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Eritrean players vanish ahead of Cecafa U-20 Cup semis

By URN Five players of Eritrea’s U-20 team have disappeared from their Hotel in Jinja ahead of the semi-finals of the on-going Cecafa U-20 Challenge Cup. Eritrea will face Kenya’s Raising Stars in one of the semi-final


Five players of Eritrea’s U-20 team have disappeared from their Hotel in Jinja ahead of the semi-finals of the on-going Cecafa U-20 Challenge Cup.

Eritrea will face Kenya’s Raising Stars in one of the semi-final games at the Fufa technical Center today, while Tanzania battle Sudan in the other match in Gulu.
The players who have vanished from the team hotel include; Hermon Fessehaye Yohannes, Mewael Tesfai Yosief, Simon Asmelash Mekonen, Deyben Gbtsawi Hintseab and first choice goalkeeper Girmay Hanibal.
Aimable Habimana, the Chairperson of Organising Committee for the Council of East and Central African Football Associations (Cecafa) confirmed the disappearance of the players on Tuesday.

“The five players are missing at the Speke Apartments. We have decided to beef-up security around their hotel and the team so that we end the tournament on a good note,” added Habimana.

During the team training for the Eritrean team at the Fufa Technical Center on Tuesday only 14 players were available.
When asked, the team coach Haile Efrem Alemseghed said some of his players are sick.

However, the team has a history of disappearing when out for sporting engagements.

In 2012, eighteen members of the Eritrean team taking part in the 2012 Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup have vanished from Sky Hotel in Naalya, Kampala where they were residing.

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  • Danilo October 2, 2019

    ህድማ በቢዘለኻዮ
    ብሓቂ ፍታሕ ድዩ?
    እዛ ሃገር ጉድ’ እምበር ረኺባ
    ይቅየር ህዝባ ብደቂ ስግር ሩባ።
    ምዓል ግዕዘ-ምዕዘ ገፈጥ መፈጥ፡
    ካን ኣንቱም ሰባት ከምዘይንፋለጥ፡
    መን እዩ ዝዕድግ!! መን’ከ ክሽየጥ?
    ነስትውዕል፡ እቲ ፍታሕ ምስ ጸላኢኻ ምፍጣጥ ጥራሕ እዩ።

    • Haqi October 3, 2019

      # Danilo:
      ምስ ዓባይካን ኣባሓጎኻን ኤርትራ ጠንጢንካ፡
      ብመስኮት ኮምፒተር ተሓቢእካ፡
      ቋንቋታትካን መንነትካን ንዒቕካ፡
      ካብ ስግር ሓራ ክተውጽእ ብሪሞትካ?
      ካብ ስዑድያውነት ነብስኻ ከየውጻእካ፤
      ዓሻኻ ድለይ ባሕሪ ሰጊርካ።

  • rezen October 2, 2019

    Subject: “Eritrean players vanish ahead of Cecafa U-20 Cup semis
    By URN, October 2, 2019”


    Good Luck to the footballers and hope they get peace and success in their life long undertakings, where ever they may land. We are witnessing classical tragedy far away from wherever we have placed ourselves as replacement for our birthplace, which happened to be baptised as ERITREA by colonial forces. I stand to be corrected.

    In any case, as Issayas, the self anointed adventurer – loaded with uncontrollable hatred against Eritreans – said it a long time ago to ‘show Eritreans’ [ ከርእየኩም እዬ ] what he can do with the proud Eritreans. We Eritreans are indeed witnessing the slow but constant EXODUS of Eritreans out of Eritrea to any place around the Globe, far beyond the purgatory that Issayas slowly but surely built for the slow agony of the proud Eritreans. It seems we Eritreans are scattered around the Globe, left with a dream that has “Gone With The Wind” >>> as a legendary Hollywood Movie entertained movie goers a long time ago. THE END (*)


    (*) Prove it wrong and come together as ONE Opposition Force [NOT as 80 to 90 fragmented mini groups] and take away what remains of Eritrea from Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch who set out to take away and destroy Eritrea from Eritreans. By the way, insulting Issays, and each other, on the safe internet has proved, beyond the shadow of doubt, that it has no profit to the Eritrean people, who are left behind, facing Issyas day-in, day-out, in Earthly Hell.

    • Almaz October 3, 2019

      Sad, Eritrea needs to suspend its score activity for a while. These kids’ future is now in jeopardy.. Hope they have someone who is willing to help relocating them somewhere to a better place. Otherwise Uganda is not better than where they came from. I do not accept “BETTER THAN ERITREA” lecture.. When you add the stress they will face, it is very bad. I have been there I can tell you it is another hell. Feel bad for the kids to go through this; instead of enjoying the game.of score.

      • Salim Negash October 3, 2019

        I couldn’t agree more. These kids are being deceived and booby-trapped in to making such a life altering decision. They could make a name and life for themselves like our cycling heroes if they put their best interest ahead of the fear mongers and their sponsors in Tigray.

        They are being used as political football by the Woyane funded opposition groups. Once the dust settles and the kids face reality of living expenses and planning their final destination in western hemisphere (most probably), none of the opposition groups/individuals will come to their aid. They are being used as political prostitutes to score PR points against the people and government of Eritrea.

        I seriously hope the government of Eritrea stops sending sporting teams of any kind (except for our cycling heroes) overseas for the sake of the kids. There will be time and place to do so in the future.

        • Asmara Eritrea October 6, 2019

          I profoundly disagree with you, Salim. I hope more kids are in fact sent out of Eritrea for whatsoever reasons so they can escape hanger, torture, enslavement and even death in the hands of Isaias and his cliques.

          I am a 100% sure you would do the same if you were sensible and in their shoes. You wouldn’t want to burn a bridge after you have crossed it. Would you? If you do, then all I can say is that you are one of those heartless PFDJ members.

          Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • Almaz October 4, 2019


    I disagree with “out of desperation HGDEF picked” these days there is a lot of score activity going all over Eritrea and seem organized well. So, let us stop the use of this big brash “HEGDEF” anywhere we think fits. It is not HGDEF who pick these kids. But, the hard part which cannot be ruled out is that the management could be an x-liberation fighter because they are everywhere in the government office. These people a mixed bag like any sector of society. Some are dishonest and are not up to the task and I meet quite a lot of them indolent and corrupt. [side note: by the way, when I was in Asmara 2 years ago, I saw a lot of old men and women in their 70-80 working in the government offices (they are the most efficient and knowledgeable compare to the x-tegadelet) and when I asked why they still work, I was told that because in Eritrea there is no retirement system.]
    Going back to the score player (perhaps all sports player) during my visit to Asmara (2 years ago) I saw the house in Asmara where they will sleep (rest) while they are on training and I was so appalled. Not sure where they get feed. I wish I take a picture of the place — – If I get it right it is as you go West from housing bank it is in the second to the fourth block (neighborhood of 15°28` N & 38° 56` E). The inside of this house is a sham, of course, like all residential buildings (government office are relatively okay) on this street built during the Italian colonial time (looks good from outside so bad inside) As you know most of the house on this street is either appropriated by x-fighters or owned by the city. Sad to see a broken glass windows covers with cardboard/a cut fabric in the center of the city. It was pure abuse and lack of maintenance. Especially the buildings across the streets of the ministery office. Enough of my rumble I am so out of the title of this discussion.