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Eritrean man who murdered ex-girlfriend by pushing her off a bridge jailed for life

Illegal immigrant who murdered ex-girlfriend by pushing her off a bridge had been deported from Britain THREE TIMES •    Killer Yonas Beraki, 33, chilling told his victim Genet Kidane, 41 where and how he planned to

Illegal immigrant who murdered ex-girlfriend by pushing her off a bridge had been deported from Britain THREE TIMES

•    Killer Yonas Beraki, 33, chilling told his victim Genet Kidane, 41 where and how he planned to kill her
By Daily Mail Reporter

An illegal immigrant who killed his ex-girlfriend when he shoved her off a footbridge into a busy road had already been deported from the UK three times, a court was told.

The court heard that Killer Yonas Beraki, 33, had been sent back to his native Eritrea three times from the UK – but that he had smuggled back into the country by hiding in a lorry.

He was  on Wednesday after he hurled  Genet Kidane, 41, to her death when she ended their relationship in January..

Chillingly, he even told his ex where and how he planned to kill her – but despite her begging police for help, he was able to push her off the 25ft bridge as she walked to work.

She was discovered lying in the road by her horrified daughter, 22.

Coventry Crown Court heard that Genet, also an Eritrean – in north-east Africa – national, had been living in the UK legally since 2005.

She had complained to police shortly before her death about Beraki harassing her.

Beraki was jailed for life after he pleaded guilty to murder, he was ordered to serve a minimum of 12 years in prison.

Detective Sergeant Harry May, of West Midlands Police, said after the case: ‘Genet and Beraki were known to each other.

‘It was known that Beraki had previously harassed Genet, which had been reported to the police.
‘On the morning in question Beraki sought out his victim Genet and unmercifully pushed her off the bridge to her death.

‘This was a very sad and tragic case which led to the death of a young woman. Our thoughts go out to Genet’s daughter and her family.’

Mother-of-one Genet was walking to work in Coventry at around 6am on the morning of January 12 when she was confronted by Beraki, who was living in a nearby hostel.

Genet fell 30ft off the bridge above the ring road after a brief struggle with Beraki, and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Friends of Genet’s said she had a brief relationship with Beraki but had dumped him because he was ‘too controlling’.

One friend said: ‘He was obsessed with her but she wanted nothing to do with him.’

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  • Zekhtam Eritrawi November 3, 2011

    May she rest in peace. And May Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ give her daughter a strength in this difficult time.

  • mildue November 3, 2011

    May she R.I.P.

    So long as the evil HGDEF empire continues to debase our young people to live with trauma of wars and violence, the net result will always be manifested in violence like this tragic one. It is also a warning for those of our youth who need the counseling to take action and sick the help they need while residing in advanced western countries

  • truly, Truly i say to you November 3, 2011

    How can one Eritrean getting courage to kill his loved one in diaspora? I wish this courage turns to destroy the real devils in Asmara,
    whom i believe they are the main cause of for all crises among Eritreans!

    • guest November 3, 2011

      The continuly increasing violence against fellow citizens such as women, friends, and others has definitely contributed by changing social conditions back home. This guy is deported three times and come again to Britian and is still illegal immigrant. If you analyze his situations , he will be forced to commit any crime though i do not agree with his action but it should be analyzed his mental situation after being deported and his case dismissed. Definitely this guy come along way of violence and arrogance starting from Eritrea.

      This is also shown in the supporters of the regime where they give blind support where they see the plight of their countrymen under tight austerity measures by the regime in Asmara. Think about people passed started from the national service where they are abused by their officers, and let then forced to flee under shoot to kill policy, then reaching to Sudan, and later many ups and downs and the different scenario made them heartless as they pass very tough situation and loss their status of mind and vulnerable to various crimes including murder.

      • guest November 3, 2011

        2. they have learned that the only thing they achieve their goal is by force and violence. They came from the system that you only survived by force or by illegal means, look those who defy the national service most of them able to make their destination but those become obedient to the laws still serving the regime for the last 15 years freely they have lost the most important part of their future, no saving and no future for their children.

        But those who arrived in the west tries the same method to achieve their goal forcing their girl friend or wife to have relationship instead of viable discussions and seeking solution. Their past has taught them that they will reach their destiny only by force, arrogance, and shouting instead of civility and understanding the law of the land and the system.
        It is very important these folks need psychotherapy and training how to resolve dispute in peaceful manner.

        • Huluf November 3, 2011


          This is symptomic of the violence and disregard for life they have ben trained by this evil administratoin of DIA….there is more to manifest….I pray good triumphs and we need a national healing to do….return to our caring, respectful and loving culture we inherited for generatoins.

        • Zekhtam Eritrawi November 3, 2011


          I absolutely agree with you. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with in psychological parlance that is.

        • Wedi ERi September 5, 2018

          Totally agree with you @ guest 👍

      • Wedi ERi September 5, 2018

        It’s too late to blame the government u guys didn’t listen in the 70s when your own kids got slumped like animals by the wolf’s EPLF let’s not forget our disabled war vets who also got murderd by the EPLF in 1993 most of you was clapping your hand for this government and u wanna cry now too late what’s even worst u try’d to use the race card on the Muslim Eritreans but look how the table has turned both Christians and Muslims are suffering from this regime. They say becareful what you wish for and most of you welcomed this government who’s a embarrassment no consideration for human rights in Eritrea until we stand united and over throw the cowards viva peace ✌️ and unity.

      • Guest December 1, 2018

        Really tho can you guys please give it a break!!! Everything that happens wrong related to Eritrea and/or Eritreans has nothing to do with the government

    • Desta May 13, 2018

      Why not one kill evil shaebia president. ..but they kill their families

      • Wedi ERi September 5, 2018

        Because he brainwashed them with fear and his the biggest coward who killed his comrades in nNakfa during the struggle for independence. And the sad thing u have some of them wanna seek refuge in eroupe for their own safety and still support him the dog of Nakfa while they know the truth and they own brothers and sisters are suffering I don’t know whether to laugh at them or cry.

    • Desta May 13, 2018

      Why not one kill evil shaebia president. ..but they kill their families

    • Wedi ERi September 5, 2018

      This cowardly courage is HEGDEF type of style they teach them from young in sawa the soilders captains generals rape their own sisters so I’m not surprised about this cowardly courage it’s been around for years mate u just woke up now

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