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Eritreans face ‘real danger’ on return

A court has ruled that Eritreans who have fled the country face real danger on return. The ruling directly contradicts the UK Government’s view that many Eritreans arriving in the UK are not in need of international

A court has ruled that Eritreans who have fled the country face real danger on return.

The ruling directly contradicts the UK Government’s view that many Eritreans arriving in the UK are not in need of international protection.

Since last summer, the Home Office has been refusing the majority of asylum claims made by Eritreans, leaving them to rely on the courts to provide them with the protection they need with a startling 9 out of 10 appeals made by Eritreans being successful.

In its judgment, the Upper Tribunal ruled that Eritreans who evaded military service and/or left the country illegally continue to face ‘a real risk of persecution, serious harm or ill-treatment’ if they are sent back to Eritrea.

The Home Office has subsequently withdrawn its guidelines for assessing asylum claims made by Eritreans.

Refugee Council Policy Manager Judith Dennis said: “This ruling has confirmed that the Government’s treatment of Eritreans who’ve sought refuge here is both dangerous and unjustifiable. It’s vital that the Home Office now focuses on protecting Eritreans who’ve fled here in fear of their lives rather than putting them at further risk.”

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  • Alem October 12, 2016

    Well, for us we know the regime which is controlled by a few criminals is not just a military junta but collection of criminals who have no choice but to hold to power or die. Intimidating literally every one to instill fear so as to rule will only strengthens eritreans resolve to fight the thugs in asmara. Every eritrean needs to prepare for action similar to that of Ethiopians y

  • Tesfay October 13, 2016

    That is good news, thank you! After that arduous and dangerous trip, to be denied Asylum status is really devastating. Now that the court ruling is affirming the danger of returning to Eritrea deportation is unlikely.
    The Eritrean youth has no chance of revolting or rioting like the one Ethiopia, because the PFDJ thugs will order to massacre them all. When there were a sign of opposition in Asmara university 15-years ago, Issayas realized knowledge was a threat to his grip on power. Ethiopia expanded education and universities and now the educated youth is revolting to force the Government to change important policies. The Eritrean war disabled demanded more rights and privileges and the Devil ordered shoot to kill, and killed many of them. now if Europe decides to forcefully return refugees then definitely they must know that they are throwing humans on to a crocodile mouth. They must Know Issayas is blood thirsty Devil who have no regard for human life what so ever! .

    • k.tewolde October 13, 2016

      Tesfay,I agree with you wholeheartedly with everything you said except,revolting doesn’t require a chance but a will and comes with a price.Revolution is a grieved mass upheaval, a natural explosion of the human conscience,not a permission handed by the enemy.

      • k.tewolde October 13, 2016

        continuation- university education might play a factor but is not the main driving force, our armed struggle is a good example, the dominant base was peasantry,and I barely finished high school when I went to the field.What we are witnessing in our homeland today like I said before is unique,a case study for social scientists.

    • alemu October 15, 2016

      Sorry comparing Ethiopian situation with Eritrea, Ethiopian agazi force is not giving HONEY to those who doing demonstration, they are killing them mercilessly with bullet,even now you cant watch tv station aljazira etc in Ethiopia, Ethiopian situation is worse than Eritrea,i am an Ethiopian I am following closely the situation in my country,ethiopian situation is more worse than Eritrean at this time

      • k.tewolde October 16, 2016

        alemu,HGDEF which is a mirror image of EPRDF has a tight grip of the small nation,it is a killing machine since its inception,but it does it discreetly,it has been maiming,torturing,enslaving,trafficking,murdering….the Eritrean people to the point of total submission,that is why you don’t see the specter that you witness in Ethiopia,the situation seems to be worse on the surface south of the border,but the people are alive and fighting,the people up north died a long time ago,so is their will to fight.There is no comparison.

        • k.tewolde October 16, 2016

          continuation- if you want to avoid the grim situation that gripped the neighbor next door you have to fight with all your might whatever the cost,because you are a vibrant young nation of millions,no pain no gain.

  • tesfay October 13, 2016

    Do not forget that Eritrean people have endured the most an Imaginable cruelty for 30 years. All the day and night bombardment, mass killing, torture, disappearance and all kinds of terror. I am talking the whole regions and all the people with out exceptions. Now Eritreans were betrayed because PFDJ is not better than Derg(Mengistu), if not worst, It looked like a change of persons not a System. Despite of the attainment of Eritrean independence. If you fight and fight for 30-years and your expectations are dashed, would you think of fighting again? No, from what they have experienced war fatigue people are doubting whether War would solve any thing? instead the people decided to abandoned the country they call home and droves to Europe or else where. The security of PFDJ is so tight and merciless will massacre any group that will initiate any riot. that is the PFDJ investment on Eritrea. spying and follow up of the very people who fought for 30-years to promote them to the helm of power. I think the Man is aging and may be his health deteriorating, I do not think he would avoid the unavoidable. I will be fair on my bate 5-7 years at most. Yemane Gebreab is no different either but I admit 5-7 years is too long for people who have endured more than 50-years of injustice.

