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Eritrean Naval Force Officers Defect to Djibouti

Nineteen officers and members of the Eritrean Naval Force have defected to Djibouti in the past few weeks. According to our sources, head of squadron Lieutenant Biniam Gebreselasie; Department Head of the Electricity Department of the

Nineteen officers and members of the Eritrean Naval Force have defected to Djibouti in the past few weeks.

According to our sources, head of squadron Lieutenant Biniam Gebreselasie; Department Head of the Electricity Department of the Halieb Boat Factory Habtom Ghebrekidan; and Head of the Technical Department of Marine Resources in Edi, Tiio and Gela’lo Awet Berhane, deserted the PFDJ regime and sought political asylum in Djibouti.

Another group comprising 16 members of the Eritrean Navy have also defected to the same country according to the sources.

In the recent years, the Eritrean Naval Force has been seriously weakened by the continuous defections of its officers to Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Mismanagement and tyrannical system of the PFDJ regime is the main cause of the mass defection.

Review overview
  • Tamrat Tamrat October 18, 2014

    Our past determins our present and our present determins our future. The great YG covered deeply why and how the dictators doing what they are doing and the consquences. The sad part is he couldnt Reach the majority due to a dictator regime.

    A cultured socity, religious People, educated People, trained doctors, Teachers, soldiers and wealthy People can not be harvested over night, specially in our region.

    So every time a doctor disappears hundreds of cadre Health officers take over the Medical inistitution.

    Every time an imam or bishop disappears thousands politicaly motivated ‘religious’ People take our sacred temples.

    Every time an iducated military disappears hundreds milita takes over.

    Every time an experienced Merchant disappears hundred corrupts politician scavenger our wealth.

    And wheather we like it or not at the end of the day we are going to be led by People like the above. To our nightmare they tell us how their life is getting better than before 1993. The only problem remains our life is not getting better like theirs.

    • Genet-orginal October 20, 2014

      “Tamrat Tamrat”
      Is this the same “Tamrat Tamrat” who in the past said, in Europe where he lives and work saw PFDJ’s operatives intimidate new immigrants from Eritrea? Correct me if I am wrong, I think I read a post by him pointing out about a problem at a community help center for new immigrants. Eritreans new comers have been intimidated to support the DIA after they left Eritrea. He said, the PFDJ’s supporters work as Social workers, case managers or interpreters and they use their positions to blackmail Eritreans new comers to cont to support the DIA and PFDJ system (the two evils who they runaway from). If you are not the “Tamrat Tamrat” who posted indicating the above message, my apology. If you are, Do the right thing and expose those criminals PFDJ’s operatives. Let the new comers do the right thing and work toward defeating the evil dictator and PFDJ’s system. To do the right thing, you don’t need to be an Eritrean. If you care enough to talk about it, you should be brave and kind enough to report the injustice to authority.
      Need clarification.

      • Tsedenia.M October 20, 2014

        “Genetu Genetu”
        Please tell us what right things yourself as a brave and kind Eritrean been doing toward defeating the evil dictator and PFDJ’s system? That is apart from your normal giving orders and lecturing people about their responsibilities and tasks from your safe and luxury living in the West. Unlike you that is an internet hero/tiger genuine Eritrean women like sisters Meron, Selam Kidane, Elsa Churom, Dr Alganesh and many more are actually making a lot of differences by working hard on the ground where it really matters. They say talk is cheap but real action means a lot and what poor Eritreans need desperately and right now is action people who are committed to the end.

        • Genet-orginal October 20, 2014

          I am doing my part. I don’t have to explain to you what I am doing.

          Why don’t you give clarification, if you can about what is happening at community help center in Europe. The point is PFDJ’s operatives are intimidating new comers Eritreans. Anyone who is in the position of doing something to expose the evil deed of DIA and his dogs should act fast and not just talk about it. If you are justice seeker for humanity, you wouldn’t have problem with anyone pointing that out. You are contradicting yourself, when you are supporting what those good Eritrean women are doing, at the same time, you are against exposing PFDJ’s operatives. Which side are you? don’t use the good Eritrean women’s name and action as a cover up. Only PFDJ dogs and zombies attack another person for their comment. What do you know about any thing? tell Assenna’s reader.

          • Tsedenia.M October 20, 2014

            Genet-the fake,
            Indeed, “Ab kunat zeyiwaAle beliH” just like yourself the “sharp” writer, talker and day dreamer. Sadly, the only thing missing from your impressive CV is the real and practical action which as you know speaks louder than any empty words. Are you really telling Assenna’s readers that you are actually doing your part???? What a joke!! They say desperate people do/say desperate things and you truly are one hell of sad and desperate creature. When ever you get cornered or caught you resort to your normal pathetic name calling of PFDJ dogs and zombies. Well, my advice to you would be go easy, collect yourself and stay rational as you are showing signs of breakdown. In future, just cut all your craps and bluffs/gurra and get back to the real world. As with our tigrigna saying “Kem kedem yimeslekin W’hij yiwesdekin” indeed. Eritreans back home are not going to be deceived any more by sweat talks, sweat walks, fake acts or fake carers (Haleyeti). No more just giving instructions/orders and expecting others to make all the sacrifices for you and your likes. Simply as action speaks louder than words just put up or shut up.

