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Eritreans For Change Stage A Successful Anti –Tyranny Demonstration In Giessen, Germany – In Pictures.

In a matter of three days they have organised a massive demonstration, attracting unprecedented number of the youth. The youth have now got their voice back;   The time for change has come slowly but surely, and

In a matter of three days they have organised a massive demonstration, attracting unprecedented number of the youth. The youth have now got their voice back;


The time for change has come slowly but surely, and the tide is moving faster, once fear is BROKEN









The momentum established in New York yesterday, has been maintained In Giessen today. This will happen tomorrow somewhere; surely, the destination is Asmara

Review overview
  • Sam October 3, 2011

    To Abdi,

    NaiBehaki Abdi! I don’t think you know the meaning of Abdi. You have the right name. Hangolka chika eyu meliu zelo. You are really senseless and worthless. Tsibah miswegehe mariam diarit entHabiatika kinrie ena.
    Peace to Eritrea and eritreans
    death to DIA and his puppets

    • abdi October 3, 2011

      Key atsbahka b goytakha mefles zerawi(pm) ktTef’e eikha,ya kurkur,sheyat hzbu

  • Free to Speak October 3, 2011

    Why did you delete my posts. If you really believe in freedom of expressing opinions, u should allow everyone to post.

  • Semhar October 3, 2011

    Thanks God!
    PFDJ is on the RUN!
    For more than 60 years, the Eritrean flag
    has been the symbol of our nation’s strength and unity. It’s been a source of pride and inspiration for millions of citizens. And the Eritrean flag has been a prominent icon in our national history.

    Here are the dictators that took down our national flag and replaced it by their own flags, Ethiopian flag in 1962 and Isaya’s flag 1993.

    Let’s not fool ourselves by raising Isaya’s flag. We should all raise one flag, our original flag; the flag of our fathers, the flag of our martyrs

    • abdi October 3, 2011

      I’ve heard otherwise,meles is missing we haven’t heard from him the last three weeks,any news

    • Concerned Eritrawi October 3, 2011

      Semhar I agree for the most party of your article but I beg to differ on assuming the current flag as being the dictator’s. That is the Eritrean flag and that is the flag our martyrs fought for. Do not give the fight easily. You have to remember all our martyrs no matter which gedli they participated they fought for free Eritrea and after Eritrea were freed that is the symbol of our martyrs’ blood. For this one we Eritreans fought for it and now the dictator is trying to take it away from our martyrs and US Eritreans.
      The old one was given to us by the UN.
      Let us move on we all are on the same path for freedom of our people

  • Haben Zerai October 4, 2011

    The younger generation got the worst part of the regime. The suffering and the price they are paying is unimaginable. It is high time now that they begin to think for themselves and start organizing to free the country and their brothers and sisters from tyranny. Majority of Eritreans over 55 years old have become timid or opportunists. Our hope is from the younger generation.

  • Kalu October 4, 2011

    Here you go again Temesgen the trouble shooter of Assena is every where. As soon as Temesghen post a comment right a way Mazza posts additional comment. Is it a coincidence or one person with different pen names? I assume in fact. he is Amanuel the owner of Assena working hard to keep the business alive with concocted lies.

  • Kalu October 4, 2011


    The flag you admiring were given by UN and it is a symbol of colonialism and slavery. The new flag is a flag selected by our martyrs that defines their struggle and their long term goal for the new Democratic Eritrea. The South Africans did not use the apartheid flag after they removed the white government. Their new government was symbolized with the new flag that distinguish the culture and meaning of their struggle, likewise to Eritreans. I do not understand why many Eritreans rap that evil flag. For most Eritreans it is a reminder of colonialism and atrocities committed over the Eritrean society by the international community.

    • Ho Ho Ho Isaias must Go..... October 4, 2011

      Kalu u said the flag was selected by our martyrs? neither the martyrs nor those who are still alive had any chance to choose the type of flag and the currency, the flag you are belittling here as a slavery was given to us by the un, shame on you, your PFDJ flag is definately not my flag neither your president Isaias the butcher, Our 1st flag will remain our only flag until Eritreans are given their fundamental right to choose their own Government and their own Leader. Please don’t compare apples and oranges, the flag of South Africa was an apartheid ours was given to us by the UN until we have a democratic elected Parliament.

    • Huluf October 5, 2011


      I do not give a damn of no flag until an Eritrean and for that matter any human being including an ant is placed in a container(metal-heats during the days and gets so inhumanely cold at night). Only a sub-human mentality will make that decision. What is cruel is I bet you know someone in your own relation is suffering as such or do not know so. This is not about politics, this is about humanity.

      Kalu, tell me ! tell me ! tell me ! unltess you want to lie that majority of your family is with you…..if you lie I have no doubt you will screw up cosmotic and boomerang effect will teach you. Stop, breathe this air like you do not own it, appreciate that you are humanly soverign under God………….That and then will let you wake up. Unless you are so intoxicated with the privleages of the comfort that you devour from you and your PIA shamelessly critizcize. I hope I am wrong, because if I am there is flash light sparking in front of you…………or may be there were not too many of the extended family- usually rural wonderful honorable relatives from the villages that kept us in check and humble to our beautiful roots. I am fullly aware some of of Dads and Moms slipped from avaling that privleage to their offspring.


  • Taddesse T Gebremussie October 4, 2011

    Thanks God if my patriot brothers & sisters can see Eritreans come together againest Isasyas dictator run like arat to haid in NY and lost hope and moving visa the world come againest the mad person together with Eritean abrod we need to see the same unity at home. Warsay ,felow your fathers &mathers Eritrean patriots who die for our& YOUR FREEDOM PUT Isayas in prison.

  • SHAWL MOVEMENT October 4, 2011

    The tide and torrent of change is growing every day by SHAWL MOVEMENT in side Eritrea, PFDJ are on the run, but they can’t hide. like Egypt Eritrea’s at home and diaspora are coming together to find the long lasting solution the youth to live free with out PFDJ exit Visa.

  • danny October 4, 2011

    The PFDJ meetings are inherently humorous to people who have a trace of living cells in their brain. Three years ago, Alamin Mohammed Seid promised a number of zombies at one of their festival meetings in Edmonton, Canada that Eritrea was inundated with record harvest that it was set to ship excess wheat to Canada. PFDJ goons were so intoxicated with the positive news, they danced all night long. Here we are three years later, Isaias has told his zombies he upholds human rights at the highest level. One zombie is so intoxicated with this news, he decided to grace us with his crap article.

    • Temesgen Medhanie October 4, 2011


      Glad to ‘see’ you back. As you could see, the PFDJ foot soldiers and thugs are hurling around a new insult (Nefsiherat) at us as Isaias told them to parrot it till he comes up with a new one next time around if there is going to be next time around that is as he is counting his days till he hits the road where Gadafi has stepped on.

  • CRY FREEDOM October 4, 2011

    A great job and wonderful peoples. keep continuing fighing the evil system(shifta) the eritrean people are always on your side.
    the end of shefatu coming soon very soon.