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Eritrea withdraw from Nations Cup qualification

(Reuters) – Eritrea, who have a history of players defecting when on international duty, have withdrawn from the African Nations Cup qualifiers, the Confederation of African Football said on Sunday. They were due to play newcomers

(Reuters) – Eritrea, who have a history of players defecting when on international duty, have withdrawn from the African Nations Cup qualifiers, the Confederation of African Football said on Sunday.

They were due to play newcomers South Sudan in one of two preliminary round fixtures in April. South Sudan now proceed to the next qualifying round in Mauritius.

Seventeen players from the Eritrean squad, plus the team doctor, absconded at the 2012 East and Central Africa Senior Challenge Cup in Uganda.

In 2011, 13 Eritrean players sought asylum in Tanzania after the same tournament, while 12 members of the Eritrea squad disappeared and sought asylum in Kenya during the regional tournament in 2009.

Four Eritrean athletes also left their base and sought political asylum in Britain after the London Olympics in 2012.

Between 2,000 and 3,000 Eritreans flee the small east African country every month, a United Nations report said last year.

(Reporting by Mark Gleeson in Cape Town; Editing by Toby Davis)

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  • Stefanos Temolso March 31, 2014

    We can not take the issue out of proportion. It is true that all the regimes wre brutal. But when we speak about economics we must take account about inflation and the monetary system. For example we can not say during Kennedy’s presidency the price of a chevrolet was only 600 USD but now it is more than 10 thousand! In time everything becomes more and more expensive. Anyhow, after all was said we can safely conclude that Isayas or EPLF said “we will bring change! every Eritrean will have a full stomach, Peace, justice anddemocracy.” Nevertheless, they created chaos, hunger, opression and brutality! So, no one can beautify any opressive regime but one can make a comparison of three evils, and Isayas was worse than haileselassie or Mengistu for the simple fact because they were Our enemies but Isayas claims to be an Eritrean. If you are telling me that Isayas is also an Ethiopian that’s a different story.

    • Tamrat Tamrat April 2, 2014

      For americans in time of kennedy’s presidency 600usd was too expensive than now 10000. It is not the number of the currency what measure cost of life.

  • Musa March 31, 2014

    Dear yosief Gebrehiwet, wherever you are thank you again for your hard hitting well researched article in asmarino.
    He writes:

    What kind of Asmara was the ghedli generation then visualizing coming with independence? I don’t think they had any clear vision, except for the fact that they wanted their modern Asmara exclusively for themselves; it was ownership, with all its exclusive rights, that was at the bottom of it. All they could imagine was Asmara minus the undesirable elements – the Ethiopians. The way to safeguard the “Asmara civilization” was not by adding anything to it, but by “purifying” it. Driven to its logical point, this would lead to purifying the city of all its vibrant human elements.

    Purifying Asmara

    … The Eritrean situation has never gotten as bad as the Khmer Rouge’s mainly because of the country’s porous borders19, but the anti-intellectual drive, and the venomous spite against ghebar that goes with it, that sent the Khmer guerrillas on a rampage to empty entire towns and cities of their inhabitants is the very same drive that made Shaebia empty the cities and towns of their youth. The entire youth population has been systematically emptied from the cities and towns and cordoned off in “mieda” under the name of national service; and, in due time, defending the nation and developing a “self-reliant” economy are meant to turn these internal exiles into the next generation of “Shaebia men” – all trademarks of the Khmer Rouge. There is no doubt that Shaebia’s venomous anti-ghebar spite has also played a great role in this drive. Thus, understandably, the first step of this purification process is to take out these undesirables out of the city, lest they contaminate the rest with their unorthodox ideas. And, like a water treatment system built in the outskirts of a city, it is only after they are treated with the anti-toxicant temekro mieda that they would be declared pure enough to reenter the city, perhaps a decade or so later. The problem is that this “recycled water” is not making it back to Asmara, but flooding out to the refugee camps in the neighboring countries.

