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Eritrean in Toronto demonstrate in support of FORTO 2013

Press Release January 29, 2013 On Tuesday, January 29, 2013, the Eritrean residents of Toronto and its environs staged a peaceful demonstration in support of FORTO 2013 in downtown Toronto in front of the building 120 Carleton

Press Release

January 29, 2013

On Tuesday, January 29, 2013, the Eritrean residents of Toronto and its environs staged a peaceful demonstration in support of FORTO 2013 in downtown Toronto in front of the building 120 Carleton Street, where the notorious Eritrean Consulate is located. The occupants of the residential and business building, who were going in and out, were made aware through the focused slogans that they are living or have rented space next door to an office representing a terrorist party and government disguised under the name of “Eritrean Consulate”, with well-founded and intimate relations with the terrorist Al-Shaba of Somalia. The demonstrators, whose voice and slogans were alarming received sympathizing and supporting gestures from the passers-by in cars, streetcars, pedestrians and occupants of the building. On the contrary, the impotent and the fragile PFDJ criminal gang that has virtually brought the country to her knees and turned it into a country of ruins, scared by the voice of the roaring lions and lioness, shyly and cowardly retired to their office with no courage even to look from the window; just limiting themselves to a partial view of the demonstration through the curtains. Many occupants and passers-by had to stop and ask what was going on and had received a detailed explanation by the demonstrators, supported by well-written pamphlets describing the state terrorism, the level of the violations of human rights, maladministration, abuse of authority and scandals in Eritrea. Interestingly enough, some passers-by Canadians took pictures of the slogans and were emotionally charged saying that they are for freedom, rule of law, justice, equality and democracy everywhere and that they will put the pictures on YouTube,  in solidarity with  the Eritrean people. One of the passers-by, who did not identify himself, lectured that democracy is the best means the world has produced to protect and advance human rights, based on individual freedom and dignity. He added that, in turn, respect for human rights is the only means by which democracy can sustain the individual freedom and dignity that helps it endure. The demonstrators did benefit from the enlightening lecture and are highly delighted to convey the message through this report.

In a nutshell, the peaceful demonstrators,  who showed  the ability to articulate the interests and grievances of the Eritrean people, demonstrated to the Canadians in the area surrounding the Consulate of the terrorist gang that the situation in Eritrea is heating up and that the ruling party and its instrument of coercion, the terrorist government, are gambling at high risks against the  support of the international community who could clearly see, from such demonstrations everywhere in the world and media outlets,   that the interests and aspirations of the Eritrean people were reflected by their sons and daughters, the gallant army units of Forto 2013 that has shown the euphoria  of  the Eritrean war of liberation  has not evaporated from the national army. History is in the making.

Glory to our Gallant National Defense Forces!

Ad Hoc Committee

Review overview
  • Tesfai January 30, 2013

    Ali Abdu is a coward. What kind of a man defects leaving behind his father , daughter and brother behind to rot in danger because of his actions? He should have used his post to bring up change without risking the lives of others. He could have risked his own life and take Issayas out of his misery. Defection would not solve the problem. He could have ended this dictatorship by taking out the dictator. Someone close to Issayas need to pay the ultimate price if needed and finish off the misery.

  • Hafash January 30, 2013

    Good job brothers and sisters! Keep the popular struggle alive. I wish I was there!

  • samuel tewelde January 30, 2013

    Glory ——Glory ————–Glory—— to uur National Defense Fores

  • Semhar February 1, 2013

    As long as Isayas, his son and HIGDEF rule Eritrea this will continue.
    The only solution is to get reed of Isayas, his son and his blind followers HIGDEF just like the Libyans did to Gadafi and his sons.
    Eritreans should unite and get reed the tyrant Isayas, his son and his blind followers HIGDEF.

  • Mohammed February 6, 2013

    Ali Abdu was right hand of Afewerki, how he leve behind his master? They tourchered and killed many innocent citizens. When he was in power being right hand of Afowerki, he never show any mercy, so now why he is pretending as if he was an Angele? The stick that he has been using, the prison cells that he was been enjoying now days turned to his family. Long life for Essu.