          • Tamrat Tamrat October 20, 2014


            Thanks for Your observation. The New Commers are not like the old times. They are expossed to too many horrible Things and they are vulnerables. They do anything, they say anything to stay in Norway. And what do you expect from hgdef People. The good old days eritean comming by plave to Europ had gone. I can not say more than what i have to say because in Norway when you work With refugees most of Your experience can not be shared With every body so as not to geoparadise their personal integrities. But i can tell you one thing. Some of them they are hard core pfdjs.

      • Tamrat Tamrat October 20, 2014

        Yes, Genet! I am. I have even made a Call here every time Norwegian-eritreans activities mentioned on Assenna. My motto is very simple. No eritreans shall be intimidated by hgdef at least out side of Eritrea. All my colleagues know about why eri youngsters leaving their land now while the loosers hgdef spies whispering 90% of Our eri-refugees are from Ethiopia. When i start exposin them it was difficult for my colleagues to understand me because i am from Ethiopia and the hgdefes was feeding Our staffes With this bullshit statistics. No Wonder my colleagues got confused. They used to think i was defending Ethiopians.

        Remember i am Ethiopian, what have you done lately Genet! Or the usual barking ‘what the oppostions have done’, ‘why People are running instead of fighting’ bla, bla.

        • Tsedenia.M October 20, 2014

          Dear Wendim & Gashe Tamrat Tamrat,
          Thank you for all your inputs and positive contributions on Assenna as well as to our Eritrean community in Norway. I was extremely sad and ashamed to note from your last comment about one new comer to your center calling you “Adgi”. They say “old habits die hard” and as this is the real case with the new comer (probably damaged product of PFDJ) just forgive her PFDJ’s arrogance. Furthermore Gashe Tamrat, I don’t expect that Genet would reply to your valid point and question of “what have you done lately Genet”? Let me answer it on her behalf….absolutely NOTHING except more bla, bla, blas. God bless you brother and please keep it up and hopefully in the near future the first cappuchino & lasagna in Asmara or alternatively Kitfo & buna in Addis would be on me.

          • Genet-orginal October 21, 2014

            Tsedenia.M or many other fake names.

            You are the biggest fake. You don’t even have the confident to post with your real name or at least with one name.
            You aren’t worth my time. You are PFDJ’s dog and you will die one.

        • Genet-orginal October 21, 2014

          Tamrat Tamrat
          I knew you are Ethiopian. I do have a great respect for any Ethiopian who cares enough and try to help Eritrean people. When I ask for clarification, I didn’t expect you to be upset. If you did expose the illegal activity of PFDJ’s operatives, just say, You did.

      • Tsedenia.M October 21, 2014

        Genet the fake bambula and drama queen,
        What have you done lately Genatu besides your normal bluffs/gurratat? It is so depressing to see you lately as a sad scavenger scavenging for left overs all over. It is really annoying to find you sniffing around on real or imaginary differences of commentators and trying to exploit them to your satisfaction, not only that but also you sneak in for your pathetic scavenging after people have moved on to other matters/issues. Well, well you can’t get any lower than that, can you genetu? You are so used to giving orders and lecturing people that now days you can’t stand any challenges or fair criticism. I know you are conditioned to repeat PFDJ’s cheap talking point and name calling, I also know you were long back sick thus hardly easy for you to have an objective view. You are our modern mockery, laughing stock a zombie that nobody takes seriously. BTW, who the f**k do you think you are to ask anyone for clarification or for anyone to report to you? Simply Genetu, you are a waste of time and just crawl back to where ever that you belong. Just as a hopeless and typical PFDJ’s graduate, what you’ve been saying is if you don’t serve me you are my enemy. Get real & grow up. Come out of your jungle and opportunist politics, we are after all living in a different and advanced world today.

        • Genet-orginal October 22, 2014

          Why this name this time around? No body is taking you seriously. You know why? because you are stupid beich…. Should I say you are one of those Well trained sleazy Isayas’s Beich..
          You stupid beich.. Isayas and his dogs trained you to use reverse psychology. Did you just say, “typical PFDJ’s graduate” It is a freaking hilarious jok… LOL…. FYI, I know your stupid mind doesn’t process info properly, but you are not smart enough to comment on my post. Good buy and good riddance!!Bei……………..chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
          your boss Genet. Lol……….