    The question of purity doesn’t only deal with those targeted to be evicted, but also with those selected to remain in the city. Looking into this purification process, it would be revealing to check the inhabitants of North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang, for that is what Asmara is increasingly looking like. Two of the demographic groups that mainly make up the population of Pyongyang are party members and women. The similarities with Asmara are rather striking. …

    If data on Asmara residents were to be collected now, it would not be surprising if most of the former teghadelti of the urban type were to be found congregated in this city, thus making loyalty one of the factors for residence. But loyalty is not the main one; rather, as loyalty is to Pyongyang, helplessness is to Asmara. If we are to look at the demographics of Asmara, we can see that it is mainly made up of helpless population groups: women, underage and overage.

    • ahmed saleh April 1, 2014

      Hiji dima Mussa do khoinkalna , bel hiray anes ukwa harire iye dedihreka kiguayey .

      • bus -zone April 1, 2014

        Ahmed Saleh
        They should banned any One who use more than one name or any one with Proxies IP Numbers because one flooder, flooding the form with their messed up dreams

  • Tamrat Tamrat March 31, 2014

    Some times it is difficult to fully understand what went wrong With Eritrea. What frightning most is what if Eritrea is sacrificed just to fullfill the interest of Egypt. From the very beginning of Foundation of elf in cairo till now what ever elf, eplf, pfdj touches it ends up in failure.

    • rezen March 31, 2014

      To Tamrat Tamrat

      “..what went wrong with Eritrea”? It is THE FOUNDATION that went wrong — and consequently the BUILDING erected on it will NEVER be strong enough to wither the wind of the day. NEVER!

      Thanks, Tamrat Tamrat, for THAT thought provoking entry.

  • ahmed saleh March 31, 2014

    Eritreans didn’t raise arms against Ethiopia for the joy of it . In fact they
    were forced to confront by any means
    necessary to protect they right . The
    sacrifices of close of 100,000 patriots
    speaks itself . What goes wrong has no
    connection to it’s foundation or to it’s anticipated goal but rather to our lack
    of confronting wrongs at it’s early stage to let betrayers manipulate the whole country . We witnessed in Addis
    Abeba how people reacted to express their dissatisfaction with their govt. to send message of warning . In contrary in Eritrea we responded with silence to let the course take its toll unchallengedso to put the blame on GHEDLI only looks an escape from holding responsibilities to our failure
    as nation.
    If we practiced our right to get involved in our sociopolitical affairs collectively back then like what we are trying to do at this period
    the situation might not get reach upto this miserable level.

    • Bokre April 1, 2014

      ahmed wrote,
      ” What goes wrong has no connection to it’s foundation or to it’s anticipated goal but rather to our lack
      of confronting wrongs at it’s early stage to let betrayers manipulate the whole country.”

      How can you create a worthy nation when you are ashamed even to hear your own land’s endemic languages of Tigre-Tigrinya? Even some retards still dream to burn Eritrea’s languages in order to import alien Arabic language.
      One can not create a viable nation by burning its own true history, heritage and foundations. This is the ultimate betrayal of oneself to pretend an Arab. The Arab that despises you so much, he does not even want to see your face. Look where did we all run away to for long term citizenship: Australia, California, Germany, England, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Holland … Did you get the drift?
      Hypocrisy has no end in Eritrean politics. It is not a surprise that Eritrea is going through Das Hawya.

  • H.K. April 1, 2014

    Dear Samsone,

    Unity with equality is not bad for Africa like the EU.
    However, rest assured that will not happenen before we clean our houses.
    All African leaders must be ellected by the people. There must be a transparency and good governance. The litteracy of Africa should at least reach 75% and above. If those and all other rights and obligations that our European brothers and sisters are enjoying is enjoyed by Africans as well it will not be difficult to adapt the EU type of Unity.
    Failure to do that will be creating a big Mafia Empire!!

  • tesfaldetabraha April 4, 2014


  • tesfaldetabraha April 4, 2014


  • Berhe Tensea April 13, 2014

    This is bad news for the young people who always wish to flee the biggest prison in Africa. The regime had enough with getting shamed on many occasions.
    The only innocent sports people that the regime is lucky is the cyclists.