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Review overview
  • Daniel November 21, 2011

    I am very sad to see the same explanation and excuse what happen to G15  and to see it the Waela commutioners  decision  on Daniel Tewelde  issue …… He is agent of PFDJ ,( G15 was agent of wayang or CIA) we want GUBAE TO BE SUCCESSFUL ,( we want our border to be demarcate) .   We will be no change in Eritrea if we see injustice to be happen . Please we have to say it loud …… Injustice for one injustice for all …. From the beginning this GUBAE don’t represent me,  my people or my beloved country Eritrea .

  • Barentu November 21, 2011

    My stand is clear, I will always stand for truth and justice. I will defend the victims of the Arab doctors and Bedouins in Sinai, Egypt and Libya as I defended the rights of Kekia, Joshua, Aster and today I will defend Daniel Tewelde as an elected ex-member of the commission.
    “ምእንቲ መጎጎ ትሕለፍ ኣንጭዋ”፥ ኣብዚ ዘለናዮ መድረኽ እዋኑ ሓሊፉ እዩ። ኩልና ንሓቅን ንፍትሕን ኣብ ውሽጢ ኤርትራን ግዳምን ንተዓጠቕ።
    “ዕበጦ ዕበጦ” እናተባህለ፥ ንኢፍትሓዊ ተግባራት ኣእዛናን ኣዒንትናን ኣይንዓምት።

    ዝረኣየ ዓይኑ ይበራህ፤
    ዎ! ኣማሃ …!
    ዎ! በሺር …!
    ዎ! ዓብዱራሕማን …!
    ንዳኒኤል ዶ ርኢኻ!
    እወ! ንዳኒኤል ወዲያ ተወልደ?
    ንሩባ ኣባጊዕና ሒዙ ምስ ወፈረ እዩ።
    ዝረኣየ ዓይኑ ይብራህ በለለይ: ንደምበ ወፊርካ!

  • truly, Truly i say to you November 21, 2011

    We Eritreans have not only self appointed president, but opposition leaders too. Who said that Mesfen Hagos to be the next president? Birhan Hagos and 900 EPDP´s party trailers or what? I didn´t see in my life with hypocrites people gathered party like in EPDP. Realy all the time it wonders me when they pretending,considering and presenting themselves as if the main opposition party of our nation. In deed the party has some good policies when the question come about Eritrean Unity and Sovereignty, but what a public figure are they proposing us? I have no personal hate against Mesfin Hagos, I even appreciate his decision for sided with the oppositions. But how can again the same military man without enough knowledge, charisma, loyalty, who suspected in the involvement of many crimes,this include many EDP leaders too,they tell us to be a public leaders figure?you people are you crazy or joking? That is why I say EPDP is the same untrustworthy like EDP even worse. Apologize me, if your struggle is to substitute one military regime with another military regime, no question the future of Eritrea that will be the worst dark ,even more than the current one. Eritrea needs public leader figures,in religious moral cultivated capable politician citizens, from silent intellectuals, silent experienced diplomats, trust worthy citizens that not involved or suspected in any crime only. But if such personality is your choice i prefer to die with my known devil Isayas 10 times.

  • Haqi tezareb November 22, 2011

    truly, Truly i say to you,
    while you are in ethiopia, can you help me learn about the languages of ethiopia?
    what langauge does the Amhara Jebertis and the Tigraian Jebertis speak in each of their regions in Ethiopia?

    • ahmed saleh November 22, 2011

      Haqi tezareb
      I think you are confused, this is Eritrean forum open to every open minded person. But your question is at
      wrong place because Truly doesn’t represent and never mentioned Ethiopians affairs. He is pure blue blood
      Eritrean, don’t mix him up to distract because we have better things to take care of. Thank you.

      • Diana Gual Gejeret November 22, 2011

        can I ask you one question? May be you could be JEBERTI what do think about some people believe JEBERTI is not a BIHERE TIGRIGNA. Do agree with them?

        • ahmed saleh November 22, 2011

          First of all, Gual gejeret be nice don’t put me in this sensitive position . To answer your question with respect to everybody, don’t be defended if I am wrong please correct me,
          BEHER means in my belief is people with same language and culture disregarding their
          religion. It is hard to call jeberti as a Biher in Eritrea, I am sorry. They belong to BEHERE TIGRIGNA, that is logic.

          • ahmed saleh November 22, 2011

            To make it more easy and clear. Take an example, look those christians in Behere
            Saho and those in Bilen, Mensa’e and other because their religion, we can not
            complicate their origin because that what they are.

    • Eritrawi November 22, 2011

      Haqi Tezarb, I think u should visit Ethio-Media and request for Ethiopian languages maybe Amharic incase if u are Oromo or Walaita. This Eritrean website can only offered you Eritrean languages. Please stop being confuse everytime.

  • simon haile November 22, 2011

    I don’t see any Eritrean flag? Why?

    • Marosso November 22, 2011

      simon haile why did you complete you father’s name say haile Silasie do you know which one is Eritrean flag? i bet you u don’t first at all hgdef Flag is rented from China not even arma rented for a time beign u might be one of amiche with no identiti not all but ppl like you,meant second class citizen you worry about flag and my ppl are getting starved &killed by your masters 2nd class hgdefawian wake up and smell da coffee fool.

  • Dawit November 22, 2011

    They are better than at least the do nothing others like me

    • ahmed saleh November 22, 2011

      I feel that way too.

  • truly, Truly i say to you November 22, 2011

    In dead Dawit and Ahmed, the EDP weather they good or bad they are better than me, better than EPDP´s “Menya Kollel” for noting good like, the all time meaningless and fruitless Waila and seminar.They only are wasting time. Atleast EDP doing their best. However i don´t believe as long the oppositions unless not supported by prominent worthy politician like by Gemmy Carter, Bill Clinton or alikes, that they be succeeded.This diplomatic deficiency and the incapability of the political leader figures of both in EDP, and EPDP parties is also i think their another great mistake and weakness, which makes all the efforts fruitless, weather you agreed or not.