          • Tsedenia.M October 22, 2014

            Genetu the fake PFDJ bambula,
            Poor poor meskin genetu, Did I really hit a nerve that you reacted with a typical ghetto dog barking? Hard to believe that our old and expired genetu is so low and so desperate that she had to use the street and ghetto cheap languages, real pity! However, genetu the cheap old t..t and the loose cannon, you are really showing early signs of mental instability and you need help urgently. I always thought you’re reasonable person but I am reading in your comment something of a weirdo and unstable characters and behaviors. For someone like yourself that lives a sad and lonely boring life in a glass house shouldn’t start throwing stones to the outside world as the result or response would really be so devastating to handle. In other word, cut your childish and desperate name calling otherwise one would be forced to remind you what you’ve already and recently been called ….’Wh..e of the 21st century and etc….. So in short, just stop being not only a headless chicken but also heartless old mad cow. My full name is Tsedenia Ghebre Markos and I live in Sweden. Now, let’s have your true/full name and other details please or is it going to be the same old and short answer of our genetu which is “I don’t have to explain to you what I am doing or who I am and where I live)???? Lastly, please my Geni haftey get a real life and family to give you lots and lots of real joy and happiness in your life, cut all this artificial acting and your expertise jungle politics. In other and simple word, get back to the real world before it is too late for you my sis. With regards to you being my boss…. well, well, let’s just say you may be the boss of your animal farm or little world of zombies.

  • Dended October 18, 2014


    I understand the dictator in Eritrea is the worst of our previous oppressors. Who can make the life if your family back home for going against him. But my point is why we support him and serve as his propaganda machine after we got settled in democratic countries. If we can’t protest against him let’s be silent at least instead of supporting him. Because in the opinion of some they think protesting endangers their family back home. What about being silent what does it cost them??? Please tell me.

  • Simerrr2012 October 19, 2014

    Running is not the solution.

  • TheLand October 19, 2014

    I am sorry for, he keeps chasing the wind.. keeps asking where Hadas Eritrea news paper is? where is the government of Ertirea as if there is a government in Eritrea? he is still in bed dreaming ..

  • Danny October 19, 2014

    Well done Eritrean Naval force! this regime have to understand he well hated by the majority people.

  • dan October 19, 2014

    Time is over there is chance the maffia regime to manage eritrean people

  • Makda October 19, 2014

    Meskerem owner is very sick person. He don’t know himself that he is HGDF.

  • Simon G. October 19, 2014

    What happened to that Sept 20th deadline for those criminal leaders? Where are those group who gave them the ultimatum to ask for mercy or else?
    Why is everyone quiet on that or did we just forget it like usual?
    As i said before, that was just a bluff.

  • hakee October 19, 2014

    why do people go off the subjects when they give respond to the message? Meskerem is not the subject of this. lets talk about what happened to our defense force of our coastal and our territory. The country is getting worst everyday and the country is loosing well trained people to be a park attendant and dishwashers in the west. We need to support this people to fight back against the government. I do not like to see these well trained officers to come to the west to be a dishwashers but i want them to get help to free our people with their professions. running away from Eritrea is not solving the problems but fighting back should help the people who are need help. Assena should encourage the officers to fight back instead of celebrating for defecting. These officers will be in worst situation in Djibouti than where they were.

    • Tamrat Tamrat October 19, 2014

      The diversion is desperation from hgdef followers. But the dishwashing mentality is enforced by hgdef policy. You are worried that they come to the west and would be a dish washer. And if two of them make it to Europa after the nightmare in Yemen. One major thing you forgott is that before they have decided to flee the mental degrading process they go through, endless sleepless Nights to abonden Family behind to the unkown, the risk envolved to Escape Eritrea, etc.

  • Mike October 19, 2014

    Top 10 list – if mercy is needed or to be considered – in the new Eritrea.

    1) Flee the country after the juice has run out in Eritrea to give your kids a new look to life – claim too busy raising kids
    2) Be good at pointing the finger at others
    3) Join opposition and speak of mending a bridge that never actually existed
    4) Claim health related issue and memory fault – in time people will be forgiving
    5) Lift your right hand and take the “fifth” – it will help with the “intent” part of a law
    6) Answer any question – involved or not involved – as if you knew it all. Will feed all those eager to hear anything at any cost
    7) Forget the “belly of the beast” the part you played in it. Well who cares on what you did in the belly of the beast and start the “feast”.
    8) Speak of ” Eritrea in the cross roads” but leave out which of the cross roads is of your making – Shhhhhh, no one will know only a Dr. knows his medicine.
    9) Start new spin – Blame the leader for all your short comings. It worked for others in history.
    10) Stay home until Time will bring about the final season and prepare for walk of shame.