meskel are a few a top of Eritrean leadership, While Meles Zenawi, Bereket Simon, Samura Yunis, Dr.Tedreose, Yemane Jamica are a few with Eritrean blood who are part of TPLF leadership.
        If you analyze the culture or read and try to understand the genesis of all the current problem originate from due to closer ties between the two regions and uncompleted process of the over all region integration or separation of ethnic conflict. But trying to call name or create continuous conflict is unacceptable particularly from a person who lived most part of his life im civilized and lawful country.Having said that the problem of the two nations would be solved when genuine and responsible leaderships are established in both nations. These leadership will work by providing to the welfare and longterm benefit of the two nations instead of being guided by hidden agenda for their personal agenda.So stop calling name.

      • petros January 22, 2012

        agame in eritrean colour like,, issaias afeweri,, originaly from temben mekele,,, hagos kisha (finance minister) from shire da slase,,yemane mankey ,, adwa ,,

  • amuca January 21, 2012

    weygood kem ami yemesleken wehij yewesdeken, nezi chewya temesasaly kedmi hamushte amet agatimu neyru sheu mot ayegatemen 100% kea mengesti eritrea fetsemewo tewageyelom nab asmera be helikobter halafi selaya dobubawi keyeh bahri hizewom metseu ne mengesty BRITANYA arekibewom, neti kab somal ne kenya kehadem zetetahze brigader general hadish efrem zerkebom mewagey tetekimulu, hiji ke nezi egeda mefakosi do hasibom yekonu?

    • hggum brhan January 22, 2012


  • aradom January 21, 2012

    The way you insult the Arabs, if the emire of Qatar hear of it, he will starve you master Isaias. And Isaias will hung you like a dead cat. So shut up and go back to your premitive web sits dehai and shabait.

    • hggum brhan January 22, 2012


  • Isayas Front for Dictatorship and Jailing(PFDJ) January 21, 2012

    Mister president plays with the life of civil people.
    he is eager to catch the fire on himself…
    hope the Popular Front for Dictatorship and Jailing is removed from the surface of the earth so that we can live with all our neighbor in peace.
    why “Popular Front for Dictatorship and Jailing(PFDJ) is always get it wrong ?
    down for the tyrant regime

  • sol January 21, 2012

    Both regimes are cooking something and in the coming days something is gone revea or ir is just a phony war, to divert the attention of their internal politics and boredom in both sides of tge public.But there are also a lot factor which could lead into complete war.
    1- Melea is dissatisfied with extent of Sanction against Eritrea which does not dries up the flow of cash from the mining and 2% tax from diaspora
    2. There is strong possibility Ethiopian spring due to political repression , and the every day raising of inflation and price raise in basic commodity.
    3.Currently the Eritrean regime is at better position in terms of cash flow which appease the public dissatisfaction by increasing economic activity in agricultural and construction activity.In addition some of the revenue is being used for propaganda against Erhuipua using Ertv, and Radio as well as supporting Ethiopian opposition.
    4. Meles has realized that the Eritrean oppositions could do not have the capability to put enough pressure to balance and check the regime let alone remove it from power.
    5. The TPLF has great fear that from the money that comes from gold and the huge potash deposit strengthen the regime and some of the money will be used to strengthen the combatant capability of various opposition.
    6.If Ethiopia wants to topple the regime in Asmara, this will be the best time as the regimes in sanction to buy weapons, the very low moral of Eritrean defense force dissatisfaction of Eritreans.

  • Cambo January 21, 2012

    Eritreawit wrote,
    why is your nonsence ensecure comment come back by different nick name.
    you stinck. Arab this Arab that. you really have some issues with Arabs. and don’t act like you care about Eritreans…”

    You call yourself “Eritreawit”,
    No wonder they call you Abeed regardless of your religion or the languages you speak, and butcher you like a goat. You are worried and ashamed about the the word “Arab Rashaida” while your sisters and brothers are being raped by the mafias of Arab Rashaida and the greedy Arab doctors? what a low life!
    While I was in Sudan, a well educated Eritrean Arab Rashaida was laughing at Omar al Beshir who was boasting of being the “defender of Arabs”, the Rashayda said “our Abeeds like Omar al Beshir are so loyal like our camels, they are more Arab than us.”
    And now an Arab Abeed like you is pretending more Arab than your own Arab masters, as they rape you and your sister together, and as they butcher you like a goat? What a loyal Abeed.
    Why is this happening to Eritreans like you only in Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen ….?
    Why is this not happening in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Angola … South Africa?

    • hggum brhan January 22, 2012


  • January 23, 2012

    the game is over………………………………………no more Isu