    • Bereket T. October 13, 2016

      Yemane Gebreab the next Eritrean president supported and approved by USA,EU & UN.
      All the sufferings that Eritrean people endured for more than 50 yrs was because Eritrea was not meant to be an independent state as yet!!!! Yemane Gebreab monkey and the only great credible man Prof Araya Debesay would be working together to save the poor nation.

      • Bereket T. October 13, 2016

        Sorry I meant to say Yemane Gebreab would be the next Eritrean president with Prof Araya Debesay as vise president of Eritrea and this is supported, approved by the USA, European Union and the UN. Esayas would die like Idi Amin in exile.

    • k.tewolde October 13, 2016

      Good discussion, Tesfay writes,’….if you fight and fight for 30 years and your expectations are dashed,would you think of fighting again?…’ What was your expectations and from who?What do they promise you?and who are they? weren’t you the fighter? If so and your expectations are not met the fighting continues and is handed over to the next generation,the Eritrean people don’t have war fatigue,they are suffering from protracted lying fatigue.

      • tesfay October 14, 2016

        You see K.tewolde I can understand your theoretical philosophy, but I will support my arguments with a practical observations. For instance take North Sudan, Chad, Uganda all have suffered long Civil Wars, and are very reluctant and unwilling to break the peace enter a state of violence, why, because they know the cost of War, do not assume they are not grieving their government. Eritrea is no different. what is common in all these four countries is a long Civil war. what is exception in the horn is Ethiopia. In Ethiopia the war burden rested solely on the shoulder of Tigray along with Eritrea. Amhara north were affected only to some extent, and most of it only in the final years of the war. by then Derg was confined to his trenches and the war was limited mostly to destroy the trench. The Oromo and other nationalities are not affected, So like Eritreans, Tigreans know the cost of war, but the others, not much. On top of that, the Ethiopian government was too lenient and so caring with regards of the youth by providing them free education and different employment opportunities, and as OLF and others start to take advantage of rioters, they fail to notice that there will be a red line on the way they misbehave. and we are able to witness riots and violence which is an exception to the war fatigue arguments. So it is my observation that Citizens of a country that sustained decades of Civil war is reluctant to engulf itself with a new round of violence, because they perfectly know what the cost of war is.

  • Alem October 13, 2016

    Pain continues if u do not fight. If u fight with determination and clear goal u win and ur pain comes to an end. There is no choice or substitute for it.

    • Z. Hagos October 13, 2016

      Do you remember Wedi Ghebru’s “Asafih-kha Mu’Te, Te-Khermi-kha Mu’Te.” The pain, you are right, won’t easily go unless a remedy is found. So, resolute confrontation is needed to end the pain.
      Can the youth be entrusted with the job of confronting the tyrant. Well, yes – if they can. But mothers’ encouragement that tells “be a man” will really help. They really need such an encouragement. They don’t need to be suicidal. They only have to be systematical in convincing any of family members in the army to come to their protection. After all, the army is supposed to protect the people and the land. Not the tyrant.

  • Alem October 13, 2016

    The thugs in Asmara think that they have completed their homework, keeping every youth in trenches under the control of few generals who betrayed their people and sided with the thuggish self appointed leader. This May delay the inevitable uprising of the eritrean people. However, it can not stop it from happening. Will Saudi Arabia be a save haven when that happen. We shall see.

    • k.tewolde October 13, 2016

      Alem,may be Qatar,UAE that is the place they frequent and have their gold bars stashed away in vaults if they can get to it on time before the inevitable revolutionary tsunami sweeps them to oblivion.It is a matter of time like you said.

  • Z. Hagos October 13, 2016

    Is there any who is more terrified refugee than an Eritrean? From day one the refugees flee Eritrea; the nightmares they lived under the tyrant are just following them like shadows. Therefore, if the Eritreans cannot be put on the top list of those who deserve protection, who else? Eritrean refugees escape to freedom safely should be welcomed. Otherwise, only the non-welcoming, is considered like putting them back into Isayas’s coercive control.
    Each Eritrean refugee should tell the world loudly that all Eritrean refugees are survivors of seven hells: (1) Isayas’s criminal securities, (2) Isayas’s prisons, (3) Isayas’s policy of shoot and kill, (4) Isayas’s border criminal gangs, (5) human trafficking, (6) the deserts, and (7) the oceans.

    • tesfalidetabraha October 13, 2016

      number (8) would be Z.Hagos type gumamatat deki eraymirayat so-called oppositions.

      • tesfalidetabraha October 13, 2016

        number (8) would be z.hagos type gumamatat TEBELETSTI shit opposition.

        • Memhir October 13, 2016

          And (9) is the dumbest person who could not even separate his first name from his last name. writes one sentence post twice and still could not get it right. I am glad your hero is Isaias and not betweded Abraha. Go back to Tesfanews and stay there.

          • tesfalidetabraha October 14, 2016

            Tesfalidet Abraha, happy now Memhirey?
            Unfrtunately I was taught by the dumbest memhir like yourself in Mendefera. Tesfanews is a great website that doesn’t lie or make too much nonsense propoganda. Long life for Isaias Afewerki.

  • genet October 14, 2016

    Seems a land of the looser! People please man-up and let us discuss real issues.